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ok, i got back a test. it’s for something called ‘c-reactive protein’ (it’s not the high sensitivity version of the test), which, according to the internet, seems to test for inflammation, including that associated with autoimmune diseases. according to both the internet and my actual test results, normal CRP range is 0.0-10.0 mg/L. mine is 13.5 mg/L. there’s nothing on the test results about what that means because the results were sent automatically, but i looked it up and it seems to mean that my crp level is legitimately high. basically–houston, we may or may not have an indicator of a medical problem!

…but i’m still not sure. i mean, i don’t know if i should share this with my parents yet or anything. i haven’t gotten any of the other three tests they did (for lyme and west nile and that other one) back, but it seems like this one might be indicating something important. 

cw food & alcohol talk

my whole 30 is wrapping up this saturday. the first week felt like forever, but honestly after that, we really got into a rhythm with shopping/preparing everything & the rest of the month sped up like crazy. a few of y’all asked for me to let ya know how it goes & i definitely want to write out my thoughts on the experience. soon. just getting the words together in the ol’ noggin first.

honestly, though, i’m already sure our aim is to keep eating mostly like this since it feels fucking GREAT, & after evaluating how reintroducing a few things back makes us feel, we’re just gonna consider those occasional indulgences instead of replacements for mainly eating mainly vegetables, fruits & protein.

but, holy crow, SATURDAY! 



I thought it was bad enough seeing F’s chew all the time but actually tasting it is disgusting.

I feel like my soul is going to get mouth cancer just from this experience. 

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Hi my daughter is bi sexual. I always assumed she was a lesbian and she came out to me at 16 when she started a relationship with an older woman. She is 24 now and after splitting with the above partner, she has started dating men. I worry because the dynamics can be so different and being a man, I know what shits we are. Woman are nicer and more genuine. Is it difficult forging relationships with women and then a man psychologically? As they are very different. Hope this isn't stupid question

this isn’t a stupid question. most bisexuals define their sexuality on their own. for some of us, we have the pretty much the same feelings towards men and women (and nb folks) although having a relationship with the people of the opposite or same gender may be a different experience. i feel like yes, the experience can differ. but women can be just as “shitty” as men. in my experience relationships with men have caused more stress in my life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean her relationship with a man will for your daughter. if she’s a grown adult i’m sure her decisions will work out best for her

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Hi Mr Badge! Question for you and your flowers. I've spent a week thinking about that three characters I'm like meme, and I can't think of anyone. I've got stables of literally hundreds of characters... and I can't pick three? I don't identify with any of them. This says something about ego and character development, so I'm curious what other creative beings have to say about it, because I'm missing something.

I honestly didn’t pick three characters I identify with (though obvs. to an extent I do also identify with them). I picked three characters who have influenced me in my life. So IDK, I don’t know that I have a ton to say about it, but I will say that in my experience some people just don’t empathize with fictional characters as strongly as others. I don’t think it’s a deficit, just a different way of interacting with narratives. If you don’t identify with characters on the whole – which it sounds like you don’t, or your problem would be like “I identify with this person but I can’t find anyone else” – then that’s just who you are.

Alternately, you might be defining “identify” rather narrowly; these things are a little squishy and amorphous, but “identify” can mean anything from “Feel a sympathetic understanding with a character’s lived experiences” to “wish to be or be like the character” to “wish to have a life like a character’s” to “wish to look like a character” and on and on and on. So if you’re still dissatisfied with “not identifying”, try opening up your definition of what identify might mean, and see if that gets you anywhere.

Or just post three characters you like. This isn’t an exam, it’s just a meme :D

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uni shit my dude!!! allnighters for papers, endless coffee, study dates at 2 am cause that's the only time ur free to do it, sendin each other pics of weird stuff goin on in the campus center, large amounts of cookies for birthdays (like a hand-delivered box of 50 no joke), fire alarms at any time n all the time, plants, long walks thru the graveyard, drunkenly playing twister at midnight, lost a friend but they were just passed out in the bathroom-my personal uni experience ur free to disregard

allnighters?? kara is Famous for them tbh. this solar powered lil puppy can always be found working in the library & not only that but she will always help someone else out if they need it? like she’ll find ppl who look particularly stressed & they’re like !! i need to print this & get it to this professor rn!! but i also have to do this assignment! & she’s like i was on track at hs i can run it to his door before it closes? i promise i’ll do it here u can look after my stuff so u know i will come back & im not just stealing ur assignment & she Dashes off to drop it off & then sometimes she shares her dinner with the hordes of poor uni students she loves making friends they’re like wary stray dogs they duck in for a hunk of bread & run off to the corner to their laptop again shes so fond of everyone she’s like ok humanity is cute

kara would Love receiving 50 cookies?? alex probably sends her a couple of boxes of cookies for her exams or her birthday or smth thats cute. 

kara hates fire alarms, she’s never ready for how loud they are

cat comes home one day to find that they have soil tracked into the carpet & she’s like what the FUCK is this & kara is so happy she’s like!! we have a garden!! i made a hanging garden come look!! & it’s actually pretty nice it’s welded together & the plants are quite pretty & it makes their balcony more welcoming so she’s like fine but don’t forget to vacuum. it’s so cute tho kara gets up early to water her plants very tenderly she probably talks to them that dork

kara 100% sends photos to alex all the time like LOOK! a flash mob!! loOK a dOG!! look a mailbox!!! u told me no one uses them anymore!! (alex probably sends her packages & letters all the time bc kara LOVES receiving mail??? god she probably collects stamps rip cat u fall in love with this nerd)

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Was gonna let this go, but nah. Sex and gender are two different things. I totally support trans people and trans rights. You won't believe that, but I do. However I'd like to see other cis gay guys comment on this. You'll find very few who are willing to have sex with or go down on a vagina. Sex is about physical arousal. Vaginas don't arouse me. They don't arouse 99% of cis gay men. Not trying to piss anyone off, just speaking to my own experience and that of most of the guys I know.

