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I've been appreciating the increase in long-form answers and the increase in 'punching back' at the more rude and insistent question marks. Just thought I'd throw that out there

The longer answers are a side-effect of me being with my daughter at Vid Con where I have a lot more sitting around time.

The rest is just me being ornery. : )

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so for the fake au (which I am deeply in love with oh my g o d) is anyone else involved besides their girlfriends? like Robin or Mark? (not to be rude or anything I'm just curious I'm sorry)

lol actually my friend and I had a headcannon that every of their youtuber friends knows about the whole fake dating friend except Mark who has no idea what’s going on (he could be also low key jealous too idk)

Just got told by the shit tier other DPS on our team that I should consider changing jobs after we ran a regular lvl 35 dungeon and I was doing perfectly fine as a bard and they did like…. A fraction of the damage a DPS should usually be doing on that dungeon I hate when people blame their problems on other people GOD

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Us Papyrus and Uf Papyrus with a male S/O because most the time even if the S/O isn't gendered do they almost always have a fem body in most imagines that I have seen let's give the guys some love? Have no idea for anything specific except that I would love some fluff, maybe cuddles, anything will do :D though I got a sort of idea while writing this, the skellies realising they are falling for their male friend who they are not sure swing that way? I don't know anymore, you decide~

(alright, i apologize for taking a bit to finish up this prompt! you’re absolutely right, there’s nowhere near enough plainly-stated male s/o content for those sweet skeleton feelings around… i’m happy to give this a shot- so let’s see what may be brewing for Stretch and in Edge’s mind on that front, shall we~? <3)

US Pap:

“Okay, seriously, how do you get a huge mixed flavor box of popsicles and only have blue ones?”

You shot an exasperated look over your shoulder at Stretch, who was watching you with his usual tired grin while he took a drag at his cigarette. He shrugged amicably, his gaze turning briefly towards his brother’s room - it was unoccupied at the moment, as Blue had decided to go out training with Alphys.

“would you believe me if i said that Blue buys six boxes at once, then sorts them into single flavor boxes and delivers the other flavors to friends with the matching taste?”

“… Holy… okay, damn. Yes. Yes I would. That ridiculously kind-hearted son of a…”

You shot one last lingering look to the box of popsicles, but grimaced and shuddered briefly and opted to grab yourself a soda instead. You shut the freezer with a bump of your elbow and moved to flop back down on the couch next to your best friend.

“not a fan of that flavor, then?”

You tilted your head back with a groan before meeting his genuinely curious look. “Blue raspberry? Hell no. I mean, it’s cool, Blue can like what he wants, but…” you shuddered again before taking a swig of your soda, as if to wash the ghost of a remembered taste from your mouth. “Just… no way. I mean, first off - it’s only blue because there were too many ‘red’ flavors, so they chose to make cherry flavors darker, watermelons lighter, that sort of thing, and just decided raspberry could screw off to an antifreeze blue color, as if that was a reasonable choice - and second, the raspberry flavor. It’s actually mostly freaking pineapple and banana mixed flavoring you’re tasting, did you know that? I just… nope. Not gonna do it. I may eat junk, but I’ve got junk standards, dammit.”

(continued under the cut … //mobile link)

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Did you see what J2 just said about mark and misha? Why are they acting so rude?

Listen, j2 and Misha are good friends that give each other a hard time all the time. They are, as Misha said at JOB, assholes. But they do ultimately care about each other and are great friends. Mark never was and never will be part of that. Mark’s not part of the show anymore. Misha is. They razz misha because they love him.

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Hello! I wanted to say I love your stories so much! If I can still request, can I please please get Reaper/S76/Genji/Hanzo/McCree/Lucio x reader in a Soulmate AU ? it can be any one you like! thank you very much!

Ahhh~ Yes yes yes I can!! Im so glad you like my work!!

This is kind of long, and each AU that I could think of is listed before the character part!! I hope you like it~

Soulmate Voice - Reaper: A fight had broken out on the interstate your police vehicle was on. You had been following a payload, escorting covert Overwatch agents as they led the payload to a safe, undisclosed location. You had been warned that there would be a possibility of terrorist activity around the payload, but you didn’t think that you would see it.

You climbed out of your car, watching the way Soldier: 76 fired at a body that was out of sight. Tracer raced back and forth across the road, mouth moving as she spoke something into a comm in her ear. Lights blinded you even in the daylight from the payload, your vehicle, and other vehicles around you. The other police officers you were with were shouting commands.

