this is just the most adorable thing ever

If you didn’t see ‘Through imperial Eyes’ yet DON’T read, SPOILERS AHEAD.

Things to note in this episode:

- Kallus being the most adorable fanboy ever (I swear he forgot for a minute he’s working against Yularen now) 

- Kallus’ hysterical voice while being with Ezra in the cell 

- apparently beating the crap out of a prisoner as interrogation is completely normal and a routine thing in the Empire (according to Lyste’s reaction) 

- cylinders being introduced just to justify a certain plot since we never saw them being used before to open doors and shit (and everyone kept thinking they’re pens, the more pens you have the higher ranking officer you are) (also were does Kallus keep his? not on his uniform…)

- Kallus being a talented pickpocket, also still has no idea about the term ‘personal space’ 

- Kallus acted more like an actual ISB agent in this one episode than in the three seasons overall despite he works against the Empire now, with being a sneaky asshole blaming an innocent officer knowing exactly it is a death sentence for Lyste whose only fault was trying to be a good imperial Kallus certainly showed his ISB roots)

- Kallus underestimating Thrawn and Yularen both, thinking he outsmarted them… which may very well cause his death… 

fun latin word of the day

apicula, -ae, fem. (ah-pee-coo-lah) – little bee

i really just adore latin diminutives. for all of u who want to embrace ur inner vergil, here’s the cutest term of endearment ever because bees are the most adorable

apparently this is a picture of a bee sleeping which is the best thing so enjoy


#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it

Kill them with kindness
  • INTJ: how do you manage to always be nice to everyone? don't you ever just wanna punch everyone in the face?
  • INTP: oh, yes, constantly. but then i remember that appearing as someone who's cute, adorable and always kind to everyone arouses protective instincts in your acquaintances, and hence those who behave rudely towards you and hurt your feelings are perceived by everyone else as utter jerks, and get disliked by most. also, the more you are nice to people, the more they will feel bad for mistreating you. y'know, it's a win-win situation. you get to have your revenge on those who hurt you without having to do anything morally wrong.
  • INFP: oh my god, INTP, is that really how you see being nice to others?
  • INTP: INFP, whether you're aware of it or not, this is a fact that can not be ignored. besides, i'm not saying that i am only nice to others for this reason, i do like the idea of brightening other people's days with my kind behavior, but i can't deny that the idea of getting revenge like this kind of delights me.
  • INTJ: can you believe i'd never thought of that? damnit, INTP, i can't believe that i'm saying this, but you actually are pretty smart.
  • INTP: thanks bud, i know i am
  • INFP: i can't believe you two

anonymous asked:

HI if u take prompts u should make headcanons/fic about: u know how isaks roommates looked after even that week n spent a lot of time with him, imagine all the things they told him about isak!!! to cheer him up n just to have conversation!!! n they probably didnt say the nicest things bc isak is like an Annoying Little Brother. imagine even teasing isak about it! i feel like u could write about this in such a funny n cute way if u ever feel like it:-)

this is the most adorable prompt i’ve ever received!! thank u so much!!!

  • ok lets face it - the week that even spent in isak’s flat was such a miserable week for him (especially since isak was at school or sleeping like most of the time anyways) and the Roommates Knew It. and the Roommates Really Like Even. and they want him to stop feeling so miserable.
    • firstly bc once even is happy, isak is happy and he’ll stop moping around. 
    • and secondly because even’s such a cool guy?? and so nice to them?? and SO considerate, and intelligent, and despite the fact that he practically moved in, it never feels like he’s intruding?? 
    • and they want him to be Ok bc the more time they spend with him, the more they care about him, and they end up caring about him a WHOLE lot
  • so how do they make even feel better?? other than luring him out of isak’s room with ~fun activities~ and making sure he’s eating and drinking enough water??? well isak makes even happy - so cute isak stories should do the trick huh?
    • all of the Roommates come to this conclusion on their own and think they’re fucking GENIUSES for thinking of it, like oh man i gotta tell the others they’re gonna be Blown Away
    • they start out with cute stories they think even will like, but all of them have this love-hate relationship with the Teenager of the House, so eventually it just transitions to all these stories that are embarrassing and annoying and basically them griping about isak for a while and then looking at even and being like oops sorry dont break up with him he’s a good guy i swear he just doesNT FUCKING DO THE DISHES,
    • even thinks its GREAT
    • well, even thinks its weird that all of them started doing this around the same time but he doesn’t think that isak put them up to it simply bc the stories are SO embarrassing, isak would never willingly let anyone tell them. and each story is g o l d en


