this is just how i think it would go if they were genderbent

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We waited until it was closer to Halloween! Here you go, Cinny <3 Also, the twins were more crackfic than anything xD 


  • He comes into a party wearing some casual blazer thing
  • And the only thing he has on is thick black glasses
  • Everyone starts hounding on him telling him that he’s not in the halloween spirit
  • But he is genuinely upset that no one gets his costume
  • “Guys…I’m Clark Kent!”
  • There’s a pause before someone points out his blazer
  • He claims he’s the 2017 version of Clark Kent
  • It makes a little more sense when you walk in dressed as Lois Lane
  • Zen makes “Stay in your lane” jokes around you all night
  • Near the end, if people are still talking about how lame his costume is, he pulls out the big guns
  • He smirks and quietly unbuttons his suit to reveal a superman tshirt underneath


  • This kid was an avid Dragon Ball Z fan
  • And he really wants to be Piccolo
  • So he orders the costume online
  • He’s a victim of online shopping, and when it gets there he finds a pickle costume
  • A legit pickle costume
  • There’s not enough time to get a new one before the party, but he’s determined to be Piccolo
  • So he makes himself a white and purple turban and cape from what he has around the house
  • Oddly enough, everyone thinks it’s super creative
  • You decide to play along too
  • So you write “oh” on a sticky note and sneakily put it on his back
  • When he finds out, he’s not even mad
  • “Hehe…cute. Pickle…oh. Hehe.”


  • To be honest, she’s not big on costumes
  • She doesn’t even like Halloween that much
  • Her costume is just her normal clothes with those headbands
  • They have springy pumpkins on top
  • You make up for it though since you come as a huge pumpkin
  • During pictures, you’re the pumpkin and she ducks down to show the tinier pumpkins
  • Everyone thinks it’s cute actually


  • He comes in his suit
  • The only thing different about his usual get up is his tie
  • Everyone thinks he’s such a bore
  • But they expect nothing less
  • He protests, saying that he really was in the Halloween spirit
  • No one believed him and finally he told them to turn off the lights
  • When it was pitch black, you just see a pair of glow in the dark fangs
  • You were the only one who found it cute, and he took great pride in it
  • He kept asking if you wanted to see them again 
  • And whenever you were by a lamp, he would switch it off to show off his fangs


  • He thinks it would be hilarious to come as Saeran
  • So he wears whatever his brother wears that night
  • Along with mint contacts
  • He thinks he’s going to be pranking people
  • But you know about it…and you think it would be a good time to get him back for his pranks all year around
  • Thankfully, so does everyone else at the party
  • You go ahead of him to tell everyone to treat Saeyoung as regular old Saeran
  • It drives Saeyoung crazy because he can’t have any fun if everyone just continues to act like he’s Saeran even when he “drops” character
  • He figures something is going on so he seeks out his usual target…Yoosung
  • He doesn’t do anything…but just says, “Hey, Chipmunk.”
  • Yoosung cracks, “I can’t do it! It’s just not the same when Saeyoung says it!”
  • That’s when everyone drops the joke


  • Saeran says he’s not going as anything
  • To his surprise, Saeyoung doesn’t try to convince him otherwise
  • But he does insist he wear his usual beige sweater for some reason
  • The antics are at a low, so Saeran agrees and goes to the party
  • He steps out of the room for one second
  • And when he comes back, there is a room full of…Saerans
  • Apparently, since Saeran wasn’t coming as anything, everyone decided to come as Saeran
  • He was relieved when he saw you wearing a long red wig with a beige dress
  • “Thank goodness you’re not pulled into this prank,” he mutters.
  • You just toss your hair to the side dramatically, “What are you talking about? I’m you but genderbent.”
  • He decides he’s never attending another halloween party again

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another stupid concept: michael also joins theater in senior year (THE GANGS ALL HERE)(i think) and now everyone is just kinda in theater together and they put on a musical that year instead of a play and ofc its HEATHERS …

but like mr. reyes is like yea were gonna put a TWIST on it though !!!!!!!!! the heathers, veronica jd and kurt and ram will be genderbent !!!! bc lmao why not mr. reyes is WILD

so anyway rich jake and michael are cast as the heathers (michael would be the best heather c you can fucking fight me in the back of a 7/11) jeremy is veronica christine is jd (much to her protest but she finally gives in) brooke and chloe are kurt and ram and jenna is martha (jenna and jeremy would be great friends and you can also fight me about that??? thanks) 

anyway choreography and just practice in general is a fucking RIOT (none of them have trouble learning lines its just the choreography) like

-michael keeps getting extremely close to kicking jeremy in the nose everytime they practice candy store and he never stops apologizing

-jake feels like SHIT whenever he has to sing shine a light reprise to rich but they both agreed to not let it get to them after a few practices and everytime they gotta practice it, all 4 of them have a movie night bc it helps them all feel better about the themes of the musical

-michael never tells jeremy this but the reason why his anger is so genuine in candy store is bc he lets all his emotions from halloween pour out 

-brooke and chloe always start laughing everytime they sing blue bc it doesnt even WORK and once they start laughing, it eventually passes to jeremy then to rich and jake

-the first time jenna tries singing kindergarten boyfriend, everyone is like HOLY SHIT and jenna loves it honestly

-jeremy and christine love joking around when playing as veronica and jd and they also never stop laughing

-jeremy and christine cant take dead girl walking seriously but they do eventually get their shit together for the actually performance

-christine actually has so much fun playing as jd even if she didnt want to at first and she always gives her slushie to michael after they finish practicing freeze your brain and michael loves christine for that like god bless

-at first mr. reyes insists that rich jake and michael wear heels and skirts but michael kept flinging his shoes across the room when kicking and tripping quite a lot (he almost sprained his ankle quite a few times too) and jake is way too tall with the heels on, rich has no problem though

-they still wear the skirts and the last few days of practicing they had to wear them and it was hell but they eventually got used to it

also michael insists that “if im gonna have to drink something on stage, its going to be a slushie” and he and mr.reyes start fighting about it but eventually michael gets his way and nobody knows how he did it

double standards, wlw erasure in tsc fandom: PSA

Okay so this is a call out post because I’m so fucking sick and tired of this shit and some people need this to open their eyes.