Yet you heard nothing. You had been deaf since you were born, at least to everything around you. You heard yourself, what you thought was yourself, and your breathing. That was it.

Something flew over your head, a cloud of dark mist, and you gasped as a shotgun went off next to your ear. The sound hurt. The cloud hit the ground with a heavy thud and solidified. You covered your ears, squeezing your eyes shut as a ringing echoed through your head.

“You gasped,” a man rasped. You looked up. The white mask of an owl bared down on you and the cold barrel of a shotgun tilted your chin up. You swallowed hard, stuttered out that you were an Officer. He chuckled. “How ironic.”

A blue pulse rifle appeared over your shoulder. You heard the whisper of a platonic soulmate say “step back Reyes”. The shotgun disappeared. Reaper – Reyes – held his hands, and guns, up and waved his clawed fingers teasingly.

“We’ll talk later,” he said. Soldier: 76 fired a silent shot and Reyes disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tattoo - Soldier: 76: You sloshed your way down the sidewalk, clothes soaked, swearing as you squinted through the rain. The road was flooded and the sidewalk was slowly becoming the same. You hated that fact about the desert: the rain always shut the city down.

“Kid.” You whirled around at the sound, shielding your eyes as you strained to see who called you. Someone was leaning out of a store door, motioning for you come in. “Hustle, the water’s getting in,” he called. You booked it down the sidewalk, tripping over the threshold as you stumbled past him. The man pulled the door shut. You looked around the store, wringing your jacket out on the linoleum floor. It was a bar, not a store. People were huddled together in the booths and around tables, checking their holopads and phones and watches for updates on the weather. The man next to you locked the door. “It’s spittin’ out there,” he muttered.

You glanced up at him. The red of his visor reflected against the glass. “No kiddin’,” you responded. He tilted his head down towards you. You shrugged your jacket off and tossed it on a bar stool ahead of you. “Thanks for opening the door,” you said. He nodded. You wandered to the seat next to your jacket.

“Wasn’t gonna leave someone out there,” he said after a long stretch of silence. You shifted in your seat and glanced back at him. You noticed he has an awkward tan, outlining what must have been the collar of a jacket underneath his mask. He wasn’t wearing it now.

“Aren’t you cold?” you asked, waving your hand at him. He tilted his head, watching your arm intently. At least, you thought he was. When you pulled your hand back towards you, he reached for you. “Can I help you?” you asked bitterly. He turned your wrist up. A bright red and yellow 76 stared up at him. You yanked your arm away. “You don’t just grab someone ya rude!” you snapped.

“Is that your soulmate mark?” he choked out.

You huffed at him, “So what? What do you want?” He stood awkwardly and stared at you, stumbling on words behind his mask. You arched your eyebrow at him. “Well?”

He shoved up the sleeve of his undershirt and thrusted his arm towards you. You leaned back, bumping against the bar, blinking as your vision focused on his arm. Your signature stared back at you.

You swallowed hard and looked up. “Nice to meet you?”

Soulmate Clock - Genji: Genji always saw the numbers ticking away in the right corner of his vision. It had been on his wrist when he still had his normal body, but when he lost his hands, Mercy had done her best to make sure his clock was still visible for him. He had asked her, after all. It meant a lot to him.

“A soulmate,” he whispered to himself. He sat on the side of a road, in the moonlight filtering through a tree. He could see the lights of a hoverbus in the distance.


A nervous spike shot through his stomach. He had only seconds. The bus was too far away. Was he wrong? How could he be wrong? He shot to his feet, hair whipping into his face, as the blood rushed to his head. The clock filled his vision.


It faded away.

He had been wrong?

The hoverbus sped past him, letting out an embarrassingly small beep as it passed. It echoed in his armored suit and disappeared. Genji’s shoulders rolled forward. He slumped back towards the ground and closed his eyes. How could he think that he could truly have a soulmate? He should have died long ago. Maybe his soulmate thought he was already gone.

He listened to the breeze in the trees of a long time. It was comforting to him. He wasn’t truly alone in the world. He could deal with this.

“Excuse me?”

Except, he really couldn’t. He snapped his head up, visor glowing green with night vision. You stood in front of him, large hiking backpack on your back and a duffle on your shoulder. You grinned at him.

The moon seemed brighter.

“I think I’m supposed to meet you here,” you said. You held out your wrist. A narrow green clock blinked up at him.


