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Just wanted to share this story before bed

Woman and her son and daughter come in wanting to buy a betta. The son has a 5g set up with a filter. I’m thinking, great! Look at this kid go!! And so I ask them if it’s heated as well and the mom goes no and so I explain they’re tropical and need warm water and why a heater is a must. Instantly the mom starts bitching about how she doesn’t want to spend money!!! So she asks if the fish will die if it doesn’t have a heater. I said not immediately but it’s life won’t be as long and it will be sluggish and slow. The kids instantly go “ok we need a heater then”. Mom’s not having it. She asks if we just have some goldfish and I say no the only live animal we have are bettas, and even then, goldfish need more than 5g etc etc

She finally agrees to buy a heater so I go grab the one model we have. Now the kids are picking out a betta. As I’m about to go ring them up, she goes ok now let’s pick two more and I go hold your horses ma'am you cannot cohab them they will slaughter each other.

She explodes at her son!! Yelling at him how he hasn’t done his research and how she wants at least four fish in the 5g. I explain why they can’t be together and how there really is no other fish that can thrive in a 5g. The kids both go “ok we are fine with one fish we will pick one out together” but this mom is not!!! Having it!!! She puts the fish back and says they’ll just go to Petco to go get some other fish. I know instantly that the dorkuses (no offense fellow Petco employees) there will tell her it’s fine to put a goldfish and ten guppies in there or some shit so I instantly tell her that my LFS is much better with prettier fish, hoping the good people there will help her….

Some people I swear to God…


takashi! thats not how you pick up your boyfriend to go to lunch!

the sheith high school au we all need and deserve ♥

they’re that super gross couple thats all lovey dovey, and all of their classmates just dont understand how these two manage to be so shoujo lol

Listen up ladies

I find that a lot of us (collectively, our generation and the ones following) tend to neglect our manners. How we act (to others, in high society, in casual settings, over text, etc) is such an important factor, not just in sugaring, but in our lives in general. Please, ladies (because that is what we are, we are ladies first and foremost), keep yourself in check. If you’re dealing with a salty SD, be the bigger person, do not start unnecessary battles, even if he is a jerk. Remember, channel your elegance and manners into everything you do, think before you act on a thought. Here are the four main things I’ve noticed that really, we shouldn’t do:

  • Ignore an SD (salt, splenda, or sugar)
    • Rule of thumb, if he’s not for you, send him a quick text or call him, to thank him (for his money, time, etc) and say goodbye. Simple as that.
  • Start battling it out
    • There is no need to ruin an hour or two of your time, arguing with someone who you will just end up blocking. Be the bigger person, know when to stop.
  • Talk badly about past SD’s/POT’s you’ve met, to a current SD/POT
    • All that displays is your willingness to turn someone’s actions (and perhaps kindness) into a rude retelling.
  • Not show up to a set meeting
    • This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes an SB can make, this sets root to the idea in an SD’s head that most SB’s are unreliable and flaky. Some sugar’s turn salt due to faults in their previous experiences, eliminate these faults and we’ll have less salts. (theoretically, don’t quote me on this, some men are just plain salty right off the bat!) All you have to do if you can’t show is a tend a text letting him know, simple as that.

therapeople: *take away disabled people’s control over their lives to the point where any tiny thing and any tiny amount of power the disabled person has is a Big Deal*

therapeople: *demonstrate that they can, without even thinking much about it, wield their absolute power to control anything in a person’s life, no matter how trivial and petty, no matter how important to the person and unimportant to the theraperson*

therapeople: he just threw a tantrum about goldfish crackers!!! goldfish crackers. wtf. ridiculous. he has control issues… we must fix them by teaching him we will NOT let him control things… 

do you realize that if we all were just a group of self inserts we’d just be a group of people hanging around and we’d just be rping how we’d be around each other irl and scenarios we’d possible do with one another but since we live so far from each other we’d just be vicariously virtually doing so through the medium of internet to fulfil some sort of longing of human connection and interaction we’d rather play out through here then irl

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For the creatures of the night what are thier jobs or occupations? Just wondering how they afford going to fancy pricey places lol you have a background story on thier personal lives ?

