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What's your thought on role reversal between Tony and JARVIS?

… huh. That’s, hmm… interesting. Jarvis Stark and his AI, ANTHONY. Thaat’s…

 Okay I can’t really wrap my mind around it, sorry, it’s just not coming to me.

Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Thursday March 23rd- Scene

It’s too hard to pick just one for me. 

My favorite Jughead scene:

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“It’s called Necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?”

He’s just so done with the bullshit, so sassy, doesn’t give a fuck and  I love it.

My favorite Bughead scene:

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Just everything about this scene. “Also…” *gulp* “What?” THE KISS. THE SIGH. Her realization. Their moment.


Okay, so I’m from New Zealand and even tho I’m hella white I have Maori family and I’m Maori, and thanks to all my schooling I know quite a bit about Pasifika culture. So her’s some fun facts:

1: Moana literally means sea- in Maori, the word moana means sea, we literally sang a song about “Kai moana” (food from the sea)


Oh yea, it’s not just one culture-

 There is Maori, Samoan, Tongan, potentially more, so all that stuff about Maui and Te Fiti come from different mythology.

3: They used people with Pasifika and Maori heritage!!- This one excites me a lot because they didn’t whitewash and it’s exciting, so go Disney!!!

4: We’re all just hella sassy, they did that bit right

5: Maui isn’t a demi god-  In Maori myths, Maui was just a regular guy who had a hook and caught the sun and pulled up some islands with his brothers. Also did a couple of other things. But nope, not a demi god.

all in all, it’s an amazing movie, but I wish they had stuck to one culture, cause it’s confusing enough as it is unless you’ve grown up with the language and the culture

things i loved about moana

-chief moana, not princess moana
-david bowie crab was fab
-moana and maui putting their hair up in BUNS while doing shit like wow that’s such a little thing but so realistic
-moana cried A LOT and i loved it like it wasn’t really ever a “helpless princess moment” where they cry because it’s the low point of the movie. she cried when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was angry, when she was confused like a lot but it was just really nice to see from someone who cries like 24/7
-the music holy shit
-like from the opening song my jaw dropped it was just so beautiful
-stingray grandma every damn time was beautiful
-sassy beautiful ocean
-moana and maui’s friendship
-te fiti and te ka are AWESOME

Just a lot of good shit honestly go watch moana


5 Disney Film Meme:

Favourite Male - Kenai (sassy, racoon-butt-kicking-machine)

Natasha’s Win Tonight:

Okay, so, quick little sassy comments aside, I just want to put my thoughts down because this is such a monumental win for her and to see so many of my queer tribe celebrating in my dash makes it feel like a win for us too.

We just watched an openly pansexual woman who plays mostly queer characters win a popularity contest over the two leads from Canada’s favourite show. I said this yesterday but Natasha’s creative work this last year has been so vibrant and diverse, and there is something so poetic about the little queer girl who got picked on and shoved into lockers for her homemade clothes winning the Fans Choice Award to a standing ovation in a dress her mother made for her.

All any bullied kid wants is validation that they are worthy and like many of us, Natasha has been open about her struggle with anxiety and depression and feelings of self-doubt. Tonight, we got to shoulder one of our own to that stage and she got her big moment of affirmation from the mainstream too and nothing can ever take it away from her.

I would bet you my last slice of pizza that when she goes home tonightshiny trophy under her armand checks her social medias it will be our reaction she cares about the most and I’m so happy that she’s going to get to see how ecstatic we all are for her.

Get it girl, you did such a good job!

Domestic AF

Victor: *Walks into his St. Petersburg apartment with an armful of shopping bags* Yuuri, I’m home!

Yuuri: Well. It looks like someone had an exciting evening.

Victor: I sure did! I couldn’t help but look around this adorable clothing store just a few minutes away from the rink, and before I knew it it was already dark outside. We should go there together sometime Yuuri!

Yuuri: Maybe some other time. On another note Victor, don’t you think you might have forgotten something?

Victor: Forgotten something? Is there anything in particular I might have forgotten?

Yuuri: Oh nothing particularly important, just something along the lines of it being your turn to make dinner haha. Ha.

Victor: *sweats nervously* Oh, obviously, it was obviously my turn to make dinner. I would never forget about something like that. Of course not. Never.

Yuuri: No, of course not. Luckily I was in a good mood so I made us both some Katsudon while you were on your little shopping spree. 

Victor: *drops shopping bags and proceeds to hug Yuuri* I have the best husband in the whole world!

Yuuri: *blushes slightly and hugs Victor back*