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Karasuno in an International Tournament™

idk if this has been done before but CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING

• kageyama lowkey trying to figure out other countries hand signals & plays

• the absolute fuckery that is an american volleyball tournament

• tanaka and noya are definitely the most popular people there,, their loud personalities fit in perfectly with the north american players, who are essentially just screaming the whole time

• shitty english met with even shittier japanese

• practice matches with other countries two days before the actual tournament starts, & being put on “teams” with players from other countries

• “what the fuck is a toss, you’re a setter, you SET the ball” suga is personally offended by that statement

• girls and boys playing on courts right next to eachother?? booty for everyone

• where are the other countries managers?¿

• staying in a hotel would be an absolute mess

• ukai trying to prevent the team from over eating at the continental breakfast

• 2am runs to the 7/11 across the street with other teams

• yamaguchi meets his new love, cheeseballs

• tsukishima passively bragging to bokuto & kuroo about the tournament

• daichi giving up on keeping the team in check, and eventually joins in on their shenanigans

• taking a fat L against germany,,, why are they all so tall

• hinata getting teary eyed the last day of the tournament

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Cause its been about 2 years since me and @nornkin made these grown ass goth priory nerds i thought i’d finish this off wink
They’re very married o/

this has been a wip for like 84 years whOOPS 

I feel like annabeth at the beginning of the series was just this huge bomb waiting to go off like u know in her head there’s just a constant string of cuss words and rants if u crossed 12 y/o annabeth u were done that was it rip u

So I have to test out this raw apple cider vinegar drink for work (one of our clients) and I’m terrified of it because I typically avoid raw/unpasteurized foods and because it has a “mother” in it which also grosses me out and terrifies me.

Please tell me that my fear of this is irrational. It is irrational, right?

Also, I’ve read that raw apple cider vinegar can help with IBS which would be really cool but knowing my luck it’ll just cause a flare-up. Anyone have experience with it either helping or hurting?

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YOU FITE ME. YOU FITE ME RIGHT NOW. Because you CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THIS. Not with THIS kindness!! You complete and utter spanner, do you know how much better you and your SLADEWING ways make my day? We sneak messages to each other while at work, and BOY seeing that teeny little notification bubble on my IMs just makes me GRIN. AND DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON WHEN WE DISCORD. MY BRUH OF BRUHS, you are so wonderful, so down to earth, so absolutely TRUE NORTH that I thANK MY LUCKIEST OF STARS for being friends with you. YOU GET ME, AND THAT ISN’T COMMON. How many times have we been thinking the exact same thing, how many times have we typed out the exact same thing within half a second of one another? You my bro, bro and you will ALWAYS be my bro. You are a gift to everyone who knows you, I certainly count you are a gift to me. I WOULD NOT TRADE OUR CAPSLOCK CONVERSATIONS FOR THE WORLD. TO YOU, I LEAVE YOU THE BELOW IN HONOR OF ONE OF MY MANY SPELLING ERRORS AND SOMETHING THAT RINGS TRUE TO THIS DAY. 

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Hey, I was just wondering how you know you are connecting with your god/ess and whether you can "choose" them through research and being attracted to there stories?

Hello, Anon! When you’re just starting out, I gotta say it’s gonna feel a bit like a leap of faith “knowing” that you’re connecting with your god/dess. I’m just thinking back to my own experience here, and well, I’ll be honest, I laughed until I cried when I first considered the possibility that I might actually be able to converse and interact with these beings I once considered story characters. It seemed ridiculous. I was certain I was making it all up at first.

I’m going to tell you right now that “knowing” didn’t come as a slap on the face. It was subtle, yet distinctly “something,” like seeing a deer moving slowly in thick woodland, almost camouflaged but not quite if you’re really paying attention. Basically, I asked for omens and relied on my gut (I’ve always had a good intuition, so that came in handy). It was tricky though. I had to learn fast to be critical and not assume everything ever was an omen.

Something that is really, really important (in my experience) is finding a god/dess who is willing to work with you. This ties into your second question of whether or not you can “choose” them through research and attraction. You’ll get different answers about this depending who you ask. Personally, since you’re asking for my opinion? I don’t think you can choose. Tempt and bribe, maybe. But you can’t force something that isn’t “meant to be.” Like, you don’t have to think of this in the dramatic sense of Fate, but think of it like chemistry between two people. You know how there’s people you really like, even idolize, and yet nothing you do is going to make them like you? At least not as a close friend? Or heck, maybe not at all? Same thing applies here.

