this is just the funniest thing i've seen

You know how it’s basically canon in fanfics that Kara is really worried about telling Alex about her and Lena dating/being really good friends.. Kara’s face when Lena and Alex are actually meeting in canon is HILARIOUS

it starts with the “what is she doing here”

*smiling at Lena* (of course)

*worried look thrown at her sister*


Today, my friend fell over in rounders but she kinda fell on to her knees and then on to her face, when her face hit the floor it stopped but her arse didn’t…it carried on going…then it caught up with the top half of her body and kinda pushed her along, and she was kinda just…sliding along the floor with her arse in the air and face on the ground and it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life


I’m just saying, there’s probably a job market for having people at stores who follow you around and do this.