(Disclaimer I do ship a lot of these ships, but I’m calling out double standards because whew there’s a lot)

I’m going to ask you to imagine that everyone in the shadowhunter chronicles is genderbent and we’ll see how this changes stuff in the fandom.

Let’s start with Julian and the double standard that females are held to. The reason that I fucking hate Julian is because if he were genderbent the fandom would dub him a bitch. Because female+ruthless+cruel at times= just a bitch and no one would view him as hot or a good character because he’d be a girl and internalized misogyny is a bitch.


Now genderbent Cristina and Emma. If they were men there’d be a shit ton of fanfic and content, see: heronstairs as an example. Because if two men acted like Cristina and Emma do and said “I love you” platonically people would ship it. BECAUSE MEN CANT HAVE MEANINGFUL PLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS WITH EACH OTHER WITHOUT PEOPLE SHIPPING THEM APPARENTLY.

Speaking of heronstairs. If will and jem were female there’d be no shipping whatsoever and they’d just be a strong female friendship.

Also Matthew and James wouldn’t be shipped they’d just be best friends. Because two girls together isn’t hot for straight girls who make up a lot of the fandom.

Genderbent Malec wouldn’t be shipped or have nearly as much content as haline would have. How do I know this? Because look at the way content is distributed throughout fandoms. Robert/Michael: a couple who got one short story has more fandom content than wlw haline WHO ARE LITERALLY MARRIED. If malec was genderbent a lot of straight girls wouldn’t want to write it and that’s an undeniable fact.


Okay now you stop imagining genderbent the shadowhunter chronicles now. (These are just a few examples I could go on but I think you get the point).

Anna Lightwood: one thing that makes me really fucking angry is the fact that we have more heronchild content now then we will ever have of Anna and her girlfriend.

In fact I can guarantee that there’s more content of noncanon mlm ships then there will ever be of haline, anna and her girlfriend, or any other canon wlw there might be.

Literally any wlw pairing gets next to no attention compared to mlm and wlm ships and it’s really fucking gross. If you have mlm ships and dub yourself an “ally” then please pay attention to the wlw erasure that happens in fandoms and try to combat it. REBLOG WLW CONTENT, SUPPORT WLW.

And if you don’t “like wlw pairings as much” then yup that’s homophobic and you’re just as bad as straight dudes that jerk off to lesbians and hate gay guys. Straight girls shouldn’t get a free pass on fetishization and homophobia, but they do and it’s awful.

And anyways I fucking hate fandom culture and I needed to get this out.

-Sincerely a salty angry girl who loves girls and is fucking tired

(I don’t know if this is cohesive, but it’s a giant problem in fandoms and I hate it sooo)

[24/3/17] Hyper Projection Haikyuu “The Winners and The Losers” - fan report

ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 東京公演初日

*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

Haisute got upgraded even more! It was three hours long and split into three acts with two intermissions, which means that my 7PM show finished at 10 and my dinner was at midnight. Last time it was only two hours long! I’m going back to catch another showing on the 6th of May again (some things are worth it guys) so then I’m going to compare the shit out of this one and that one. 

Warning: there were no subtitle services this time (guess this is what I get for complaining about them last time) and my understanding of the plot comes from rewatching S2′s eps 19 - 25 two nights ago, plus some short sentences they yelled if the BGM wasn’t louder than them and if I hadn’t been distracted by the overwhelming mini-interactions exploding all across the board. 

First let’s get the stupid out of the way with Nekoma: 

  • There was only two of them and they showed up as Kuroo and Kenma for the most part during intermissions; midway through the Seijou VS Karasuno match when Karasuno players used tricks they’d learnt from Nekoma, or during Nekoma’s match against an unspecified opponent (Nekoma lost) 
  • The rest of the time they showed up as genderbent Kuroo and Kenma Aoba Johsai I mean Oikawa fangirls
  • Not-Kenma looked quite cute I’ll say because Nagato Takato is already small to begin with and he was using a cute shouta voice. Very cute. He wore a daisy yellow spaghetti-strap long dress over a purple long-sleeved shirt… Not the most fashionable, but he sported a pink ribbon over new bangs over his Kenma wig
  • Not-Kuroo was the kind of female that they force male protagonists to kiss as a punishment game. Not cute. At ALL. I screamed because it was the only thing I could do short of throwing something at him. It was funny… and horrifying 
  • But he was acting cute because while Not-Kenma was a general Seijou fan, Not-Kuroo was a diehard Oikawa fan, and he gets excited whenever Oikawa does anything. A few times he successfully caught Oikawa’s attention, to Iwaizumi’s ire 
  • Other times he’ll clap or sway to the beat of the music as the match progresses
  • Not-Kuroo dislikes Iwaizumi because as they’re spectators he often witnesses Iwaizumi physically or verbally threatening Oikawa. One time he made a face of disapproval while pointing at Iwaizumi and made devil horns on his head
  • Not-Kuroo was dressed… In a dark-blue long-sleeved top, with a long billowing beige skirt that extended from his waist. He sported one long braid pinned on the side of his Kuroo wig 
  • He was like a crazy bitch 
  • Like how in the anime the fangirls found themselves moved to cheer for Karasuno even though they’d come for Oikawa, halfway through the second act Not-Kuroo shouted “Good luck, Seijou!!”, then Not-Kenma shouted “And good luck too, black shirt guys!!”, and then Not-Kuroo lifted up his skirt to reveal Kuroo’s uniform underneath and he shouted “Good luck to Nekoma too!!” 
  • Sometimes him and Not-Kenma were required to hold the volleyball net and would enter inbetween the players, and when they’d served their purpose, they’ll run off, and while Not-Kenma just ran with a spring in his step, Not-Kuroo had to sway his shoulders and stick his hands out behind him as he did
  • They were the ones commenting on the match and gameplay techniques this time with Mart-san, who was holding a portable Karasuno “Fly!” banner, making them acquaintances, but at one point, Not-Kuroo suddenly screamed and looked at Mart-san like a pervert?? I couldn’t catch what he said and missed it happening because I was staring hard at someone else instead, but Not-Kuroo looked horrified and quickly ran off the stage, so maybe Mart-san touched him somewhere by accident? No clue, will have to rewatch
  • As to moments where they were legitimately Kuroo and Kenma, it’s always times where Kuroo tries to be cool but yet is just really fucking lame in Kenma’s eyes and Kenma just wants to ditch him and game in peace like please
  • During one scene-swap moment Kenma actually broke the fourth wall and deadpanned “Why is there only two of us for Nekoma?” Kuroo hushed him and dead-insisted that the other guys were still here; then he runs to one side and throws his elbow over his face, all of a sudden imitating Yamamoto and going, “Uh, oh yeah, Kuroo-san? I was just over there…” and then Kenma ditches him on stage 
  • During another scene-swap (after Nekoma’s match ends) Kenma walks onto stage, only somethings off with his wig, and when he turns to start monologuing, he’s got the Not-Kenma pink ribbon and front bangs on. Kuroo comes after him and gently pulls it off and puts it in his bag loll 
  • One time during Nekoma’s match Kuroo got really into it and started to recite Nekoma’s chant but Kenma lied and said “the ball Kuroo!” pointing somewhere behind him so he fell for it and got cut off, to Kenma’s relief  

