this is just me trying out different coloring and settings

Disclaimer; This tutorial is under the assumption you know how to/have the following:
- Use S4S
- Export textures with S4S
- Have the DDS plugin installed
- And have some kind of photo editing software

If you are starting out recoloring with no clue how to start, please message me! I’m more than happy to help you in any way! But, this tutorial was made for people with the knowledge of recoloring who’d like to try a different technique.

The rest of the info/tutorial is under the cut!

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// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

Fun Facts & Q&As under the cut!

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as most people may know, yesterday a fancam from jonghyun’s concert vcr went up, a part of which showed him doing a “bollywood” style dance to impress a girl he likes. after fans pointed out to him that the segment was, unintentionally or not, essentially mocking south asian culture, jonghyun tweeted an apology and said it would be removed from the upcoming concerts. he was really prompt with his apology, which people like me, who are indian, really appreciated. 

because i had a very strong reaction to the vcr, a few people messaged me asking why exactly i found it so offensive. there were several things in it that i could not condone, or pretend were not based off harmful stereotypes about my culture. this post is an explanation of different elements of the vcr that made it a problematic, and a reductive parody of south asian culture. 

this post is not a discussion of jonghyun’s character, or personality, or intent. we raised a point. he acknowledged it. he apologized, and we acknowledge that. the segment will be removed. let’s call it a day. 

this post is not a discussion of my reaction. this post is not me trying to stir up shit, or a discussion that is over and a matter that has been respectfully resolved. and this post is not me justifying my reaction, i feel no need to do so. it is only for the benefit of the people who reached out to me, and anyone who else may be interested to learn why that part of the vcr had to go. 

if that is alright with you, please go ahead and read more. if it’s not or you feel like you’d like to question my motives for it or my reaction to the incident, feel free to scroll on.

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(That is to say, a week from now!  Next Saturday!)


Two years ago I had a request night based on the Alternian Ancestors. On every post I added, “May 23rd is Ancestor Night in my inbox!” so people would know better than to send more requests later.  But the other day I was like, “I didn’t include the year…does that mean every May 23rd is Ancestor Night?” and everyone was like, “Why not?”


On May 23rd, make a post announcing that you’re doing Ancestor Night and tag that as well as any requests you fill as “#HS Ancestor Night” (emphasis on the HS).  That way we’ll all know who’s doing it and we’ll get to see all your lovely art/writing!


Pfff, yeah of course!  Here are some additional requirements you could try out if you wanna do more than just “ASK ME TO DRAW ANCESTORS”:

-Beforan Ancestors (Karkat and Co. as they might have been pre-scratch!  You can have fun making up titles and designs!)
-Pairings (Pretty straightforward)
-AUs (Requests must contain AU settings as well as specific characters)
-Cross-Generational Shenanigans (Ancestors meeting descendants or pre/post-scratch selves!)
-Hemoswaps (How might the legends have played out differently with shuffled blood colors?)
-Other standbys: Expression/pose practice, palettes, fancy clothing practice, busts or fullbody only, different headcanons from the ones you usually use, etc.


Mark your calendar and spread the word!  If you wanna!

ok, i am making this post not as like a ‘i want to lecture all you uneducated people who don’t make original content’ sort of post but rather as a ‘i literally did not know this shit before i started dicking around in photoshop and i feel like it’s something people should know’ sort of post

so take a gif like this

it’s a rejected member of a set i posted a few days ago (i was still trying to decide which size i wanted the set to be)

for those of you who’ve seen jessica jones, you’ll know what scene this is from. even for those of you who haven’t, the same principle that i’m about to explain applies.

i think a lot of the time (especially before i started giffing), i will see a gifset and be like ‘ah, yes, i remember this scene, this was a beautiful scene, this gif/gifset is true to that scene for sure. yes good. nice. awesome.’ but in reality, probably 9/10 times if you see a fuckin good looking gif or gifset, it did not start that way the original video did not look like that. believe it or not. (THIS IS A PARTICULARLY GOOD EXAMPLE THO BECAUSE JJ IS FUCKING DARK AND CYAN AS HELL OK.)

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an anon wanted me to show how i color my stuff and so here’s some progress shots.

i use photoshop for all of my digital stuff these days, and i’ve gotten into the habit of using overlay layers for coloring paintings. a lot of it is just fiddling around with different layer opacities and hue/saturation. i wanted to go for something warm and a bit…seductive? so that’s why i ended up choosing a lot of yellow and some red for the overlays. i tried my best to keep the heads illuminated because that’s where i wanted the focus of the painting to be.

usually after i set my flats down i do some more painting on an entirely new layer on top of everything but for this one i only did minor tweaks here and there.

i guess for advice on choosing colors to overlay or multiply i’d recommend using saturated colors sparingly or setting the saturated layer on low opacity. though it really depends a lot about what context the colors are in and what mood you want to set…i might elaborate on this more later, but for now my biggest piece of advice is just to play around with different layer modes and opacities until you get something you like.

i know this probably isn’t the most helpful thing to figure out how to color stuff but i hope you guys got something out of it! if you have any specific questions you can message me and i’ll try to explain it to the best of my ability.

chickendairy  asked:

I want to get into digital art, what do you recommend and do you have any tips? Thanks friend!

Oh! I’ll try my best to help you out there, buddy pal chum. n_n

The first thing you need is a drawing tablet.

 Wacom brand supplies are pretty darn reliable when it comes to digital drawing equipment so i wound highly recommend getting a Bamboo tablet from them. I’ve had very good experiences with Bamboo tablets. 

