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Hey Bonney! I have a question... I know you said you're not in the mood for writing smut at the moment but... Is there any chance that "I Put A Spell On You" 's rating change to "M"? (I'm not a pervert! It's just that your Gruvia smuts are my drug!)

First, thank you for enjoying the smut. Always aiming to please!

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And it’s not like I’m not in the mood to write allllll types of smut, just the one the Anon requested, about Juvia taking control HAHA My mind’s still as naughty as ever, fear not! 😈

But “I Put a A Spell On You” will remain T rated, but there will be moments! And calm down, they haven’t even kissed yet! LOL 😂😂😂

There is so much one could say. Take everything that follows as provisional. I may change my mind or mood. This is just where I am at right now. And I’m tired. It’s late.

In truth I didn’t hate all of it. I kind of wish I did. Because the glimpses of stuff that felt like they worked were still building on the relationship - the heart of the show.

The synchronicity between John and Sherlock, the constant checking on each other. They were sexy as hell in moments. This felt like a new them. Tighter. Sure of each other. Without a quiver of doubt. But the coldness of the episode - the abject callous cruelty. It was so bleak.
For the first time this is an episode I don’t like the thought of revisiting and it retroactively taints the entire story before it. All the way back to ASiP and makes the whole thing tragic and under a dark looming cloud. Really horribly tragic.

There were seeds there of the unfolding love story - of them moving on into a new happier more secure place together and all it was was glimpses. Clearly there. But overwhelmed with this horrifically morbid tale. In which a family finds redemption in sitting together in an ultra maximum security prison. With no real chance of healing. No way to ever get back lost time.

All our emotional energy was being told to go to that story but meanwhile Martin and Ben have never been this in sync. It feels a shame to think if there’s no more to follow we don’t get to see them play crime fighting lovers. For flashes of it you could see it. How it would work.

But if this was the big finale why not go there now? Just say it. No more subtext. It works. These two really work. And instead they had to pull Mary in again when we’d already had her “blessing” on the relationship in TLD. Why bring her back from the dead again? It felt like we were being told to focus on the “boys” but it was pulling us to look at her. Which is what kept happening - the thing to watch was them. The center of the show but we were expected to put our emotional investment elsewhere. When it was screamingly obvious that John is now family to Sherlock. His family of choice. Non negotiable. And so we weren’t allowed to revel in that. Enjoy that after such a long arc of pain since TRF. Instead it was even more pain.
And meanwhile they were right there. Partners. In cahoots. Creating a new life.
That speech of Mary’s - it felt like it was meant to be an olive branch of inclusion to all kinds of fans. But it didn’t feel groundbreaking. It wasn’t historic. And they could have done it so easily. It would have taken very little to have visually acknowledge the clearly shifting relationship in an unambiguous textual way. There were multiple missed opportunities.

I feel like we were on the brink but lacking the necessary conviction. The calm surety and boldness. It could have worked. In spite of the plot holes and other critiques there were lines and pictures we were missing that could have so easily been there.

What a lost opportunity.


OKAY. When I first started reading this, I thought, “YEAH BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW FUCKING FANTASTIC Manon realizing Dorian—someone who is not duty bound to her—loves her?! HOLY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT MOMENT!” But then you brought up Manon not being an annoying “damsel” of a pregnant lady and my brain shifted to, “CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW SHE’D TRY TO HIDE MOOD SWINGS?! THE EXCUSES SHE’D COME UP WITH TO LEAVE THE ROOM TO GO CRY FOR NO REASON?!” She would be hilarious and HEARTBREAKING, okay?!

Manon: (internally thinking “I just love Abraxos so much I could cry…oh shit I AM gonna cry!” She gets up to go hide.)
Dorian: “Witchling, where are you going?”
Manon: “Nowhere. Leave me alone.”
Dorian: (internally: “like hell” follows her.)
Manon: (crying) “WTF is wrong with me?! I’m embarrassing myself and I’m alone…but… Abraxos was my first baby” 😭😭😭
Dorian: “Manon? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?!”
Dorian: (internally “yikes. She’s never pulled the iron out for me before…”) “I was worried about you—”
Manon: “You were?!” (Tears up again)
Dorian: (internally: “hormones. This has to be hormones.”) “of course I was. Why are you crying?”
Manon: (UGLY CRIES) “I don’t knoooooow.” 😭😭😭
Dorian: (hugs her) “awe, witchling. It’s okay. Everything is okay.”
Manon: “I just love Abraxos so much, and I don’t want him to think I’m replacing him and then you said you were worried about me and oh my god ive never cried before in my life what’s wrong with me are you mad?”
Dorian: (smiles) “I could never be mad at you, witchling. I love you (Manon sobs harder). Abraxos won’t feel like he’s being replaced.”
Manon: “DID YOU ASK HIM?!”
Dorian: (internally: “WHERE THE FUCK IS ASTERIN WHEN YOU NEED HER?!”) “No, I didn’t ask him, witchling. Would you like to go see him? We can ask him together? Would that make you feel better?”
Manon: (sniffles) “…okay.”

