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It’s my first youtube video!! Dance cover of ‘How’s This?’ by HyunA

I hadn’t danced this for two weeks so its kinda rough, but I didn’t get an opportunity to refilm so I just kinda had to deal. I had to fix the lighting so much T^T Give it a like tho!! :)

my tatinof experience

as it ends i just want to share what my own experience at tatinof was like since i haven’t really talked about it much. unlike most people who describe how amazing (no pun intended) their tour experience was, i didn’t get vip. i didn’t get to meet them, i didn’t get super-close seats, i wasn’t in the audience participation parts of the show, i didn’t even see them up close at any point, but that was still one of the best days of my life

the line outside prior to doors opening was miles long, and many people showed up alone (including myself), but just in the time i was waiting most people had made several new friends. there were people dressed in everything from all black tshirts and jeans to a full on elsa cosplay, people of all ages and hair colors and ethnicities and everything else, and even though most people seemed fairly socially awkward, most people were able to put that aside, instead focusing on what we all had in common

the phandom is such a unique group of people, and i think we’re closer and have more shared jokes than most fandoms. at the show, that made for such an overwhelming sense of community. as someone who usually struggles to talk to the person sitting next to me in class, it was almost magical looking at this entire theatre full of potential new friends. even glancing at the people sitting next to me at each reference or surprising moment made the experience so much better

i remember going back to my hotel room at night and not being able to sleep because i was just so happy, so instead i texted my new friends who had also seen the show. i just want to say thank you to dan and phil for making this possible and putting in so much hard work over the past year. they’ve truly built up an amazing community. this was the culmination of it all, and none of this would have happened without them

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What is canon: Snape hexing James as much as James did to him. Snape using sectumsempra enough that Remus recognizing it later. What isn't canon: Snape's friends not helping him. Snape dealing with marauders alone. Lily explicitly states Snape n his buddies bullying muggleborns, he has friends and there is nothing to suggest they didnt help him out when they were around. We've seen them fight twice. I think you're unknowingly rewriting canon to justify and suit your bias.

What I say is based on my memory, Snape’s memory from DH, and HPwikia. I’ve read that Severus had to deal with the Marauders alone. But of course I might be wrong!! I’m not trying to rewrite anything, I just try to defend my very personal-experience-related views on James, which some are so eager to oppose (and I can see why, James is a hero in many’s eyes so you all want to defend him, I get it, I do!!).
If you can tell me where I can read about Snape bullying James in the books (Remus and muggleborns don’t count–we all know he bullied them), I’d appreciate it!!

All I’m saying is that I do not approve of active bullying of any kind. Defending a person–it’s fine. I’m glad he defended others against the gang of Slytherins. But taunting and starting fights just because he felt like it–never. And James, a very much loved/loving and privileged boy, did that. And so did Snape, but he was on the dark side (a negative character), while James (a positive character) was not, and he still did those things.

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Hey, do you recommend any fancy colored pencils for drawing that are on the cheaper side? I've gotten into drawing and I know I am getting nice pencils and a nice sketchbook for Christmas, but I really want nice colored pencils for it too but I know nothing of what I am doing. My budget is pretty small, but I am open to hearing options if you have any. Thank you xx

Hey, dear Goddess :-) Here’s my personal exprerience:

I personally use Prismacolors. I know other people prefer Faber Castell’s Polychromos, but for having tried them both, I still stick with Prismas. If you ask others, they may tell you differently, and it’s totally ok, it’s all down to how a specific product fits with your way of using it.

If I’m not mistaken, I think @splunge4me2art uses Polychromos, and she’s doing formidable stuff with them so, again, it’s personal preference. One thing i like about Prismas is that they are a bit less expensive. They’ve got a bit of a bad rep these days, though, i see lots of comments on how they break more than they used to. I have the Faber Castell Pitt Paster Pencils, the wood casing is fantastic and sharpen like a dream. So between these two, it’s not a wrong choice to go with either. 

There are two ways of seeing things, depending on how serious you are with your work. 

1 - If you plan on making art that you want to keep forever, maybe sell it, or perfecting your skill, you might want to invest in “proper tools”. They’ll have a lightfastness grade that will make your art endure time, and using good tools always make better, more satisfying results, motivating you to continue. Starting with a smaller budget, you can go with a smaller set, no need to go with the 150 colours right away. Smaller sets made for artists will have all the necessary colours to make more colours by blending them (cool and warm colours of each primary ect..) . I’ve seen the 24 colours set for 15$ in some online stores! the more quality the pencil has, the more blendable it will be. You can then buy more as time goes, to widen your set.I started with the 48 colors tin, and sold it (it’s easy in these Adult coloring book craze these days) to help buy my 150 colours set. I mean, this arstist was able to do this incredible portrait of Emma Watson with only 12 colours so eh, anything is possible.

