this is just really mindblowing

I’ve been thinking about Anakin S. et Obi K. (As always haha help me), and then I had a mindblow. I don’t know if something like this has been posted already (probably).

I was playing with Ani et Obi’s initials, and then I realized: when you put their initials together it become A.S.O.K. (Let’s say we don’t keep the W from Obi-Wan)

And in french the letter “k” is pronounced “ka” , exactly the same way you read the end of Ahsoka’s name. So when you read their initials in french, it sound just like Ahsoka’s name.

Anakin and Obi-Wan really are Ahsoka’s space dads.

Emotions/Soulmate Jisung

A/N: requested by an anon for a soulmate! Jisung so hope you like it ~ Also all the soulmate! series are going to be in a story concept so hope you don’t mind ! Assume that you’re the same age as Jisung in this story !

* Y/N/I = your name’s initials


One day you woke up feeling utterly sad , unsure of what is happening , you brushed it aside , thinking that the feeling was only temporary . But yet the feeling stayed there for hours and no matter whatever you did , nothing could cheer you up - not even your favourite cartoon show .

What else could you do ? You were only 7 years old back then .


But as you grew older , it got worst . You’d have random breakdowns and outbursts , and at times where you wanted to sleep , something would get you all excited and hyper , as though someone was controlling your emotions .

Your mother would notice your sulky expressions that appeared suddenly and the random bursts of happiness when you were practically doing nothing and pulled you outside to talk to you one day .

“ Y/N are you okay ? This is has been going on for a while now … What’s happening ? ” she asked , her face filled with concern . Being the small 10 year old , you couldn’t help but cry out loud , simply because you couldn’t take it anymore too .

In between sobs , you said softly to your mother , “ I don’t know mother .. I get emotions i don’t want to feel at all and someone seems to be controlling them , is there something wrong with me ? ”

Your eyes widened and confusion took over you when your mother laughed at your words , patting your head .

“ My child , i didn’t want to talk about this with you yet because you’re still so young but since it’s happening , i have to . ”

As though you couldn’t process any of the words she just said , you stared at her with a confused expression , unsure of what to think .

Your mother laughed before saying , “ Your soulmate’s going to show up soon and you feel whatever he feels , same for him . For example , if he’s sad , you’d be sad too . And likewise , if you’re happy , he’d be happy too . This also explains why both daddy and i always have the same emotions right ? ”

Your mouth formed a small ‘o’ as you nodded your head , finally understanding all that was happening .

“ Oh and one more thing , ” your mother said as she stood up to get a marker . She drew a small stroke on your arm and said to you , “ If you write or draw something on your arm , it’ll appear on your soulmate’s one too . You can communicate with him much more easily like that .”

Your eyes lit up instantly as you saw writings on your arm .

“ What … is this ? ”

“ Can you see this ? ”

“ Omg am i crazy , why am i writing my arm but a stroke suddenly appeared on my arm , i’m scared . ”

Laughing at your soulmate’s silliness , you grabbed the marker and wrote back ,

“ Yes i can see this , you’re not crazy , i’m just your soulmate . ”

Soon enough , you saw writings on your arms again .

“ Oh .. I have heard about that before .. Nice to meet you , i guess ? ”

Why am i feeling so excited now … but i’m doing homework , i shouldn’t be .. “

You couldn’t help but giggle to yourself , you couldn’t wait to meet him .

” I’m actually excited right now because i’m excited as to when we’ll ever meet , i’m sorry .. “

” Oh .. No , no it’s fine , this is to pay back since you must have suffered alot since i cry … a lot “

The two of you spent the whole night talking to each other to the point where your arms were filled with marker ink . But yet you all didn’t share information about one another - you didn’t know his name , which school he went to and where he lived , mainly because you wanted it to be a surprise .


You laid your head on the table and sighed in frustration . Lessons and classes bore you out and the least you wanted to do was to sit in for a whole hour listening to your teaching going on about the history of Korea .

Puffing up your cheeks , you reached for your pen and scribbled on your arm ,

“ JS , You there ? ”

You knew nothing about his name but since you still had to address one another , he told you to call him ’ JS ’ since it was his name’s initials .

“ Yes , why ? I’m in math now … ”

You smiled to yourself when he replied .

“ Sigh i’m in history , i’m bored ”

Within seconds , writings appeared on your arm ,

“ You should be paying attention , what are ”

You waited for him to finish his sentence , but he didn’t . You quickly wrote a few ’ hellos ’ but he didn’t reply .

The silhouette of a young boy at the window caught your attention , his head was hanging low . You recognised him , he was that one quiet and shy kid who was embarrassed to interact with people but one thing you knew , you admired his dancing - Park Jisung .