Karasuno moments - felt like the story this stage was more re-focused back onto them, since last stage the attention was more shared towards Nekoma

  • Opening: For each of the acts in the stageplay there were different themes, and the in the first act, it was the Seijou orchestra VS the Karasuno band (I think they were a band. Or maybe a smaller orchestra). First we had the two setters on elevated platforms conducting their respective themes. Kageyama was in his King’s cape and crown and was less conducting but more wildly gesturing forcefully with his hands
  • A kagetsukki during the character introductions: after Tsukishima’s introduction it was Kageyama’s turn, and usually the previous member should leave and let the next member have center stage, but Kageyama sort of barged into him and bullied him into kneeling on his hands and knees on the floor so that Kageyama could sit on his back and wave his hands in conducting gestures
  • Kageyama’s deep-rooted fear of Oikawa was the main story in Act One. It got quite bad, so as his performance as a setter deteriorated, his breathing got worse and worse, until finally he hyperventilated on all fours on the ground, deaf to the other members shouting his name
  • When Ukai takes him out to cool his head Hinata tries to cheer him up but comments that his face is just freaking scary. Then he suggests that maybe Kageyama can cheer himself up the way Tanaka-senpai just did, which was to roar and slap both hands onto one’s face. Egged on by him, Kageyama tries it - he roars, and then gently pats his palms to his cheeks. Hinata’s like “Too soft!!!” 
  • Nishinoya has been busy coming up with even more ridiculous names for his rolling receives, and there might have been a Rolling Thunder Spark W one (couldn’t understand what he was saying), but the one he actually used in match was called Rolling Thunder-Angel, and when he said “Angel”, he turned to the audience and fluttered (i.e. hands flapped), and the pink spotlight hit him straight-on. Daichi screamed “Nishinoya!!!” in order to remind him that the ball was coming and he had to save it goddamn it
  • If you’re familiar with this part of the story in the Haikyuu series, it’s the time where the third-years are feeling a little insecure and second-guessing their value to the team
  • To portray this inner conflict on stage, we have the actual actors portraying their character’s brave fronts, while the second-year trios emerge behind them holding face masks (such as Akisawa Kentarou’s face printed on a thick card with holes cut out for his eyes) and confess their inner worries to the stage
  • Ennoshita was Suga, Tanaka was Asahi and Noya was Daichi lol. Aside from portraying the third-years inner worries, the second-year actors also portrayed the third-years when they were younger 
  • They took a lot of gags this time from the anime and visualised them onstage this time, such as: 
  • Kageyama being coaxed by Suga into praising the other members, such as Hinata, and the only thing he could think of to say to was “… Job well done.” And Hinata goes, “What are you, my boss??” That was the first part of the gag. The second part of the gag happens later when midway through the match later Hinata all of a sudden dons a businessman jacket over his jersey (but no businessman pants, so he was still in volleyball shorts) and glasses and praises the whole team, going “Job well done, you guys!!!”
  • Kageyama’s Flying Fish Pun - his first name sounds similar to the Japanese word for flying fish; Suga makes an analogy about him “being a fish out of water” = on stage, as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are thinking about Kageyama the flying fish, all of a sudden the Karasuno members jump apart and Kageyama Tobio is in a shiny blue flying fish costume 
  • He couldn’t even move in that stupid thing but he still had a match to play. Through the holes for his forearms (flippers) he frantically flapped them (both like a conductor and a fish) while he stayed rooted to one spot. Eventually to wrap up the gag he had to power-jump off the stage and have it removed , and there was a backfin when he turned around. It was so shiny 
  • There were hidden actors!! Two unnamed actors with the body figure of a middle school Kageyama (aka slimmer and smaller than Kimura Tatsunari) came to play him. They didn’t talk, they just wore his clothes and shoes. So at one point there were three Kageyamas onstage - a present-day Karasuno one, the three-years ago Kita-Daichi one, and one more just… sometimes strutting along the perimeter of the stage in Kageyama’s crown and cape
  • Tsukishima and Kageyama had a talk in which the former convinced the latter to let him decide on the spike attacks himself. So Kageyama recedes from the spotlight and lets Tsukishima have more freedom. Tsukishima would strut to different spots in front of the net, spike successfully, then clap his hands twice, summoning his goons (Tanaka and Noya), who would march behind him with their chests puffed out to his next location on the court loll
  • Gentle heart-breaking moments: Sugawara, because sometimes he speaks really quietly, such as when he says “Our team’s players are really strong”, and also “I guess this is my last play for today” 
  • Act 3: Seijou’s theme changed to white silk cloths, which they used to portray blocks or otherwise attacks that Karasuno could not see/keep up with. Towards the middle of it, the Seijou third-years abandoned their cloths and took out two long white ones, which they likened into a rope, and used it to wrap around Suga’s body until he couldn’t move 
  • A touching scene: After the match, Karasuno thanks the audience for watching them - meaning they turn to us and thank us for watching. Hinata had to be lead over because he was shocked stiff from losing. The members bow, but Kageyama barely, and then he runs off before the others have even finished bowing 

And finally my team Aoba Johsai moments:

