this is just like the angel beats ending

the signs as tom holland's second performance on lip sync battle

aries: tap dancing in that baggy suit with the wig obviously showing under that fedora, looking clowny as fuck

taurus: dropping it (it being that tiny peach ass that can’t be bigger than a walnut) low for the audience in those leather booty shorts Yum

gemini: the sassy walk on stage revealing his lingerie like buckle up bitches you’re about to see this boy work for the prize

cancer: putting his umbrella between his legs and grinding on it, why was i born as a person and not an umbrella

leo: The Hair Flip™

virgo: swinging around on that lamp post knowing damn well he’s about to go shake his goodies like tobey maguire probably does when he’s begging his agent not to give up on him

libra: walking up to zendaya ready to unleash hell (hell being his dignity and That Ass)

scorpio: raising those arms made of Pure Muscle and the tears of baby angels, as rain falls and fire flares in the background

sagittarius: that lil bubblegum booty twerking to the beat, like is his ass a flavor of juicy fruit gum yet

capricorn: the very end of the song when he just flipped and fell back into the cum of millions water :)

aquarius: grinding on zendaya like full on backing that ass up on her man gollum was going for it

pisces: those thigh muscles and also that shit makeup job

HS1 “Extras” Tag

There’s already been a tag for our favorite lyrics from Harry’s debut solo album, but my favorite parts of the songs aren’t necessarily my favorite lyrics. Thus, this tag game was created, as I’m always interested in knowing what everyone’s favorite “extra” bits are.

You don’t have to tag a certain number of people - just tag anyone you’d like to know the opinion of or would find this fun. My answers are below!

Meet Me in the Hallway  » When Harry says “2, 3, 4″ at the very beginning

Sign of the Times » The way Harry sings “clothes”

Carolina » Harry’s little moan at the end of every “good”

Two Ghosts  » The way Harry sings “beat” at the very end of the song

Sweet Creature » The distant “whoa-hoa” 

Only Angel   »  “My, my, my, my only angel”

Kiwi  »  “Cha-ching!”  and when he says “wah!” multiple times in the background

Ever Since New York » The way Harry sings “did” during “I’ve been prayin, I never did before” and when the music stops and it’s just, “Oh, tell me something I don’t already know” 

Woman  » “Hey!” at the end of the first chorus

From the Dining Table » The progression of the strings makes me actually want to cry

I tag @pammers86@kasiwrites@henristarrs / @cheshirepuddin / @permanentcross / @stylesunchained@trulymadlysydney / @chrissy22787@cuddlemusclestyles / @sighsofthetimes / @ridinholo / @fayestardust / @bribe-the-door / @hardliquorhaz / @islareeveswriting / @cupcakelirry / @harrywavycurly / @tattooed-angel-harry / @magic-view

Have fun!

Abandon All Hope (Part 6)

A/N: This was a fic I have been really excited about writing. Believe me, I was constantly talking about it to my friend for days. This is kinda an AU but kinda not. Everything that is happening in TWD is still happening. Some stuff has changed for the Winchesters background with Supernatural but there’s still a lot of the same things happening. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear your positive feedback. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

A/N 2: Thank you all so much for all the love and support. Means the world to me! :)

Summary: (y/n) Winchester is just trying to survive the new world of the apocalypse with her brothers, Sam and Dean. While looking for your father, John, you come across two men who welcome you to their community, Alexandria. The events that follow will test the limits of not only your mind and body, but also your heart.

Pairings: Eventual Daryl x reader (almost), Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Characters: (y/n), Daryl, Sam, Dean, Rick, Negan, Rosita, Dwight, Saviors, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Saviors, Simon

Word Count: 2217

Warnings: language, angst as fuck, death, Negan (yes he’s a warning), smidge of fluff

Tagging: @thewalkingdeadfanfiction, @daryldixonwife1987, @omlbeans, @the-silver-iris, @sebbylover24, @megsense, @loricwizardbluetoastedcake, @youandyourstupidrope, @canadianjelly, @abnormal-angel, @shinydixon, @onlydarylnormanfic, @jodiereedus22, @crystallovesdaryl, @negan-dixon, @deepsouth, @multifandomizer, @sapphire1727, @johnmurphys-sass, @waayward-angel, @sassy-specter, @tiquismiquis, @frozenhuntress67, @saintflandus, @steve-rcgcrs, @jasondialurentisnews

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“Man oh man, I do not appreciate you killing my men.” Negan said while standing back up from his crouching position in front of Rick. You watched as the man you knew to be your father threaten your new group. “Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not fucking cool.”

Negan began to make his little speech while swinging the bat he had in his hand. You recognized it to be your fathers, but it was now wrapped with barbed wire. You felt numb to the world. You knew something bad was going to happen you just didn’t know how bad it will be. You didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes until they started to drip down your face. You felt Daryl squeeze your hand a little tighter to try and reassure you, but you both knew it wasn’t going to help much.

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My top 10 saddest goodbye in anime.

Is not a list about deaths but just goodbye the saddest ones that I like. 

