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Warning(s): Surprise Pregnancy, Mentions of sex (extremely brief), Cursing
A/N: I just used my name (Katie) for your best friend’s name because I forgot that I could do the (Y/B/F/N) thing so… whoops. Also sorry for any inaccuracies, I’ve never been to a pregnancy center and I couldn’t find good research about what happens in them.
“Well, shit.” You said looking down at the pregnancy test in your hand. The two pink lines told you everything you needed to know.
“Okay,” you placed the pregnancy test back on the counter and placed your hands on your hips. “Okay.”
“What do we do?” You looked at yourself in the mirror almost as if you’re waiting for your reflection to respond back. “You are absolutely no help.”
“Okay, don’t panic. Let’s, uh… call Katie. Yeah, lets call Katie.” The air in the bathroom began to feel hot as you picked up your phone and called your best friend. The phone rang twice before she picked up.
“Hey, how are you, honey?”
“Uh, okay, I guess. Can we meet for lunch or something, I really need to talk to you.”
“Yeah, we can do that. Is everything okay?” She asked sounding concerned.
“Uh, yeah, I think, I just need to talk to you.”
“Okay, I’ll come pick you up in a few minutes.”
“Alright, see you then.” You hung up the phone and returned it to the counter. Despite living on your own, you still felt the need to hide the pregnancy test, so you wrapped it up in toilet paper tightly and threw it into the trash can placing a few squares in over top. For good measure you threw in some crumpled tissues and a cheap lip gloss that you’ve had for years. You took a few deep breaths before finally exiting the bathroom and going outside just as Katie pulled up.
As you climbed into the front seat of her car, you contemplated how exactly you were going to tell her.
“Where do you want to go?” She asked beginning to drive again.
“Uh, how does pizza sound?” You threw out the first thing that came to mind.
“Heavenly.” The two of you spoke about random topics the entirety of the way there.
The both of you walked into the restaurant seating yourselves as the waiter prepared your usual drinks and brought them to you before confirming you did indeed want your usual order.
“So, what’s up? You sounded really upset on the phone.”
“Well, I kind of was.” You paused for a moment.
“Are you going to tell me why or are we going to pretend it didn’t happen?”
“I, um, well, my period was late so I decided to take a pregnancy test today before I called.”
“No,” she gasped.
“Yeah.” You confirmed while chewing on your lip.
“Is it Sebastian’s?” She asked.
“Well, yeah, he is my boyfriend,” you paused for a moment. “God, we’ve only been dating for a few months, I don’t even know if he wants kids!” You covered your face with your hands and slouched forward, your elbows hitting the table.
“Okay, don’t panic… maybe you’re not even pregnant. It could have been a false positive. Have you been experiencing any other symptoms?”
“I’ve been kind of nauseous the past few weeks but nothing too bad… maybe you’re right.” You look up.
“I can take you to that crisis pregnancy center.”
“You’re the best.” You sigh.
“Do you want to go now?”
“Can it wait until after we eat? I’m starving.” You announce while she laughs.
“Okay, so I was wrong. Sue me.” Katie says looking at the charts the nurse gave you. There isn’t any question about it, you are pregnant.
“You know in seventh grade when the health teacher said not to have sex because of the pregnancy risk?” You inquire as you slid into the front seat of her car.
“Yeah.” She responded while putting her keys in the ignition.
“I should have listened.” You joked while the both of you laughed quietly.
“Your next step is telling Sebastian.” Katie reminded you after the two of you calmed down slightly.
“Yeah, I know. I just don’t know how I’m gonna do it.”
“I hear Instagram’s DM service is a great way to do it.” You laugh loudly and turn the air vent so it blew in your face.
“No, seriously.” You turn towards her as she turns out of the parking lot.
“I was being serious,” she looks at you, clearly trying to hide a smile. “I don’t know, man. When are you seeing him next?”
“I’m supposed to go over later tonight. We’re going to have dinner together.”
“My suggestion would be just coming right out with it, but I haven’t had a boyfriend since sophomore year of high school, my advice is pretty much void.”
The rest of the ride home, the two of you pulled your typical driving shenanigans including but not limited to singing way to loudly, dancing at stop lights, and passive aggressively yelling at other cars until you pulled up in front of your apartment building.
“Thank you for everything.” You smile at Katie.
“Hey, what are best friends for?” She takes her seatbelt off and leans toward you, capturing you in a large hug. She gives you a tight squeeze before letting you go. You take a deep breath in and get out of the car thinking about how the rest of your evening would go.
You placed your phone back into your purse after notifying your boyfriend of your arrival. As you walked from the car to his building, you became unexplainably calm. Sure, the news you were going to deliver was astronomical, but you had reached that point where you just couldn’t feel nervous anymore. You parked and sat in the car for a few extra seconds.
“Let’s do this shit.” You look down to your stomach and say as you got out of the car. The walk to the building was filled only by a silent pep talk playing in your head.
As you got to the door of the building, it opened to reveal your boyfriend. His hear was slightly disheveled and he had an apron on over his clothing.
“Hi babe,” He said pushing the door open for you as he kisses your cheek. The genuine smile on his face warmed your heart and made your stomach feel tingly.
“Hey!” You smiled widely and entered the building. He took your hand firmly in his and led you to his apartment.
The second you entered, the smell of spices filled your nose making your mouth water.
“Smells great!” You exclaim as he helps you take off your coat.
“Thank you, dear. Are you ready to eat?” He asked right before kissing your lips. It was casual, quick, but the emotion behind it was undeniable.
“Yes, whenever you are.” You said. He motioned for you to follow him away from the door and led you to his dining room table. Sebastian pulled out the chair for you and pushed it in. He kissed the top of your head and then dashed to the kitchen to retrieve your plates. When he left, your apprehensiveness grew. You knew you had to tell him, you were just afraid of his reaction. Like you’d mentioned before, you’d only been dating the guy a few months, there was still so much to figure out. He returned shortly after his original departure with two plates.
“Can I get you something to drink?” He asked you as he sat a plate down in front of you.
“Um, just water please.” You said looking back at him.
“Really? I have some wine in the-” He brings to say.
“I’m pregnant,” You blurt out. You cover your mouth with your hand. “I didn’t mean to tell you that way.”
“Are you serious? You are?” He asked you.
“Yeah. Yeah I am.” He began to stare at you, not saying a word.
“I totally get it if you’re upset. I-” You began to speak.
“I’m not upset. I’m not upset at all. If anything you should be mad at me! I’ll admit that the timing is not the best in the world but having a child isn’t always a bad thing.” He came closer to you and hugged you tightly.
“I was worried that you would be upset.” You told him as you hugged him back tightly.
“No, we’re in this together now. I love you.” He plants a kiss on your temple.
“I love you too.”

