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i know i posted yesterday, but i rearranged my room so i just had to post pics :) also… barber’s violin concerto anyone?

Happy Birthday to our Cherry Boy!! He deserves a really big hug!
(I’m late)

(Yoichi is standing on his tiptoes. Also Kimizuki is a part of the squad hug too.)

to think this time last year we had: 

  • the most beautiful, seminal robron episode to date that kicked off an unforgettable week of emmerdale
  • an opening bath and bedroom scene
  • aaron dingle’s biceps
  • flirting and teasing
  • robert sugden’s heart eyes as he admires the man he loves
  • more confirmation that their sex life was is highly active and transcendental
  • robert planning a proposal to the man he loves 
  • him wanting it to be in the barn they shared their affair memories with for sentimental reasons 
  • it actually ending up being mid argument at the roadside with a kidnapped lunatic teenager in the boot in the car they’d fly into a lake and nearly drown in
  • the entire situation obviously turning out to be a disaster but in the most domesticated running theme of an aaron and robert way
  • plenty of funny and historic and gasping and emotional and teary and picturesque and HD sensationally stunning moments 
  • so much softness and epic romance
  • the literal best content straight out of fanfic
  • a very happy fandom running wild for all the right reasons
  • danny and ryan falling in love underwater in a london studio whilst trapped in a car 

fast forward a year and we have:

  • aaron and robert being the worst kind of exes with profound feelings 
  • aaron and robert being married but not actually together
  • because robert knocked up the estranged sister of home farm whilst aaron was getting abused and taking drugs in prison
  • and now he’s irrationally unhinged and desperate for dominance without his moral compass by his side 
  • attached to a family most of the viewers despise
  • where one of those members is lawrence white the man who has always had the hots for robert and who is being played to that advantage
  • now thinking he is romantically latched on to him because robert is an absolute fool who likes to make life difficult and will stretch to great extremity by making him believe they’re an item to scheme his way into power
  • that hat trick well and truly being completed
  • whilst aaron disappears off on holiday healing and coping as well as he can
  • a lot of shudders and cringing and HOW DO I UNSEE SOMETHING AND I CAN’T WATCH and let me just lay here to die
  • an expectation of thinking it can’t get any worse or we can’t be anymore shocked only to have emmerdale accept the challenge
  • sheer frustration 
  • actual torture
  • stress, stress, and more stress
  • plenty of pain and suffering and  non-happy tears
  • many breakdowns
  • from us and the boys
  • theories and humour left, right, and centre to help us cope with the hardship
  • an uptight, partially destroyed fandom who are v emotionally scarred and v fragile and clinging on for dear life
  • a promised robron reunion and sappy christmas central ep where robert jacob sugden most likely comes crashing down 
  • but still not being entirely sure how on earth we’ll reach this point
  • knowing well and truly the love between these soulmates is still tangible in abundance 
  • danny and ryan also being even more in love which is probably the only positive






anonymous asked:

What are your favourite moments in Sh?

Oh wow, that is a really hard question in general but also… I mostly remember all the Malec scenes since I mostly re-watched them for giffing purposes. I need to re-watch s1 and s2 again at one point. So yeah, sorry for so much Malec. Okay, I am not sorry but you know… lol

I am trying to keep this “short” even though there are a lot of other scenes I like and love but if I am naming them all, this would have no end so….