1. Your Lie In April /for the music and mood plus build up

2. The Wind Rise /for the mean reason I don’t want to say goodbye

3. Pokémon /the music and flash backs

4. Bleach /change of art work plus why do this

5. Angel Beats /for WTF why

6. Gurren Lagann /how to go out fighting yyyeeeeee!!!

7. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 /did not see coming so sad

8. Sword Art Online /only Nice

9. Air /Why do this plus I hoped it would not end this way

10. Elfen Lied / Nop

Loving You - love triangle!Mingyu and Seungkwan scenario

Request: Mingyu and Seungkwan both crushing on yn

Word Count: 1391

A/N: ANONIE I’M SORRY IF THIS SUCKS I’M NOT GOOD AT LOVE TRIANGLES BUT I DID MY VERY BEST!! I was looking for a mingyu and seungkwan gif but all tumblr gave me was other members asfgjkl tumblr pls. But I just used this because it’s sooooo pretty!!!! I drew inspiration from “The Lady or The Tiger” (it’s a short story) because I didn’t know how to end it :“( I’m sorry guys. Oh but if y'all want me to make the 3 different endings (one for seungkwan, one for mingyu, and one for someone else) then send an ask or leave a comment!! Just let me know and I’ll do it :> Thank you for reading this long ass bs!! -Clar

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Love is a fickle thing. People can fall in love at first sight and fall out of love just as quickly. You never know when it hits you but when it does, it hits you hard. You could fall in love with the most unexpected people; a stranger, a friend, someone you’ve never even met, or maybe even someone else’s love.

To Mingyu, falling in love with you was the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.

"I love her,” Seungkwan confessed to him one night. Ever since then, the little butterflies that he got whenever he saw you was completely ignored. Giddy feelings that were aroused whenever you were near him were suppressed. He wasn’t ready to betray him like that; it was difficult.

But giving you up was just as hard.

“Hey (y/n),” you turned around, raising an eyebrow at him expectantly. Mingyu was cooking when you entered to grab a drink and you decided to sit down to keep him company. Once you turned around you saw him flinch, biting his lip and looking down, “would you mind tasting this?” You instantly agree, walking up to him and asking for another spoon. He grabs one, scooping up some soup before bringing it to your mouth. You gave him a look before reluctantly opening your mouth.

The happy look you had when you tasted it made him want to embrace you right there and then. As much as he wanted to; he couldn’t. You proceeded to compliment his dish, asking him if he could teach you sometime. He gladly agreed, nodding eagerly as he encouraged you to come to him anytime. Once you left, it felt like Mingyu could breathe again. The ongoing conflict inside of him just wasn’t ending any time soon. Tell me, was betraying someone worth it?

Seungkwan was busy writing a song. Your birthday was coming up and he wanted it to be special. Every day, every night, he’d spend hours on end to think of lyrics that an angel like you deserved. He’d write the millions of things he loved about you and drew inspiration from them. On some days his pen would smoothly glide across the paper, and on other days it would come to a screeching stop. Writing a whole song sounded easy but it never really is. He’d sometimes test out beats and melodies until he got more inspiration for his lyrics. Endlessly worrying about whether he’d make it in time or not, he spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning until dawn came and he was still awake. Were you worth all this?

The things they’ve sacrificed with you in mind were matters that only people who knew love could understand. No matter how much they wanted to reach out to you, it was frightening. Will they ever get to you? They bided their time, unsure of when to make the first move. The constant torment of yearning and not being able to be with you was excruciating misery.

Loving you was pain.

Time flew by pretty quickly and your birthday came. They all greeted you and spent the whole day celebrating. The two boys were both anxious yet at the same time so excited. Seungkwan clutched sheets of paper close to his chest, taking deep breaths as his hands trembled. Mingyu excused himself and hurried to the kitchen. He didn’t come back even though they had started singing.

“아름다운 그대에게 (To the beautiful you),” the soft low note started off the song Seungkwan made for you. The smile you had and the tears of joy that filled your eyes made all those sleepless nights feel insignificant. You embraced him warmly, telling him you loved the song. Your thank you gave him the same happiness as a groom would have upon hearing his lovely bride say, “I do.” Honestly, you were worth all of it and so much more.

Mingyu rushed out of the kitchen, holding a big round cake with flowers and candles on it. There was a dedication written in chocolate saying: “Happy birthday (y/n)! We love you!” He watched as you blew out the candles and took the first bite.

It was soft and moist, practically melting in your mouth. The sweetness of the custard and the fluffy vanilla sponge complimented each other, blending well with the milky chocolate that was glazed over the whole thing. You hummed in ecstacy, “Mingyu this is great!” He simply smiled in response. He couldn’t forget the look on your face, enjoying the cake he perfected just for you. One look at you and he was in the clouds.

Loving you was happiness.

The party was all fun and games but the two boys only thought of you, the hug, and the “thank you” you gave them. Loud cheers and laughter filled the room yet they remained undisturbed by it. Confetti started to collect on them, but neither minded.

Mingyu couldn’t stop thinking about how Seungkwan would feel if he confessed to you. It suddenly didn’t matter as much. You were more important; as if he could just forget about everything and run to you. He was took a sip of water, promising to himself that he’d tell you everything tomorrow.

Loving you was driving him insane.

Seungkwan sighed, contemplating his feelings for you. He felt determined to tell you everything, he wanted to know. The way you smiled at him and simply everything about you made him feel like maybe, just maybe, you could fall in love with him too. He had to tell you tomorrow.

But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

You sat beside your best friend Wonwoo in the library, at the usual table in the corner of the room. He was talking about a book when his phone vibrated, cutting him off mid-sentence. His lips curved into a knowing smile as his thumbs began pressing on keys to type up a short reply. “Let’s leave,” Wonwoo abruptly stood up and nudged you before he began to walk. You trotted behind him, hugging your bag close to your chest as you had no time to fix it, “why so suddenly?” He chuckled, opening the door for you. Behind the door was the boy that made your heart beat faster, standing on the lowest step of the staircase. Your eyes met but you averted your gaze. A small blush formed on your cheeks.

“Someone needs to talk to you,” Wonwoo exhanges looks with him before bidding the two of you goodbye.

You were left alone with him, on the staircase. Looking up, you noticed that the sky was painted in a calming light grey color that covered the pretty blue morning sky that greeted you on the way to the library. The weather was chilly, with the occasional strong breeze that would bring hair into your mouth. The boy’s chest subtly heaved up and down with his mouth slightly parted. He looked like he just ran a marathon just to get here.