As soon as he walked past the classroom , you felt a sharp pain in your chest , your breathing became unconstant and you felt the need to cry - the same feeling that was there whenever your soulmate cried .

Then it hit you , the class beside yours was math , you swore you heard a teacher shouting at a student just only , and your soulmate had mentioned about how much he loved dancing . JS was Jisung , and judging from his facial expression before , he was clearly sad .

Without caring about your teacher’s yelling at how rude you were , you dashed right out and headed to the corner of the hallway to the toilets .

Hesistantly, you knocked on the door of the boys’ toilet and shouted , “ Jisung it’s Y/N/I here , i know it’s crazy but i’m sorry if i caused you any trouble from my scribbling please come out . ”

The sadness you were feeling turned into confusion and you knew exactly what he was feeling .

The door opened and his head peeked out from behind . Giving him an assuring smile , you held out your hand , “ Y/N here , who knew we’ve been in the same school all along … It’s just really mindblowing .. ”

Jisung shook your hand and you saw his face flush up , unable to speak . When he saw you smile again , he loosened up , “ I-I’m sorry i didn’t mean to cry … It’s just the teacher thought i was cheating during the test when i was writing back to you , ”

Guilt took over you as you couldn’t help but hug him . He was as frozen as a log and didn’t move , his hands placed awkwardly at the sides of your body .

“ No i’m sorry , i didn’t knew you were having a test … I’m sorry omg . Wait , i have to explain to your teacher . ” you said as you pulled away from the hug . You held his hand tightly and pulled him to his classroom , ready to face the consequences .


You rested your head on your left hand , letting out a sigh as you took out your phone and scrolled to his contact number . Just as you was about to call him , a pair of big hands covered your eyes and you knew exactly who it was . You smacked it lightly and the person removed his hands , and you were greeted with a smiley and happy Jisung infront of you .

“ Sorry our teacher held us back again , ” he said while rubbing the back of his neck . Shaking your head , you held his hand and stood up , “ It’s okay , come on let’s go order our food , i’m starving . ”

His smile returned as he intertwined his hand with yours , shyly and quickly stealing a peck on your cheek before looking away , too shy to look at you .


* i sincerely apologise that this is so bad omg i’m sorry

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wait :( I just realized something mindblowing (to me)... he really has gray beard! like it's not dyed just for the series... (stop laughing okay).... he's only 43 wtf :/

That is correct, yes. They actually tone down some of the gray for the show, he’s full on Santa beard in real life, just look at SDCC a couple of weeks ago. Or just look at any fan pics from the hiatus when he’s home. I’m not sure why that’s a bad thing though? I like it, I think it looks better now than back when the show was still dyeing it shoe polish brown. Age has nothing to do with gray hair definitively. Some people gray faster than others, some people get gray hair in their 20s, it’s not like gray hair only appears when you reach retirement age or anything lol. Personally I love that Andy doesn’t give a shit. He could be running for the Just For Men to hide it all but he doesn’t, he’s not that vain. I know he likes to joke about being ancient but he doesn’t do anything to hide it, he embraces that he’s aging because that’s the normal way of life. I love all his gray, it makes him look distinguished. He’s aging magnificently.


lately i have been watching a shit ton of live videos solely as reference for tabbing/rehearsal and it’s making me appreciate the technical musicianship and skill level of the band like 1000% more like…….. obviously their songs are super fun to listen to and are really well written but understanding on a physical level what it takes to PLAY and SING them is just so mindblowing and really just enhances the entire experience. like, watch rob and joe play their guitar parts on this its?? so enthralling?????


Perturbed Fluttershy 2017 v Perturbed Fluttershy 2015 (Circa Feb.).

Chose to keep the sketchy line look to be fair to what it’s compared to. Still took something like an hour and a half.

I guess I tightened up a few things in my style in 2 years. It’s not the mindblowing progression some folks have in the same amount of time, but I guess it’s alright. If I practice more this year maybe it’ll happen.

synth-bop  asked:

pet shop boys

How long have I listened to them? about 2 years i think! 

Favourite song: my october symphony

Least Favourite song: numb is Unreasonably annoying to me… i really don’t like fundamental overall though

Favourite Album: it’s incredibly cliche but actually! it really got me into them and is still just a mindblowing album to me

First song I’ve heard from them: what have i done to deserve this

Have I ever Seen them in Concert? no :,(

Any merch I posess: none unfortunately!

Favourite recorded concert, If available: im fake because i rarely listen to live performances of anything

Favourite Single/Music Video: what have i done to deserve this is SUCH a powerful music video… literally everything about it is just. an embodiment of the 80s and totally un self conscious drama and i fucking love it 

Favourite Member, current: i love them both to death but neil 

thank you for asking!!

