this is just like the angel beats ending

Netflix Is Driving Me Mad

I’ve gotten used to Netflix not having that much good anime, but recently I’ve noticed how it’s almost as if they purposefully remove the better anime on their website. It’s really fucking annoying. I could make a list of more than ten anime that Netflix used to have on their website that I really liked, but then they took it down. I usually notice the anime not being there when I come back looking for it after a year or so passed and BAM it’s gone. You know what, I WILL make a list, because this is really firing me up.

Back in 2013 (which is when I first started watching anime) I watched Angel Beats, Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and Ouran HighSchool Host Club on Netflix. By the end of that year they took down  Angel Beats and Clannad.

In 2014 Netflix added Attack on Titan just so they could remove it later in 2016. I watched Squid Girl and Okami-san and Her Seven Companions. I didn’t watch a lot of anime this year. I don’t remember exactly when either of these two were removed but it was relatively soon after I watched them.

In 2015 I watched Princess Jellyfish, The Devil is a Part Timer, Noragami, Psycho Pass, Welcome to the N.H.K and Red Data Girl on Netflix.

By 2016 they removed Princess Jellyfish, The Devil is a Part Timer, Noragami, Soul Eater, and Full Metal Alchemist. I watched Nana on Netflix.

Since I’ve last checked Nana, Welcome to the NHK, Psycho Pass, Attack on Titan, and Ouran Highschool Host Club have been removed from netflix.

These aren’t even all of them. I watched My Little Monster on Crunchyroll, but I remember it being on Netflix for a short while. It was a pretty good show, I was glad Netflix had actually added a good anime on to their site BUT THEY REMOVED IT IN LIKE A FUCKING YEAR. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing School Rumble there maybe four years ago and then removed later on. I’ve recently started watching it and so far I’m really enjoying it. I watched one or two episodes of Fruits Basket on Netflix before they removed it.

Them removing Nana is probably what triggered me to write this, because finding places to watch it is difficult and the DVD set is expensive as hell. They also removed some of my all time favorite anime like Welcome to the NHK, and Princess Jellyfish, and Angel Beats. I’m looking at all the anime on Netflix right now AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE GOOD COMEDY. School Rumble, Ouran Highschool Host Club, The Devil is a Part Timer, Squid Girl; these are all REALLY good comedies! Honestly all the anime I mentioned are pretty good if not amazing. So why would these be removed?

So what’s left on Netflix? What good anime has Netflix managed to not remove?

Well there’s Your Lie in April, Durarara, HunterxHunter, Death Note, Little Witch Academia, Madoka Magica, and Mushi-shi. Honestly I don’t think these hold as much weight to them compared to Nana or Welcome to the NHK or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or Princess Jellyfish. But that’s just me.

I’m done ranting for now. Maybe it’s time for me to get a Hulu account.


Bill ; i believe, It was about a month after dipper and the girls were on the Mindscape, i got frustrated with this heart beat thing ( i believe that i am currently SICK and forever will be) and i found out the source of said heart beat phenomenon was from pine tree so, i did the mistake of throwing him overboard while a mist was covering the orbit we were going through. Resulting in me finding out that He apparently has this… Ends justify the means kind of morality. so let’s just say it was both a thrilling and frightening moment for me and the crew. It was like an angel of death came, killing my men off one by one, or at least it looked like he killed them.

long story short… I fell for both this dangerous side of his that was like a silent reaper and his merciful side that was like an angel that looked at us with blessings, especially when i found out that my men were apparently still alive

he was simply Perfect for a lunatic such as myself that i couldn’t just let him go

(dipper is holding his ‘scavenging knife’  usually used for slicing acarcanian animal meat and skin, he caries it EVERYWHERE for just in case emergencies and since dipper was a scavenger his nails were made for climbing so they can sharpen at will making them kind of a deadly weapons, simply put dipper used the smoke from the mist to his advantage and stealth paralyze the crew members with a bit of a jab to the ribs/limbs (depends) with space jellyfish neuro toxins ) 

( hope u liked it anon also thankiiieeesss!! im glad u like my art!!)


My top 10 saddest goodbye in anime.

Is not a list about deaths but just goodbye the saddest ones that I like. 