The clock face faded before the mechanism disappeared completely. You smiled at him, watching as he stood up. “I honestly thought I was early? And um…that it’d be at the bus stop way back there,” you said. You motioned down the road, turning to where he had seen the hoverbus. You looked back up at him and smiled brighter, if possible. He blurted his name. You laughed and whispered yours. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Genji.”

He removed his mask hesitantly and meet your gaze. “Likewise.”

Black&White World to Color - Hanzo: Watchtower: Gibraltar was a mammoth building when you were standing in front of it. You gulped and gripped your bag tighter, whispering to yourself how you had wanted to do this, how you had wanted to make a different and answer the recall of Overwatch agents. Even if you had never been one. The dark blacks and silvers of the building were a startling contrast against the light gray of the sky and the white of the clouds. You swallowed your nerves and stepped towards the doors.

They slid open. “Two agents arriving,” a voice said. You frowned and looked back. Someone walked behind you into the room. “Welcome to Gibraltar. My name is Athena.” The figure that walked passed you disappeared down a hall before you could spot them. You frowned.

“You’re a new face,” someone said. You looked up, spotting the one you had come to know as Winston. He smiled. “I recognize you from the news,” he said. “Welcome to Gibraltar.”

“It’s…intimidating,” you said with an exhausted grin. He scooped your bag up.

“You’re free to look around if you’d like,” he said, “Get your bearings. I’ll gather whatever equipment I can find for you so that you’re ready when the next mission comes around. Okay?” You nodded to him. He wandered off, taking your bag with him. You didn’t speak up to get it back.

Rolling your shoulders, you started down a hall. It led past a kitchen, a community bathroom, a gym. There was a fork in the hall and you stopped. Down one was a set of doors. Down another was a set of stairs.

“Pardon me,” someone said behind you. You jumped and spun around, lifting your hands to block your face.

The first thing you noticed was the gray in his hair. It framed his face at his temples, a face which was pale with golden undertones and light splashes of freckles and sun spots. A green ribbon hung over his shoulder. His eyes were light brown and wide as they stared at you. He cleared his throat. “I did not mean to scare you,” he said softly. You shook your head and followed him, reaching up to catch the ribbon between your fingers.

“Wait,” you breathed, “Don’t…don’t move just yet. I’ve never seen such a color before.” With barrier of personal space broken, he lightly took your chin and tilted your head side to side, watching the light dance in your eyes. You squinted and pulled your head away.

“Neither have I,” he whispered. He bowed just slightly, watching you with wonder, his name slipping out from his lips like a gasp. You smiled shyly and introduced yourself. “You have never seen color either?” he asked. You shook your head. He watched you for a long moment, eyes taking in every detail of your hair, your clothing, your skin. “There must be others out here you have not seen.”

“I could say the same thing to you,” you pointed out. You crossed your arms and smiled. An amazing color of pinks and reds flooded Hanzo’s face. “Would you wanna look at all the colors together?”

“I would be honored.”

First Words - McCree: You squinted at the words on your palm, trying to decipher them in your drunken haze. You were pretty sure it said fire. Fire something. Fire truck? No that didn’t make sense. And fire was too short. What the hell did it say?

You hiccupped and stood from the bar, coughing faintly. The bartender glanced over at you. “You gonna be okay?” he asked slowly. You nodded and scooped up your coat.

“I’m gonna be just dandy, sir,” you slurred. You saluted him with a grin. “Gonna go home and pass the fuck out, actually.”

“You did say it was a long day at work,” the bartender mused. He picked up the glass you had just finished and started to clean it. “Get home safe. Okay?”

“Aye aye, captain!” you chirped. You whirled around and stumbled over your own feet, pitching forward. A pair of hands caught your shoulders and spun you carefully, slinging you over a cold, cloth covered arm.

“Darlin’ you don’t gotta go fallin’ for me like that,” someone said over you. You squinted up at them, lips pursing in confusion. There was a hat. An ugly ass hat. A fucking cowboy hat. You sucked on your teeth. He straightened you up, sliding his hands down your arms. You felt something burn against your palm and squeezed it shut.

“Did you just twang at me, cowboy?” you asked slowly. He pouted, then swore. He glanced down at his hand. You watched him do it, tilted your head when realization dawned across his face. He pushed his hat up and stared down at you in amazement.

“Holy shit,” he drawled. He rubbed his hand down his face. You snorted.

“You’re a real life cowboy, oh my God?” you said with a giggle. You snorted harder and doubled over. McCree groaned.

“Let’s uh…let’s get you somewhere safe, okay?” he said. You rolled your eyes.