“(Y/n),” he chuckled, “I ran all the way here.” He got closer and closer until your lips were millimeters away. His breath was hot and all over your face. The boy’s eyes were just as warm as his breath, taking in your face up close. He smiled, brushing a strand of hair away from your mouth, “hey.” You were caught off guard when he suddenly whispers into your ear, “I have to tell you something and I want you to answer me honestly, okay?”

You nod, “of course.”

He took a deep breath and looked at you straight into your eyes, “I love you,” his voice sounded so serious and confident you weren’t sure if this was the same man you knew. “I love you so much,” his lips tugged into a small smile, “loving you is the best thing I’ve ever done.” You only stared at him, eyes wider than usual.

“So,” he looked at you anticipatingly, “what do you think?” He bit his lip, the confidence he had slowly crumbled away. “Honestly?” you asked in a small voice, looking up at him. He tilts his head and shrugs, “well,” his voice was shaky, “yeah.”

You pulled him closer until your lips met. You felt his lips curve up into a smile against yours; he got his answer.

So, who confessed?


I could completely see Angel and Alastor risking jail time just to mess with Husk XD

Really wanna try to get more comics out this week while work’s actually slow for a change. Planning on getting the Shadow Day finale up by the end of this week a long with some bonus sketches and scribbles. Feel like everyone else is beating me to the Hazbin Hotel hype! XD

Alastor, Husk, Angel, and Charlie all belong to @vivziepop and I honestly don’t know why she tolerates me playing with her characters at this point. She’s working on getting Hazbin Hotel into a pilot right now so go show her some support anyway you can! ^w^

Netflix Is Driving Me Mad

I’ve gotten used to Netflix not having that much good anime, but recently I’ve noticed how it’s almost as if they purposefully remove the better anime on their website. It’s really fucking annoying. I could make a list of more than ten anime that Netflix used to have on their website that I really liked, but then they took it down. I usually notice the anime not being there when I come back looking for it after a year or so passed and BAM it’s gone. You know what, I WILL make a list, because this is really firing me up.

Back in 2013 (which is when I first started watching anime) I watched Angel Beats, Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and Ouran HighSchool Host Club on Netflix. By the end of that year they took down  Angel Beats and Clannad.

In 2014 Netflix added Attack on Titan just so they could remove it later in 2016. I watched Squid Girl and Okami-san and Her Seven Companions. I didn’t watch a lot of anime this year. I don’t remember exactly when either of these two were removed but it was relatively soon after I watched them.

In 2015 I watched Princess Jellyfish, The Devil is a Part Timer, Noragami, Psycho Pass, Welcome to the N.H.K and Red Data Girl on Netflix.

By 2016 they removed Princess Jellyfish, The Devil is a Part Timer, Noragami, Soul Eater, and Full Metal Alchemist. I watched Nana on Netflix.

Since I’ve last checked Nana, Welcome to the NHK, Psycho Pass, Attack on Titan, and Ouran Highschool Host Club have been removed from netflix.

These aren’t even all of them. I watched My Little Monster on Crunchyroll, but I remember it being on Netflix for a short while. It was a pretty good show, I was glad Netflix had actually added a good anime on to their site BUT THEY REMOVED IT IN LIKE A FUCKING YEAR. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing School Rumble there maybe four years ago and then removed later on. I’ve recently started watching it and so far I’m really enjoying it. I watched one or two episodes of Fruits Basket on Netflix before they removed it.

Them removing Nana is probably what triggered me to write this, because finding places to watch it is difficult and the DVD set is expensive as hell. They also removed some of my all time favorite anime like Welcome to the NHK, and Princess Jellyfish, and Angel Beats. I’m looking at all the anime on Netflix right now AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE GOOD COMEDY. School Rumble, Ouran Highschool Host Club, The Devil is a Part Timer, Squid Girl; these are all REALLY good comedies! Honestly all the anime I mentioned are pretty good if not amazing. So why would these be removed?

So what’s left on Netflix? What good anime has Netflix managed to not remove?

Well there’s Your Lie in April, Durarara, HunterxHunter, Death Note, Little Witch Academia, Madoka Magica, and Mushi-shi. Honestly I don’t think these hold as much weight to them compared to Nana or Welcome to the NHK or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or Princess Jellyfish. But that’s just me.

I’m done ranting for now. Maybe it’s time for me to get a Hulu account.

★ ヽ(উ ▽ ≦ )人(ㅍ▽ㅍ)ノ ☆

these two are apparently the most ikemen members of hakog ak u and hell ye s I want me some of tha t and I’m kinda sad there’s no snow this december bc snow is beautiful and my birthday is in december and it’s tw o in the morn ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !

The best parts of Where We Are audiobook

Niall’s sounds the most scripted like he actually took time to think about these questions, and write down his responses.

He has one of the best vocabularies in the band.

“Didn’t get to finish school or do his exams.”

The fact that there was one suitcase in Niall’s house that they actually referred to as “the little suitcase.”

Laughing when he said, “Obviously we’ve managed to last more than six months.”

“Slugged it out in the back of a Mercedes van?” Slugged it out? In a Mercedes Niall, really?

“The band’s horizon’s seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every day.”

About the fans: “The fans are out of this world helping us.” He loves us.

Talking about when he got kicked out of a cab when they heard they got number one. “Me and my friend were just punching the head off each other and having a laugh.”


“I don’t really get homesick where as some of the lads would, but it’s not going to last forever so might as well enjoy it as much as I can now.”

About the trip to Ghana. “People out there are incredible, their spirits are mindboggling. You can only try your best for them when you admire them so much.” He was great talking about this.