  • Opening: Oikawa was really something to look at during here, because not only did Asuma Kousuke fill out the suit really well, he was also conducting with a lot more grace than Kageyama did, especially since they were right next to each other lol. Even so, his movements were still really powerful because he was throwing his torso out, so he felt a lot like a mad conductor 
  • His team members alternated between ballet/ballroom dancing metaphors as well as orchestra members. I only remember that Iwaizumi’s was a marching band drum
  • Other introductions: Hanamaki and Matsukawa went to the spotlight together again, jostling shoulders with each other in the spotlight; Kindaichi had a specific “dance move” motion where he bends on his knees and brings his hands together over his head like an onion that grows outwards 
  • Some people were really graceful (Asuma Kousuke) and some people could not dance (Kohatsu Allen and Saito Kenshin) loll. Though I suppose Iwaizumi’s lack of dancing grace fits his character… 
  • Best Legs: Shirakushi Judai as Matsukawa Issei. I think they were even better than Kondou Shouri’s Kuroo thighs, because they were long(est), pale and muscular, and best of all not obstructed by any knee pads
  • After Matsukawa comments about Oikawa’s horrible personality, libero Watari Shinji took it upon himself to act out a skit to give an example of it, so thats when he pulls out the Oikawa-mask 
  • He was acting as Oikawa eavesdropping on their team’s first-year members, Kunimi and Kindaichi, who were gossiping about their senior, Shigeru Yahaba. Kindaichi goes first, he’s like “Hey, don’t you think the way Yahaba-san squeezes his water bottle is gross?” 
  • Next to them, Shigeru Yahaba demonstrates the way he squeezes his bottle - he grins, holds it out and squeezes it, lifts up his right leg, tosses it under his leg to his his left hand, squeezes it, lifts up his left leg, and then tosses it back into his right hand
  • Kunimi goes next, and he says, “Yeah, and don’t you think it’s weird how Yahaba-san is always sitting on the bench but he’s always the most exhausted out of all of us?”
  • The thing is, when Shigeru Yahaba’s on the bench he doesn’t just sit, he’s busy running around with bottles or otherwise just cheering his heart out for Seijou, so by the end of it he’s so done tired he just rolls on his back onto the floor 
  • Flashback scenes with Kindaichi, Kunimi and Kageyama: Since the same flashback scenes occurred twice midplay, the actors involved had to change to different uniforms. On the second occurrence, Seijou Kindaichi remained in the center of the stage, looking bewildered as the flashback sequence started all of a sudden and the other Seijou & Karasuno players started leaving. Then Kunimi walks out - he’s holding their Kita-Dai uniforms. Kunimi walks up to him and gently helps him wear it - he pulls the Kita-Dai jersey over Kindaichi’s stunned face. Kunimi himself was already dressed. And then he gives Kindaichi the Kita-Dai shorts; turning his back to the audience, Kindaichi pulls it over his light-blue Seijou uniform butt and then quickly reverts to Kita-Dai Kindaichi lol 
  • Iwaizumi Hajime: his characterisation is different this stage, and he’s actually a lot more gentle and motherly as opposed to violent and angry. Most of his “violence” are just empty threats. Oikawa doesn’t often genuinely piss him off, but the few times he does during the match, Iwaizumi will roar and chase after him, and then Matsukawa will come and restrain him 
  • Flashback scenes and iwaoi: Kitagawa Daichi Iwaizumi was even more motherly than Seijou Iwaizumi, while Kita-Dai Oikawa was hopeless. When he received the Best Setter award he actually ran around the stage screaming “Yay!!! Yayyy!!” to the audience. Iwaizumi catches him, stops him and says “Not “Yay”, okay? Do it properly,” in a very kind voice, and then zips up his jacket for him. The kindness is lost on Oikawa, who goes, “Iwa-chan, are you my mum?”, which pisses off Iwaizumi “Hahhh??!”, and then they take off in a chase 
  •  ^ There were three people in that scene, Kageyama, in full Kita-Dai jersey, and Iwaizumi and Oikawa, who simply wore a smaller sized Kita-dai jacket over their Seijou uniforms lol. It was intentional to show that this was a flashback as opposed to present time, and all three were talking in high-pitched childish voices. I gotta say they really felt like middle-school students 
  • When Kageyama asked him to teach him serves, they were standing quite far apart (as compared to the anime, where Kageyama was within punching distance). But when Oikawa started to lose it the lights turned red, and when he tried to hit Kageyama, he lunged forward about to tackle him, but Iwaizumi catches his middle and throws him to the ground
  • Kageyama’s entire body flinched hard on the spot (which is probably why present-day him was so scared of Oikawa) but he was too scared to even move. Iwaizumi apologised to him in a gentle voice and told him that today’s practice was really over 
  • This whole scene was played out twice, in the first act from Kageyama’s perspective and in the second act from Iwaizumi’s perspective, which meant no Oikawa monologue 
  • When Oikawa falters and messes up his serve towards the end of one match, it was because he was momentarily impacted by the sight of Ushijima Wakatoshi in his head - Ushiwaka’s shadow flashed on stage for a moment! Iwaizumi perceives this (even though it took place inside Oikawa’s head!!) and scolds him for thinking about other opponents instead of focusing on the ones standing in front of him 
  • Some third year moments: When Oikawa calls Iwaizumi out on overexerting a brain he didn’t have, Iwaizumi throws his bottle at him but Matsukawa, in-between them, catches it with a perplexed and mildly judgmental face 
  • Oikawa gets headbutted by Iwaizumi a number of times, and once, Hanamaki was close by and extended a helping hand, only to walk off immediately when Oikawa reached for it 
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa; and then Matsukawa and Hanamaki hugged after the Karasuno match. Not excited hugs, but happy, satisfied, really chill hugs
  • In the end, Seijou loses to Shiratorizawa (Shiratorizwa being portrayed as just a blank screen that the Seijou members were facing), and Oikawa falls to his knees on the ground. Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi helped him up; afterwards he held onto Iwaizumi’s shoulders as he limped off the stage 

Extra opinion from me: 