1. Your Lie In April /for the music and mood plus build up

2. The Wind Rise /for the mean reason I don’t want to say goodbye

3. Pokémon /the music and flash backs

4. Bleach /change of art work plus why do this

5. Angel Beats /for WTF why

6. Gurren Lagann /how to go out fighting yyyeeeeee!!!

7. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 /did not see coming so sad

8. Sword Art Online /only Nice

9. Air /Why do this plus I hoped it would not end this way

10. Elfen Lied / Nop

Didn’t Mean to Ruffle Your Feathers

A Ghoul Grumps AU fic ovo

In which Ross is so done with fucking goddamned Shamu

{this wonderful AU was created by the lovely @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight}

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There’s 7 billion 46 million people on the planet
And most of us have the audacity to think we matter
Hey, you hear the one about the comedian who croaked?
Someone stabbed him in the heart, just a little poke
But he keeled over ‘cause he went into battle wearing chain mail made of jokes
Hey, you hear the one about the screenwriter who passed away?
He was giving elevator pitches and the elevator got stuck halfway
He ended up eating smushed sandwiches they pushed through a crack in the door
And repeating the same crappy screenplay idea about talking dogs ‘til his last day
Hey, you hear the one about the fisherman who passed?
He didn’t jump off that ledge
He just stepped out into the air and pulled the ground up towards him really fast
Like he was pitching a line and went fishing for concrete
The earth is a drum and he’s hitting it on beat
The reason there’s smog in Los Angeles is ‘cause if we could see the stars
If we could see the context of the universe in which we exist
And we could see how small each one of us is
Against the vastness of what we don’t know
No one would ever audition for a McDonalds commercial again
And then where would we be?
No frozen dinners and no TV
And is that a world we want to text in?
Either someone just microwaved popcorn
Or I hear the sound of a thousand people pulling their heads out of their asses in rapid succession
The people are hunched over in Boston
They’re starting app stores and screen printing companies in San Francisco
They’re grinning in Los Angeles like they’ve got fishhooks in the corners of their mouth
But don’t paint me like the good guy ‘cause every time I write
I get to choose the angle that you view me and select the nicest light
You wouldn’t respect me if you heard the typewriter chatter tap tap
Tapping through my mind at night
The same stupid tape loop of old sitcom dialogue
And tattered memories of a girl I got to grind on in high school
Filed carefully on rice paper
My heart is a colored pencil
But my brain is an eraser
I don’t want a real girl, I want to trace her from a catalogue
Truth be told I’m unlikely to hold you down
Cause my soul is a crowded subway train
And people keep deciding to get on the next one that rolls through town
I’m joining a false movement in San Francisco
I’m frowning and hunched over in Boston
I’m smiling in Los Angeles like I’ve got fishhooks in the corners of my mouth
And I’m celebrating on weekends
Because there are 7 billion 47 million people on the planet
And I have the audacity to think I matter
I know it’s a lie but I prefer it to the alternative
Because I’ve got a tourniquet tied at my elbow / I’ve got
A blunt wrap filled with compliments and I’m burnin it
You say to go to sleep but I been bouncing off my bedroom walls since I was hecka small
We’re every age at once and tucked inside ourselves like Russian nesting dolls
My mother is an 8 year old girl
My grandson is a 74 year old retiree whose kidneys just failed
And that’s the glue between me and you
That’s the screws and nails
We live in a house made of each other
And if that sounds strange that’s because it is
Someone please freeze time so I can run around turning everyone’s pockets inside out
And remember…
You didn’t see shit
—  Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 2 LYRICS
Angel Beats! {Sentence Starters}
  • "You make it sound like you're about to die or something."
  • "He started it. I was just trying to end things peacefully, that's all, got it?"
  • "Nah, I think you have way better concentration than me."
  • "What? Is something starting soon?"
  • "You're wonderful. You're cute."
  • "I was looking for you. You've got great reflexes, right?"
  • "How can we fight when you're holding a broom?"
  • "Where the heck are we, anyway? It's like we're in solitary confinement!"
  • "This sort of sneaking around stuff is for pussies."
  • "Ever since that day, I keep running it over and over in my head."
  • "Look here, don't abuse your hypnotic abilities."
  • "Yeah, but normally people don't sleep in situations like this!"
  • "What's that sound? An earthquake?"
  • "I just don't get it. I should be stronger than you in every possible way."
  • "You're absolutely right. That's the real problem."
  • "Not that I care, but you're really defending ____, aren't you?"
  • "Don't say scary stuff so cutely! Ugh!"
  • "I want to do more than most. Why do you think that is?"
  • "That couldn't happen in this world! That's too good to be true!"
  • "You're stronger than I thought! You can do it!"
  • "How is that peaceful?! You made a grown man cry on his knees!"
  • "That is why I must fight. I must keep on fighting!"
  • "What's this? Do you need something?"
  • "If I vanish now, could I start over anew? Could I accept normal happiness?"
  • "What're you talking about? I don't get it."
  • "How come you're still here? How long was I out?"
  • "Oh, hell no! You get away from me!"

When I got traded to the Lakers in ’97, Kobe Bryant was just a rookie. The dude couldn’t shoot threes. We would play this shooting game every day after practice. It was me, Kobe, Brian Shaw, Mitch Richmond and Kurt Rambis. Kobe would lose every time. We would get to practice the next day and sure enough, Kobe would already be there shooting nothing but threes. Like clockwork, at the end of practice he’d say, “Let’s play the game! I’m ready for you.” And we would beat his ass again.

