this is just one of the gayest things ever

i was so sleep deprived that my mom walked in on me crying while packing for school and she was like “what’s wrong??” and i was like “i just… elton john so much…….rocket man is such a beautiful song….” and she made me a cup of coffee and told me to get it together

Too Cute

Anon asked:  Can u do a Trini X reader where Trini introduces the reader to her friends and Trini does something super gay and Zack is all “that’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done” to which Trini starts freaking out and the readers is all “lmao Trini what the heck calm down we’re literally dating.”

I’m not exactly sure where the hell I was going with it but….fuck it I guess? I hope ya like it!

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Warnings: Cute shit. Brotp: Black and Yellow Bumblebee

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okay so we've all heard about the minyard-josten rivalry but what about a kandreil rivalry?? maybe it takes place after they go pro, and some of the exy fandom has ship wars about andreil vs neil x kevin vs kevin x andrew, even though everyone thinks they high key hate each other. imagine the fandom's + media's surprise when it eventually comes out that they're actually all dating each other and live together with two cats (how domestic)??

ok honestly,, two of my favourite things in aftg fandom are kandreil and the rivalry,,,,,, thank you sO MUCH FOR THIS (and I have to link this, because it’s is the only other kandreil rivalry post I’ve seen and it’s wonderful, so if you want more <3)

also this is gonna be super long. i got carried away. just a warning.

  • ok so despite the high profile nature of neil’s first year and just… kevin in general…
  • no one really knows much about the relationships between the foxes because honestly collegiate exy isn’t that closely followed
  • people know kevin endorsed neil initially, and they can find out that andrew and kevin spent a lot of time together but that’s pretty much it
  • it’s not until they’re all on pro teams that anyone starts noticing or speculating

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Okay so ham Chicago was wonderful again but I have ONE THING
so in winters ball ham and Laurens walk on stage with their arms slung over each other’s backs and they’re laughing and canoodling and then it’s just


As if that wasn’t just the single gayest thing ive ever seen

great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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Straight people are always askin why girls

But like, have they ever seen a woman? One with nothing on and that ‘come here’ smile. A woman with her hair in a braid laying underneath a tree, a book in her lap smiling at the pages. Those girls you bump into in the bathroom with their make-up bags out laughing and fixing their faces. Girls in their wife beater tank tops working outside, working up a sweat. The ones sitting behind pianos, behind mic stands or music stands jamming out and smiling their brightest. That girl crying in the bathroom who sniffles indignantly when you ask what could possibly be wrong because she simply doesn’t cry in her opinion.

Women are amazing, beautiful, smart, funny. They’re always both strong and gentle, almost never needing cues as to which you need when you need it even if you don’t know how you need it yourself. Why the hell not girls? I get even more frustrated when straight boys ask me this because how can you not appreciate women? And I mean appreciate them in all aspects of what being a woman is, not just that 'lol tits and ass’ shit boys usually give you.
Women need to appreciated more because every single one is a goddess in disguise.

“You are my extraordinary relationship” is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard.

Riley and Maya were soulmates and no one can convince me otherwise.
Happily Ever After, a persona series fanfic | FanFiction
She supposes that not all princes are handsome young men. Sometimes, they're cute girls like Chie. And she's fine with that. Yukiko/Chie

AO3 version here.


Ahhh, and it’s the one-shot about my two favorite gal pals, Yukiko and Chie!!! Anyways, enjoy this hella gay one-shot. It is the gayest, cheesiest thing I have ever written and I am happy and it’s connected to Facade, but seriously, I’m just so happy to finish a fic for once. Ahhhh….

I was expecting my FFXV fic to be the first one I finished, but lmao, then I got into such a mood on the way back home that I JUST…yeah…

I’m just gonna…bask in the glory of finally finishing a fic (I know it’s a one-shoT BUT LET ME HAVE THIS).

the mv gay list will probably be a while in the making mostly because I’m still just in shock that blood sweat and tears is one of the gayest things I’ve ever seen

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sometimes i imagine cas sitting on the steps outside the bunker just sitting quietly, moping around maybe and then sam walks out and sits with him but he pulls out a roll of lifesavers and gives cas some and from then on cas always carries around rolls of lifesavers in his pockets and whenever sam looks especially down or he just wants to waste time with sam he just offers him one in return for the time sam did the same for him. idk. i think about lifesavers a lot tbr and just wanted to tell u.