Fine mister cowboy, if you insist, but just so you know, I have a soulmate, okay? Okay.”

“I’m very aware, li’l lady.”

Soulmate’s Color - Lucio: People often told you about the color green. It made them think, made them stretch their creative muscles, they said. Some told you it was what spring smelled like, open and clear. Others said it was like a cold winter night in the woods, sharp and fresh, with pine needles and wet wood.

You would stare at the gray streaks of the frog graffiti that littered the streets and posters, wondering what the color looked like. Your friend approached you one day as you stared at the marks on your way home, waving tickets above her head as she shouted “WE’RE GONNA SEE LÚCIO!” at you. You cheered as you met her half way.

You spent the afternoon preparing for the performance. You made sure to don the only Lúcio shirt you owned, a faded black number with what you hoped was a green frog in the center. You hurried out to meet your friend, talking about which songs you would hear as the two of you followed a crowd to a warehouse. It was dark inside, and hot. You were glad for the few articles of clothing you wore, or you would’ve been drenched in sweat. You looked around, at the glow sticks that emitted gray light, at the bright gray glowing gauges and gray shoes. Everything around you was gray.

Strobe lights kicked on and a bass thumped through your shoes. You cheered as bright white spot lights illuminated Lúcio’s body.

The world erupted with green.

you quite so new

Septiplier morning after fluff that can take place in au or canon, up to you. oh god, idk I just wanted to write something happy and quippy with these two. my cat is judging me. he knows.

also on AO3.

“The best part of waking up, is Marky in your cup!“

Jack sleepily scowls at Mark. "The best part of waking up is closing the door in your face,” he says, and tries to slam the door shut, but Mark wedges his foot in before he can.

“Rude!” Mark points at him. “And also, just not comedically clever, man.”

“It’s seven in the mornin’,” Jack sighs as he drops face-down onto the hotel bed. “The Irish aren’t clever till noon at least.”

“Why noon?”

“I dunno!” Jack squints his eyes open at Mark, who appears showered and dressed and far, far too awake. “Just fuck off… please?”

“I can’t fuck off, Jack! I’m too excited!”

Jack groans and presses a pillow over his face, blocking out the sunlight and Mark’s even sunnier smile. Ugh. Smiling. What a disgusting thing to be doing at this hour.

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Taeyong- We Don't Talk Anymore (Angst)

Word count: 1,910

Scenario: You haven’t seen Tae in a really long time and you’ve been questioning your relationship with him. *kinda inspired by We Don’t Talk Anymore- Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez*

“Hey Tae…ugh if you could kinda just text me or call me back soon that would be great. Well I’ll go now just text me when you get my message. Bye, love you.”

That was the third voice mail today.

He never picks up. He never sends a text. He never really does anything anymore to communicate with you. He just slowly pushed you away, then all at once.

You put your phone down and take a sip of your coffee as you wait for your best friend to get their order and take a seat with you. You were happy she called you and asked to hang out. You hated staying in the shared apartment you owned with Taeyong. It was just so lonely there-especially since he hasn’t been home in almost three months.

Hani sits across from you and places her Americano on the table, “Oh that’s hot!” she hisses as she takes a sip from her cup.

You lightly chuckle at your best friend and push some napkins towards her to clean up the little spill she’s made on the table.

You look down at your hands, they nicely sit on your lap and you hold a picture of you and Taeyong. It was kinda dumb, but you liked to carry around a picture of you and him in you pocket. It helped calm you down made you less anxious. A small smile etched on your face as you admire the photo.

“So,” she hums looking at you with soft eyes “how are you?”

You shrug and secretly stuff the photos back into your pocket. You stare out the window watching passing strangers make their way to their destinations. You can’t help but receive a chill when Hani asks you how you are. Another question you’d have to answer with a lie.

Hani scoffs. You watch as she crumples a napkin and lightly toss it at you, hitting you on the forehead and landing on the table.

You jerk back, shocked by her sudden playfulness “What was that for?” you whine.

“For lying to me! Tae hasn’t called you hasn’t he.” she infers. God, you hated that Hani was so good at guessing how you were and what was up. She always knew when something was wrong. She raises a brow and await for your answer, her finger nails drumming on the wood table.

You nod slowly and your throat suddenly knots and it’s hard to speak.
You look out the window again and watch as the snow lightly falls from the sky. Dancing through the light wind and landing on the ground or on the coats of passing people.

“Y/N why don’t you just let it go?”