He has the best perspective about the trip out of all the boys. When he’s talking about the water and how he’s got a fridge at home full of it and taps, but they don’t have a bit of it. You can tell that he appreciated and really felt what the trip was supposed to be about.

“For a man who loves his sleep that can only be good to be fair. I do waste a lot of my life sleeping.”

“YOU EITHER WANT TO BE PAPPED OR YOU DON’T.” He didn’t scream that, I just thought all caps were important there.

“do the job so home then mostly sit in my house. I don’t go on many holidays. I prefer to sit in my house mostly.”

“London Premiere best day he’s had in his career to date.” Then he goes on to name 800 other things that he liked too, “but the film premiere is 100% right up there. It was a huge moment for us…..”

“Them two idiots up the back.” Him and Louis at the Premiere/

“In typical One Direction style we were terrible at it.”

Success of Midnight Memories “We were just delighted.” I love how he says delighted.

“He brought me down to Chelsea and I became part of the furniture down there.” About his rehab after his knee surgery.

“We were confident of One Direction, and we work hard to make the band succeed.”

“Trepidation.” Great Word.

“Typical mad One Direction Style.”

“Croke Park was a special one.”

Best Ending: “but you know what? I’m still mad about being in this band.”



“I’d come home completely covered in mud after playing football, eventually I had a pair of trousers for every single day of the week cause it was impossible for my mom to keep up with the washing.”

“Sitting in half my classes covered in mud.”

“My dad was amazing. He was my driving force to get out there and perform to people.”

“Maybe he wasn’t that crazy after all, maybe he can just see the future.”

“You know about all the dreadful disappointment about being rejected them like the overwhelming excitement of being put into a band with these other four lads, but to this day the moment they revealed they were putting us into One Direction is still the most amazing memory it’s still hard to believe.” They always talked about this, but never described like that.

“It’s hard to think we were thrown into the deep end so quick.”

“Our guardian angel was our fans.” Liam loves us too. Bless his little heart.

“an army of fans out there promoting and championing our band which you know you really can’t buy. So brilliant.” Keep the compliments coming.

“I feel like we haven’t really celebrated that.” Talking about the first album tour.

“You have to respect the idea that you just can’t walk out on to an arena stage.”

“Proper New York cold.”

How he says Lady Gaga and crazy in this sentence here “I think we set a new record beating Lady Gaga which was craazzyy.” It was funny.

“I remember staying up til stupid o’clock in the morning signing 500 CDS.”

The school trip story to the O2 a.k.a the Millennium Dome: “but I was just a dippy kid back then so my parents thought Ruth (his sister) would remember and appreciate the day more than me cause I’d been just bouncing off the walls and doing stupid stuff. So I did a little chuckle to myself when I got there ass I actually got to the millennium dome for free.” 

“This job can make you very self centered if you’re not careful.”

“and I was absolutely terrible at listening which I always have been.”

Class of 92 movie premiere: “He (David Beckham) like clocked me from across the room and you know when lads give each other the nod? Well, like I kind of gave him the nod cause he was saying like wazup (yes, wazup, that is not a typo), and he gave me the nod back, and then to my like shock he came over and said like hey how’s it going you alright Liam and shook my hand, and I was like this is mad like David Beckham just gave me the manly nod from the other side of the room and that’s like the sickest thing like….”


And no, I didn’t make that story up, oh, though I wish I had.


“I think I’ve always had persistence which I suppose I probably got from my mom, uh, she always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and always just told me to give it my best and that’s what I try to do.”

“My mom’s pretty much the first person I go to for advice. You know I have a great relationship with my mom.” The first few minutes are devoted to talking about his momma, and I love that.

“We can travel the world which I don’t think, well, I know I wouldn’t have even been to America nevermind all the amazing places we’ve been at this age.”

“Doncaster is great, but you know I kind of wanted to see the world.”

“Even when we try our hardest to be sensible and mature we don’t do a very good job.”

Proof that Louis has seen This is Us, at least more than a couple of times. “You get taken away and bang you’re in this lifestyle and it is very alien.” Paul said nearly this same thing in the movie.

He loses his train of thought for a second when he’s talking about where he’s from. “ not many people from Donny record many albums, but anyway.” He says that ending very fast.

“There were often times I stand there and wonder how much the comments were relevant to me because my contributions to the band in my opinion at that time were so small.” Poor babe, but look at ya now.

“Delighted to be in the band.” Do they all say this word so wonderfully?

“It’s only been about since Midnight Memories that album that I’ve really felt comfortable with my voice.”

About the fans: “Little superfans trying to spread the word throughout the world.” More proof that Louis literally watches This Is Us every night before he goes to bed. Simon says this near the beginning of the movie, talking about the superfans.

The mattress story: “You wouldn’t get that now (the hesitation) they’d be straight down.”

“Four countries in four days.” Did he mean states?”

About a fan encounter after coming back from a tour. “It all got a bit aggressive I think I got me hoodie ripped off from me and I remember they dragged us into this tiny office with some police officers and the fans were outside surrounding it just banging on the walls. Yeah, it was intense. It definitely made us think there is some proper support there.”

About his man crush on David Beckham: “I’ve always idolized David Beckham. I just think he’s the coolest guy ever. Two or three of the lads me him before ME ( His tone is all like, How dare they?), and they had pictures with him right and I just saw these pictures on twitter and I was like what’s going on here I’d love to have met David, Becks, but anyway I did get to meet him in the end. I went to the Class of 92 premiere and uh, I’m just rubbish. I was trying to be cool, but you just can’t. I mean what do you say that is remotely impressive to David Beckham.”

He uses we a lot, not really I. It’s we did this, or we wanted that. That’s very interesting.

About Midnight Memories: “That we had a real, that we felt like we had a proper creative input on, not just a little bit, but we felt that we had a say over the whole thing.”

“it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make music.”