Great question, we may revisit their occupations in future content but very strangely in this post from 2014 the guys all had generic office jobs at the same place, even though we know that Dodger is immensely wealthy and lives in a mansion and owns a yacht. This makes no sense and I find it very endearing that we did not think it through.

Punish [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Thank goooood someone is writing oneshots about Rick they’re so hard to find. Can I request one please? Or do you take requests at all? If so I’d like to request one where Rick is the readers DaddyDom and reader is his little girl. DDLG with so much dirty talk. If you don’t take requests I’m sorry lol

Hope you all enjoy! ❤️

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Warnings: Daddy Kink, DDLG relationship, SMUT, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Rough Sex, Punishment, Oral Sex (male receiving), Unprotected Sex, orgasm denial, slight d/s

Words: 1,505


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BuckyNat Prompt: After Hydra/the RedRoom discovers their affair, their handlers seek to permanently erase their memories and separate them for good but they escape and live happily ever after in St. Tropez.

I am so sorry, anon. I am sure you were hoping for something less… crack-like and terrible, but I just couldn’t help myself.

(So sorry, but also so not sorry).


Winter Soldier: Babe.

Natasha: Yeah, babe?

Winter Soldier: I think we’ve been exposed.

Natasha: How do you know?

Winter Soldier: I just got chewed out by a load of old Russian dudes for sleeping with you.

Natasha: They actually said that?

Winter Soldier: Pretty much.

Natasha: Shit.

Winter Soldier: What are we going to do, babe? They were threatening to turn me into a popsicle.

Natasha: A what?

Winter Soldier: You don’t have those in Russia?


Winter Soldier: It’s so cold here, you must have something similar. It’s basically a frozen, sweet dr-

Natasha: Ok, you know what, we’re getting really off topic and we’re kind of low on time here.

Winter Soldier: Actually, the popsicle gave me an idea.

Natasha: Oh yeah, babe? What’s the plan?

Winter Soldier: We’re literally the best agents they’ve ever had. We’re all hopped up on super-soldier serum and we’ve been trained to be the best fighters the world has ever seen.

Natasha: I’m with you so far.

Winter Soldier: Let’s just kick their asses, take a load of their money and some of the fake passports they made for us and go retire in Saint Tropez.

Natasha: I don’t get where the popsicles come in.

Winter Soldier: We can eat them on our yacht because it’ll be really hot there.

Natasha: Awesome! Let’s do it.

Winter Soldier: Great!

Natasha: Wait! I just thought of something. What about your arm?

Winter Soldier: What about it?

Natasha: It’s going to need maintenance.

Winter Soldier: Let’s kidnap a technician.

Natasha: That’s kind of perpetuating the whole cycle of violence, isn’t it? Doing what they essentially did to us. It’s kind of unfair.

Winter Soldier: Good point. Ok then, how about first we just kick everyone’s asses, then we go visit the technicians in the basement and offer to take one or two of them with us to chill in Saint Tropez?

Natasha: Solid strategy, babe.

Winter Soldier: You’re amazing. I love you, babe.

Natasha: I love you, too. Now let’s go beat up some power-hungry old dudes.


Natasha: Be a dear and pass me the sun cream, Ivan the Technician Guy.


Natasha: Oh, would you? Thank you, Ivan! 

Ivan the Technician Guy: No problem, it’s the least I could do for you, since you guys saved me from working out of a dank, miserable basement in Siberia for the rest of my life. Thanks again for this great new opportunity in San Tropez.

Natasha: Happy to help. Now… where’s that Mai Tai?

Ivan the Technician Guy: Coming right up!

Winter Soldier: Hey babe?

Natasha: Yeah, babe?

Winter Soldier: I think I’m going to change my name.

Natasha: What to?

Winter Soldier: Ok, ready for this? ‘The SUMMER Soldier’.