Mostly I’ve seen nothing but ungodly love for YOI, including my eternal love for it, but I have seen a lot of people hating it just because it’s fandom is too vocal about their love for it and it’s “annoying” to some.

Let me just start by saying that this show has created happiness in people that otherwise don’t have many reasons to smile. I speak for many when I say watching each new episode cures my depression for that moment, and I’m not even being overdramatic. My days are terrible, I have crippling anxiety and the hardest thing for me is just getting out of bed. But this show, this show, it makes me feel good. To the point where my mom walked in on me smiling like a fool while watching it, she told me she’s never seen me smile so brightly before. My mood has overall lifted because of this show because it’s given me hope that there are good things in life and it gives me the confirmation that I’m even capable to feel happiness. Something that I wasn’t even sure was possible. If this gorgeous show is able to do that for so many people, to make others smile in this cruel world we line in, then why hate it for that? 

You’re allowed to not like the show because of what it is, but not liking it because it makes so many people happy is wrong. 

PLEASE REMEMBER TUMBLR IS NOT PERFECT AND NEITHER AM I  —  sometimes i miss asks or tumblr ate them like a jerk. sometimes i miss replies or my activity page had a moment / derped and i can’t find it. sometimes i miss starters or perhaps just maybe my tag broke. sometimes i just have muse for some threads and not other ones. sometimes all i’m in the mood to do is lurk the dashboard. sometimes it’s that i’m just overwhelmed and there are too many asks or too many drafts and i just need some time… no matter which of these may be the situation? please never think i’m trying to be an asshole or that i’m ignoring you.


“That would take time, Lady Montilyet, time during which the House of Repose will be obliged to hunt you.”

This is one of my absolute favorite Josie moments in Inquisition. The way you can see the pieces clicking into place in her head, and the entire mood of the scene changes in an instand, and now she’s in control. She has him figured out, and she knows it.

Josephine is such a badass I love her. <3

One of my absolute favs <3 <3 <3

I wanted the typical “family photo” with them and was unsure if I should pose like Kathryn in the one she did with the guys. Jared decided for me though, which worked out so wonderfully :)  I walked up to them and they were all in such a fun mood and smiled at me and I just basked in the moment for tiny little second - there’s nothing better than to have these absolutely lovely guys beaming at you when they see you <3  I asked for us all to squeeze together and then turned my back on them to get into the pose and just a second later I felt Jared’s arm coming around my shoulders and he pulled me back against him quite strongly, I actually stumbled a little backwards and against his chest and instinctively grasped his arm. Then Jensen and Misha leaned in and I was the happiest person ever <3

When I picked up the photo later, my reaction was something like this, “Awwww look a their beautiful faces and their cute smiles and … OMFG LOOK AT JARED’S ARM!!!!”  … my hand looks so tiny around it lol


Chapter 5 Part 2: A Stormy Night
It’s a Friday night and it’s raining. I’m sitting here alone looking at my phone wondering exactly what am I supposed to do. Miguel’s Crazy In Love is playing followed by the trilogy of the Weekend along with Was Good By PartyNextDoor and I’m still alone. Shit. This cup of Hennessey has me really in the mood to just feast on some pussy right now. Damn how I need it at this moment. My phone is ringing:
Hello? This Rico…. Who’s This?
Hey Rico…. It’s me…. Storm… I need to see you
You do? Why?
Listen baby, I’m missing you. I know we just fought not too long ago but I need you right now…. It’s raining and thundering outside and I hate being in the rain without you…
Wait a min? You’re outside my house?!
Yes….. Come get me…..
I’m coming…..
I felt like God had answered my prayers. I mean I was mad at Storm but let’s be real here….She is so damn sexy and I know she was going through shit with her ex but if I can have that just for a night, she will be staying here forever….
I walk downstairs after putting on my robe and go and open the door…. She’s standing there with her duffle-bag and a black coat covering her body. I welcome her inside my home.
“Beautiful place you have here Rico” she said shivering.
“Thank you. So what made you come here? I’m still mad at you…. How could you abandon me for a nigga who never loved you?”
Storm looked at me and then looked down at the floor and said “It was just for his money. I got caught up in that and lost sight of you. But I’m here. I was never going to leave you.
Storm put her tea down on the table, walked over to me and sat in my lap swinging her legs through the legs of the chair. She takes off her black coat and my eyes were in shock in what she was wearing. A white lingerie outfit with her ass just popping out of it… We start kissing… I pick her up and press her body against the wall. She digs her nails into my back and starts scratching me moaning my name.
Storm looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “Put me down…. I want suck the shit out of your dick. I put her down and she unbuttons my pants and pulls out my long black cock and slides it in her pretty mouth. Storm deep throats me I’m leaning my head back and I’m looking at her while she is sucking my dick. I got mad in the back of my mind because of the shit she did so I shoved my dick down her throat to make her choke and gag all over it. I saw her getting wet and playing with her pussy.
I picked her back up and I said to her “Let’s go to my room.” I carried her up the stairs; we kept kissing. The thunder got louder. The feelings got stronger. The urge to make love was in our reach. I threw her on the bed, ripping her panties off. I kiss her chest, feeling her rubbing my back slowly moaning in my ear “I want you to fuck me hard daddy. Fuck me like you were a virgin again. Fuck me until I cannot breathe any longer.” While I was kissing her stomach the lights went out and the candles became extinguished. The thunder and lightning was still roaring and the rain kept pouring harder and harder.
I went down on her, spreading her thighs wide I began to kiss the front of her wet pussy lips massaging them gently and easy with my tongue. Storm’s moans got louder and she screams “You are no AMATEUR. EAT THIS PUSSY LIKE YOU MISSED IT.” I did as she pleased. I stuck my tongue deeper in that juicy ass pussy making my tongue vibrate inside her walls. Storm began stroking my dick harder and faster and next thing you know, I was inside of her. I pinned her down to the bed ramming my dick deep in her tight walls. I lifted her legs in the air and put her feet over my shoulder while I kept hitting her spot. “OOOO Daddy give me that dick! I need more. Keep fucking this pussy now daddy!” Storm said.  
I kept going, giving her longer strokes and seeing her cum all over this dick. I pulled out and she sat up on the bed continuing to suck my dick. She slurped and slurped like she was sucking on a Popsicle.  Storm knew that what she did turned me on and as soon as I was going to tell her to turn over and to arch her back she goes into her duffle bag and says “Handcuff me to the bedframe daddy.” She arched her back putting her phat ass right in my peripheral. I handcuffed her and tied her feet spreading her legs wide and I was inside the eye of the Storm. Storm’s pussy soaked my dick while she kept throwing her ass back hard against it. We were going at it. I took my time whining my dick back in her pussy. “Fuck I’m going to cum” I said to her. She looked at me and said “Oh no you’re not.” Storm sits her ass on me beginning to ride my face with her pussy and I go back to eating her. Storm takes my dick and sticks it back in and begins to ride me. She rides me faster; taking her hands and told me to grip her ass while she fucks me. Storm goes even faster gasping, groaning and moaning until I was able to pull my dick out and shower her with my hot and sticky load.  We kissed passionately until daybreak and the storm went away.
Damn. What A Stormy Night ;)……