“We’re very lucky that we have great fans that I feel like if we messed up on stage I wouldn’t really feel that embarrassed because I feel like they’re so behind you anyway that it’s cool and they kind of put you at ease too which is a nice feeling which is why it almost encourages us to mess about and be a little off the cuff on stage because they made it easy for us in that way.”

“I just feel like a Donny lad that got lucky.”

“Maybe when were older and wiser we might be able to put some perspective on it, but….it’s cool.


“My own personality, individually….”

About playing characters/ acting: “When you’re in a band and you’re just portraying who you are as maybe as you know as a musical artist if you’re just trying to sing and be able the music then you’re just being yourself and I think behind that is, is probably the coolest thing to do, but at the same time it also adds pressure because that’s just you and that’s just who you are.”

Even to the sense that like when I was twelve or thirteen, I kind of still thought there’d be a chance I’d get super powers and be a superhero. So, I was definitely a dreamer. It took me a bit longer to grow out of that.” He shouldn’t have. I liked this version of Zayn better to be honest.

Reiterating: “Yeah, I was definitely a dreamer.”

The story we’ve heard 8,000 times about how Louis told him about the plane doing the loopdy loop the first time he was ever on a plane. Like you can just see Louis, stoic face, calm, just flat out lying to Zayn just to mess with him.

While on the X-Factor: “And we were in this little box room with bunk beds and a single bed.” Okay, so, who demanded the single bed?

Also the X-Factor: “And just seeing other people’s behavior, and you know how they would act and how they would do something or whatever and we were like maybe necessarily we don’t want to do it that way maybe we want to be a bit cooler about that you know we don’t want to wear our sunglasses inside and be weird.”

Liam mentioned some cattiness from the other contestants during his bit, I wonder how much of that they faced directly.

“Instead of being something else we were just interested in each other, and looking after each other, and being a band and being what we were about.”

About people recognizing them from the X-Factor: “one of the biggest shows…in the U.K. at that point.” Shady….or no?

“Somebody else…” “a different band” I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who didn’t name Big Time Rush directly.

About the blonde streak: “I forgot that I had the Olympics the next day?” Really???? Side eyes him suspiciously.

Good phrase: “You’ve made more of a noise.” I liked that.

“Sometimes I look to solo artists and feel a bit sorry for them.” Huh?


“I think I had a nice upbringing. My family was really nice to me.” Then he laughs because was that too sarcastic or not? Laugh, Harry, laugh so they know you were just joking.

“I grew up thinking everyone’s equal, everyone’s the same.”

When he looks at stuff from the X-Factor: “I look like I’m about twelve, and uh, I think it’s amazing to try to comprehend the fact that I was a kid.” – I read that way too heartbreakingly than I’m sure he meant it.

“Walking into a record label I always felt like I was walking onto a different planet.”

Describing the record studio: “There was like marble everywhere and it was all like shiney.”

About being excited about releasing the first album, the first songs after all the support the fans had given them before there was even an album. “It was time for us to give them something back.”

“I think we were just praying that people liked it because if they didn’t they’d be like uh, oh okay, maybe not I’ll go home.”

“The album had just gone number two,” mumbles…”thanks, Rhianna.” This kid is such a dork.

Then he talks about his hard on for sunshine, and all things being outside for at least five minutes.

Example: “Even if your car breaks down you’re just chilling in the sun for a bit. It’s actually not that bad.”

When they talk about coming back to the U.K. after that first major tour and getting chased by all those girls they all sound so excited, like of I got me hoodie ripped off and Liam lost a shoe and girls were banging on the walls and police had to escort us out, but It was totally great, would recommend 10 out of 10… except for Niall, I’m pretty sure the poor kid was traumatized…. That, or they are still in that I don’t want to offend anyone area.

Example: “We ended up going out in like a riot van which was probably a little over the top, but uh,…. It was fun.”

How he says, “Shopping mall.”

About all the promo and etc. “It was important for us to like justify why the album was number one.”

“Standing on the stage used to make me really nervous.” But look at you now….

About the second album: “I think you just want to people to hear it, and think it’s wicked.”

About putting out new material: “I think first of all you want people to not hate it then if people don’t’ hate it you want them to like it and if people like it you’re like uh,…..”

His thoughts on getting number one: “Then I was like sick, then it hit me.”

“My job, if you can call it a job.”

The trip to Ghana. He talks about it so well. “That it is different when you see it on TV than when you witness it in real life. The thing that triggers a different emotion is like all your senses are taken over by what’s going on, the smell, the smoke, the heat….”

“I think a big difference is made up of a bunch of little differences.”

“I think gossip is natural.” That would explain his sort of distance that he puts between him and any sort of news that goes out about him. It’s because he knows that its constantly in flux, and anything he says will only be magnified, and that it will make it stay around longer if he does. There just hasn’t been anything out that he really feels like he needs to comment on, but I think he would if he felt it was necessary.

“It’s important to remember that the job and the lifestyle aren’t normal.”

“It’s always going to be us the people who went through it.”


Gif is mine

Imagine relaxing with Callen after a long day 

Requested by Anon~

The light roar of the waves on the shore was slow and calming. It was easy to close your eyes and let your heart beat along with the rhythm it set. And with Callen’s slow breathing against your back, you could tell he was just as calm. A rarity for him, probably. He never let himself relax like this.

You smirked when his head fell forward, resting on your shoulder. “Can we end every day like this?” G’s voice was so low, you barely heard it over the waves. “Or is this just for the hard ones?”

With a smirk, you gave a light shrug. “I doubt we’ll have the time to drive out here every day. And we’ll probably get sick of it, after a while.”

Callen’s head shook lightly before he lifted it, so now his chin perched on your shoulder. “Nah, I’d never get tired of this. Especially if you come with me every time.”