Natasha: Nice.



I’m so mad at the way Davina was basically just collateral damage?????? Davina Claire deserved better!!!!! She was a CHILD!

Also can we talk abt how the only times Klaus is “punished” are the times that he actually doesn’t do anything???


The Thrill of the Chase

Guys, guys!!! I am outside! Can you believe it?

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London! Oh, my beautiful London. I’d almost forgotten how much I love the crisp air and hotchpotch of smells at every corner. The buses and honking taxis whizzing by, the mumbling of countless voices and so many different faces of people going their merry ways. I can’t tell you how I’ve missed this.

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Sherlock and John came back home to add some yellow symbol they found at the library to the collection of evidence and clues on the mirror. And when they left I just sort of…followed? I guess my tooth is still in John’s jacket. Otherwise I might have a post-mortem heart attack at the endless possibilities of where I could go now.

We are currently on our way to consult an expert, as Sherlock put it much to John’s delight.

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Seriously though, John. You are living together with a man, who didn’t know the earth revolves around the sun. How can him not knowing everything still come as a surprise to you? I guess he just enjoyed hearing Sherlock admit to needing help. God knows, it’s not one of his strengths.

And that’s where Raz comes into play. A couple of years ago he witnessed a murder while tagging a building down by the docks. Sherlock was able to help out and ever since then he’s been a reliable help. John doesn’t seem too impressed by the young chap, but Raz has always been an acquired taste. Much like Sherlock himself, now that I think about it.

They’ve just come to an agreement, when there is a shout from the corner.

Police: Oi!

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They startle and turn. Sherlock, who has been facing towards the police man reacts first. He rips his phone from Raz’s hand and starts sprinting. Raz is not far behind, but John just keeps standing there, spray bottle still in his hand. I’d have thought an army veteran to be quicker to react, but John is clearly not used to listening to his flight instinct.

Before the officer has time to reach him, a hand grabs John’s collar and spins him around.

S: What are you doing? Come on!

Sherlock shouts and starts to drag him away. It doesn’t take John longer than a blink to catch on, drop the spray can and sprint after him.

They swerve around the first corner they can find and give it their all. Feet pounding against the pavement, they dash around a few bins and into another alley. Sherlock is slightly ahead, his coat billowing behind him like a dark cloud, curls bouncing in the wind. The footsteps chasing after them have long since faded away, but they zig-zag through a few more alleyways anyway.

By the time they come to a halt, both of them are wheezing from exertion and laughter. They’ve wound up in the ratty old backyard of what smells like a cheap Chinese restaurant, eyes sparkling with euphoria from the adrenaline of the chase. John is leaning against the brick wall and can barely stand upright. His entire frame is vibrating, shoulders shaking with his giggles.

J: That… was… ridiculous.

He wheezes out, head lolling against the wall to look at Sherlock, who is in a similar state next to him.

J: That was… the most… ridiculous thing… I have ever done.

Sherlock snorts and glances over with mischief in his eyes.

S: And you invaded Afghanistan.

Another burst of hysteric giggles shakes through them, as they try to catch their breath.

J: I can’t believe, that barely two months ago I was walking around with a cane.

S: I wouldn’t call it walking, exactly. It was more of a cluttering hobble, wouldn’t you say?

J: Oh, shut up, you.

John cackles and knocks his shoulder against Sherlock, who is still giggling like a five-year-old himself. It takes them a few minutes to regain the minimum of composure, that is required for talking, let alone walking. So they just stay where they are, shoulders touching with their backs against the cold wall.

J: Jeeze.

John finally mutters. He grabs his side with a pained grimace and bends over to rest part of his weight on his upper thighs.

J: We don’t happen to have a tank of pure oxygen lying around the flat, do we? I think I could really use a pull of that right about now.

S: Oh, you don’t want to do that. It might help with the breathing, but the laughing only gets worse. Believe me, I’ve tried.

J: Of course you have.

