this is just my headcanon please don't take it seriously

Oh my gosh I was watching Xander and Azura’s S Support and I just had a thought that it is…actually kinda funny in a way.

When Azura lived in Nohr, she was tormented as a child by other people. Enough so that she hated living there. Eventually she was stolen away by Hoshidan soldiers and given a better life but in Xander’s s support with her and him asking her to be his queen, I can’t help but think this.

Azura and Xander, walking arm in arm down the isle and all of the people who fucked with her as a kid are there and they’re probably putting on fake smiles but Azura? she’s just G R I N N I N G

Azura: Hey fuckers, remember me? Yeah remember all the shit you put me through? Well guess what assholes I’m gonna be queen. Not just any queen either. I’M GONNA BE Y O U R ’ S.

And inn all of Nohr’s history, none was quite as terrifying as Queen Azura.