Lifesavers are so metaphorical, I can dig it lol. That’s a very sweet headcanon. Ha ha get it? Sweet? BECAUSE CANDY 🍭 😂 ok sorry sorry. Back to being serious. Ahem. This is also like, the gayest thing ever. I approve. Thanks Kylo 💖

⋮ Sentence starters – ❛ Misfits ❜ edition: Season 1

Contains explicit NSFW content and some offensive/potentially triggering language.

Ep. 1

“But I’m thinking some people are just born criminals.”

“What? I thought you had finished!”

“You see my lips still moving, this means I’m still talking!”

“Ehm, what makes you think you’re better than us?”

“Is that for real?”

“What about you, weird kid?”

“Don’t take this in the wrong way or anything, but you look like a panty-sniffer.”

“I’m not a pervert.”

“I tried to burn someone’s house down!”

“A girl/boy called me a slag so I just got into a fight.”

“What did you do?”

“There is a hidden meaning.”

“You know, after the storm, did any of you’s start feeling dead weird?”

“Yeah, I had a strange tingling sensation in my anus.”

“Face it man, it’s bound to happen. It always does. It’s biology. Or physics. One of those.”

“You let yourself down. You let the kids down. You let your parents down.”

“Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Don’t puke in my car. Do not. Puke. In my car.”

“If you can hear our thoughts, what am I thinking?”

“Do you think it’s bullshit?”

“Of course I think it’s bullshit, you don’t need to be a mind reader to know that.”

“Why are you on a wheelchair?”

“I’m no doctor, but you see the way the side of his head’s all caved in like that…?”

“If there is no body, there is no crime.”

“I’m pretty sure this breaches the terms of my ASBO.”

“There is no going back now, man.”

“You were just as screwed as the rest of us.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to piss on her tits?”

“Probably best to keep that kind of thing between you and your internet service provider.”

“So I’m guessing they’ve ran away to continue their illicit homosexual affair.”

“In this world of intolerance and prejudice, who are we to condemn them?”

“No offence, but in what kind of fucked-up world would that be allowed to happen?”

“This will fade away.”

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i dont know if u have been asked befor but what made you like vhope? because i think that the rookie king kiss was kind of a bad thing? like people want v and jhope to do that all the time and becoz they dont they think they are a dead ship, i dunno if that makes sense:)

tbh there are about 3049304 reasons, the kiss on rookie king not really being one of the top 100 of them. it’s a lot of things?

that #OH tag he started, where he tweets moments where he says he can see why other people would see him and think “oh….” which is probably the cutest, sweetest, lowkey gayest thing anyone in bangtan has ever said that wasn’t prompted through a question or jimin saying he wants to date jungkook.

All of the times he looks at hoseok and can’t seem to help himself, the faces he makes, the way he touches him, the way he just seems to not just want but need hoseok’s attention.

THIS vine…the look of PURE adoration and love in Taehyungs eyes at this domestic cuteness… 

Taehyung’s JEALOUSY and the way he looks when Hoseok doesn’t look at him. like this video shows and THIS gifset i made points out, he gets really easily jealous and not only that he seems to get so genuinely salty when hoseok isn’t paying attention to him that he can’t even handle himself. 

Taehyung SAYING his favorite smell was Hoseok’s bed?????? OR when asked what he liked to do when he was alone he said, roll around in Hoseok’s bed????

Saying he would choose to date Hoseok out of everyone, saying that Hoseok was seriously the most handsome out of all of them. Being a super fan of Hoseok’s rap style, of 1-verse, of just Hoseok in general. Saying that he would love to be able to dance like Hoseok.

tbh i could go on all day. Vhope is SO alive, people who think it’s a dead ship are probably in denial, no shade but???? are you seeing what i’m still seeing??? Taehyung is wild, he’s not subtle at all, he’s probably got at LEAST a super crush on Hoseok, at most he’s probably in love ngl. 

