this is just i can't

if this season just ends up solely blaming sana for ,,,assuming things,,, which led to ,,,misunderstandings,,, so the perfect white girl is propped up to be always ,,,kind,,, and ,,,right,,, despite showing her true hypocritical colours for the entire season 2… i will be worse than unpalatable i assure you

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talk to me about dean teaching sammy about sex and things that feel really goood but maybe should be kept secret

it started off as innocent little things, ya know. or at least seemingly innocent things.

sam walked up to dean one day and tucked his head underneath dean’s arm and stayed there because dean felt like safety. he felt like home. and whenever sam would come home with homework, dean would always be the one to help him, to teach him. it’s how it’s always been.

so it only seemed natural for sam to come to dean one day, crawl up next to dean while he was lounging out on the bed watching some rerun of “the twilight zone” and sam asked him, in that sugar sweet voice of his, if dean would teach him how to kiss. of course, that first time dean said no because what else was he supposed to say? it wasn’t like he was going to agree to kiss his little brother, no matter how much he wanted to.

sam didn’t really understand why it was wrong or if he did, he didn’t show it. instead he just shrugged his shoulders and nestled into dean’s side and was content on watching whatever black and white film was currently playing. he said “it’s okay dean, we don’t have to do it now if you don’t want to. you can show me later.”

and dean knew, that no matter how wrong it was and that if he were to do this then he would be burning in hell, that one day he was going to show his brother.

it happened much sooner than he thought, actually. they had to go to the library because dean had to pick up this book for this research paper that he had to write that was worth 20% of his english grade (not like he cared but dad at least pretended to so he had to turn something in) and he dragged sam along with him (not that sam minded. the kid loved libraries). so dean let sam wander off to the kid book section while dean went to go look for some book that was remotely close to the topic that he was writing about.

when he found sam some thirty minutes later, he was chatting away with the very nice, very elderly librarian and before they left, she handed sam this cherry red lollipop that sam immediately started licking on.

dean watched, the entire walk back to the motel, the way that sam’s pick little tongue would snake out past those perfect, pink lips and lick at the sugary treat and the way that every now and then sam would moan around it like it was the best thing that he had ever tasted and all at once dean wanted to taste the lollipop on sam’s tongue.

they get back to the motel and sam is still sucking on the lollipop, making all these little happy sounds because they don’t normally get candy and dean is trying his best to ignore his little brother but he can’t.

suddenly he’s in front of sam and sam is staring at him with these wide, hazel doe eyes, still planting little kitten licks to the red candy.

you still wanna learn how to kiss, sammy?” dean asked, all breathy because quite frankly he was out of breath. he was propositioning his baby brother who was too young, too innocent, too naive for something like this, using his childhood nickname.

sam’s eyes only seemed to get wider when he processed what dean said, head bobbing up and down, mouth still wrapped around the lollipop and the first time that dean tasted his brother was with that sickly sweet taste of that cherry lollipop.

after that, sam came to dean to learn more stuff. and dean, having already seen the hellfire and walked past those gates with his head held high, taught sam everything he knew.

INTJ Honesty
  • Person: *shows me something* “What do you think?”
  • Me (INTJ): *Tells person the truth, including the good, the bad, and my suggestions.*
  • Person: “Jeez, stop being so harsh. If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!”
  • Me(INTJ): “You wanted to know what I thought!”

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Does Six of crows have anything lgbt in it? Like not in the background? I actually have the books but I need motivation to start them and I think I heard something about this before I got them but nothing after the latest one released?

Yes, for sure!! At least 3 of the 6 main protagonists are explicitly lgbt, and many minor characters are as well. There’s a queer romance that develops definitely not in the background, and the narrative is super chill about lgbt love, so not a lot of queer guilt or homophobia floating around either.

Honestly, I’m rereading the books rn with my friend and they are seriously just so. damn. good. I could not recommend them more. The world-building, the characters, and the plot are all rock solid, and so many of the plot twists caught me genuinely by surprise. The whole thing was fast-paced, clever, and full of super diverse characters. I seriously love Six of Crows, please read it immediately and feel free to hmu if you ever want to gush about it.

  • Matthew: come on, i didn't drink that much last night
  • Jason: you were flirting with Steph
  • Matthew: so what? she's my wife
  • Jason: you asked her if she was single
  • Stephanie: *yells from the next room* and cried when i said i wasn't!

here is my problem: i’m like 90% sure steve trevor is not gonna make it through the movie alive and i keep going back to the bvs sequence where diana is standing over grieving lois and is so obviously reminded her and steve and how alone she is in modern day


Jungkook is an international famous idol, based in South Korea.
Jimin is an up and coming famous dancer, who has a long list of bad break-up’s.
Jimin is offered to choreograph for Jungkook and people start to talk. (1/?)

*SAW and not SO* 

This is an idea from @phanadox who has been blessing all our Jikook souls.

I sometimes remember that I met robin and I just start laughing to myself???

the photo op went really quick and honestly I don’t remember most of it, but I’m still crying in my soul about getting his autograph. 

he already knew my name because of the little post it note so one of the first things he said to me was my name 😍 I was also clearly just speechless/blanking because I had no idea what to say to him (listen, he’s so beautiful and so nice I couldn’t think straight) so he asked me how I was which that led to a small conversation. during that he signed the photo I picked, which was of abernathy because blonde gives robin is life and he seemed happy that I chose that one.

after that I gave him the letter I wrote (I almost chickened out honestly) and because he was so nice about it and I was on a bit of a high at this point, I asked him if I could have a hug (which was something I’d been debating about asking) and he said “of course you can” and let me tell you that hug was one of the highlights of the weekend 😭💜

you guys, he’s so beautiful in every way. he’s a literal ray of sunshine and I feel like I’ve ascended honestly 💜💜💜


Bodoque and Tulio’s dynamic is one of the main things of the show and I wanted to look at it a bit in depth.

If you look at it from the outside you’ll find that Bodoque is the voice of reason and rescues Tulio when he’s in trouble, while Tulio is the one that gets Bodoque out of addictions, depressions, and money trouble (these are big parts of Bodoque’s character and the things he needs most help with, same with Tulio). They harm each other as well though, for example Tulio with stealing Bodoque’s job he so wanted, or almost killing him with his stupidity, and Bodoque hitting Tulio whenever he loses his temper.

Bodoque learns how to be “the voice of reason” through the green reports and Tulio learns how he can help Bodoque through Patana (a dynamic very clear in the episode “depressed bodoque”)

When one is missing, they react differently. Bodoque instantly thinks his problems are gone and he now has the job he so wants, and proceeds to steal it away from Tulio. He then fails because of the very issues Tulio was there to help him with. (because of his horse-race addiction or that other time he couldn’t do the moderator job because he was too depressed) Bodoque can’t really express worry or gratitude towards him. (or at least he does so very rarely)

Tulio on the other hand just talks all the time about how much he misses Bodoque and mentions how much he needs him whenever he’s in trouble. (example: almost half of the film)

In Tulio’s dream we find out that he fears some things tied with Bodoque: for Bodoque to expose his secrets, Bodoque being able to live perfectly fine without him, or Bodoque to leave and never forgive him. This drives him to be friends with him no matter how much money Bodoque asks of him.