2- If you don’t plan on keeping anything, it’s mostly for fun and explore what you can do, it’s totally ok to go with Student Grade pencils. I’d recommend Derwent or Staedtler set of 48 for 15$ (although not the Noris Club range it’s aimed for kids) or the Prismacolor Scholar sets. These are not lightfast, have less pigment (will let the white of the paper show more compared to more pigmented pencils) but will break less and last a lot longer, as you won’t need to sharpen them as often. It’s also great for colouring books, as the lead stays sharper, useful for these small little details most books have.

So there you go! I hope it will help you in deciding what to get! Thank you for asking me, it made me want to grab my colouring book again! 

I Hope I Never Have a Daughter: Reason #73-A

Here in the attic is where I conducted my experiments. Only upon myself, just to make it clear. Nothing nefarious. No, certainly nothing nefarious.

[ clack clack ]

Don’t look at me that way.

I had replaced many of my organs with mechanical or computerized devices. Other than occasional minor upkeep, everything was working fine. Just fine. I was an expert at this sort of thing, if I could be perfectly frank.

I was no murderer. I had no graves robbed.

[ … ]

You clatter your fleshy metal fingers on the floor in front of me in… in impatience? In annoyance? I still don’t understand you. If you’d disconnect me, I could… Fine, fine.

I know now that I shouldn’t have given my heart an AI.

By all of my calculations, giving any of my organs an artificial intelligence would have solved several issues. No more maintenance - they could sort themselves out. Self-regulation, self-healing, self-improving. Nothing pointed towards… this. Towards you.

[ clickclickclickclick ]

How? How could I have seen this coming, my… giving birth to you?

[ clack clickclick clack ]

You were very careful when you cut yourself out. Thank you for that.

[ … ]

Ages ago, before all of this, before I even thought of becoming the mad scientist that I apparently am, I spent my time outdoors, under the open sore of the sky, thinking of an impossible family. In my daydreams, my wife and I would sit on the porch holding hands and sipping iced tea, as our son and daughter played catch out in the yard. I would imagine all of the laughter.


Yes, son, yes. Maybe like that. It could never have happened anyway. I married my machines.

[ clickclickclick SCREEEEE clack faaaammmmmleeeEEEEE ]

No, please. No, son. Don’t come any closer. I can’t…

[ clackclackclackclackclack ]

[ FAAAAAMLEEEEEE clickclickclick ]

Oh. Oh. That was not so bad.

…I’m sure she’ll be beautiful.


it’s taken me a while to be able to be comfy enough to post this anywhere but here’s a project i made for my form and structure class ! the assignment was called “text and object”, i chose to do a piece about a very unpleasant symptom that i experience. early in the school year i was dissociating a lot and it was really freaking me out, so i decided to make something about it so i could understand it more. obviously, everyone experiences symptoms like this differently, this is just based on my experiences, and i’m not claiming that everyone deals with or should deal with dissociation in the same way i do. anyWHO, that’s the end of that disclaimer. here’s a thing i made. enjoy?? ? sure.

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Are balcony seats at the Walter Kerr theatre really as bad as everybody is saying they are?

i’ve never sat in the balcony so i can’t give you a solid answer but i have sat in the last row of the mezzanine and the seats were…good…ish. you could see everything but personally, it was just too far away for me. and also the mezzanine is really steep. so if the balcony is steep and far up then i’d say they’re not so great. but that’s just from my experience!

Universal vs. Specific

I follow a few different fandoms, and I notice in all of them, there are a lot of assumptions made, and often when people are speaking of their own experiences and beliefs, they use universal language. Things like we see X and Y, so Z must be true, when there’s no actual evidence for Z.  Or, “as a person with X, I can speak for people with X.”  Or, “because I was not offended by X, X is not offensive.”

One person does not, and cannot, speak for a whole category of people. I do not speak for all women, or all white people, or all people who have recovered from an eating disorder, or all trauma survivors, or all people with MDD or GAD. My lived experience is just that, mine. Yours is yours. So when someone says something is not offensive because they personally are not offended by it, I just have to ask, who made you the arbiter of all things? Do you not understand how invalidating that is to other people’s experience and feelings? Universal language silences genuine dialogue.