Okay, I’m gonna add a disclaimer here. I’m not a gay guy, nor am I trans. But you came to me with this. So I don’t know how much my opinion is worth, but it must be worth something if my mere reblogging of a post had you coming to me.

I am not condemning what you or anyone else is attracted to. Arousal is arousal, and you can’t help what you are and aren’t aroused by. And that’s fine… for you and for any other individual to speak on for yourself. But if a gay guy is attracted to a trans man, or a lesbian is attracted to a trans woman, who are you to play gatekeeper to their sexuality? Who are you to say “Oh, you must not actually be gay because you’re attracted to a person with a vagina” or “That person has a penis, so you’re not a lesbian, you’re bi”?

Even if it’s true that vaginas “don’t arouse 99% of cis gay men” (instead of a statistic you made up based on your own individual experience), you have no right to speak for the 1% or so of gay men who are attracted to trans men. And if you do truly support trans people and trans rights, you can’t also turn around and judge them based on their genitalia. Because if you think gay men who are attracted to trans men are less-gay or even not-gay because of that attraction, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You are implying that you think trans men are not-as-male as cis men. And that’s not support. Quite the opposite, really.

No one is saying all gay men have to be attracted to trans men, just like no one is saying all straight men or lesbians have to be attracted to trans women. What that post was saying is that your sexuality isn’t dictated by what’s in your partner’s pants.

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things that surprised you about t?

Here are 21 “surprises” that come to mind:

  1. Puberty is slow
  2. Changes are subtle
  3. Thicker nails
  4. Belly button lint
  5. Increased lubrication
  6. Change in hair texture
  7. Increased curls during humidity
  8. I think my nose got bigger
  9. External cysts on my genitalia
  10. Dry skin
  11. Butt pimples
  12. Ass crack hair is itchy
  13. Facial hair is patchy
  14. My libido didn’t really increase
  15. Back hairs are awkward
  16. I smell the same
  17. My mouth tastes different in the morning
  18. My voice sounds different at various points throughout the day
  19. Weight gain
  20. My clothing size increased
  21. No more bruises! 

Just my experience though; your mileage may obviously vary!!!

astrological signs in love
  • aries:likes to fall deeply in love with incredibly insecure people and have an explosively passionate, yet volatile relationship... but hey at least it's interesting
  • taurus:likes to pretend they're so heartless that they don't even know how to fall in love, fails terribly every time
  • gemini:likes to fall in (and out of) love with anyone and everyone that crosses their path, multiple times a day. confuses all their friends (and themselves tbh) to the point of not even listening when they talk about love
  • cancer:does not like to fall in love, does it very grudgingly, throws adorable temper tantrum when they get called out on it, sulks, repeat
  • leo:falls in love rarely. completely, 100%, OH MY GOD BARBARA CALL THE POLICE stuck in love when they do. painful to watch honestly, but shit it's cute
  • virgo:likes to fall in love with nerds. every. single. time.
  • libra:likes to fall in love way too fast and make a complete fool of their weirdo selves trying to woo their unsuspecting prey (endearing and surprisingly successful)
  • scorpio:likes to bullshit their way through multiple "serious" relationships for years and years until one day they realize that they're in love w their gross best friend... but in a cute way
  • sagittarius:likes to fall in love from afar and watch the object of their desire go about their daily life, hoping senpai will magically notice them in their quiet little world of reflection
  • capricorn:falls madly in love, shows it, "JESUS WHAT HAVE I DONE", terrifies self and lover with erratic, confused behavior, takes it all back, runs away, pines for months, tries to be friends again and act like nothing happened (until alcohol attacks)
  • aquarius:?? ?!?! ?? ? :) !! ? :(
  • pisces:likes to fall in love with people who have fallen in love with them, basks in love's glow for a few months, realizes they just needed attention, formulates an escape plan

People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.

I would like to announce

That I found a bat this morning.  A cute lil bat.  An adorable lil thing.  It was so cute. 

But it was in my car.  There was a bat.  In my car.  Just chillin in the back seat.  Eating an Oreo that had probably been lost under my seat since the stone ages.  

I noticed him just as I was buckling my seat belt.  He just sat there.  Munching.  Watching me watch it.  

It’s 5am lil buddy I have to work.  Go home.  What are you doing eating sweets for breakfast?  That is not good for you, young man.  But get out of my car and take your horribly unhealthy breakfast with you. 

I was late for work because I spent twenty fucking minutes trying to get a small baby bat out of my car without hurting it or it hurting itself. 


There was a bat eating an Oreo in the back seat of my car this morning lookin at me like “Where we goin, Mom?” and I just don’t know how to go about my day now. 

nerd shaming