NCT meeting your family

Request: “How would NCT react meeting your family for the first time?” & “NCT reaction to meeting your family?”

A/N: Yes, that’s right, two requests in one post baby. ;)


Taeil would be pretty nervous the whole time but he wouldn’t let his nerves stop him from answering your parents questions and having a good time. But that nervous smile of him would never leave.


This guy would be one of the most confident while being in front of your parents. Johnny would joke a lot but also show them his mature side by talking about serious things like his future plans by your side.


He’s the perfect person to introduce to your parents since Taeyong would be really polite and respectful the whole time. He would be nervous but after a few hours he would feel really comfortable, talking openly about your relationship and some stuff about him.


Other confident baby, but Yuta would probably show a more mature side of him, he would talk about his family and hometown a lot with a sincere smile in his face, winning your parents hearts.


Kun would be really smiley the whole time and just really slighly nervous. He would talk a lot about his family and about your relationship, showing them how honest he is.


Doyoung would be one of the most talkative one, but it would only be because of how nervous he is feeling. But he would be perfect as always, and your family would love him.


Tenwould probably be really talkative and would make a lot of jokes. He would take this as a chance to know you better and would ask lots of questions about you, surprising your parents by how dedicated he’s to your relationship.


Jaehyun would be really nervous at first, and won’t be able to talk properly. But because of the soft way you started to caress his hand he would relax a little. In the end he would feel confident and won’t be surprised when the day after you tell him that your parents loved him.


His shy and introverted personality would make things hard for him but Sicheng would act like a gentleman with you and your mom would be really polite with your family. In the end they would fall for his cuteness.


His heart would beat faster than never. Mark would talk about your relationship and about his past in Canada but he would prefer to listen to your parents stories about you and just smile at your cute reactions. Your parents could see how much he loves you by his loving gazes and would accept him without doubts.


Other angel who would prefer to listen over talking, but Renjun would made sure to laugh and comment a few things about you and create little conversations with them. Your family would find his shyness adorable and would invite him again just a few weeks later, this time he would feel more confident.


Jeno would be confident but would try to speak only when it’s necessary. He woudn’t make jokes or things like that because he thinks that his “terrible” sense of humour would ruin everything. Your parents would love how mature he is and, to be honest, they accepted him in the first moment he showed them that beautiful eye smile of his.


You could tell really easily that Donghyuck is really nervous for meeting them, but would try to hide it with jokes and cute smiles. He would be really polite with your parents and would listen to every word they say really carefully. Once he’s back home your parents would only talk about the amazing first impression he gave them.


Jaemin wouldn’t be too nervous about it, but he would still ask you if he’s doing everything alright everytime your parents leave both of you alone in the room. When you nod at him and kiss his hand he would blind you with one his precious smiles and would feel confident and relaxed for the rest of the day.


Chenle would be really excited and, just like Ten, he would ask a bunch of stuff about you and your childhood. And when your mom starts showing him your old pics he starts laughing out loud and forgeting about being quiet and polite. It’s okay, though, your parents LOVE him.


He’s other baby who would get REALLY nervous. Jisung doesn’t know exactly what he should do or what he shouldn’t so he would be constantly ask you for help with quick glazes when he doesn’t know how to aswer something. He’s just like an actual baby and your parents would find him adorable.

Didn’t Mean to Ruffle Your Feathers

A Ghoul Grumps AU fic ovo

In which Ross is so done with fucking goddamned Shamu

{this wonderful AU was created by the lovely @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight}

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Bill ; i believe, It was about a month after dipper and the girls were on the Mindscape, i got frustrated with this heart beat thing ( i believe that i am currently SICK and forever will be) and i found out the source of said heart beat phenomenon was from pine tree so, i did the mistake of throwing him overboard while a mist was covering the orbit we were going through. Resulting in me finding out that He apparently has this… Ends justify the means kind of morality. so let’s just say it was both a thrilling and frightening moment for me and the crew. It was like an angel of death came, killing my men off one by one, or at least it looked like he killed them.

long story short… I fell for both this dangerous side of his that was like a silent reaper and his merciful side that was like an angel that looked at us with blessings, especially when i found out that my men were apparently still alive

he was simply Perfect for a lunatic such as myself that i couldn’t just let him go

(dipper is holding his ‘scavenging knife’  usually used for slicing acarcanian animal meat and skin, he caries it EVERYWHERE for just in case emergencies and since dipper was a scavenger his nails were made for climbing so they can sharpen at will making them kind of a deadly weapons, simply put dipper used the smoke from the mist to his advantage and stealth paralyze the crew members with a bit of a jab to the ribs/limbs (depends) with space jellyfish neuro toxins ) 

( hope u liked it anon also thankiiieeesss!! im glad u like my art!!)

Joshua as Your Boyfriend (Seventeen au series)

Originally posted by jihanlife

Now on to this sweetie because he’s my bias and I love him lots! 

  • The members set you up first of all
  • You were sweet
  • He was sweet
  • Perfect match, right? 
  • Your first date consisted of lots of awkward silences and shy, blushy smiles.
  • But when he got back to the dorm gee whiz 
  • He would not shut up about you
  • When he decided to ask you out he thought it would be best to write a song
  • With Woozi’s help of course! It had to be perfect 
  • When he preformed it you were both shy, innocent messes. 
  • Mingyu didn’t help 
  • “Now kiss!” 
  • Josh always prepared a picnic for you both every Sunday 
  • He called it the “End of the week pick me up”
  • It’s also an excuse to see you 
  • He puts you on a pedestal 
  • You’re his number one. His princess, his angel, his sweetheart 
  • He always takes you shopping and offers to carry the bags 
  • Sometimes he’ll pick something out
  • “This would make you look so beautiful!” 
  • You always tried it on whether you liked it or not 
  • You just want to see him happy 
  • When you both got home he would hang up all your new clothes on coat hangers 
  • “Josh, I was going to do that.” 
  • “Beat you to it!” 
  • You always felt bad but he loved doing things for you 
  • The members all called you the “Disney couple” 
  • Because you’re both too perfect for each other 
  • A very sweet and lovely couple overall! 