1.5k! This is so amazing guys, i never would have thought reaching this many followers! thank you so much for following me, that means the world to me!

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@space-bound: rebecca… you have no idea how much i enjoy talking to you, you have no idea how much support you brought me, you make me smile every time we spoke and when i feel down you always cheer me up! you make me see things on a different view but in the end we always agree with each other, your friendship is so precious honestly, i love you so much it’s crazy! <3

@marauders-groupie: lana you’re such a wonderful human being! i was so intimidated by you at first but you’re one of the nicest person on this website, you’re so nice and always here for me! with you everything is just easy! you’re such an amazing writer, i keep telling you i hope you know it by now but really im always amazed by your writings and i hope your dreams will come true! <3

@selflessbellamy: jo! jo jo jo jo!!! im so glad i started talking to you! you’re such an amazing person <3 you’re so talented for everything like im so jealous you can write you can make kickass edits, you make A+ analysis!!! i kinda see you as a little sister, you’re so amazing, love you! <3

@lupinsfurrylittleproblem: helga you’re seriously the best, you’re so funny and extra all the time, you have such a positive attitude all the time! your stories are the best and i want to hear all of them <3

@ersttagseuphorie: true friendship is based on sending each other pics of bob morley and crying about it <3 Kirsten you’re seriously so nice and peaceful, like talking to you is so perfect, you just like things and don’t make a fuss about it you’re literally just enjoying things you like and it’s so refreshing! #morleyforpotterforever

@bellamybb: kat is obviously my fav because she speaks french and she knows the city i live in… seriously, you’re amazing! you’re always nice and respectful of everyone, that’s the best! you’re also super talented and i love seeing your edits on my dash!

@sassamyblake: caitlyn time zones suck so much!!! i feel like we’re never around at the same time :( that being said, i love you and your blog so much! you’re the definition of small cimarron rolls who will fight you if you’re being stupid. you’re just a lovely puppy <3

@thelovelylights: jen is amazing and deserves all the follow in the world! like you’re so talented too!!! your gifsets are always beautiful and you always speak up when there’s something that is wrong on this website and in life in general, i truly admire that! you’re so beautiful inside and out, love you! <3

@bobsfluffyhair: my #1 nemesis… follow her i guess… she has the worst tastes when it comes to hair… just kidding of course! i love marie because she’s french and she just gets me <3 your blog is seriously the best and so are you!

@scarmander: FRENCH SQUAD RPZ! (i just love my french girls okay) Flo is the nicest, sweetest person alive, she’s amazing and french so perfect :))) everyone should follow her because she deserves everthing in the world!

@mynameisravenreyes: medha is so nice to everyone!!! like seriously!!! she’s the best!!! and she ships memori!!! how could you try to beat this??? i feel like we’re not online at the same time anymore too, but medha i see all your posts and i love it <3 self-confidence rocks, it’s so great that you’re doing this! you rock and i love you and i love when you call me bbcakes *blushing* it’s just so sweet! ‘i know you call everyone like that but i just LOVE IT)

@gxldentrio: ria is amazing and sweet and nice and talented and beautiful and everything we dream to be! im so glad we started to talk because i really love you a lot okay! you’re amazing dont change (and everyone go check her blog it’s absolutely perfect)

@jamesandlilyaredead: idk that url tbh but… nai is amazing! like we were meant to like each other! we both ship bellarke and jily to no end, we both die for james potter or bellamy blake… im so glad to have met you! you’re absolutely awesome and i love you really really much! your fics and edits are so great and funny and perfect i love everything about you and your blog! (also like you’re just super beautiful and im always in awe when i see your face on my dash <3)

@tempestaurora: bethany is amazing and funny! you’re an amazing writer and i love your fics! i love talking to you even if it’s not often! you’re just so great! <3

@blyedeeks: cam is my soulmate i really think so, we just agree on so many things and first on how important positivity is! you’re literally a little ray of sunshine, don’t ever change! <3

@bellarke-stydia: nikola, we could kill each other with bellarke and stydia feels, but luckily we can cry together over how perfect they are! we just have the same tastes and the same opinions on everything. AND OF COURSE YOU SHIP JILY TOO BECAUSE YOU’RE PERFECT! you make amazing edits and you deserve all the love <3

@magicalice: since i went to poland this summer i’ve been thinking of how much i love polish people and how they are so amazing! you’re no exception <3 you’re a little bitter sometimes and it makes me laugh haha but you’re honestly one of the most positive person on this website! you’re absolutely too cute and you call me cupcake i love it never stop <3

@the-ships-to-rule-them-all: abby you have to know how many people love you! you’re really amazing and you’re just so sweet! your poems are always mindblowing, i often tell you idk really know why i love them i just do and that’s art bitch <3 stay awesome and perfect!

