this is just so terrible

  • Baby Holmes:*pointing* Blood!
  • Molly:*glaring, arms folded*
  • Sherlock:*smiles innocently* Nursery.
  • Molly:*still glaring*
  • Sherlock:*coughs* The, um, doctors and nurses game.
  • Baby Holmes:*tugging his coat* Copse! Muh-dah, Dad-da...
  • Molly:*glaring intensifies*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:*sighs* I'll get the blankets...

dmanit i had something to look forwar d to tomorrow in that i could pretend to ogo to church at like 11 and drive aroun d for like an hour and  a half but instead my mom i slike why don t you come to church with me at like ass o'clock am and i’m like Great that sounds absolutely great that is exactly wha t i want in life

i want to know what moments people consider tyler’s “jerk” moments with caroline. and i’m not talking about when he had a legit reason to be angry/disappointed with her.  ie when she lied to him about mason, gave up one of the hybrids to be murdered in return for a date with klaus, when he left her to get justice for the murder of his mother and try and break free of his abuser, or when he found about her sleeping with klaus,

like i know he lost his temper with her when he found about mason and everything following that was terrible, but technically they weren’t together then. and he acted like an ass when he was first sired (even though that was kind of out of his control). but i don’t think these are the moments that come to mind with people who say he was a jerk to her. or do they? 

am i too much of a tyler stan to not consider these moments as jerky ones? they are like legit emotional reactions to some bullshit imo. he didn’t treat her like trash because he liked it. or because he wanted her to feel like shit. or to get back at her for wronging him. and 99.9% of the times he reacted terribly towards her, tyler made an effort to apologize and make up for it. i’m just ?? about this jerk stuff. 

its a literal stab to the heart for me when people say they cant trust me. i go through so much trouble to make extra sure to prove to people they can trust me, and so when people say they can’t, it makes me feel like my effort means nothing. i want so bad to be that person that people can feel safe to be open with and to say and do anything around. i guess my intentions dont come across right though… some people just give off this warmness and you automatically feel comfortable around them and they have such a soft and safe aura and i strive for that so bad but i have a temper and im vulgar and i think that masks my true intentions by mistake…. im just passionate and care about people a lot. 

anonymous asked:

can you do a small drabble on the ffxv boys getting a bit tipsy/drunk at a club or bar together? i know from the demo that gladio seems to be a drinker but im not sure of the other boys so i thought it would be fun to hear what you thought theyd act like :)

I have the biggest creative-block EVER but I can´t let myself be held down by this shit u – u
+relocates glasses+
This was written under the influence of medicine and writer´s block – I apologize for any trauma may caused by grammatical / spelling errors, or OOCness.
..i tried |D
I really did – all for you, anon-san. All for you = ^ = ) <3

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I saw a post going around suggesting Natalie Dormer for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head!! So I drew ya’ll a fake poster to go along with my other fake Marvel poster.


Me and you pal. We’re gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen.


1.03 vs 1.08  

     ↳ “That doesn’t surprise me.”

transparent chibis for your blog in an AU where you are the colossal titan

(please refrain from eating them)

I did that thing tyleroakley suggested of something that made me happy each day :) (you might need to click on it to read them :P)

*blinds you with over-saturated striders*


If you thought I was joking when I said I would probably illustrate the whole fic, Then I’m afraid you were wrong. There are way too many moments that I need to picture (all of the moments to be precise)