Fiend Follows FiveEver!!

There’s so many good feelings floating around, and even sickly I want to share to make anyone’s days a little brighter. :) (Although typing is a bit of a challenge, lol)

Let’s do this, shall we?

Can’t be that hard, can it?

(she said hopefully but with a withering, sinking feeling in her heart.)

This year has been pretty amazing. I’ve gained so many followers to my little corner of Dragon Age hell and I can’t even tell you how much you all mean to me, even the silent watchers like our lovely Scout Jim. :] I had…oh, I dunno, maybe 30 only a few months ago and suddenly I’m pushing 400. I was just writing for myself and suddenly I’ve got so many of you who hang on every word and it makes my little heart happy (I’m about to cry just typing this, no, Madison, stop!!).

To start this off properly, I must begin my thank yous where it all started.

Thank you to @eternalshiva, @fatally-procrastinating, @elfrooted, @carpe-cullen, @blustersquall, @eeveevie and @digital-goddess for inspiring me with their own fantastic fics to get me back into the writing game in the first place. :]

But an even bigger thank you to everyone who encouraged me to stay. :D

@demonicdivas You put up with my shit all the time and calm me down when Keram and Rylen just anger me to tears. It’s the least I can do to Beta for you. You deal with my shifting passions and general ranting and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to throw ideas. One of two things always happens: 1) we get excited, or 2) we cry. Funny, right?

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@slothquisitor I feel like you’re my number one fan, and your enthusiasm keeps me going, oh my god. I love you so much ship mate, and I’m glad I’ve got someone I can go crazy about it to! (Rylen and Keram 4EVA, put that on my grave, lol). I imagine you with like a foam finger, honestly, and even if I wrote for no one else, I would keep writing stories just for you. <3

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And to everyone else that reblogs my fics and leave such wonderful messages for me! You make my heart so happy!

Okay, now to some nittier, grittier, thank yous.

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@burn1ngpag3s the new Star Wars friend Ahh? Ahhhh?? *wiggles eyebrows*

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Okay, so I’ve been seeing a discussion on my dash lately revolving around basically like…who’s had it worse or which part of the fandom attacked the other first or worse or whatever the case may be

And let me just preface it with this…there’s been shitty behavior from every part of the fandom at some point. 


I know everyone wants to think like, “Oh, but my corner has been perfect, we’ve never done anything wrong, ever!” but that’s just not true. It isn’t. I’m sorry, but it isn’t and that’s shitty and I hate it because trust me, I wanted to be part of the fandom that was known for being chill and being more mature or whatever, but…that’s just how shit is. I contributed to it, I need to take ownership of it. 

But let’s just…travel back in time because it seems like a lot of people have forgotten how it really was. 

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