  • Could have been sadder come on the audience can handle it. Specifically the part where Mart-san talks to Yamaguchi after the match (Yamaguchi messed up his only play in the game) and asks him “Was it fun, Tadashi?” It was nearing the end of the stage and the scene felt a little rushed… 
  • Oikawa monologue :/ I was expecting more from the most relatable character in the series! They probably had similar number of lines, though, him and Iwaizumi, but the difference is that when Iwaizumi was talking in his scenes, there weren’t less plot mechanics/other characters/interactions happening on the stage, so it was less distracting
  • (again) Guilty of staring way too hard at one character again. My subconscious must really think he’s hot. And when Iwa-chan’s not the main focus at that plotpoint it’s not as though he does much of anything beyond high-fiving the members… Next time I vow to pay more attention to Tsukishima, Ennoshita (?? even less visible this time), Yamaguchi, Yahaba, HANAMAKI, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Daichi, etc. 
  • If you’re interested in the live-viewing report of the previous run, “Karasuno, Revival” which had full Nekoma and Date Tech, it’s here 
  • I should be either buying another pair of player bromides or getting the pamphlet next time 
Halloween Headcanons with the Girls

Veronica Lodge

  • Halloween movie marathon night 
  • You’re both movie junkies so every Halloween themed movie you make sure to watch 
  • Horror or the classics didn’t matter
  • She’s from New York so her Halloween parties had some class 
  • So that’s exactly what you two planned to do except in Riverdale 
  • It turned out to be another alcohol fueled party and not at all classy but that’s okay, you two had a good time 
  • She’d be down for anything you suggest so you two picked out pumpkins, carved them, went to haunted houses and ate or drank anything pumpkin related
  • Shopping for the fall is a must for Veronica Lodge
  • So she dragged you everywhere to find clothes 
  • You were hesitant at first
  • Until she said she’d model some of it for you
  • You were out the door faster than her
  • Little did you two know that all those clothes would be discarded on the floor by night ;) 

Cheryl Blossom

  • At the start of October you started calling her pumpkin (aye shoutout to Mads and her YouTube video) or pumpkin head just to piss her off
  • Haunted houses and fall shopping
  • You dragging Cheryl at something haunted and her getting low-key scared
  • “Cheryl your nails are digging into my skin.”
  • “I’m marking you as mine shut up.”
  • “Babe are you scared?”
  • “No, (y/n). Nothing scares me.
  • Like a second later a creepy bloody guy jumps out of nowhere causing Cheryl to jump a few feet and hide behind your back until you reach the end
  • You spend the whole night laughing and her vehemently denying that she was scared
  • “I was shocked not scared. Learn the difference.”
  • She’d pretend to be mad at you but secretly she’d be so happy to see you happy because of her
  • Since Thornhill was still damaged by the fire you let Cheryl throw a party at your house
  • Very sexy costumes to show everyone how hot the other is
  • At the same time being very protective of each other cause people keep ogling and if someone stares at Cheryl’s ass one more time a murder might occur in Riverdale again
  • Cheryl getting fed up by the people who keep staring so she threw them out and looking hot while doing it
  • Going up to your room cause who needs a host to a party, right? They’ll be fine
  • Next morning your neck is covered in red lipstick and hickeys
  • Veronica says the sight of that is truly terrifying but you show them off like a bloody medal

Betty Cooper

  • Betty is the type of girl to bake Halloween themed cookies and go to hayrides and watch the classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown
  • Which is what she convinced you to do with her since the start of October
  • You’d watch at night after she finished the cookies
  • She’d do all the baking while you taste the batter and wipe frosting on her nose
  • You wanted spooky pumpkin carvings but she wanted cute and kid friendly so you had no choice but to carve smiley faces
  • You’d stay home with her to hand out candy and treats to the kids because there was no way you’d go somewhere without her
  • But after that you‘d convince her to go to a party to Cheryl’s or something
  • Like maybe Mickey and Minnie or Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson or Vauseman from OITNB because why not, aye?
  • You convincing her to go trick or treating even though you’re too old
  • Okay but what if you, Betty, Archie, Veronica and Kevin dressed up together as the genderbent version of the Scooby Doo gang?
  • Archie as Daphne and Veronica as Fred
  • You’d be Scooby of course and you’d never leave Betty’s side
  • On the way home you’d kiss her good night without knowing there were still some kids around and they’d be so traumatised weirded out because Scooby and Shaggy are kissing wtf. 

That’s all I have. It’s shitty cause I typed it on my phone while writing a thesis. Anyway send some requests!

Beautiful - Heathers Genderbend au lyrics

So to answer some questions. Yes I will be posting genderbent versions of the lyrics. Yes you can suggest lines for lyrics I haven’t posted yet. No you can’t ask me to change lyrics I’ve already posted. However if you spot a typo you can tell me about it.

Anyway here’s Beautiful.

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a new obsession

its messy and not anatomically accurate and really really rushed but frozen genderbends 

Solar Eclipse

It’s impossible not to be aware of the event, even if one wasn’t in a weird live-in situation with two sun gods.  

All over the news and social media, there is constant talk of the solar eclipse.  People make jokes about not buying mysterious plants, or make plans to invade the Fire Nation.  They share instructions for creating pinhole cameras and seek out friends living in the path of totality, so they can stay there to see the moon completely eclipse the sun.

At the observatory where Icarus volunteers, there is a planned field trip for employees who can afford to pay, to spend a few days in Oregon before and after the eclipse. They’ll be going to watch it via one of the local observatory’s powerful telescopes, recording data about the sun’s corona that will only be visible during this eclipse, and otherwise having a great time.  

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Repetitiveness: Clare VS Sanderson

Spoilers for:

  • [Major] All of Brandon Sanderson’s work (including his non-cosmere stuff)
  • [Major] Cassandra Clare’s work up to Lady Midnight
  • [Very Minor] PJO on world building
  • [Very Minor] Harry Potter on world building

Now if you’ve been looking at my blog recently, you’ll know that I have fallen in an absolute love with Brandon Sanderson. But I subscribe to the philosophy that if you love something then you should mercilessly make fun of all its faults. One of the faults being: Sanderson’s writing is unbelievably repetitive. And no the excuse “well it’s all in the same universe” doesn’t work. Reckoners is not in the Cosmere but it’s a pretty shameless (yet hilarious) rip-off of Mistborn. The only difference being is that Mistborn is adult and Reckoners is YA. Which, apparently, means that everything is exactly the same but main characters don’t die. Also, to a much lesser degree Rithmatist rips off elements of Stormlight Archive but it’s nowhere near as bad as Reckoners. I’m pretty sure they’re going to outlaw drinking games made out of the Cosmere because of dangerous they would be.