You look up at her confused. Taking another sip from your coffee you gulp down the hot substance and clear your throat “W-what do you mean by that.”

Hani sighs and she places her hand over yours, that wrests on the table “Y/N, I’m your best friend and as your best friend, I always want the best for you. I hate seeing you sad and upset over some boy who won’t even call back his said girlfriend.” She explains slowly, trying to find the right words. She lets out another sigh “I-I don’t like seeing you like this. You’re the one who always tries to text him and call him and yet he makes no effort to pick up the phone. I don’t like seeing you so drained and so tired over some boy.”

You huff and your face resembles a pouting child “B-But Hani it’s not just some boy, it’s my-”

She cuts you off and puts her hands up “I know. Your boyfriend. But if he’s not gonna put any effort into the relationship then why should you keep trying. Y/N, come on admit to your self, has he been acting like a boyfriend?”

You shake your head no and you can feel your heart drop when you admit it to yourself. Hani is right Taeyong hasn’t been there.“Then exactly.” Hani says as she rests her case and sits back on her side of the booth.

You can’t help but think that what Hani says is true. Why should you waist your time on a relationship that has only one sided effort?

You’ve just become so tired and drained over time, that maybe now is the time you’re giving up.

Hani looks up at you expecting you to say something. You take a deep breath and with a heavy sigh you admit it “Taeyong and I-we don’t talk anymore.

*later that night*

“Taeyong,” Jaehyun whines “just call her!”

Taeyong shakes his head and shrugs “I-I don’t know. She might be upset with me.”

Mark chuckles “Well I wonder why?”

Taeyong glares at him and throws one of the couch pillows at him “Not. Helping.”

Mark successfully shields himself from the pillow and roles his eyes “Hyung, I respect you and all but you really haven’t been a good boyfriend. You haven’t called her in what…two- three months?” Taeyong sits back in his spot on the couch and huffs. He reaches into his pocket and a small smile appears on his lips as he looks at a picture of you and him.

He mentally scolds himself. God,he knows he’s been such a terrible boyfriend.
He looks over at his phone and his fingers hover over your contact name but he can’t push himself to press it. He locks his phone and let’s out a frustrated groan.

Mark looks up from his phone and his tongue pokes the in so of his cheek “Hyung, do it or I will.” 

 “Shut up boy from the six-”

 “I’m not from the six, I’m from Vancouver.” Marks states his tone annoyed.

 Taeyong roles his eyes and sighs “I’m sorry-I didn’t mean to be rude I’m just stressed you know?!”

 Mark nods understanding his Hyung’s predicament “That’s why you should just call her or text her, relieve some stress.” Taeyong let Mark’s words linger in the air as he thought for himself. 

 Taeyong has just been so disappointed with himself. With the training and the debuting he’s just sorta forgot about you. That’s what’s driving him insane! He’s so shocked that he let himself forget about you-his girlfriend/boyfriend! He’s just so disappointed. That’s really the whole reason as to why he hasn’t called. He’s scared that your mad and so he just lets the phone ring or he just doesn’t read your texts so that you don’t know he read them and just didn’t respond. The amount of guilt he feels is unbearable. But how are you suppose to explain to your girlfriend/ boyfriend that you sort of forgot about them?

 As if on cue Taeyong’s phone started to ring. He almost jumped when his ring tone started playing. It was you saying “hey you pick up! Wow this is rude pick up the phone BRUH!” he thought it was cute at the time and recorded you saying it and set it as his ringtone. Now how ironic is it that that is his ringtone and your calling him.

 His eyes widen and his heart drops “G-Guys what I do?!” 

 Yuta pops his head in from the kitchen “Answer it you idiot!” 

 The phone continues to ring and Taeyong gives Jaehyun and Mark a look. The nod, indicating that he should pick it up. 

 With a stifled breath he excuses himself and escapes to the dorms balcony, shutting the sliding door behind him. He kisses his thumb and clicks answer, taking in a shaky breath he puts on a small smile “Hello?” he shivers from the inter air and he hugs his sweater covered body as his teeth chatter. 

 You sigh from the other line and your hands sweat from nervousness “Uh-hi Taeyong .” 

 He lets out a forced laugh “Oh Taeyong-not Tae?” he tries to playfully joke. Although he knows it’s something serious you only ever called him Taeyong when there was something serious. 

 “Taeyong-I think…” His eyes widen and his heart races immediately inferring the end of your sentence. 

