this is just some messing around with typography

anonymous asked:

How did you learn to use photoshop? :)

i’m actually self taught in all things photoshop! i took media studies in high school thinking we’d do stuff like graphic design and computer stuff (i even took information technology to make sure i did something with ps) and not once did we ever crack out ps :( 

i learnt a lot of what i know from just playing around with different junk on there. youtube tutorials are also your friend! there are also a lot of really helpful tutorials on tumblr too! if you wanna learn about making gifs then type in the search ‘gif tutorial’. the same goes for graphics, icons and lots of other stuff. 

don’t be afraid to mess around with it! photoshop is actually really tricky but once you master the basics then the rest is pretty straightforward.

here’s some links to help you get started! <3


*tap tap* is this thing on? ahem.

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