Part 3 Coming Soon….. Who’s Ready

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Just a doodle to honor my son…He has come so far. I keep rewatching Haikyuu S3 EP4 and I still get hyped when Tsukishima finally blocks Ushijima’s spike. I love how quiet it is when the whole team realizes what just happened, like the moment is too epic for music. so proud  \(;u;)/ 



That headcanon where Sakuya would beat up Kuro if ever he makes Mahiru cry.  The number of punches = the level of dickheadedness he thinks Kuro is giving Mahiru at the moment.

Borrowed from @petrichor-note`s ideas BECAUSE I JUST LOVE HOW THIS SOUNDS LIKE! They won`t really have the closest relationship but they make each other realize what`s good for Mahiru and what they could do to make things better for him! So… ahem…  I hope you don`t mind! (>A<) I had nothing to do during classes (the teachers gave us a buncha free time lol) so yeah… >w> Messy sketching thingy….  I love drawing angry Sakuya tbh  

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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Receiver: @aworldinsideaperson

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Request: My request would be something fluffy (I’ve got enough sad/angst in my life I just want to smile) with Isaac or Scott. Isaac’s my favorite but I’m on a Scott kick at the moment.

Word Count: 1,756

Warnings: A lot of fluff. Honestly, it’s so fluffy it’s not funny. You have been warned. 

A/N: I’ve never written for Isaac before, so I hope this is alright! Best wishes for the holidays, and 2017! Lots of love going your way, from your no longer Secret Santa!

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“…I want to compliment Gongchan on doing a really good job. Gongchan completed the song. When BANAs listen to ‘Nightmare,’ I’m sure you will think this song is very nice. I thought that if we went too strong, fans might not have enjoyed it. I think Gongchan played a role in making the song harmonious. This is my favorite part, including the lyrics…the mood as well. He did a really good job.“

As someone who knows how unconfident Gongchan can sometimes be about his singing abilities, I live for moments when the other members show their appreciation for him.

It’s hard not to feel insecure when you are part of a group with so many talented and powerful vocalists. In any other group, Gongchan could have easily been written off as just another visual, but instead, the other B1A4 members show Gongchan a lot of respect as a singer, even though he definitely has room for improvement. 

I’m thankful that they are able to recognize his unique singing voice and find ways to properly utilize it. It also shows a lot of maturity and open-mindedness on their end. 

Basically, B1A4′s teamwork is amazing, and I can’t compliment them enough.

Draco X Reader: Bad Day

I sighed, slamming the door to my room closed behind me and letting my books fall to the floor. It had been a long day. I’d forgotten to do my Potions assignment, which resulted in a detention from Snape (he was in a particularly bad mood today), and McGonagall hadn’t been kind while giving us homework. I swear I’ll die before I’m finished it all. I hadn’t had enough time for a meal all day because I’d been studying at the library any moment I could, and to top it all off, I was on my period. I was exhausted.

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*edited: i also forgot to add i’m going to be doing tom holland’s spiderman !