  • first the eye-squinting and then the proud smirk when Magnus calls Alec “pretty boy”
  • the shoot of Alec “hunting” in the backyard in 1x05 because fuck, that is so aesthetically pleasing although awful to color, I love it so much
  • the Lightwood siblings hug at the end of 1x10 because a) Lightwood siblings feels and b) beautiful shoot again
  • “I do you pro bono.” ICONIC I really missed these kinda light, sassy moments in s2, I hope they’ll make a return in s3. (Also Magnus mimicking that older Clave guy. ICONIC #2)
  • “Enough!” and the wedding kiss. Goodbye, y’all.
  • Magnus and Alec talking in the hallway in the end, two adults having a mature conversation is what I live for; same goes for 2x05
  • “Get off my docks!” + “It’s not about Clary!” –> badass alpha Luke is what I am here for
  • a disaster to color but the whole balcony scene in 2x01 (Magnus throwing a magic ball in Alec’s directions… ajsjashjahs)
  • the parabatai oath (when I thought they would finally go and fix that bond from there on….)
  • Magnus hustling Alec…. PRICELESS (Magnus pouted once and Alec is like… oh, shit. lmao)
  • bamf!Magnus (I am on the floor!) and figuring shit out in like 0.02 seconds while single-handedly saving 2x08
  • Malec forehead touch after saying the L-word 
  • 2x13 in general because that ep is SO GOOD (minus the panning away from the Malec kiss tho…..)
  • Mr Lightwood / Mr Bane and Raphael teasing Magnus once again at the Cabinet meeting because he is “totally unbiased” lmao
  • Meliorn’s “They all look the same to me.” akjssakj ICONIC
  • Magnus telling Alec about his past, minus the panning away or like oops, there is the pillar again 
  • two petty boyfriends in 2x17, there faces and Alec hushing Magnus… I can’t lmao
  • 2x18!!!! (flashback to 1x06, giggly boyfriends having their first time, cat eyes reveal, Magnus touching Alec’s cheek, the whole goodbye for now scene in general because fuck… SO BEAUTIFUL)
  • Magnus pretending he didn’t see Alec in 2x20, looool
  • battle!couple Malec, nuff said
  • “I don’t think I can live without you.” <3


i can’t believe pidge and matt mixed up tesla and edison!! if they’re True Science Nerds they would no the difference! unless it was, of course, a creative decision on voltron’s part to give tesla the credit for edison’s invention when usually tesla, a slavic immigrant, is given little to no credit for his vast contri-

also me:


Fringe rewatch:  Walter & Astrid in every episode - Pilot

Is anyone else thinking back to the promo for JHO and remembering how Louis made it a point to talk about his fans being eagle-eyed and always figuring out the pieces of the puzzle?  Because I am and I think it was his subtle way of telling us not to stop.  To keep paying attention to what he was throwing down.  Because he still had a lot more to say.

So…. Swordy and HEMA folks…

Last year Lynette and Cernac convinced me that HEMA tournament judging had changed sufficiently in the last 20 years that I wanted to come back and give one a go. And I was saying on here just at the weekend that I was getting more inspired to that, for various reasons. Among other things, the four-person scoring judges sounds like a good system, it’s just about going and having some fights without all the other stuff that goes along with an organisation like the SCA’s game, and also because I find myself having to hold back in SCA heavy rapier fencing from so much stuff that the ruleset doesn’t include. And, of course, it’s another good fuck-you to the reaper.

So, then yesterday Lynette was mentioning that Astolat is in July… And that’s an Open tournament, in forms I know, and there’s nearly nine months to sort out new gear… So I may have said I’ll enter that.

So, what I find myself wondering is: Given that I have diabetes, dmo, a weird blood condition thing, a spot of liver damage, been stitched back together with nine pints transfused a couple of years ago, inconsistency is my superpower, will be in my 50th year, and, most importantly, haven’t fought competition for 20 years…. Will I be a) inspiring that us old gits can come back in with a fuck-you to the reaper, or b) a total laughing stock.

I mean, it’s not like I’d epect to win anything, cos I’m not daft, and that is a long time to be out, even doing other related things. (Not being last will suffice) But I reckon…  I know it’d suit me fine. Always used to. It might be good for a charity fundraiser (fuck this 10k run stuff, though if I guess if I was an actor I’d get a TV series out of it!). And I keep coming back to the “It’d, like entering Crown or Coronet, be the best possible fuck-you to the reaper. Which is an oddly important thing to me after 2015.

So, Godalming, July next year, Astolat, I reckon I’m up for that.