Hope you enjoyed this, Beauties! 

Love and hugs,

Admin Amelia!


The Lore Library

Welcome to the sixteenth & seventeenth weeks of The Lore Library! Each week this post will be filled with my favorite fics of the week! I’m sorry that I didn’t post last week so I’m combining two weeks worth of fics in this post!

Check out all these incredible fics and these amazing authors and don’t forget to leave them some feedback!!


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Big Fat Redneck Wedding by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)
Summer Surprise by @chelsea072498 (Dean x Reader)
Kit Kat by @dancingalone21 (Jensen x Reader)
Is There a Problem, Officer? by @frenchybell (Sam x Reader)
How’d You Get in the Life? by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Sam x Reader)
Eat Your Heart Out, Buffy by @frenchybell (Dean x Reader)
Marked but Loved by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Dean x Reader)
Life As We Know It by @supernaturalyobsessed (Dean x Reader)
Her Mask by @chelsea072498 (Sam x Reader)
Lazy Sunday by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)
The Importance of Being Dean by @mrswhozeewhatsis (Dean x Reader)
Teasing Bullets by @curliesallovertheplace (Dean x Reader)
Follow Your Heart by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Dean x Reader)
Crack Under Pressure by @mysupernaturalfics (Jensen x Reader)
Shut Up and Dance With Me by @loveitsallineed (Castiel x Reader)
Chasing Fireflies by @chelsea072498 (Dean x Reader)
Little Pumkin’ by @daydreamingintheimpala (Dean x Reader)
Meet the Family by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (Misha x Reader)
Better Milage by @mrswhozeewhatsis (John x Reader)
Bring It, Bela by @whispersandwhiskerburn (No Pairing)
X’s and O’s by @daydreamingintheimpala (Dean x Reader)
I Know a Girl by @imagineteamfreewill (Sam x Reader)
Care For a Waffle, Agent? by @lipstickandwhiskey (Sam x Reader)
Just This by @blushingsamgirl (Sam x Reader)
San Diego by @keepgrindingwaywardsoul (Dean x Reader)
Worry Wart by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Dean x Reader)
Mr. Smith Will See You Now by @chelsea072498 (Dean x Reader)
Red Lips White Lies by @chelsea072498 (Dean x Reader)
Found by @percywinchester27 (Dean x Reader)
No Sick Days by @jpadjackles (Jared x Reader)
Overflow by @mrsjohnsmith (Jensen x Reader)
Unsteady by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)
Trick or Treat by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Jensen x Reader)
Check Your E-mail by @kas-not-cas (Dean x Reader)
Can’t Drown My Demons by @fandommaniacx (Dean x Reader)
Tell Her by @torn-and-frayed (Jensen x Reader)
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Chainsaw by @browneyesandbadjokes (Sam x  Reader)
Married Life by @kas-not-cas (Dean x Reader)
Suds ‘n Sighs by @lipstickandwhiskey (Sam x Reader)
Come Together by @supernaturalismalife (Jensen x Reader)
Quick Roadside Stop by @blushingsamgirl (Sam x Reader)
Snow Angels by @whispersandwhiskersburn (Castiel x Reader)
Special by @iwriteshortstuff (Dean x Reader)


If the series doesn’t have a master list I’ll only be linking the most recent part

365 Days of Jensen by @supernaturalismalife (Jensen x Reader)
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Just Like Heaven by @iwriteshortstuff & @daydreaminigintheimpala (Dean x Reader)
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Only One by @unefemmedelettres (Sam x Reader)
Sweet Agony by @frenchybell (Dean x Reader)
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The Blue Beach House by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Sam x Reader)
The New Princess by @curliesallovertheplace (Dean x Reader)
Without a Trace by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)
Fame by @imagineteamfreewill (Sam x Reader)
Hearts Still Beating by @elise-8t (Charlie x Reader)
What are the Odds? by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
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Gone by @chelsea072498 (Dean x Reader)
Puppy Love by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
End!verse Reversed by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Dean x Reader)
Daddy’s Little Lovebug by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)


I feel like original female characters don’t get nearly enough love. So this list will have a section just for them!

Angels Fall Without You There by @chelsea072498 (Dean x OFC)
Truths by @growningupgeek (Sam x OFC)
The Sara Sagas by @chelsea072498 (Dean x OFC)
The First and The Last by @chelsea072498 (Dean x OFC)
The Beginning at The End by @wheresthekillswitch (No Pairing)

Want to be on this list? Feel free to tag me in everything you write! (all likes will come from my personal blog, @ashleymalfoy)

Gods Of A Bad Religion (Shalaska)-Luci

An: I’m taking a Trixya break <3 Thank you to @apatheticskeleton for the x I’ve written all the parts to this, so I’ll post them every other day or something xx

summary: Alaska, the catholic daughter of a preacher gets dragged into a world of rebellion, corruption, and feminism with a girl who may or may not be the antichrist.

tw: slight violence, alcohol/drug abuse

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“So ... let’s talk about your father.” Dean, Denial and John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, or, Why Dean still hasn’t launched a grenade.

(CW 1: This post deals with the episode “Sam, Interrupted,” which has a fairly inconsistent approach towards mental illness and neurotypical divergence. I get a little squeamish with some of the representations and approaches towards “crazy” in the episode).

(CW 2: Talking about John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, so mild suppositions about the upbringing Dean had, with mentions of neglect).

