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If I hadn’t been Fox Books and you hadn’t been The Shop Around the Corner, and you and I had just, well, met.. Yeah. I would have asked for your number, and I wouldn’t have been able to wait twenty-four hours before calling you and saying, “Hey, how about… oh, how about some coffee or, you know, drinks or dinner or a movie… for as long as we both shall live?”
You’ve Got Mail (1998) dir. Nora Ephron



Kamui is SHOCKED that Kurogane would have agreed to this without actually knowing exactly what he was getting into.

But Kurogane is just like DON’T CARE.




(especially after that extra long speech Subaru god damn)






Kurogane just straight out dismisses whatever Yuuko was thinking (becaue Kurogane) and instead explains that he put all his trust in Mokona.

And we’re building directly off the explanation that both Kurogane’s AND Fai’s lives were on the line here. He trusts Mokona IMPLICITLY to the point that he trusted whatever deal Mokona was willing to facilitate to keep Fai alive.

But also. Like.

Kurogane: *explains how he trusts Mokona quite literally with his life without thinking*

Also Kurogane: *still refuses to use her name*




Meanwhile, Yuuko goes on to explain that if they ever do manage to get Fai both his eyes back, he will have enough magic to just UNDO his own vampirism.

Which is fascinating in its own right, but in terms of characterisation I love the fact that in no part was this part of the deal when Kurogane accepted it. There’s a possible way out of it now, but Kurogane didn’t know that. Kurogane was willing to accept a joint existence with Fai for the rest of their lives.

No, not just ‘willing’. He DID accept that joint life. Until this moment that’s what he thought the deal WAS.

And I’m not entirely convinced they will get that eye back, so maybe that’s a moot point to begin with.

Bonus question: If they did eventually get the eye back… after living as Kurogane’s partner for so long, would Fai want to take his eye back, if it meant he would then outlive Kurogane?


I CHOOSE to eat healthy because I love my body, not because I hate it✌🏼💜🌿
Learning about how my body works and just how important food is in allowing my body to function, think and do its thing changed my WHOLE perspective.
I began to see food as fuel, not punishment.
Instead of feeling guilty and ashamed for eating, I feel grateful to be able to give my body the nourishment it needs + deserves🙏🏼
Calories are nothing but units of energy.
Energy we NEED to live our lives to the fullest.
Nourish, not punish✨🍉

IG: @naturally_nina_

like literally what does the politics of ‘yeah organised struggle is naive, obviously we can’t win’ look like other than us just surrendering the lives of people we’re working with to structural violence which will tear them apart? how uninvolved in actual struggle must you be to propose that just dropping it all won’t literally mean letting people die.

Your very existence is a radical act of defiance.
Going home to your partner at the end of the day is a radical act.
Holding their hand in public is a radical act.
Kissing them in secret is a radical act.
Inhabiting your chosen family is a radical act.
Dressing how you want is a radical act.
Keeping yourself safe over the holidays is a radical act.

Don’t get me wrong: we are not outliers, just sometime-outsiders.
we are not abnormal
just sometimes-abhorred.

And what better way is there to fight
those who would have you stripped from the face of the earth like chaff
than to live a long and happy life.

- Leah Horn

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I'd like to point out that as much as Kamui seems to hate Seishiro, they're actually pretty similar? Like, Kamui also killed a bunch of innocent people in a random dimension for entirely selfish reasons (or apparently without any reason at all) and was totally going to peace out and leave once he got what he wanted if it wasn't for Subaru, bless his heart. Seishiro didn't even kill any real people (THAT WE SAW, WHO KNOWS WITH HIM) and taught a random kid to defend himself for no reasons, so

(2/2) Kamui you better clean up your act stat.


I absolutely agree that he’s just as bad as Seishirou in regard to his moral choices - especially since both Seishirou and Kamui kill uninvolved people in the blind search for Subaru. I think the parallel is very interesting to think about. 

I’m reluctant to give Seishirou too much credit though, since he did teach Syaoran how to fight, but it was in exchange for translating the vampire book rather than for no particular reason. But IT WAS A PRETTY GOOD DEAL, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, AND NO MURDER WAS INVOLVED, SO I WILL AGREE THAT WAS A BETTER INTERACTION THAN AND OF KAMUI’S ENCOUNTERS WITH SYAORAN THAT’S FOR SURE. 

I wanted to post a little bias list to thank all of you for your friendship and the new blogs that have followed me recently. I wouldn’t be a successful blog if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for your friendship and being there whenever I’m going through a difficult time. Your posts are always a joy to see on my dash as they make me either laugh or cry over our threads or the things you post ooc. I wish I could do more than write this to express how thankful I am for all you, but I just hope this brings a little happiness to your lives this holiday season. Whether we talk a lot or not, please know that you mean the world to me. If we have several threads, just a few, or none at all, please don’t hesitate to come into my inbox. I would love to have more threads with all of you. The same goes for those I just followed. I love each and every one of you. <33


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Again, I just wanted to thank everyone for following me, for being wonderful, and to the friendships I’ve made with some of you. I love y'all! <33 

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I don't buy the Reddit thing for one second, but if you look at that guys post history he seems to be addicted to pain meds, as all his past posts are about them. He also says he lives out west. Even if the story was planted by Trees team, I'd find it odd the account they picked has such a detailed history of posting about opioids, including asking how much they go for on the streets.

i agree about the pain meds part, it’s def weird…. 

another simple possibility: the guy totally invented it from stat to finish, just to get attention…

they can also pay someone to post the story on their account, like the ones who are paid to post pics on their IG account….