I also use to read Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series but decided to stop because it was too repetitive. Now that sounds incredibly hypocritical and at first I didn’t understand why the repetitiveness didn’t bother me in Sanderson’s work. And the repetitiveness was the reason I found myself not wanting to continue after Lady Midnight. I know that Clare is going to pull some reason Jules and Emma can bonk out of her ass, Emma is going to suffer little to no consequences for her actions and they day will saved by bunch of stupid teenagers. At first these franchises seem completely different and pointless to compare but I’d argue they’re more similar than you think. Both authors were started off riding the coattails of other authors (Clare with the Twilight hype and Sanderson finishing up Wheel of Time), there’s a lot of talk of religion and there’s generally a neon sign pointing to which characters are going to die. Ironically, they both have a country called “Idris” that we barely care about unless it’s being under attack (Fun Fact: City of Glass was published in March of 2009 and Warbreaker was published June of 2009, go figure). They obviously have the same flaw. They tend to tell the same story with the same characters over and over again. However I figured out two reasons why I still enjoy Sanderson’s work and have given up on Clare’s.

1. Character Arcs and Group Dynamics:

Let’s take Raoden from Elantris and Elend from Mistborn. They’re essentially the same character. They’re young royals who take a position of authority even though they’re a bit naïve. They have badass girlfriends. Their girlfriends also have something to do with their clearly evil fathers’ deaths. Raoden even had a crazy brother in a draft of Elantris and Elend actually had a crazy brother. It sounds annoying that Brandon has characters with such similar backgrounds but there are some key differences.

One interesting way Brandon avoids the reader immediately realizing how similar these characters are is when their stories begin. Raoden’s story is basically Elend’s story but only through Well of Ascension and maybe a bit of time gap between Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages. In Well of Ascension you have the former ruling god dead, Elend is trying to deal with the authority that he’s accepted in the last book, dies and then comes back with awesome powers. Ditto for Raoden. But we get to see Elend grow from this naïve bookworm just trying to piss off his father into the badass emperor. Raoden’s already got some leadership skills from growing up with the assumption that he’s going take the thrown before he got zombie-afied and develops much faster than Elend in Elantris. It’s not immediately recognizable that this is the same arc. While in Shadowhunters Clary and Tessa basically go through the same story arc. Girl who thought she was average discovers Shadowhunters and that she’s magical, but even more super special than all the other magical people. She meets jerky guy and obviously better nice guy but chooses the jerky guy because he’s tortured. She discovers stuff about the Shadowhunter world and Clave continues to be useless dicks. She’s the only one who can save the day despite having very little to no training because she was born the right way. Bangs her boyfriend right before the climax because…I have no idea what Clare loves that trope to be honest. Anyone who was even remotely rude to her dies, even if they get quickly redeemed before the end and there are a few good guys who die, but honestly their deaths don’t really matter to the MC or the audience. End of trilogy! It’s boring. I will give Clare this, she did realize that the audience didn’t need this world explained for the third fucking time in TDA which a good step forward. I’m sure that every asshole is going to die by the end of the trilogy and right before the climax Jules and Emma will equip those stupid birth control runes and have a climax of their own. However there’s still the problem that they’re still fucking Shadowhunters.

Another difference is the different power sets that the characters. I know Tessa doesn’t have the exact same power set as Clary or Emma. Tessa is a Warlock-Shadowhunter, Clary has a bigger amount of angel blood than your average Shadowhunter and Emma is banging her Parabati which gives you magic powers apparently. Clare couldn’t have these take place on different planets with completely different magic systems like Sanderson can. But Tessa, Clary and Emma hang out with people and it wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t all Shadowhunters who come from the same culture with the same values and same personalities. Even the same family lines, which I guess means that family members have exact same personalities. At least when Sanderson families are from the same bloodlines he makes an effort to change up the personalities. Breeze is fancy asshole with a heart a gold, Wax is a social inept cowboy with a heart of gold. Tessa barely explores her Warlock side in TID, she talks to Magnus and maybe exchanges a couple of words with Ragnor. All three MCs hang out with Shadowhunters. It’s especially obvious when you look at Tessa and Clary’s groups. Tessa hangs out with Jace-Clone-With-Half-Decent-Reason-To-Be-An-Asshole, Simon-Done-Better, Crazy-Izzy (Jessamine) and Characters-That-Would-Make-Much-More-Interesting-Protagonists (Henry, Charlotte). TDA isn’t that much better. Emma and Jules are basically the genderbent versions of Jace and Clary with minor differences and being more pissy. They hang out with Less-Insufferable-Izzy, Evil-Crazy-Magnus, Expendable-Siblings, Siblings-I-Don’t-Care-About, Siblings-Waiting-For-Their-Own-Spinoff and Love-Geometry-Fodder. It would be better if they weren’t all Shadowhunters. Clare created a bunch of really interesting cultures and species that we never really get to see in full. We don’t know what it’s like to be a normal Vampire because Simon was a Daywalker (or whatever) and he wasn’t even a vampire for long, we had Maya the werewolf but she barely got any screen time. The non-Shadowhunter character we get the most of is Magnus because he’s a fan favorite but we still don’t really know much about Warlocks. I know this series is called Shadowhunters but why did it have to be? It would have been a better series if Tessa was a full on Warlock and she was exploring that aspect of Clare’s world and she could still interact with the Shadowhunters. Hell it might even be interesting to see how other species see the Shadowhunters. We know Downworlders hate Shadowhunters but they probably have different histories with them. Maybe Werewolves were used as manual slave labor while Warlocks were used as prostitutes for people who wanted to fuck demons but didn’t want demon STDs. I don’t know! Make Emma a werewolf, she’s aggressive. Culture does a lot, Clare already has the intriguing cultures that I want to learn about. She just has to DO something with them. Brandon loves having crews and it helps that they all come from different planets with different cultures. Even if he’s reusing a character they’re also either just different enough to not be a complete clone (unlike Jace and Will) or they’re surrounded by completely different characters. Raoden’s old crew has two old cranky farts with a rivalry that ends with my heart broken, a soldier, the hot guy, the big strong man with a family and the badass girlfriend. Elend’s crew he inherited from the Kell has the badass girlfriend, the fancy asshole with the heart of gold, soldier who’s a philosopher, Average Joe accountant, religious dude, cranky old fart and love-triangle-fodder. There’s some overlap between all the series’ crews but they’re just enough that you accept it. In Shadowhunters, especially with Tessa and Clary their friend groups are basically the same.