This week’s task of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt was to tie together two randomly selected aspects of the show. When I got past tons of con pages and Supernatural books, I was left with two things I am happy to talk to you about:

The grenade launcher

Originally posted by smartiespn


Dr. Fuller (from 05x11, “Sam, Interrupted”)

Originally posted by sam-winchester-admiration-league

More specifically, Dr. Fuller and the grenade launcher are both devices by which we engage with Dean’s sharply-honed sense of emotional asceticism.

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Angel Beats {Sentence Starters}

  • “How is that peaceful?! You made a grown man cry on his knees! “
  • “Glad you’re okay. I kinda like you.”
  • “I might have said this before, but I want to be with you.”
  • “That’s right. Our weakness is that we’re utterly stupid.“
  • “I was looking for you. You’ve got great reflexes, right?
  • “I mean it was just too unfair! We never did anything wrong.”
  • “No matter what kind of past you had, don’t lose sight of yourself.”
  • “Humans don’t even have the patience to wait ten minutes for something!”
  • “I want to save someone, just as I was saved.”
  • “Nah, I think you have way better concentration than me.”
  • “Please, let me believe in everything you believed in.”
  • “We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we’re given, no matter how cruel and heartless it might be.“
  • “I don’t know why I’m alive. I have no reason to live. “
  • “How can we fight when you’re holding a broom?”
  • “When the time comes, I can protect you even at the cost of my life.”
  • “I only wanted to love you, to make you proud.”
  • “I put a propulsion engine under your seat just in case you messed up.”
  • “I’ll save someone else like this.“
  • “I just don’t get it. I should be stronger than you in every possible way!”
  • “Are you talking to me, scum?“
  • “No matter where I might have met you, I’m sure I’d come to love you.”
  • “Why not? You’re being a little too vague.”
  • “I was just trying to end things peacefully, that’s all. Got it?”
  • “So, you’re telling me we’re trapped in here?”
  • “Yeah, I know. I admit it. And I admit that I do feel kind of happy.”
  • “Me? I’ve always done whatever I wanted to.”

anonymous asked:

It's one thing to dislike a character, it's another to spew hatred and shame supporters about said character.

I’m very sorry I made you feel bad for defending an abusive bitch that murdered thousands of her victims from other timelines.

It was very insensitive of me to get angry at abuse apologists and people who try and make her look like an innocent misunderstood angel that did nothing wrong and never abused Tavros.

I am truly terrible for being fed up with people glorifying someone that sacrificed thousands of souls to oblivion just so she could have the glory of being the one to beat the big bad, just to give up in the end because her encouraging Aranea to be more like her rapist post-scratch iteration ended up biting her in the ass, rendering all those deaths meaningless. 

But oh, all those things are okay, because she’s just being herself, and it’s okay to be abusive, manipulative, greedy, murderous, cruel, ruthless, and shallow as long as you’re being true to yourself!

Can you ever forgive me, anon?

There’s 7 billion 46 million people on the planet
And most of us have the audacity to think we matter
Hey, you hear the one about the comedian who croaked?
Someone stabbed him in the heart, just a little poke
But he keeled over ‘cause he went into battle wearing chain mail made of jokes
Hey, you hear the one about the screenwriter who passed away?
He was giving elevator pitches and the elevator got stuck halfway
He ended up eating smushed sandwiches they pushed through a crack in the door
And repeating the same crappy screenplay idea about talking dogs ‘til his last day
Hey, you hear the one about the fisherman who passed?
He didn’t jump off that ledge
He just stepped out into the air and pulled the ground up towards him really fast
Like he was pitching a line and went fishing for concrete
The earth is a drum and he’s hitting it on beat
The reason there’s smog in Los Angeles is ‘cause if we could see the stars
If we could see the context of the universe in which we exist
And we could see how small each one of us is
Against the vastness of what we don’t know
No one would ever audition for a McDonalds commercial again
And then where would we be?
No frozen dinners and no TV
And is that a world we want to text in?
Either someone just microwaved popcorn
Or I hear the sound of a thousand people pulling their heads out of their asses in rapid succession
The people are hunched over in Boston
They’re starting app stores and screen printing companies in San Francisco
They’re grinning in Los Angeles like they’ve got fishhooks in the corners of their mouth
But don’t paint me like the good guy ‘cause every time I write
I get to choose the angle that you view me and select the nicest light
You wouldn’t respect me if you heard the typewriter chatter tap tap
Tapping through my mind at night
The same stupid tape loop of old sitcom dialogue
And tattered memories of a girl I got to grind on in high school
Filed carefully on rice paper
My heart is a colored pencil
But my brain is an eraser
I don’t want a real girl, I want to trace her from a catalogue
Truth be told I’m unlikely to hold you down
Cause my soul is a crowded subway train
And people keep deciding to get on the next one that rolls through town
I’m joining a false movement in San Francisco
I’m frowning and hunched over in Boston
I’m smiling in Los Angeles like I’ve got fishhooks in the corners of my mouth
And I’m celebrating on weekends
Because there are 7 billion 47 million people on the planet
And I have the audacity to think I matter
I know it’s a lie but I prefer it to the alternative
Because I’ve got a tourniquet tied at my elbow / I’ve got
A blunt wrap filled with compliments and I’m burnin it
You say to go to sleep but I been bouncing off my bedroom walls since I was hecka small
We’re every age at once and tucked inside ourselves like Russian nesting dolls
My mother is an 8 year old girl
My grandson is a 74 year old retiree whose kidneys just failed
And that’s the glue between me and you
That’s the screws and nails
We live in a house made of each other
And if that sounds strange that’s because it is
Someone please freeze time so I can run around turning everyone’s pockets inside out
And remember…
You didn’t see shit
—  Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 2 LYRICS