  • linn actually doesn’t know too much about isak, or his life, or his personality bc they rarely talk or interact with each other, so she can’t really help out in the Cute Stories department,….. but she does have something else - endless irritation for people who continually have pregames in the flat even though it causes her Stress
  • she’s the one that you’d think would be the Least Helpful out of the whole Kollektivet when  but its actually just really nice to wallow in silence with someone instead of wallowing all by urself so even really enjoys her company
  • once he feels a bit better, has enough energy to sit up and maybe get out of bed and talk and stuff, linn starts complaining about shit to him. and like, even doesn’t want to be rude but hearing about the problems of other people’s lives is really not …. fun ?? to listen to ??? ESPECIALLy not when he’s like this. 
  • so he’s just super disinterested and detached the whole time….until linn says something like and then fucking ISAK didn’t do - 
  • even immediately perks up, what was this about his boyfriend??
  • linn notices that. and she’s like, don’t you know? isak’s the WORST. let me tell you about it. in detail. 
  • even’s like YUP IM ON BOARD, and is so amused by this whole thing - bc isak is like this one person to him, this sweet, soft, selfless guy who will rub his back when he’s feeling down and make sure he’s eating and kiss him even when he has morning breath to make him feel better. 
  • but this isak who linn’s talking about is …the opposite??  grumpy and lazy and unhelpful?? and its just endlessly fascinating to even, its like when isak answers the phone and even hears how isak speaks to everyone else - short, irritated, sarcastic.
  • it just grabs his interest at a time where he’s mostly too tired to be interested in everything.
  • i s2g, i swear, that night, when isak gets home and is all cute and smile-y and sweet, even whispers to himself ….the duality of man
  • he laughs too hard at himself to explain to isak why its funny
  • isak’s just happy that he’s laughing again so he doesn’t ask too many questions

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Thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

No spoilers I don’t think! :)

  • The Warner Bros sign and Hedwig’s Theme at the beginning almost made me cry ;( the nostalgia was real
  • Newt Scamander is the most adorable lil cinnamon roll ever and must be protected
  • Like really I was expecting an awkward, cheeky, charming, amazing guy and that’s what we got but he was really lonely deep down and the whole thing with the Lestrange girl and that he still has her picture and he cried at the end when you know and when he was making the medicine for Jacob like he’s so amazing and I just LOVE HIM
  • The Niffler is really cute and I want one
  • The Bowtruckle is also really cute and I want one
  • Also the Thunderbird and Wampus and the Demiguise and the Erumpent and all the other cool stuff like that Swooping Death thing it was pretty much a living yo-yo that ate brains
  • I wasn’t sure how they were going to make a Muggle–sorry, No-Maj (honestly Muggle is much better)–one of the main characters but I actually liked Jacob a lot, he was a good addition
  • I want to live in Newt’s case because it’s huge and all the animals there are awesome and also Newt
  • I didn’t really like Credence in the beginning but now he’s one of my favorites and needs to be wrapped in a warm blanket and hugged and given hot chocolate
  • The Goldstein sisters (Queenie and Tina) were pretty bad-ass
  • MACUSA was cool and different from the Ministry which was nice but also not because you know they kinda messed stuff up
  • And when he said “people generally find me annoying” or whatever that was sad but relatable and so matter-of-fact
  • His Hufflepuff scarf!!! Finally an important Hufflepuff character!
  • Pickett the Bowtruckle being grumpy after Newt almost gave him away
  • There were a few really good jaw-dropping plot twists that I was NOT expecting
  • But I don’t really like Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, please bring back Colin Farrell

so i hit 3,000 followers the other day and i just wanted to use this post to say thank you! thank you for following me and liking and reblogging my gifs and edits. it means the world to me. these communities have been the most welcoming things i’ve ever been honored to be a part of. ❤️

i put yalls names under the ‘keep reading’ in case it’s too long. ❤️

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One of my favorite things about Mike and Eleven is that its realistic. Its not over-romantic and perfect. Its awkward. Super Awkward. He never knows what to say, and stutters his way through everything. Their kiss wasn’t perfect, it was probably the most awkward and 12 year old like kiss I’ve ever seen. 
Thats what makes it so adorable and innocent. 

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Hey what video is that gif from (bottom right corner) of the recent christen summary you posted when she's staring longingly at tobin?

