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He’ll be famous – a legend – I wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter Day in future – there will be books written about Harry – every child in our world will know his name!
—  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Chapter One, The Boy Who Lived

I mean, we haven’t seen Taylor much this year, she’s been pretty much out of the spotlight. But is it me, or the rare few times we have seen her, does she seem just…so relaxed, comfortable and happy as can be? Because that’s how she seems to me and I am all for it. It just looks like she doesn’t have the weight of the world on her shoulders and she is just truly enjoying and living life. I am all for this and I can only hope it continues for her because she deserves it
Attention all those with a television and mobile device

Still Star Crossed is set to be cancelled after this season and though it looks hopeless, I’m still searching for a way to save it. The end of this article mentions how we could potentially save this show and I need everyone’s help. Not just fans of the show, but everyone. Those with a television, if you have scheduling capabilities on your tv, pls schedule it to tune into Still Star Crossed this Saturday for the next ep. If you have a cellphone, download the app amd stream live Saturday or watch the ep(s) the day after plssss!! We need the ratings on this and every episode after to be monumental. I wanna give up, but something within me will not, so pls do this!! Not just for me or the fans, but for the representation little boys and girls need! This show is so beautifully done and it was given none of the promotion it deserved. PLEASE TUNE IN!!

can we just take a moment to appreciate how proud even seems to be of himself when he is talking about his work, like he can’t understand himself how he had become so lucky.

he was a person who just a year prior was at the literal bottom, not thinking he was worthy of living, a person who thought he had no one. but now he is sitting there, surrounded by all the people who matters to him. he is surrounded by his friends, both the ones that he taught he had lost but that now has reentered into his life and the new ones he has gained during the past year.

he is sitting next to a person that entered his life and completely turned it upside down, a person who showed him what it meant to love and to be loved, the person who taught him that no matter how hard things are he never has to face them alone, not anymore. someone that he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with.

he has just graduated school and has a job he seems to really enjoy, he is financially independent, lives with the love of his life and is so stable in his life, something he would never think was possible just a year prior.

he is sitting there looking back at how things was and how much he has changed over the past year and can’t believe it’s reality, he is proud of himself and the things he has accomplished.

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If Eliza did know about the affair before the pamphlet was published, which I agree with you I think she probably did, do you think she knew about the pamphlet before he published it? And do you think she supported him in it?

Yes to both.  Remember, he went off to Philadelphia in July while she was heavily pregnant.  There’d be an explanation.  Also like he didn’t just publish this thing out of nowhere.  He was being called out in newspapers.  Again, Eliza wasn’t living in some la la land where she didn’t read and these things didn’t matter to her.  We even have proof, through a letter to Ham by JBC, that she was reading the papers.  Further, the publication was clearly related to the timing of her pregnancy with her health taken into consideration.  

As for supporting him, yes.  She was ride or die with this man, and honestly mad at how people were talking about his name.  We have multiple proofs of her anger over how he was treated.  His public name (her name…her kids’ name…) was being shit-talked and she wanted it cleared up like he did.  And she was hurt and upset and probably worn out when the pamphlet didn’t work.  In part, because of course it was humiliating for both of them to have him admit this.  She personally took heat in the press for essentially not being able to keep her man happy.  And still Callander wouldn’t shut up, which is why Eliza seemingly was for the Sedition Act. 

Imagine Dean Being Amazed by you

He couldn’t stop himself from staring at you. There was just this certain spark that you always held in your eyes that left him constantly feeling blown away by you. Rubbing his face, he tried not to so much as blink, just in case you might vanish if he shut his eyes too long. 

“Earth to Dean,” you said as you waved a hand in front of his face. 

“Wh…what?” He said as he focused on the fact that you were a living breathing person, so close to him he could easily reach out and grab your hand if he had the balls to show you how he felt, that was. 

“I was saying what are we going to get for dinner?” You said your hand on your hip and a look on your face that said you were both annoyed and all too familiar with the older Winchester male. 

He stood up, glad for an opportunity to help prove how much you meant to him, and said, “how about I cook you something?” 

He felt proud of himself at the shocked look that flitted over your face, it was the same expression he knew he always wore around you, a look of total amazement. 

Just to remind you that you are amazing, and Dean would think so too @secretlyfurrydragon

What pissed off me the most today was a comment under a picture of John Entwistle on Instagram that was like “ he lived till cocaine and strippers stopped his heart.”
Yeah, sure. We know how he died, that’s a fact… but he should remembered for what he had done, not how he died. It was tasteless and kinda rude for me tbh. Nobody is denying he died like this but is this just what he is remembered for? Seriously? Not for his contribution to music or his bass-skills? And this works for every dead musician: remember their importance in music not how they died

Spent some time in the jacuzzi with hubby. Super relaxing and we just bonded. I love how the conversations never run dry. ❤️

I also had a really solid talk with my parents and my husband about finances and future plans to buy a house. We pretty much established we would be living at home through to next year as we continue to pay off debt and save. It took a load of stress off of my shoulders to have my parents “in the know” and on the same page. I don’t feel filled with anxiety anymore.

I feel like that conversation was a prayer being answered.

I attempted to take an actual photo, with an actual camera, of a doll!