Trying to stall he stops you “Hey uh how have you been Y/N?!” You let out a sigh knowing that he’s stalling “I-I’m fine Taeyong.” 

 “That’s great! I miss you!” he exclaims. Your heart drops and breathing becomes hard. You almost choke on air when you hear him say that. God, did he really have to make all of this harder. 

 Taeyong opened his mouth to speak only for you to cut him off now “Taeyong I think we need to break up.” you say in a hurried tone.

 Taeyong almost stops breathing. He holds onto the balcony railing to keep him up “W-What?” his face was becoming hot and red and his eyes brim with tears as he hears your voice shake on the other line. 

 “Taeyong I’m sorry. But I-” 

 “Y/N, if this is about me not calling you I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a terrible boyfriend but-but I can change.” he pleads. His tears spill from his eyes and his head spins. It’s as if this were all happening in slow motion.

 “Tae, you can’t change. You’re so busy and your only going to become more popular and I’m so proud of you. But-I hate feeling like I’m the second priority. I hate feeling as if this relationship is one sided and I’m-” you choke on your tears and you let out a huff. You wipe away the tears and take a deep breath in “I’m so tired Tae. I’m so tired of waiting for you to call and staying up till three in the morning. I’m tired of having to constantly check up on you and call you only for you not to respond to me at all. Tae you even came home last month and didn’t bother to come see me!” 

 He let out a sob as you let out all your held in feelings. God,it made him feel like complete crap. He didn’t know that he was doing all of this to you. He so badly wants to say something but he can’t. Taeyong sits on the floor curled up with the phone pressed to his ear. The night wind making his eyes dry and his noes more runny. 

 “Bye Taeyong. I love you-I always will. But we don’t talk anymore like we use too. Things aren’t the same.” you huff and hold onto your chest trying to lessen the pain of your aching heart “I love you Tae. Good b-bye.” 

 With that that call ends and Taeyong is still in shock. He lets out a frustrated scream and throws his phone across the balcony. His mind full of rage but not at you, at himself. He screams again letting his pain out. 

 The boys hear him from outside and come rushing into the balcony watching their friend cry. “Hyung,” Mark calls.

 “S-she’s gone.” he whispers as he slides down the wall. His sobs becoming louder. He collapses onto Jaehyun and Mark and they hold him up feeling terrible for their Hyung. 

 “She’s gone…” he repeats.

 You sit in your room staring into blank space you’re not even crying. Your feelings just jumbled and your not eyes sure how to feel.

 Hani knocks on your door and she gives you a small smile “Come here.” at that moment you come running at her engulfing her into a hug, sobbing into her shoulder “I-I” 

 “Shh it’s okay Y/N. Breath.”

rude interruptions / / mark tuan

There are days where you just want to talk about everything with Mark. You talk to him about the usual things, like how your day started, how was school, how was your lunch, and many more. He may be quiet most of the time, but Mark is a really good listener. He always looks at your eyes, he never forgets to hold your hand, and he hums in response while muttering a few words.

But, today Mark is not really cooperating with you.

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scenario where you're dating mark and when he introduces you to other guys they dont like you?

(▰˘︹˘▰) that would suck so bad, but hope you like it! i rushed through this, not really knowing how to end it, so i’m sorry if the ending sucked!

    You took one last glance at yourself in the mirror and smoothed out the wrinkles of your shirt, gulping in distress. From his constant coaxing, your boyfriend, Mark, had finally convinced you into meeting the rest of the group. You were afraid, of course. Due to your trust issues, it was difficult for you to open up to people and your trepidation was almost always mistaken for discourtesy or indifference.

Oh, and you weren’t just meeting one or two of them. Nope. There were six more members you had yet to be introduced to.

“Don’t worry, they’ll love you,” Mark had assured you the previous week, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Who wouldn’t?”

You could only pray that he was right.


“Ready?” Mark asked you with a small smile on his face.

You nodded your head although you still felt hesitant and forced a smile upon your lips. Your heart pounded against your chest like crazy and you could feel your clammy hands tremble in agitation. What if they don’t like you? What if you make a fool out of yourself? What if you say something stupid on accident? These questions occupied your thoughts; you weren’t mentally prepared for this at all. You always sucked at first impressions.

Mark ruffled your hair and quickly pecked your lips before opening the door to their dorm. “Sorry if it’s a bit messy.”

And messy it was. There were clothes, dirty and clean, scattered throughout the floor and the air reeked of feet and heavy cologne. Not a pleasant combination at all.