ANOTHER GREAT MOMENT (and sorry for getting emotional because this was the first thing I ever posted on sugarfile almost exactly 1 year ago 😭😭😭iloveyouguys)

but anyways it’s from the gals first victory tour game against costa rica, during half time christen totally zones out while watching tobs [#daydreaming about the bae]:

can we just agree that Christen giving Tobin lowkey heart eyes is like the most disgustingly adorable thing to ever exist like….


youngjae is the embodiment of light like he just radiates this feeling of warmth and comfort and he’s absolutely the cutest being alive like he’s always smiling and it’s the cutest thing ever especially whenever he imitates the otter photo or looking at photos of coco, videos of coco, coco standing in front of him can you tell how much he adores coco and his laugh oh my goodness it has got to be the most melodious sound i’ve ever heard and whenever he laughs, the members laugh, i laugh, everybody laughs because its just so contagious and how he’s always thinking about the fans like even when he fell sick, he was more concerned over the fact that he couldn’t perform for them instead of taking rest and how bright his expression turns whenever someone compliments him for his voice or whenever they bring him an otter toy or whenever somebody mentions coco his head whips around so fast it looks like he’s about to get whiplash and how you can tell how much he loves music how passionate he gets whenever he sings especially those high notes and how serious he gets when he’s dancing and how his eyes light up when he’s on stage, especially when he hears the fans sing their songs like he’s an actual angel that deserves all the love

how do such kind people even exist? the animal crossing community must be one of the luckiest since it’s populated with the most sweet and adorable bloggers ever aaa

one of the things i love the most about this community is that everyone has something in common. we’re all people who love to play animal crossing, and that one thing right there has brought so many people together. i can’t even begin to say how grateful i am for everyone! whether you make art, create QR codes, produce screenshots, or even just quietly run a blog, you’re here and you’re adding to everything.

thank you everyone for being here and helping create our community!

You Can Leave Your Hat On

He blames Rosie Watson- Not that he would ever be foolish enough to tell her father that.

While this is clearly the little gremlin’s fault, it would be utterly foolish to mention such a thing in front of John.

For as far as his best friend is concerned, his daughter is utterly without fault, a nonpareil just like her mother. She is therefore to be indulged in all things, most especially her fondness for giggling, gurgling and otherwise behaving adorably whenever her Aunty Molly puts on Sherlock’s deerstalker.

It’s almost as if, at the grand old age of nine months, she has mastered the arts of psychological warfare for which her late mother was so famed.

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reasons this is actually my favorite picture ever:

  • coran
  • alfor in the bg
  • coran’s ponytail
  • the alien dude looks like he’s yelling at coran
  • coran?? he’s taking a selfie
  • coran is probably taking a selfie while being yelled at
  • alfor is just with coran at a swap market
  • alfor and coran are totally buds
  • coran takes selfies with alfor laughing in the background
  • coran just being adorable
As a hoseok stan

I just want to express how absolutely happy he makes me. How when I feel both physically and mentally tired, I always gain strength by watching him.

His smile - It’s easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The way his eyes form into this cute crescent shape. His cheek bones doing its thing and raises so high, indicating how genuine his smiles are. And you see the way his dimples appear. Those dimples. I’m so weak for them. If I had to choose one of my favourite facial feature on him, it’s those precious, tiny and adorable dimples.

His passion - Hobi is literally so, so passionate about everything he does. He started out as a dancer, pretty well known in his hometown, Gwangju. Now, we all know his dream is to be a superstar and that’s why he went to Seoul alone to train for his idol debut, just for people to watch him perform. He trained so hard to be a rapper, which he were formerly not in touch with. And look how much he has progressed. Not solely rapping, he writes his lyrics and continue to upgrade himself by participating in producing, which I cannot be anymore proud of.

His personality - He is the brightest and kindest person I’ve come across. He is not afraid of showing his affection to people around him. From little things like giving them hugs, to things like staying behind to practice with the members if they ever needs help. How he plays so well with the maknae line and how he becomes a pillar of support to the hyung line. He is just so dependable. The way he treats armys really kills me. He is never stingy with his kind words, his loving gaze, his endless aegyo. He gives me so much that I’m embarrassed to not be able to give him more. He gives me so much happiness that I’m saddened that I won’t get to tell him bout this magical feeling he makes me feel.

Hoseok is so precious and deserves all the love in the world. I want him to know that it is okay to feel tired and restless. I want him to know that his well-being is so important and that he don’t have to put on a cheery and happy persona all the time. He can show his weakness, and I will still love him the same.

If I ever get to meet hoseok, I wish I can tell him how amazing he is. I wish I can tell him how loved he is.