We all know here that there’s no way for Prada Boy to spend Thanksgiving with the extended Swift family…and to be all lovey dovey with her in a restaurant (if there’s no called paps to take pics of it (i don’t believe she’d stunt with her extended family with her)

It’s all fake, so 2 options here: 

1) the story was planted by Tree’s team (they paid an account to post it and to give details (or they borrowed that account, also to make more comments)

or 2) the guy who posted it told a big fat lie…

Bc i don’t see another option possible…

pixishu  asked:

I'm new to Hellenism and I'm trying to learn. What I still don't know and can't find much about is what is the belief of the afterlife and the morals, the ideas of right and wrong, and just how to be. I hope that makes sense? Just their morals and basic beliefs...

The belief in the afterlife tends to vary from modern worshiper to worshiper, as we don’t have much information about the afterlife from ancient Greece. We know that they believed in different sects of the Underworld that included the rivers, Tartarus, the Asphodel Meadows, the Mourning Fields, Elysium, and the Isles of the Blessed. The Greeks tended to view the afterlife as being bleak for the most part, and rather focused on living than thinking about what comes after death.

People who did incredibly terrible things in their life as a living person would probably go to Tartarus. It was described by Plato that it’s a place where truly wicked people would go to be judged and to receive divine punishment. Tartarus is also believed to be a primordial deity.

The Asphodel Meadows is more for the average/ordinary people, people who didn’t really do anything bad but didn’t do anything extraordinary either. It tends to be looked at as being an indifferent, tasteless and somewhat bland place.

The Mourning Fields are for those who spent their lives with unrequited love.

Elysium is a place where heroes and demigods generally go, or people who did amazing things in their life and have accomplished a huge achievement. This is where most people would probably want to go, as it’s often seen as being an ‘equivalent’ to the Abrahamic Heaven. 

The Isles of the Blessed are islands within Elysium, where if one was admitted to Elysium, you could choose to be reborn; if you are reborned three times and reached Elysium three times, you could go to the Isles of the Blessed and have eternal paradise (also similar to the Abrahamic Heaven).

The afterlife looks like it involves and depends on one’s morals and ethics, so I can see how the two may reflect the other. Common sense will you get you far in life, but your attitude and actions also matter. You can actually find a lot of morals and lessons from the myths, take the Cassandra and Apollo myth for example. Cassandra promised herself to Apollo while had also promising to stay a virgin, she ended up contradicting her promises and had to break one of them. I suspect it wouldn’t have mattered which promise she broke, as Apollo probably would have punished her for whichever promise she decided to break. The lesson here is that we shouldn’t make promises we can’t keep, and we shouldn’t really lie either.

We also have the Delphic Maxims, which are nearly impossible to live up to, but gives us a way to see how the Greeks tried to behave and what they believed in their time. 

You might also be interested in looking at some philosphers, such as Plato and Hesiod, Aristotle and so on and so forth. Many of their works can provide a lot of information regarding morals.

Keep in mind that for the ancient Greeks, it was very normal to involve the Theoi in their daily life, and that many of their morals also tie in which how they believed the Gods wanted them to behave (such as trying to avoid hubris as much as possible, for example). A known Hellenic polytheist, Tim Alexander, has come to the conclusion that there are seven basic principles in Hellenic polytheism based on the ancient Greeks and how they lived, which you can read more about on a very good HP resource blog, Baring The Aegis here

- Ronan

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do you ever wonder like how much of seventeens choreography we miss out on because of the shitty camerawork esp in adore u and mansae where they had so many choreo changes

ok wow anon, great timing. i was just watching their previous live performances hahahaha and yes, adore u era was a very special era :(( they literally change the choreo every week thats why im glad mnet has that mpd fancam thing. bless.

What I’m thankful for on this (American) Thanksgiving.

Brian May, the Digital Grandpa.

No, seriously, how often do you get these little peeks into the lives of your favorite classic rock stars? He took the leap and followed technology through his whole life. He’s got his own Twitter and Instagram that HE posts on, rather than having a PR staff do it. We get to see touching moments like he just posted - where he saw Freddie’s portrait on the tail of a plane.

And that’s really special, I think.

