this is just rude mark

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Please, please never ever ask for the other member when someone is doing a solo live. It’s very disrespectful and plain rude. How about we ask how his day was, or what he thinks about the weather, eh??

  • <p> <b>Attractive person:</b> *is attractive*<p/><b>Me:</b> Wow, rude.<p/></p>
you quite so new

Septiplier morning after fluff that can take place in au or canon, up to you. oh god, idk I just wanted to write something happy and quippy with these two. my cat is judging me. he knows.

also on AO3.

“The best part of waking up, is Marky in your cup!“

Jack sleepily scowls at Mark. "The best part of waking up is closing the door in your face,” he says, and tries to slam the door shut, but Mark wedges his foot in before he can.

“Rude!” Mark points at him. “And also, just not comedically clever, man.”

“It’s seven in the mornin’,” Jack sighs as he drops face-down onto the hotel bed. “The Irish aren’t clever till noon at least.”

“Why noon?”

“I dunno!” Jack squints his eyes open at Mark, who appears showered and dressed and far, far too awake. “Just fuck off… please?”

“I can’t fuck off, Jack! I’m too excited!”

Jack groans and presses a pillow over his face, blocking out the sunlight and Mark’s even sunnier smile. Ugh. Smiling. What a disgusting thing to be doing at this hour.

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Just added some new baby goats to our house critters!
comeon-letsgoandplay and I thought we should name one after freudianslip13, one of our absolute favorite writers!! Meet lil Freud tumblr :)
Hehe, and the baby in the background is Cake ;) and a third not pictured is named Snowflake!
No elsanna didn’t influence our name choices at all…*nervous laughter*

Something I noticed at the panels this weekend

People yelled constantly at the guys. Felix, Ken, Jack, Mark, Bob and Wade were yelled at constantly to do something or say something.

Can we not do that? Mark even had to repeatedly say, “We’re doing a panel. We don’t have time for that.” See the keyword? TIME. It’s not that they don’t like to do silly things, it’s that they don’t have time, as they have to fit within a time frame nad then move so the next person can use the stage. Can you please, please be nice and keep yourself and your friends in check. Don’t let them yell at panelists. This isn’t nice. It’s distracting, it’s frustrating (Again, see Mark) and just plain rude.

These are people. Performers though they may be, they aren’t puppets to dance for you. Be nice. Be courteous. Have fun.

I think this needs to be said. Please, please, please don’t ask Wade, Bob, or any of his friends as to what happened with Mark. He’s fine as stated, and there’s no reason for anyone to ask them what’s wrong. Mark has openly stated he doesn’t want to go into details about it, meaning he wants it private. Asking his friends is an invasion of privacy and just plain rude.

As far as we’re concerned, Mark is okay. Leave it at that. :)

I just want to say this, please remember that Markiplier is a human being. That if you go to meet him, please note that he doesn’t know exactly what you’re going through or who you are or your personality. He doesn’t know everything about you. He can only assume from appearance. Please note that everyone has different thoughts and things can be taken many ways. Just, don’t blame Mark for being rude or mean or dick-ish. I am 100% sure he didn’t mean to come off that way. It’s the way you interpret it. And both of you will interpret it different ways. In a nutshell, just remember that behind that kind face and all, he’s a normal human being trying to please everyone the best he can. Don’t blame him for being a ‘disappointment’ to you. He is literally trying his best, and we should appreciate all he does for us.