this is just so terrible

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boys only want love if it's torture

don’t say i didn’t, say i didn’t warn you

{plot stolen from this post and this song}


Krystal meets him at a party, in an empty, dark kitchen.

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i’ve lost approximately 600 followers since i became a kpop blog, so i’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who still follows me (and all my new followers), YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST and i seriously love every single one of you

((Finally put up some pictures on the walls of my new bedroom - I have a whole wall that’s just pictures of me cosplaying with various celebrities. Daniel with David Morrissey, Eddie Gluskin with Robert Picardo and Amber Benson, and Cecil with actual Cecil and Jeffrey Cranor.))

I saw a post going around suggesting Natalie Dormer for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head!! So I drew ya’ll a fake poster to go along with my other fake Marvel poster.

In case, for whatever reason, you’re contemplating suicide, please just look at this. A boy I was friends with in Middle School took his own life a few months ago. This is something another friend posted on his wall just now. He’s been gone nearly a year and people still hurt over it every day. If you don’t think you are loved, if you don’t think you will be missed, please just look at this. Because you are and you will be. Each and every one of you who may be thinking otherwise. Someone loves you. Someone will hurt when you’re gone. Which means you have someone who can and will be there for you now, when you need them. If you need help, if you need someone to talk to, please find them and do so. If you don’t think anyone in your own life will talk to you, my askbox is open. But please don’t just leave this world. It will be a darker place without you. 


Then you’d kill the angel, Castiel. Now that one — that, I suspect, would hurt something awful.


1.03 vs 1.08  

     ↳ "That doesn’t surprise me.”

transparent chibis for your blog in an AU where you are the colossal titan

(please refrain from eating them)

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for silbern, just in time for easter !!

I did that thing tyleroakley suggested of something that made me happy each day :) (you might need to click on it to read them :P)

hey remember that one time Gideon nearly murdered Dipper with a pair of sheep shears because I SURE DO

I got bored with painting it so this is as done as it’s gonna get

*blinds you with over-saturated striders*


"In this place…Forever…"


..and use them to take back more than they cost. [x]