Also his humble bragging is top-notch, and I’m so glad he posts it online for the whole world to see. Keep doing you, Dr. May. <3



  Hugo Villareal: Our family is hurting, we suspect there may have been some…foul play. Perhaps an enemy, a rival, but it doesn’t matter. Jacques was old, he’s done all he can for this family and now it is up to me, Angel, my brother Max, and possibly men like you-

  Arturo: I’m not cut out for…the business-

  Hugo: What do you think we do? It’s not illegal…not really at least. We just simply want you to do some small things. You’ll make a ton of simoleons, you know my girl deserves to live in a penthouse.

  Arturo: Aurelia has her own show now, I think it’s just a matter of time before we move to a penthouse.

  Hugo: Well, just putting it out there. I respect your decision to stay out of it, how about you sleep on it and get back to me? 

  • Ron: (walking into the kitchen) Hey Draco- just to let you know, Hermione is popping round in a bit.
  • Draco: Thanks for the heads up- I'll go back to my place for the evening.
  • Ron: Yeah, she's still angry at you for apparating into the living room drunk when we were having our date night.
  • Draco: (looking worried) You're not wrong there. She's very scary when she wants to be.
  • Ron: Yep. 'Mione has very imaginative ways of getting back at people.
  • Draco: How do you mean?
  • Ron: Let's just say there's a reason I never go to muggle bird sanctuaries with her.

I believe in an alternate world
Not so different from my own
One that isn’t quite out of reach
But I must reach for it alone

Many things would stay the same
A similar place with similar friends
But the biggest change affects the most
Are the means justified by the ends?

I don’t know where I’m better off
If I should accept my current place
Or see how the other could treat me
If I blindly took the leap of faith

We’re all living in alternate worlds
It all seems different through your eyes
What’s real is all just in our heads
And our surroundings are told to us as lies

—  Decisions that seem bigger than us (and a truth big enough to envelop us completely)

She´s Gotta Have It

In case someone missed it, there´s a series called She´s Gotta Have It based on the 1986 movie,but so very different because it actually addresses other issues as well, and I just saw the first episode of it on Netflix. Just three words: GO watch it!  I especially loved the ending where she addresses a very important topic in our days - #blacklivesmatter 

I know what I´m about to say has nothing to do with the show, but since everyone is having their own little battle in their lives: I am really glad to discover shows like this. First, because, of course, it teaches all of us valuable lessons that,honestly,in our time, we should already have learned them and learned how to act by now. But second, not so very important maybe on a bigger scale but still important for everyone individually - I struggle with the fact that I am an artist myself (altough different kinds of art - I´m a musician) but am unable to do much,thus need to do other things that I do not actually enjoy in order to live.But shows like these, full of creativity, really inspire me. I know maybe for the one who reads this it would seem I do not understand the meaning of this show or what it has to say - I do. But I also find it to inspire me in more than one way, and I just wanted to share this out loud,in words. It would also be interesting to know if you guys get inspired to create by watching something or listening to some music, I´d really love to hear about that and if you ever want to discuss this, feel free to abuse my inbox!

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It'll be interesting to see the reunion between Eclipsa and Meteora. Does Eclipsa even know she's alive? How has Meteora lived this long? And is Meteora the pawn in some grand scheming "Evil" Master Plan, or are we to find out that all the "Villains" are just people who think they're the good guys trying to make the world work for them? Interesting stuff for a TV show.

We don’t even know if Eclipsa was a good mother to Meteora. Sure, there was a nursery and dolls and all that, but so far it seems like Eclipsa’s main character point is “selfishness”, I wonder if love and motherhood are what allowed her to see the importance in having ties and responsibilities, when you really care about them, or if on the contrary she still acted the same as always - and this might lead to grudge on Meteora’s side.

believememylove  asked:

Here’s the thing with zobin, like I don’t care who she fucks or what happens after, unless she’s intruding on an established relationship. Like not only do we have no right to tell her what to do with her life or how to live it, we also have no right to tell Hockey players how to live their lives outside of the game as long as it’s not harmful to other people. I just don’t see how who they are fucking affects winning games. I do wish she’d stop creating drama for them though

Yeah I mean like I’ve said before I just find this shit entertaining. We, as fans, just take everything so seriously like chill lil homies.


Grigor on Dani Vallverdu after winning his World Tour Finals title:
He honestly didn’t say that much which was pretty funny. He was actually the first one to walk off the court and I was like ‘where is he? I want to grab a picture with him and the trophy’ but he was already in the locker room and just happy – me and him have a great connection. We see tennis the same way, we have that bond a lot and we really appreciate how the year has gone for us.

How do I deal with my homophobic parents?

To be honest… I’m 1 inch away to just giving up trying to make them understand that being gay is normal. How I wish my parents were as supportive is I’ve seen other on the internet..

“Just listen to us , we are 30 years older than you. We have more life experience than you.”

“Do as we say and you will live easy.”

Advice? My ass, sounds like a fucking religious cult brainwashing it’s followers.

Ironically, they were the ones who told me that I should try to understand everybody. But they themselves can’t get to understand their own child.

“You’re our only son”

So it’s my fault now that you only had one son that is gay and will destroy your reputation?! Don’t make me fucking laugh.

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