This is the Ringdoll Raven head I brought back from Doll-A-Kon. I altered his faceup - removed and redid eyebrows, added to eyes - added hair (probably could be a little shorter, but we’ll get there) and got him his own Dollshe Pure body because none of my dolls can be on their intended bodies anymore. They just can’t.

Other than a few tweaks (different shirt, better tie) this is probably what he’ll be living in from now on. He also needs smaller eyes.

And a name. I’ll think of something….maybe.

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Shit son Good Boy done got me fucked up 😭😩 Rarely see Sub!Jimin but goddamn your work is amazing! Keep up the fabulous work! 😭🙌

Dee omg how do you do this every time…… seriously you are the best writer out there also turns out good boy jimin isn’t such a good boy after all 👀👀👀👀👀 amazing work as always




Good Boy 4 just got dropped on me and I’m stuck at work and can’t read it!!! The suspense!!!!! Plus, the Jidevil needs to stay in his lane and leave me tf alone. Yoongs is gonna be mad, js….


PMG GOOG BOY!!!;$:&;$&:‘sbdjs i just finished working out and scrolling and saw ur ipadate now i cant wait to 'sleep’ so thag i can have my sweet time to read it!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH BAE <3



Thank you all so much, I love you guys :* I hope you liked the chapter!

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I don't know what happened to us. We used to be so close but now I feel like we walk around on eggshells when we're together. We had all these hopes and dreams of the future but lately I've been wondering how long we can tolerate each other before we snap. As things are currently I doubt we'll end up living together the way we had hoped. We're too different, to sensitive, to inconsiderate of one another. I just don't think it will be the best thing for us...

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Hey Alice! I am afraid or idk just very nervous about a thing that may sound dumb? I started something with a boy so, he accompanied me to my bus stop, and we kinda tried to kiss but it was very idk? Embarrassing?, We kind of smashed faces and I was so nervous. He told me it was ok but omg!! I'm 18 years old and I don't know how to kiss somebody?? Is not that I'm waw adult but idk?? My friends are in other phases of theirs romantic lives and I'm here struggling to kiss a boy 🙃 I feel pathetic(?

this is so cute!!! not pathetic! it’s ok, everyone has embarrassing first kisses. you will get better at it. and you probably overthinked a lot and replayed it a lot in your head, making it a lot worse than it really was! everyone is at different stages so don’t compare yourself. you’re cute and i hope everything works out with that boy! ✨💖

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Is it just me or did Fiore talking about their ""friendship"" as the straights are getting married in the next scene really add insult to injury lmao

ABSOLUTELY NOT JUST YOU literally the entire juxtaposition of “let’s get married!!! look how straightly in love we are and how much screen time we get to express affection towards each other!” with “were they queer? weren’t they? were they just friends or did fiore mean ‘slept together’ literally? who knows! :^) also we’re going to put in the dialogue text that fiore wants to die because he’s tired of earth instead of explicitly saying ‘he doesn’t want to live without deblanc’, but he’s gonna kill himself looking at a picture of deblanc WHO MIGHT’VE JUST BEEN HIS BIFFLE but maybe nottt ;^)” was


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So I read a post about how we all ship macdennis because it relates to something personal and our lives and I was like omg that is so true - like there's this girl I like but she's super in the closet and it totally reminds me of the relationship between Dennis and Mac before he was out of the closet so yikes me shipping macdennis really goes deeper than I thought

IT REALLY DOES GO DEEPER THAN YOU’D THINK like. i’m just going to confess to y'all that every single soft macden headcanon I’ve ever posted is really just me projecting my own soft and gentle nature onto these 2 dumb dicks in an attempt to fill the void in my sad, lonely, and perpetually single heart 😪😪😪

ID #96288

Name: Jayla
Age: 16 (17 in August)
Country: USA

Hello everyone!! I’m an upcoming senior in high school who loves space, pasta, and photography. Just recently discovered I’m bisexual and discovering how to be more comfortable with it. I would love to chat with someone internationally but if you live in the U.S. that’s okay too! We can talk through email, letters, or chat :)

Preferences: Just someone around the same age as me so maybe 15-18. Other than that just be nice!

(Benj Pasek) What’s the kind of song that maybe Barry Allen who is living in 2017 and you know a twenty-something, what kind of music would he listen to and how does that inform what he would sing. I mean this particular song, this is his proposal song that he wrote for, you know, for Iris, so that has to be something that comes organically from him, both musically and lyrically.. (x)

I just wanted to talk about this quote from the podcast (partial) transcript I posted a few days ago. We pretty much already knew that Barry wrote the song for Iris, or guessed, but it’s nice to see it confirmed:

Bartholomew Henry Allen wrote a song for Iris Ann West!!!!!

When did he write it? Any headcanons? I think we’re supposed to assume somewhere between the first and second proposal especially since the lyrics are so specific about not knowing what the future holds. On the other hand Barry did say ‘I don’t know what this is between us or where we go from here, all I know is you’re everything to me and you always have been’ in season 2.

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don't listen to those people, we're all allowed to be excited. of course it's gonna be difficult for him, but let's be real here: it's his job. he knows how to handle this. and he has worked so hard for this tour. he's probably as, if not more, excited as we are! and just because we're happy that'll get to see him live does not mean that we don't care about his well being.


just made a facebook status about how I was going to new zealand in the hopes that this cute guy I matched with on tinder who lives there would message me saying we should hangout and he did and if I was on mobile I would add the nail painting emoji