You couldn’t help but scrunch your face in disgust as you resorted to breathe through your mouth, not wanting to inhale the pungent stench into your system. As you stepped further into the dorm with Mark guiding you, you spotted four boys on the couch, all of their eyes glued to the screen of the small television. You could recognize them as Jackson, Youngjae, Jaebum, and Jinyoung.

Mark cleared his throat gruffly before all heads shot up to turn their attention to you two. “Hey guys, this is—”

“Ah, you must be _______!” Jackson exclaimed and stood up along with the three other boys. He quickly made his way over to you as you felt all eyes on you. You could feel your knees begin to buckle for you felt that they were all silently judging you. You suddenly felt self-conscious and vulnerable, and although Mark was by your side, you felt alone.

“I’m Jackson! It’s nice to finally meet you. Marky here has been talking nonstop about you.” he tittered and shook your hand keenly and eagerly.

You did nothing but nod your head slightly, unable to find the courage to say something. You could tell he was slightly taken aback by your apathetic reaction, but he continued to beam regardless.

Youngjae, Jaebum, and Jinyoung all introduced themselves to you shortly after, giving you a warm smile in which you didn’t reciprocate. You felt like a jerk, but what were you supposed to do when you were so nervous?

“Well, I’m gonna go get Bambam and Yugyeom, so just make yourself at home, okay?” Jaebum said, looking you straight in the eye.

You only nodded as he walked off towards the hallway. Youngjae and Jinyoung went back to the couch, leaving you and Mark alone.

“Hey, are you okay? You seem a bit off.” Mark asked, placing a hand on your shoulder and making you turn your body to face him.

You looked up at him with sad eyes. “I-I’m just nervous, that’s all.”

He nodded understandingly despite the worried expression that he wore on his face. “You don’t have to be nervous. Just be yourself and they’ll love you, okay?”

You swallowed a lump in your throat. If only it was as easy as it sounded.

Mark led you over to the kitchen. “Do you want anything to drink?”

“Just water, please.” you responded, placing your hands on the kitchen counter.

Suddenly, you felt a pair of arms encircle your frame and pull you into a tight embrace, causing you to freeze and stiffen up immediately.

”_______ noona! It’s so nice to finally meet you!” you heard a voice exclaim in your ear, causing you to feel more uncomfortable than you already were. You turned your head slightly to see Bambam’s beaming face extremely close to yours, a bit too close for your liking.

Mark looked over at the two of you and heaved a sigh. “Bambam, get off of the poor girl. Can’t you see how scared she looks?”

Bambam frowned and only pulled you closer. “No way! You’re just jealous, hyung!” he joked. “Besides, ______ noona doesn’t want me to let go, right?”

You blinked several times before shaking him off of you. “I’m sorry, but could you please get off?” you asked but it came out harsher than intended. You didn’t even have to look at him to see the hurt expression on his face. You fixated your eyes on the ground and ran a shaky hand through your hair.

“I’m sorry,” Bambam mumbled, eyebrows knit together. “I shouldn’t have scared you like that.”

You said nothing.

You turned your head, and to make matters even worse, you saw a wide-eyed Yugyeom staring at you, most likely staggered at your cold demeanor towards Bambam. You could feel Mark’s eyes on you too, but you chose to ignore it. So instead, your hands quivered at the ignominous situation you had gotten yourself into.

“I-I need to use bathroom,” you stated quickly and quickly spun around to leave the kitchen. You didn’t know where the bathroom was, and you didn’t even need to use the restroom at all, but you were desperate to leave before things got even more awkward than it was.

This time, they said nothing.


You didn’t know how long it was since you’ve been in the bathroom pacing back and forth in an attempt to calm yourself down, but you knew you were in there for quite a while since it usually took you a long time to regain your composure at times like this. You had no idea why you even agreed to this whole “meeting”. This always happened and you should’ve known better. ‘Way to go, ______,‘ you thought to yourself, pursing your lips. ’They probably hate you now.’

After a few minutes, you decided that it was finally time to leave the bathroom. You’d have to confront them sooner or later anyways, right? Sucking in a deep breath, you twisted the door knob open and took a few steps out of the bathroom, trudging down the hallway and to the living room where you assumed that they were.

As you were about to turn the corner to where they were, you heard some hushed whispers, sounding as if they were sharing some deep secrets. You heard your name and you immediately stopped in your tracks, pressing your back against the wall to prevent yourself from being seen. You knew eavesdropping was stupid and immature, but you couldn’t help it when they sounded so serious.