@lovenfluff save a horse ride this steed

ok this has to be set in like. Colorado that’s a gay state.
-Saloon owner Geoff: its simple, there’s booze there, it makes sense he’d be in control of the flow of it. When he comes to this settlement, people just kind of… made their own booze and Geoff just had to help these poor people. (Also their moonshine was terrible.)
-Vigilante Jack: he blows (HA) into town fleeing the authorities and somehow just ends up staying in one of the rooms at Geoff’s saloon. Whether or not that is Geoff’s room remains private.
-Gavin “quick hands” Free: listen this boy is an awful trash child in every au, and this is no different. There’s gold out west, and despite the fact that he’s a fucking aristocrat already he wants moooore. Gets a little roughed up and finds out that Geoff has a bit of a reputation for harbouring criminals. Geoff is not aware of this reputation.
-Mogar the Kid: rumour has it he was raised by bears, and he doesn’t do a damned thing to dispel those rumours. A one man bandit ring, he sticks up banks in a streak across the west before sticking up Geoff. Geoff isn’t scared of him because frankly he’s got muscle of his own, and just pours Mogar a shot.
-Sheriff Jeremy: finally the law comes to this town, and its got the criminals that live under Geoff’s roof shaking in their (cowboy) boots. Turns out that ‘the law’ is the tiniest, gayest boy that they’ve ever seen, and its not long till they have something of a crooked cop on their hands. He tries, at first, but after the seventh time Gavin flirts with him while handcuffed he just gives up.
-Ryan 'the bull’/'vagabond’- wandering cattle rancher, and no one can figure out if his nickname of 'the bull'is a reference to his position or his dick. I mean. Some people figure out eventually.

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Do u have any iwaoi fic recs?

i havnt read any fics in a while but i can share some of the (skype OK emoji) top notch ones i have read.

arrest me officer - hi im biased and this is my favorite fic in the entire hq!! fandom; iwaoi + good(main) side pairings, humor, and police man iwa

conquering the great king - im 100% sure all iwaoi shippers have read this however if you have not i highly reccommend it as it is like…the most popular iwaoi fic. i think. its just… HOO its porny and Good.

its lonely on jupiter - i havnt finished reading this yet but what i read, i loved. the writing style is so MMMMMMMm good and flowy and the story is funny and well done and also ALIENS.

i hope you like the stars i stole for you - this is angst and i cried so have fun w that. theres also daisuga

when you wish upon a star - this is one of the cutest iwaoi fics ever, one of my favoirtes where matsuhana is the best side pairing ever and where the gayest thing has ever been said in a fic on accident was said.

like perennials - this was the first iwaoi fic i ever read and has a very special place in my heart. this fic honestly helped spark my love for iwaoi in the first place and it might be long, but every word is worth reading. its… it’s a ride.

dave and karkat discuss marriage, the concept of “the one”, and buzz aldrins corpse





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Okay so here it is finally, my Milphy brotp fic, it’s literally just 1200 words of Miller and Murphy being bros. For: jonnmurphynvthanmillerpunkassarisprlncesssofla​ and bobmorleytrashling

Murphy’s feet were up on the table and it was irritating the hell out of Miller. But no matter how many times he roughly pushed them off, Murphy always had them back up two seconds later.

“Get your damn feet off the table Murphy before I fucking break them!”

“Okay, I know you’re a total neat freak and all, but I paid for part of this table, and I’ll put my feet on it if I damn well please.”

“You literally handed me two quarters, a nickel, and a piece of gum when I asked you for money to buy furniture. You didn’t pay for shit.”

“Yeah, well then I own two quarters and a nickel worth of this table and that is what my fucking feet are on.” Miller sighed and rubbed a hand across his face, realizing that he wasn’t going to win this one. Why did Murphy have to be such a dick?

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