2. World Building:

The thing that keeps Sanderson’s work from becoming dull is that he is a master world builder. So good in fact that while you’re trying to figure out how the hell each world works and exactly how amazing it is that you completely miss all the repetitiveness along with the foreshadowing and references to the Cosmere. It’s only after you give yourself to think about the overall picture that you realize how similar they are. It’s essential a parent sneakily feeding their child vegetables by hiding them in cheese. Clare doesn’t have that. Seeing how Shadowhunters is the same exact world in every series, you never feel the confusion in any of the spinoff series. Once you’ve read a couple of the books you have a feel for the bland world.

Besides pop culture references, I don’t see much of a point in this being an urban fantasy. If the TV Show did one thing right, it’s that it mixed the Shadowhunter tech with modern tech. Why? Because it’s cool and gives it a little bit more of a reason to be set in modern times with modern pop culture references. If you took out all references to modern society it wouldn’t matter what time period any of these series took place because Shadowhunters seem to rarely let their society be affected by Mundane society. Shadowshunters have a very stagnant culture and it’s taken 10 books for them to start to realize that the Internet is awesome. This is an urban fantasy series but it doesn’t seem to have any effect other than pop culture references. You don’t need to completely blend Normal and Magical worlds; JK Rowling did a pretty good job of making a world where the wizard world very rarely interacts with the real world. This was successful because Harry Potter was a world with wizards who can do basically anything and had no real need to interact with Muggles. Shadowhunters for one don’t have any magical powers so they either have to do it themselves, get Warlocks to do it or get some Mundanes. They also have to protect Mundanes, you’d think they’d be interacting more and since there’s no Mist like Percy Jackson you wonder how Mundanes don’t figure it out by now. Speaking of PJO, on the flip side Percy Jackson works mixing the two elements because it’s fun to see Greek Gods and Monsters updated. Riordan took his concept and ran with it. He uses the modern setting to get out pop culture references but there’s still mortal interaction with characters like the demigods’ mortal parents and Rachel. The only other thing Clare uses the modern setting for is to introduce the Shadowhunter series to noobs. Which is fine for a series but after three, it gets tiresome. Also she picked the most stagnant and boring species out of the bunch.

Then there’s Sanderson, which I won’t compare Shadowhunters to the entire Cosmere because that’s unfair but I will compare it to Mistborn. In less than 200 years Henry Branwell made a few inventions like the portal and sensor; Clary made some new runes. So only Branwells can advance this society for some reason. In 300 years, Scadrial got cars, electricity, image projectors and fucking airships. I get that Shadowhunters really don’t like change but seriously all of humanity rests in their hands. I would want someone to create better ways of killing demons. Apparently witchlight can double as a power source so you can use it for computers and WiFi. Use that shit to make a car that works in Idris or some better tech. Find some better way to communicate to each other! That way the next genocidal maniac that Clary creates goes around to Institutes creating the next protagonists for another spin off series, you can warn people! Instead of relying on references to TID. This is why you’re always dying off, because you refuse to advance! This’ll be a never ending cycle of Shadowhunters using glow-y swords and arrows to kill all hell’s got to offer! Maybe this is all just a conspiracy and Clave has been stopping advancement in Shadowhunter society because once they defeat all the demons they’ll lose all their purpose in life.

One of the problems with Clare’s writing is that she often gives her main leads this amazing magical power that no else uses or can ever use. In 200 years or in the entire history of the world we never hear of another Warlock-Shadowhunter other than Tessa. And there will probably never be one because that’s what makes Tessa special. In Mistborn, the magic system is organically evolving. Throughout the first trilogy you always get new metals and new information about how the magic works is revealed. By Alloy of Law yes we have all 16 metals but we now discover that Mistborns don’t exist (which is a great way to keep any character from being too OP) but now there’s Twinborns. It’s a completely different type of magic user much like Tessa but Brandon expanded on that. Imagine the different types of Warlocks and Shadowhunter combos you could get and how that would manifest. Or how this would affect Shadowhunter society as a whole. Instead of Luke just becoming full on werewolf what if there was some sort of hybrid Werewolf-Shadowhunter. It’s the same with Twinborns. There’s so many combinations and possibilities for different powers. Then in Bands of Mourning there’s people being able to artificially give people powers. It’s so organic and just makes the world feel so much bigger because of how much you have to explore. The Shadowhunter magic never really evolves. It’s the same and once the main character uses their super-mega-ultra forms they got from the Angel to defeat the current bad guy threatening all of humanity, the power up just goes away. Like, you never want to see if other people can do that mega-awesome-thing? Why? Maybe they could use it to get rid of demons!