EDIT: Apparently the Wacom site doesn’t sell Bamboo anymore, but Intuos should be fine too n_n I just don’t have experience with it. 

The other thing you’ll need is a drawing program. 

 I personally like using Photoshop CC ($10 a month - very affordable) but, I have seen a lot of people using Paint Tool Sai and Manga Studio pretty successfully. When it comes to picking the right drawing program for you, it really just depends on what you like. I would suggest downloading trials/demos of any program that interests you and mess around with them until you find one you like using. (Oh! also, Drawpile is a nice program to practice on since it’s free. You don’t have to join drawpile sessions to use it either.)

Just as a suggestion, I would try going to art streams to pick up on different drawing/painting techniques from artists that you like or admire. Watching other people work, at least for me, helps you develop new skills. n_n  

Lastly, here are some random beginner tips that i had to find out the hard way when i was learning how to draw digitally. 

  • LAYERS ARE YOUR FRIEND!!!! Don’t draw and color on the same layer! You are guaranteed to have a bad time. 
  •  Mess around with your brushes. Every artist is different, so some brushes will feel better than others.
  • Make sure you set your brush pressure sensitivity. This will make the transition between paper and pencil drawing to digital drawing a lot smoother. Depending on what program you use, this option will be in different spots. 
  • If you draw something small and try to size it up to a bigger canvas, it will get pixelated and won’t be as pretty as how you originally drew it so, draw on a big canvas whether or not you want it big. You can always size down!

….That’s all i got XD I’ve never had to give digital drawing tips before, so i hope I at least pointed you in the right direction n_n

a while ago, when somebody asked me what love was, i wouldn’t have hesitated.
it is the color of a clear summer’s sky, i’d say. it feels like a rainy winter day spent under blankets in pajamas, doing nothing but watching bad movies all day. it is kisses after breakfast that taste of coffee that soothe your soul and wake you better than anything else. it is holding hands while driving to the 24-hour diner at three in the morning. it is calming and it is comfortable and it is like slipping into your favorite sweater after the first cold snap of the year. it is four hour phone calls in hushed voices, fits of laughter over dinner, hands on waists and arms around shoulders.
except sometimes things happen, and sometimes two people aren’t meant to fit together for long. and i spent too long trying to recreate old emotions instead of finding new ones, until i realized that as long as half of the equation is different, the solution will be different too. and just because a love is different doesn’t make it any lesser.
and now, when somebody asks me what love is, i still don’t hesitate.
it is the color of a sunrise on a cold winter morning, i say. it feels like wandering around a carnival on a summer’s night. it is kisses in the middle of the day that set you on fire somewhere deep within, warming you from the inside out. it is laughing until we cry and then laughing at our tears. it is exciting and it is warming and it is like driving around town at sunset with the windows down with the wind in your face. it is nearly too-tight hugs,  'i love you’s’ hidden behind smiles and teasing comments, heads resting on shoulders and hands resting on hips.
—  your love is different than i’m used to but that’s not a bad thing

owmercy  asked:

i absolutely love your anatomy and body dynamics?? how do you plan out your characters poses and proportions? sry if this is too big of a question!

Hmmm well it rlly depends on my mood!Sometimes with the colors or music I listen to.(usually with music if it’s just sketched out poses)Not sure if this makes sense.Like with my adoptables,I task myself with a limited set of colors and try hard to make one different than the other despite it being of a similar theme?

I try applying that same kinda concept and junk with poses and characters I use.It kinda pushes me to try out different proportions and what not.Sorry if this makes little to no sense!I’m super bad with words and that gets me mad!>:^(

Also I gotta admit this is a pretty tough question but I love these!I just wish I knew which answer in my head to use cus it’s many MANY things!

Facing the Inevitable - Michael Clifford

Merry Christmas! Surprise! Basically this imagine/one shot series based off of the new FOX show Red Band Society. I watched the first episode and fell in love with the characters and the plot line. It’s amazing and you all should watch it. Anyways, I’m putting my own little spin on the show by incorporating 5SOS of course. I’m not sure how many parts there is going to be. I guess that can be determined by you… maybe. ***There are a couple of quotes from the show in here, so if you notice them, I hereby give credit to FOX for those lines that I incorporated into this.*** Okay, here you go.  - Kaeley


“Right this way, (Y/N). Your room is just down this hallway.” Nurse Jackson told you as she led you down the brightly colored hallway. You followed her as you  scanned the different rooms you were passing. Kids around the same age as you were piling out of the rooms, books and binders in hand as they either walked or wheeled themselves around the corner.

“Where are they going?” You asked while looking back at them.

“They have class in just a few minutes. Those kids will be on time. Then there are the others that always find an excuse to be late. One of those will be your new roommate.” She said as she stopped in front of a door with the sign that read, ‘Go away, I’m busy dying.’ The corner of your mouth turned up into a slight smile before she opened the door, letting you trail behind her.

As you stepped in you saw a boy, who seemed to be around your age, sitting on his bed, both legs under the covers. He focused his attention on the screen across from his bed as his fingers worked away on the controller in his hands. His hair was dyed bright red, you assumed. There was no way that red could be natural. “Die, zombie, die!” He yelled as he shot another zombie through the head. “Yes!”
Nurse Jackson rolled her eyes before your shooting you a look and mouthing, “Watch this.” Before you could ask, she had unplugged the boy’s xbox, watching as the screen went black. His eyes shot over to her as he threw his hands up, “Jackie what did you do that for? I’ve been trying to beat that level for days!” She rolled her eyes at the nickname he’d given her. 

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