He would never stop. It was incredible. He practiced until one day, a couple months later, he finally won. If you literally said, “Kobe, I bet you can’t make five in a row by dropping the ball and kicking it in from half court,” that motherfucker would go out there and practice it until he could do it. And that’s what people don’t understand when they talk about champions — when they talk about a winner’s mentality. Kobe’s dedication to the game is unreal. And I mean that in the truest sense … it was literally unbelievable. The common denominator in every championship team is the mentality that Kobe has, and the mentality that Hakeem had with me at that Christmas party. You have to be so obsessed with winning that you pull no punches with your teammates, even when you’re in first place. Even when you’re a defending champ.

Whenever I hear people crying about Kobe yelling at people in practice, or wondering whether or not LeBron is best friends with his teammates, I just roll my eyes.” - Robert Horry.

members you should fight in seventeen and your chances of winning

co made by m2ngyu do not blame just me for any problems you ahve with this list thnx

scoops: looks like he could crush your skull with his bare hands but will he? maybe if you say something mean about junghan

junghan: do you really want to fight junghan. he’s a literal angel everybody loves him the stray dog you saw on the street probably loves him (plus scoops would probably intervene and fight you for him)

joshua: yeah he’s a christian and otaku and seems harmless but he’s probably secretly pissed that he has no lines and that soul eater ended. it’s just my guess but if you want to beat up somebody who publicly put an snk clock in his shared dorm go for it

jun: if you ever tried to fight jun you’d probably win, yeah he knows wushu but what’s he actually gonna do? grind on you? take away his toothpaste supply and he’ll probably weaken

hoshi: i never doubted that small dancing man he could smoke you while throwing out his sick b-boy moves

wonwoo: it would seem like he’d win but halfway he would just give up on life and let you beat him up. finish him

woozi: do not fight woozi. he will fuck up your ass in -0.5 seconds flat. his anger shown is the only part bubbling at the surface. he is a shaken up can of soda waiting to explode. he will make your mother’s mother’s mother’s hairdresser’s taxcollector wish you weren’t born.

dk: nobody pays attention to him just do it it’d probably take a couple of months for seventeen to realize he’s gone

mingyu: you’d honestly win. just don’t damage his face that’s the only thing he’s got

the8: why would you want to fight the8. he probably holds the key to world peace. he could probably kick your ass but he won’t because he loves puppies and sunshine and is a cupcake he is stunning and beautiful and lovely and charismatic and where was i going with this

seungkwan: just make some yo mama jokes and he’ll probably become your personal punching bag

vernon: rip out his kidneys, they’re a privilege

dino: he’s like 12 

I’m here for dad hero Chat Noir

We all know Gabriel Agreste is a shit father, so I wanna see Chat Noir become the substitute father for like, all of Paris.

Chat Noir’s just chillin hopping roofs, sees a kid crying on the balcony “hey kid what’s wrong?”

And he ends up giving a lot of sage life advice that he of course is too dumb to take himself

But then when the kid’s like “oh my parents kicked me out cause i was gay/beat me/are mean to me/treat my depression like i’m just trying to get attention”

Chat Noir just fucking loses it

He whisks the kid off to stay with friends and then appears as the Angel Of Vengeance Unto Thy Fathers

Ladybug questions him why he’s breaking into people’s houses and yelling at them and then when he explains she’s like “oh fuck no” and starts bringing the kids baked goods and shit

But she doesn’t get the depth of it - especially with the kids who’s issues get brushed off cause you know if that poor tiny child had a panic attack in front of Gabriel he’d just get a lecture on upholding the family name - Chat Noir is just fucking pissed off

He gets a reputation - if you mistreat your kids, not only is God gonna judge you, Chat Noir is gonna chauffeur your ass to court and serve as the prosecuting attorney

And he continues it as Adrien - when Gabriel finally dies he uses his vast inherited wealth and connections with the Bourgeois family to get hard-hitting legislation passed to make it easier for kids with shitty homes to get out, to improve the foster care system, to make it easier to prosecute emotional abuse and neglect, and he builds a dozen youth shelters and personally sponsors kids who are trying to leave their shitty homes.

And Mama Agreste looks down on all of this from heaven with pride in her eyes in between yelling at Gabriel for neglecting her son

anonymous asked:

Is it just me, or does Charlotte remind me of Angel Beats?

Definitely not just you! I believe both are done by the same studio so theres that – perhaps we might get a sad ending too with Charlotte? I also saw a post showing the similarities between the three main Charlotte characters with characters from Angel Beats (personality, looks, etc). 

And, of course, you can’t forget the most important reference:

(if you guys haven’t seen this Angel Beats scene you need to)