Let me tell you how I learned that. See, when I was a child, Artemis was my personal hero. Her myths were my favorite. I loved her to pieces. So, when I started out on the pagan path, I thought to myself, “This is going to be great! I’m going to worship Artemis and we’re going to be BEST FRIENDS.”

Well, um, that’s not what happened. Haha. You see, I spent a good month as a baby pagan trying desperately to “woo” Artemis. I got a really cold shoulder in response (not so much as a sliver of a positive omen). I was so disappointed. For a moment, I even thought, “Well, maybe this really is just ridiculous and I’m making things up. These gods are all in my imagination, so it doesn’t matter who I reach out to.”

That is when Loki and Hekate kicked down the metaphorical door. That is when things started to happen. That is when I was reduced to staring wide-eyed at the sky and whispering, “Oh my gods, this is why there are pagans. These gods really do answer.” I had never experienced that before. It was, and still is, so hard to put into words, but… suddenly, I just knew? The omens I asked for would come. The prayers I spoke were answered (albeit not always in the way or time frame that I would expect).

Anyway, my advice to you, Anon, is that you take a careful look around you. As a baby pagan, I was quite oblivious to signs and omens that would have told me who I was meant to work with long before I started calling out. In retrospect, it’s much easier to see these things, but it doesn’t hurt to start where you are. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. It’s okay. If you feel skeptical about deciding on something important (like who to worship), make a note that you need further validation before proceeding. The gods won’t mind so long as you’re polite and respectful.

And if you’re wondering what sort of thing to look around for, well, a good start would be symbols. Do you have a peculiar attraction to, say, deer figurines? Well, there are a lot of deities who associate themselves with deer. You may want to start researching into them. Feel a tug towards a name? A story? Okay, find out more about that deity. Do they have other symbols? Perhaps they are associated with wealth and you just happen to have a knack for collecting coins. Things like that can point you in the right direction.

I hope that helps, Anon! Good luck. <3


Enough with this writing about cheating and getting back together. I just went through a daunting experience with my best friend. Her boyfriend cheated on her (with some girl in our class) and like 1) even if it isn’t happening directly to you but you’re still involved it hurts and 2) why in writing do we always just let them get back together? Because we want a happy ending that the real world can’t provide us with? Honestly, after experiencing this first hand your love’s either got to be super strong or almost not at all for you to get back with that person. How can you ever trust them again? I now find it hard and unrealistic for them to end like that but…that’s just me. I’m not saying I won’t write requests like that but it isn’t really realistic…

Sorry but not sorry for the rant! 

“No, having two boyfriends doesn’t change that. No, I’m not this way because I had bad experiences with my ex. It’s just how I am. That’s all there is to it…..Just wanted to clear this up…”

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“I dont see why my sexuality matters…But I guess you can label me Asexual…Possibly Demisexual. No…It doesn’t mean I’m sex repulsed. Or a celibate. Or a virgin. Or whatever misconceptions people have…”

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do you have any advice for someone who is in love with their straight best friend hahah

Hoo boy I wish lol I don’t think I handled my first crush on a straight girl very well 😅 I was convinced that I was in love with this girl and any time she needed something I would immediately offer her help. She got into some drama with this guy and it was a mess and I realized 1) she would never love me back and 2) she kind of likes trouble and is always causing drama. Pretty sure this wasn’t very helpful but idk thought I’d just share my experience with you lol

how to pass your ap classes
  • ap euro: it's probably the catholic church's fault so you can blame them for everything
  • apush: just remember that the white men will fuck over everyone else, and even on occasion, other white men
  • ap english lit: tattoo the complete works of shakespeare on your person
  • ap spanish language: put everything in the subjunctive to show how much you doubt everything you do
  • ap physics i: make a blood sacrifice to sir isaac newton
  • ap physics ii: cry on a battery
  • ap calc ab: take the derivative, set it equal to zero, and pray

I love every taako

I would like to announce

That I found a bat this morning.  A cute lil bat.  An adorable lil thing.  It was so cute. 

But it was in my car.  There was a bat.  In my car.  Just chillin in the back seat.  Eating an Oreo that had probably been lost under my seat since the stone ages.  

I noticed him just as I was buckling my seat belt.  He just sat there.  Munching.  Watching me watch it.  

It’s 5am lil buddy I have to work.  Go home.  What are you doing eating sweets for breakfast?  That is not good for you, young man.  But get out of my car and take your horribly unhealthy breakfast with you. 

I was late for work because I spent twenty fucking minutes trying to get a small baby bat out of my car without hurting it or it hurting itself. 


There was a bat eating an Oreo in the back seat of my car this morning lookin at me like “Where we goin, Mom?” and I just don’t know how to go about my day now.