“She’s rude,” you heard Jaebum state rather bluntly, causing your stomach to drop. “She didn’t even say a word when we greeted her.”

“She’s not rude,” Mark retorted, anger evident in his voice. “She’s just really nervous because it takes her a lot to open up to people. It took her months to finally feel comfortable around me.”

You bit your bottom lip, relieved that your boyfriend was standing up for you. It was true, it did take you that long of a time to open up to Mark, but he was completely patient with you. Unlike most people, he actually stayed by your side and you fell in love with him for that.

“So you’re saying it’s going to take months for her to finally get comfortable around us? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not one to wait that long for someone to just say hi to me.”

Mark raised his voice a bit, “I never said that! All I’m asking is for you guys to just be a little patient with her. Can’t you all just give her a chance?”

Silence. That was definitely not a good thing.

You clenched your fists in apprehension, waiting for anyone to say a word. Anything would be fine, because this silence that dawned upon them was deadly and suffocating.

"We just think that,” Jaebum finally began after what felt like eternity, “you could do better.”

You instantly wished that no one had said anything. You would rather have them say nothing than hear that, because it hurt. Your lips trembled, feeling small tears beginning to build in your eyes, but you quickly wiped them away in shame. What hurt the most was that you felt the exact same way. You always felt that Mark could do better than you, a pathetic, nervous wreck.

“What did you just say?” Mark demanded angrily in a tone that you have never heard from him before. “Did I hear you correctly, Jaebum?”

Things were getting bad fast. You decided that it was time you finally made an appearance before things got too heated.

After making sure that no signs of eavesdropping were evident, you walked over to the kitchen where they were and cleared your throat. All seven heads snapped over to your direction, shock written all over their faces. Mark’s angry face quickly softened when he saw you standing there.

”______, how long were you there?” Mark asked worriedly, and you saw guilt wash over the other boys’ faces like a wave.

“I just got here,” you lied nonchalantly. “Sorry, but I forgot that I had to run some really important errands today, so I have to leave. It was really nice meeting you all.” you bowed and rushed over to the door, putting your shoes back on before they could even say anything.

”_____, wait!” you heard Mark call out to you but you were already gone.

You exited the dorm quickly, your dawdled steps becoming sprints as you were desperate to leave before anyone could stop you. As you continued to run, you felt the stupid tears blurring your vision yet again, threatening to fall. And as they fell, you let out a small whimper and your breath hitched in your throat. You didn’t deserve Mark and his friends knew it too.

This always happened. And you should’ve known better.

mark: *keeps quiet*
people: mark tuan is so boring he doesn’t even talk
mark:*opens up and is hyper*
people: *white k-boos ACCUSE him of saying the n word when all he said was 만약에 Jackson (translate: If Jackson), gets cut off when he wants to answer a question, gets called rude when he is just fooling around with jinyoung*

To Fellow IGOT7s...

I am so ashamed of this fandom right now …

1st off, to those that stalked Mark at his house & shared his address… SMH
Seriously wtf is wrong with you guys? I understand you wanted to see Mark & Yugyeom but do you even know what privacy is? Have you learned any manners?? Good thing it stopped after Papa Tuan, Mark, and his sister Tammy tweeted for you guys to stop.

And now people are harassing Mark’s friends, especially Jessica Koh?? Excuse me, but who the hell are you to go and do that?? You don’t own Mark so it’s wrong to be rude as shit to his friends. If you guys haven’t noticed, Mark has been so happy on his break, being back at home, and hanging out with his friends. I’m pretty damn sure his friends mean a lot to him. Stop being rude to his friends!

I honestly don’t know how you guys can live with yourselves after doing these things to Mark. Think about how embarrassed and guilty he must feel for having crazy fans that hurt his family & friends. Please think before you act!!!

Of course I am not saying this to everyone/all IGOT7S, but only to the crazy ones that did these things. I just find it so rude and I feel so bad for Mark. :(

Just added some new baby goats to our house critters!
comeon-letsgoandplay and I thought we should name one after freudianslip13, one of our absolute favorite writers!! Meet lil Freud tumblr :)
Hehe, and the baby in the background is Cake ;) and a third not pictured is named Snowflake!
No elsanna didn’t influence our name choices at all…*nervous laughter*

[ Jinyoung ]

Please, please never ever ask for the other member when someone is doing a solo live. It’s very disrespectful and plain rude. How about we ask how his day was, or what he thinks about the weather, eh??