When he straightens back up, Sherlock is regarding him with a funny, yet thoughtful expression.

S: Thank you.

John sobers at his tone of voice, brow scrunching up in confusion. The air between them is still alight with the thrill of their little adventure, but it’s calmer now. More subdued.

J: For what?

Sherlock swallows and averts his gaze. John stays quiet as he shifts slightly forward to not lose sight of his face and waits.

S: For staying.

He raises his head and meets John’s searching gaze with a timid smile.

S: Just… thank you.

Now it’s John’s turn to gulp. Even though the words might seem small, they carry a lot of meaning.

Thank you for not running away screaming the first day we met. Thank you for never calling me a freak. Thank you for having my back. Thank you for staying, even when I push you away.

John presses his lips together and grabs Sherlock’s shoulder to give it a tight squeeze.

J: Yeah. Anytime.

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Hi, Donnie. Anything going on with you & your brothers? I'm just checking on you guys. Is there anything that I can do to help you guys?

The weekly check in. Well, what can I tell you?

We are all adjusting to living totally by ourselves and the fact that we are ..for all purposes….adults. We have not changed Sensei’s room and I am not sure we ever will. We have to kind of learn how to live on our own without parental guidance and that takes a lot more t han you think.

I didn’t realize how much Sensei did for us behind the scenes until I ran out of soap for my shower. Luckily, April and Casey are there to help us with our “Run to the store and get soap” needs.

We also have to grow and study on our own.I can’t help but think that our teachings have now been cut short and there’s so much I had left to learn from Sensei. I feel now like I will always be behind because I don’t have that wise elder master to teach me any longer. 

Casey and Raph have been patrolling. Raph and Casey really want to do the vigilante thing. They think they need to clean the streets so they are out every night beating thugs. 

Leo and Mikey are chilling. Mikey found Space Heroes the Next Generation so now we have to watch all of that. It went on for years so that is a lot of binge watching. On another note, I now know how to splice VHS tapes. It’s honestly not that hard.

April and I have been hanging out more too. She’s really been my rock in all of this. She’s listened to me, she comes down every day, she’s really been a great friend. 

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22) Johnlock. Break me.

things you said after it was over

“Is… is… are you-”

“Sherlock. It’s okay.”

“It’s… is it?”

“Sherlock, look at me.”


“Steady breaths. Good. You okay?”

“You- you could have died.”

“Haven’t. Didn’t.”

“How- how can you just-John-”

“Because, we’ve made it. Sherlock, can’t y- don’t you… we’re here and we’re living and it’s going to be fine. Really. More than fine.”



“You’re here.”


“I’m here.”


“Oh my-”


“For God’s sake, stop just standing there and kiss me.

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3; 22

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9

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Omg, Kylo is not Gaston. Have these people ever watched Beauty and The Beast? The Beast was very much ugly on the inside, but Belle changed him. I'm glad in the live action they actually showed in the beginning just how much a spoiled and entitled person the prince was. As a kid, the prince was corrupted by his father (that totally parallels how Snoke corrupts little Ben) and that's what made him that way. Kylo and the Beast are so much alike.

Yes, definitely. I think some people just fail to see the parallel because Beauty and the Beast is a self-contained and complete story, while The Force Awakens is only one piece in a much larger jigsaw. Since we have only seen the beastly aspects of Kylo’s nature so far (like the handsome prince in the prologue), it’s difficult for some people to understand how/why he could become good again. 


Here’s the song that plays at the end of 4x07 during Octavia and Bellamy’s scenes.. The lyrics gave me chills

Daylight come
Daylight go
How far will it reach
Ain’t nobody know
And when the dawn breaks
The cradle will fall
And down come baby
Cradle and all
Now I know you need the dark
Just as much as the sun
But you’re signing on forever
When you ink it in blood


I used my state of the art
Supposed to make for better living
Are we better human beings
We’ve got our wires all crossed
Our tubes are all tied
And I’m straining to remember
Just what it means to be alive
A life worth living
Now you can feel it in your chest
Building like little bullets
Just building up the nest
And you build it up strong
And you fill it up with love
And you pray for good rain
All from the lord above


I used my state of the art
Now don’t you forget it
It ain’t using me
Cause when the power goes out
I got over me
Cause the powers going out
I mean the powers going out
I mean it the powers going out
I really mean it the powers going out

This episode of Arrow got me thinking a lot today.

