this is just sappy word vomit really

♥ wonshiks-tiddy’s first follow forever ♥

wow would y’all believe this silly ol’ blog has hit 1k followers? what did i ever do to deserve this lmao. i definitely would never have expected this, when i created my blog back in 2013, barely able to construct grammatically correct sentences in english asdbvcx. really, i can’t thank any of you enough for following me! shout out to y’all, you are the real mvp’s!

so to celebrate this huge milestone, i thought it would be the perfect time to do my first follow forever.

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to the amazing content creators, thank you for blessing me as well as many other starlights with your work, whether it be fanfiction, fanart, gifs, edits, fancams, moodboards or something completely different. know that your work is appreciated and loved.  

to my mutuals, thank you for making my starlight life a lot less lonely and so much more fun. i feel so incredibly blessed to have met all of you, and i love you all so much 

to my followers, thank you so much for following me. again, i would never in my wildest dreams have imagined something like this happening. getting your asks and talking with you always brightens my day

thanks to all of you, for making me feel so at home in this amazing fandom ♥

So guess who just met Markiplier and is going to be in one of his new videos!!!

Fun Mark Story: So I saw his tweet today and see he’s 10 minutes from my house asking people to show up. I go back and forth about going and finally just say fuck it. After getting dressed as quick as I can, and driving safely as I can, I’m at the park and I spot him. I have pretty bad anxiety and I’m shaking like a leaf but I will myself to just play it cool, I can freak out later out of sight.

I’ve actually been trying to run into him for a while. I found out after he dyed his hair we go to the same salon by seeing recognizing in a video. I sorta kept hoping I’d be able to bump into and just say hey you like space, me too!

Anyways he runs up to me with a mic and starts asking me some questions but just stops and stares at my eyes. He says something like “Oh hey you got heterochromia! That’s cool! Get a close up of that!” I thanked him for noticing because it’s the one part of myself physically I have always liked but no one ever notices it. Not even friends who have known me for years until I point it out. At this point I’m freaking out a little more because it’s Mark noticing the one thing I like about myself in front of me and a camera all up in my face. I keep my cool somehow and they move on when someone new shows up.

Time passes and there is dancing in a circle, accusing people of murder, and where are the bodies? Normal park activities for a sunny Saturday afternoon. When we get around to actually filming the video near the end Mark looks at me and mutters ‘heterochromia’. I did my best to keep my poker face up but fuck, I am just a bit blown away I got a tiny itty bit noticed. It’s really superficial and Mark is just a nice guy but I kind of needed that.

I’m over weight, I have a lot about me I don’t like and struggle with. In this day and age who doesn’t but we all have these things we want people to see. Hope hey maybe I’ll be noticed in a way I like about myself. It may have been just a throw away cool thing he just picked out about me but it made me happy. I’m happy I went outside and took a chance, I’m happy danced when I know I can’t and I’m sure the video is going to get a million views and I’ll be the odd dancing fat girl in the NASA jacket. I’m happy today I got to feel just a tiny bit better about being me, even if it doesn’t last. I’ll just be sure not to read any of the youtube comments to try and make it last.

alright,   time  for  everyone’s  favorite  part   -   the  sappy  word  vomit.      let  me  just  start  by  saying  thank  you  !      when  i  first  picked  up  brooke  as  a  muse  a  little  over  a  year  ago   i  never  expected  to  enjoy  writing  her  to  such  an  extent  that  she’s  taken  over  as  my  main  muse.      multiple  revamps   &   long  periods  of  inactivity  later   &  here  i  am  goin’   strong  &   so  confidently  content  with  myself  over  here   –   &   it’s  all  because  of  everyone  who  has  written  with  me,   sent  me  kind  words   &   simply  those  who  looked  at  my  blog   &   decided  it  was  worth  a  follow.      it’s  been  such  a  long  time  since  i’ve  picked  up  a  muse   &   REALLY  ENJOYED  IT  like  i  have  with  brooke.      i’m  forever  grateful  to  all  of  you  who  have  helped  to  shape  this  experience.      i  know,   how  typically  cheesy  of  me.      i’ll  stop  now   &   get  onto  the  good  stuff   — 

there’s  only  a  few  simple  rules.     since  this  is  a  follower  appreciation  giveaway,   you  of  course  MUST  BE  FOLLOWING  ME.      if  you’re  only  going  to  follow  me  for  the  sake  of  the  prize   &   unfollow  when  the  giveaway  is  over  –  please  don’t  bother.   it’s  only  a  teeny  bit  disheartening.      LIKES  &  REBLOGS  BOTH  COUNT,    but  try  to  limit  yourself  to  participating  on  only  one  of  your  blogs.      i’d  like  to  keep  this  fair  !      i’ll  be  picking  TWO  DIFFERENT  WINNERS,   each  to  receive   a  theme  customized  entirely  to  their  liking.      i  wish  i  could  offer  up  something  cooler,   but  hopefully  this  will  do.  

                   A  FEW  THEME  EXAMPLES  :   X   X   X   X   X    

this  giveaway  will  end  in  a  week   –   JUNE  22.    good  luck   &   thank  y’all  again ! 

E X T E N S I O N  :   JUNE 29TH.