@lydias-martin: tbh everyone should follow you giulia because you laugh at my lame jokes and that should be rewarded :p honestly i really like you! you’re so sweet and your blog is amazing <3

@coramalia: meg babe you’re wonderful girl… you’re so peaceful, i love talking to you! i hope you know how amazing you are! you deserve the wolrd <3

@kateyfuller: ariel makes me suffer but i love it? i just love you and your blog idk what more to say! you’re an amazing artist, your fanarts are so beautiful! your videos always punch me in the face with feels and im left speechless for a few hours after watching them… you’re funny and talented and i love you <3 #brillerforlife

@pevxnsie: NARNIA you have no idea how much i love narnia and how much i love your blog wind! you’re such a positive person and i love you for that! you came into the bellarke hell and we can truly be friend now <3

@junebugninja: amanda is one of the sweetest person on this website, she’s always so nice, to everyone, it’s so amazing to see people like her! i love your post and your cutie face <3

@mechaniicreyes: mariana i like you a lot okay? we dont talk much but you’re one of my fav person on this website! you’re so nice and so sweet all the time! you deserve everything <3

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Favourite Episodes by Season
For anon who asked: “Favorite episode from each season and why if you have time?”

Hello dear anon!

I figured I’d narrow it down to S1 to S10 given that we haven’t seen all the episodes of S11 yet for me to judge, which one of the episodes I like best. In general it is really hard for me to narrow down to just one episode per season, because there are many more episodes  I quite love. These ten here are among my all time favourite episodes. That out of the way, here comes my reasoning for picking these episodes. Btw, in general, you will see most of these episodes are rather Dean heavy. :)

1x12 “Faith”: This episode was probably the one that sealed the deal with Supernatural for me when I started watching the show. I already felt pretty strongly for Dean as latest as 1x03 “Dead in the Water”, but 1x12 “Faith” to me set up one of the storylines and aspects of Dean that until this day keeps getting explored and emphasized and it is the specialness of Dean’s heart, which after this episode has been point of interest more than once. Be it the framing of him as the tin man or his heart as a symbol for what makes Dean so Dean: His immeasuraly ability to love, that’s his biggest strength. Furthermore the episode shone a light on Dean’s lack of faith as well as lack of self worth with him being more than okay to die. In my opinion this episode alluded as a first one to Dean’s role and and importance in the grand scheme of things, the Righteous Man and Michael’s vessel as Roy Le Grange told him “it was the the Lord, who guided him” and made him look into Dean’s heart where he saw “a young man with an important purpose and it isn’t finished yet”.

The rest of the explanation for my choice behind the cut. :)

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saying that a “straight woman” can’t comment on an excerpt from a book about compulsory heterosexuality to discuss her own life and how she, as woman, is affected by what the author is describing, because it’s somehow hurtful to wlw, is extremely thoughtless. the book was written to underline how women, and specially gay women, suffer because of the societal indoctrination permeating our early life that teaches us to learn to need and crave a constructed notion of love that is dependent on men. is it truly feminist to draw an unsubstantiated line between which women are and are not allowed to relate to an experience? what if the “straight” woman reading this now, glad to finally be making sense of her own experiences and feelings, discovers herself to be gay later on? fuck her, then, because she isn’t allowed to “make it about her”? in what world is this positive for women in general and for the gay and bisexual community specifically? 

i can’t believe this needs to be said, but straight women aren’t the enemy. instead of feeling empathetic toward women who also struggle to deal with their attraction to men, and how that attraction almost always results in their having to relate to men who are abusive, sexist and dehumanizing toward them, why do people find that treating them as some Other and depriving them of possible life-saving information is a desirable course of action? 

a woman reading a book written for lesbians about compulsory heterosexuality and finding aspects of it that she relates to isn’t a crime. you don’t know what she has gone through, you don’t have first-hand experience of her sexuality and how she relates to it, and you cannot possibly know she isn’t a lesbian or will not come to be one in the future.

“The White Rapper”

Browsing thru YouTube, watching a few videos as part of my break. Saw “White Girl Raps Fast”. Figured “lemme see what this is about”.

Listened to it…

Like really? Nothing was mindblowing about it. Just a person who can stay on beat. And people saying “this is hot”.

Like really… 

“Hey it’s bailee..
Killing everything on the daily..
That’s how my momma raised me..
So quick with the lips
chop and rip apart quick
any beat that you lay me..
Blame me for putting to rest
the debate of the female that is best..
I erase the competition
take a break when no one’s next. “

What am I suppose to say…

“Congrats on staying within the lines of a coloring book?”