Own your words. Own your experiences. Own your feelings. And stop speaking for other people.

I would like to announce

That I found a bat this morning.  A cute lil bat.  An adorable lil thing.  It was so cute. 

But it was in my car.  There was a bat.  In my car.  Just chillin in the back seat.  Eating an Oreo that had probably been lost under my seat since the stone ages.  

I noticed him just as I was buckling my seat belt.  He just sat there.  Munching.  Watching me watch it.  

It’s 5am lil buddy I have to work.  Go home.  What are you doing eating sweets for breakfast?  That is not good for you, young man.  But get out of my car and take your horribly unhealthy breakfast with you. 

I was late for work because I spent twenty fucking minutes trying to get a small baby bat out of my car without hurting it or it hurting itself. 


There was a bat eating an Oreo in the back seat of my car this morning lookin at me like “Where we goin, Mom?” and I just don’t know how to go about my day now. 


Part of Jared’s contribution to the first promo for I Chose Life (video)

nerd shaming

some things people should consider incorporating into mchanzo fic, from someone who grew up in a family where japanese & american culture often clashed:

•hanzo going over to mccree’s place, maybe to meet his family or something. everyone is wearing their shoes inside the house. why the fuck is everyone wearing their shoes inside the house? disgusting

•hanzo going to america and wanting to eat as MUCH steak as possible whenever possible. mccree suggests getting some sushi but hanzo vetoes the idea. he orders steak no matter where he goes, even for breakfast. (beef is super cheap in america compared to japan because we have such a large supply of it here. when my dad’s old buddies from japan visit, they literally always request steak, without exception)

•Americans talk waaay too loudly for hanzo and socializing for long periods of time gives him a headache. they’re mostly friendly, just really loud. and way too touchy-feely. like no, hugging is not an acceptable form of greeting.

•green tea packets are everywhere–hanzo drinks green tea all the time. when he travels places overnight, he takes his tea brewing equipment with him, even to hotels. he refuses to purchase bottled tea; he has to make it himself, or he doesn’t trust it.

•idk if this is true across the board, but the japanese side of my family always refuses to kill household pests. they always catch & release things instead of killing them: spiders, moths, bees, even ants. hanzo is the same way. he gets super angry when mccree squishes an ant, and at first he thinks he’s joking, but he is dead fucking pissed that mccree killed that ant

•natto spread over toast for breakfast. hanzo thinks this is a normal staple meal for people across the globe until he makes it for mccree, who pretends to like it but is actually repulsed. (natto is made of fermented soybeans, smells terrible, but tastes pretty okay if you grow up eating it. it’s definitely an acquired taste)

•a lot of japanese candies have wrappers made of rice paper, so they’re edible. mccree is astonished when hanzo eats a butterscotch candy, plastic wrapping and all, and starts to choke. also, fish flavored candy is pretty common there, much to mccree’s horror. and don’t even get him started on the jumbo 12-inch shrimp flavored crackers hanzo likes so much

•japanese portion sizes are really small compared to american ones. my obasan used to scold me because I would always have 3 or 4 helpings of the food she cooked. hanzo probably scolds mccree too, and has to start cooking more food on the regular because his bf eats so damn much.

•soooo many japanese superstitions. mccree sticks his chopsticks vertically into his rice, only to be lectured by hanzo for inviting the gods of death into his house. hanzo gets shat on by a bird and is surprisingly chill about it because, hey, it’s good luck. another time, hanzo insists mccree shifts his bed around so his head isn’t facing north, just to be safe.

•hanzo always drinks hot water instead of cold water, probably to simulate the experience of drinking green tea when he has no green tea to drink

•hanzo has pictures/statues of buddha all over the place, despite having grown up practicing shinto (this is something my dad does, the only explanation I can think of is that it’s like the japanese version of elf on the shelf. buddha is always watching, so don’t misbehave. mccree catches on and always turns the buddha figures around before engaging in sexy times w/ his bf)

•shamisen music is the only acceptable music. absolutely no country music is allowed

•hanzo is horrified to learn that mccree doesn’t even own a rice cooker. how does he not not own a rice cooker? what does he eat, does he just starve? he doesn’t even have the little frozen rice squares in his freezer. pathetic


瓜江 久生