I look at him, I look at the flashbacks about his past and how he became the Hood in Season 1. There is A LOT of darkness. He was a cold blooded killer. KILLER. He took people’s lives, he went through hell LITERALLY to survive, and he had just a character development. He was the first hero from the Arrowverse we love and know now. HE started all of this. Is thanks to Arrow’s success that we have everything else. He was not a hero at first, but he became one.

In Legends of Tomorrow we have Sara Lance. She was also a cold blooded killer. She was a member of the League of Assassins, she also took many lives. She also had character development.

Now I look at Supergirl fandom on official fb pages and Twitter. People act like Mon El is a monster, he must be stopped at any costs, he is so bad for Kara. 

People u do realize that Mon El’s past is based on being born in the wrong planet, in the wrong family? He did a lot of things he is ashamed of, and he recognizes it, he wants to be a better person and it is trying. He will become a hero and those haters says he can’t because of who he was. So basically, they are DENYING all character development that ANY OTHER CHARACTER from Arrowverse had. Sara can’t be a hero as well? Oliver can’t as well? They were killers. Mon El objetified woman, the other two TOOK PEOPLE LIVES. So no one can have a dark past and grow, develop and become a hero? Why the hell we watch those shows then? Man, even Mick from Legends of Tomorrow, he was a CRIMINAL, he did many bad things, HE BURNED HIS FAMILY ALIVE, HIS PARENTS. He had huge character development, he is part of team Legends now and in his own way, he’s helping them (we know he will save the day next episode btw, I don’t think he betrayed anyone)

If u think that way, that people that have a bad past can’t be better, become a hero, if only perfect people that never makes mistakes are good people for u, please stick with Supergirl only, don’t ruin others shows for people who actually understands a thing or two about DEVELOPMENT. 

btw I’m still hurting after this episode of Arrow…my poor baby is broken </3

btw 2: I love Oliver and Sara, I understand what they have been through and I NEVER judged them. They are strong, they are badass and all I want is to protect them and for them to be happy. I learned to love Mick as well. He deserves love for who he became. I believe in second chances.

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to the anon who said four crackers isn't a binge: i understand where they are coming from too, but i guess we all just have to understand that people's different eating disorders make them view amounts of food radically differently. it doesn't matter how much, who considered a binge. the point is that for all of us, food controls our lives in horrible ways. and i think instead of judging one another we should just have some solidarity and understanding.

^ my thoughts exactly, well said, anon. Let’s accept that we’re all different and move on from this, I’m sure the anon with BED didn’t mean any harm :)

  • Tumblr College Freshman: Dude. Money sucks we should just get everything free. Man is the only animal that pays to live on the Earth!
  • Me: You are aware that other animals spend their days scrambling to get enough to eat while avoiding predators right?
  • Tumblr College Freshman: We don't need money man.
  • Me: How would we pay for goods and services?
  • Tumblr College Freshman: By trading stuff!
  • Me: What if you are a bowmaker and I am a shoemaker and I need a bow but you don't need shoes?
  • Tumblr College Freshman: Easy man. You just write down what you have on paper and I could trade it to the next guy.
  • Me: You mean like ... uh ... I dunno ... money?

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What's wrong with the all lives matter thing? I thought it was a good thing 😨

think of it like this, girlie

you’re at a charity marathon that is raising money for breast cancer patients. everyone is wearing pink so they can support the cause. it’s pink balloons everywhere, pink packaged snacks n drinks etc. but then some random ass person comes in with a blue shirt on screaming “WHAT ABOUT THROAT CANCER?!!? THATS IMPORTANT TOO?!?” uhhh?????? no. the theme is breast cancer. that’s what we’re focusing on bc it’s been the most deadliest cancer as of lately and we’re just trying to raise money to help these patients suffering from it. then the person goes “OH?? BUT STILL. #THROATCANCER MATTERS. BYE. IF U DONT RAISE MONEY FOR ALL CANCERS URE WACK”

how replace “breast cancer” w black lives/muslim lives and “throat cancer” w white lives.

see how kinda fucked up it is?? like black lives, muslim lives are the problems the world is trying to focus on and fix because they are important people who has been hurt so many times throughout history n as of lately. no disrespect to “throat cancer” but sorry y'all not di main focus. this isn’t a throat cancer event. “breast cancer” is more important rn bc people suffering from it needs the most help.

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I bet you having diabetes isn't even that bad

I know who you are as I just mentioned my diabetes in a group chat and for you to message me on here literally 2 minutes after I talked about it is stupid bc I’m gonna know who it was.

So, I’d appreciate it if you don’t ever talk to me again. You have no idea what living with diabetes is like. You have no idea how hard it is and how much stress we go through to make sure we’re managing it properly and for you to sit there and tell me that “it can’t be that bad” makes me seethe. It makes me so mad. So, before you go and tell anyone else that their illness “can’t be that bad”.. educate yourself and then don’t actually say anything at all because we don’t want to hear it.



Here’s a bullet-point list explaining why it is important to include real, substantive, and positive, LGBTQ storylines in your movies, tv shows, etc. 

First and foremost; positive representation can change/save lives!

- Think of all the people who you can help by offering positive representation to a marginalized community. Your stories would be far more accurate of the world’s population, which includes a large number of people who identify as somewhere on the queer spectrum. There are so many great stories of people who’s lives have changed, all because they saw a little bit of themselves on their tv screen. They found someone they can identify with and relate to, someone who makes them feel less alone. Just imagine how many more people won’t commit suicide, who won’t be afraid to live a lie anymore. YOU can change that, YOU can help.

 LGBTQ people WILL go see your movie!

-And most likely we will see it two, three, four+ times in theaters because we are so starved for representation. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the LGBTQ fanbase is probably the most loyal set of fans you could ever get. Ask any of the actors in popular shows like Rizzoli and Isles, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, and many many others that LGBTQ people support based solely off imagined/implied non-canon relationships! We latch on to projects that even so much as hint at a gay relationship and suffere through endless hours of heterocanon just to feel a part of something. Imagine what we would do if you portrayed a homosexual relationship as the main story!!

That loyal fanbase will promote the hell out of your project.

-FREE PROMOTION! What’s not to love about that?! Have you heard of Tumblr? Social media? We will signal boost info about your movie to anyone and everyone, begging them to go see your movie. We will vote for your movie (and related characters) in every online poll, share all the links, and beg allies to join in. We will make fanvideos, fanart, and all sorts of stuff to help promote your movie. Why waste money on expensive ad campaigns, when we are more than willing to help in anyway we can.

We will buy your DVDs and other movie related merchandise.

-We want you to do well, consider it a thank you for telling our story, but most importantly, if you do well that opens the gate for other LGBTQ projects to be greenlit. We will throw as much of our money as we can at your project and related merchandise to boost your sales. I have bought movies and their soundtracks before I even seen or heard it, SOLELY because I knew they included a gay character. Trust me there are plenty more people out there who will do the same.

Someone has to be the pioneer, YOU can make history!

-Like mentioned above, we want you to succeed so other queer stories get to be told, but in order for that to happen, someone must pave the way. Society is moving in the right direction of inclusion, even if it’s slowly. One day diverse casts and genres will be the norm, and you can help launch us there. Imagine how you will be remembered in history, about how you were the first major studio to have real LGBTQ representation that wasn’t just the “token gay character.” One day people will tell your story, imagine the documentaries and biopics made about the studio and the people behind the scenes who fought for that story to be told.