Then here’s my biggest grip with the Shadowhunters’ world: we’re never given an explanation on exactly the world works. I’m less invested in this world because I don’t feel like I can live there and then immediately die because I would not survive in any fantasy world. First is Idris: how does Idris get it’s food or clothing? Shadowhunter culture makes a big deal on how it’s shameful to not be anything but a demon hunter. But…y’gotta eat and someone has to make the sexy black leather you wear. Looking at the map there’s the lake, forest, plains and that’s all there is. Where are the farms? Are there Shadowhunter farmers? How are they treated? Or do they just rely on Warlocks to conjure it all up? Which Warlocks? Before the Accords did they just have Downworlder slaves do all this? If so then what happened after the Accords? And don’t give me that “well maybe it’ll be answered in a future book” or “it was answered in Lord of Shadows and/or Shadowhunter Academy” because it’s been 10 fucking books and a collection of short stories and Clare hasn’t given me the answers on how this society functions. I tried looking at Wiki but it was either such a throw away line that no one decided to put it or Clare hasn’t addressed it. Sanderson shows that worlds can distract from very glaring problems. I don’t expect to know exactly how the Cosmere functions because its not important at the moment, just like you don’t expect to know how Idris works in City of Bones. But after 11 books and still don’t know how anything works, I get frustrated and then I start getting annoyed at the other glaring problems. I know how the Camp Half-Blood functions. Mr. D grows strawberries, they harvest them, sell to them to the mortal world and get mortal money to pay for shit. Then golden drachmas are circulating around to buy magic stuff. Which also brings me to questions about the Institutes like: How do the Institutes have Mundane money? Is it the Clave that gets the money and then distributes it to the Institutes? How do they get the money? Do Shadowhunters really go out grocery shopping or does Idris just ship each institute supplies from wherever the fuck they get it? If so then how did they do that without the portal? How did they pay their Mundane servants back in the day? I go could go on the questions, Clare’s world just feel so small. Like nothing else is happening unless it’s relevant to the plot, while everything Sanderson creates such amazing worlds that you write…well a stupid post like this. It’s just there are so many unanswered questions that it becomes annoying.

Which is not to say that Sanderson never had this problem of not answering questions that probably should have been answered about the world. I can see myself beginning to lose my patience with getting answers to questions about the Cosmere, only to have new ones pop up. He has to walk that very fine line between leaving his audience wanting more without making them give up from frustration. While I didn’t hate it, Calamity left me with a lot more questions than answers. Yes, I know there are questions that are going to be answered later, especially around Calamity (the character) and I’m sure it’ll all make sense in about 10 years when we get Reckoners: Secret History or whatever. But there are questions that I feel should have been answered in this book and normally Brandon would but for some reason he didn’t. Like if Calamity made more Epics before he pissed off? Because if I were an Epic who went on a psychopathic rampage every time someone coughed in my direction, killed everyone I loved and random strangers and then suddenly snapped out of it; I would probably kill myself out of guilt. How exactly did other-universe David die exactly? I know it had something to do with Steelheart but how exactly? What’s it like for Firefight to come to our universe? Did Prof ever go to the other universe and say sorry to that Tia for killing her in our-universe? Could he just live there? Does Meg ever let him go there like she lets David see his dad? Why in this Earth do we have such piss-pour abilities to name shit? No, I’m not over how fucking stupid the name “Newcago” is. I’m actually glad Brandon didn’t attempt to name the two universes because they probably would have been stupid. Ultimately these questions are kind of annoying that I don’t have the answers to but I still know how this world functions. It was stated that the Epics leading their small territories in the…Fractured States (sigh) needed to have servants so they found some way to keep them alive. Yes it’s a “magic” answer but it works because you’ve got people who can come back from the dead and kill with bubbles. It doesn’t work with Shadowhunters because Shadowhunters don’t have magic and their better-than-you culture makes it hard for me to come up with any logical conclusion.

Ultimately Brandon Sanderson knows that if he can distract you enough with shiny bells and delicious cheese, he can get away with his repetitiveness that may be just slightly different. Clare seems perfectly fine with lazily not explaining a goddamn thing and just using whatever works over and over again with it being slightly different. That’s what it is. It’s lazy. Clare doesn’t seem to try. There’s no exploration it’s just a random girl who is super special and the entire universe revolves around her until the next protagonist comes along. Which makes me sad in the end. Oh well, at least I have the TV show to eventually catch up on. Despite my snarky commentary, Shadowhunters is actually gaining my respect by actually killing off characters that matter to Clary.


Day 6 – Beautiful

August was a man on a mission. That is why his stride held purpose as he made his way to the next manhole. Glancing around, he made sure nobody saw him as he carefully leveled himself underground. Hitting the bottom, the redhead inspected the bouquet of flowers he held in his hands and nodded in approval upon seeing their perfect state. He picked up his pace and headed in the direction of the lair.

He only just spotted the light coming from the home of his best friends as an orange blur came charging at him.

“Finally dude! If you took any longer, I dunno how long we could have kept her in the lab, she hasn’t had her morning coffee yet!”

August only smiled sheepishly at the female turtle. Marietta pouted at him, but quickly recovered and grabbed his arm. She pulled him into the living room, where her other sisters were already waiting. Well, Artemisia was waiting, Lavinia only shortly glanced up from her comic book before losing interest and returning to the page. The blue-clad ninja approached him with a welcoming smile. She pulled on his hands to better examine the flowers he had brought. Her eyes scanned over the bouquet before giving him a knowing smirk. August felt a light blush blossom on his cheeks. It seems the meaning of the floral gift was not lost on the leader. Artemisia just gave a short laugh and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. She will love them. I mean, for all I know, you could give her a dead bat and she would love it only because you gave it to her.”

Okay, now his face lit up in a full-blown blush. The redhead pouted at the retreating ninja when her energetic orange-masked sister made herself known again. She excitedly pushed him towards the big lab doors and gave him a thumbs-up before joining her sisters on the couch. From here, August could see that Lavinia was, in fact, occasionally peeking at him over the edge of her comic book. He snickered silently. The hotheaded sister actually cared after all.

Turning back to the tall double doors before him, August took a deep breath, hid the bouquet behind his back, and quietly entered the lab. He was surprised how the heavy door opened so softly, the purple-masked ninja really had oiled them nicely. The redhead now stood in the big room that his favourite ninja occupied more than any other room in the lair. Machines and other gadgets August could not put a name on littered the large space, but his attention focused on the working bench on the far side of the room.

There she was, hunched over the table with a soldering iron in hand. The redhead had to bite the inside of his cheek not to laugh. Marietta wasn’t kidding when she said Sofonisba hadn’t had her coffee yet as she was muttering angrily at the project she was currently working on.

Swallowing the chuckle that had almost escaped him, August remembered why he was here and felt his gut clench. He thought of the conversation they had had the day before.

The redhead had one of their usual late-night talks with the purple masked genius, while he was unable to sleep and she was having a binge work session. They were laughing and talking about nonsensical things as always when the conversation seemed to take a strange turn.

“Oh! There’s something I haven’t told you yet. You won’t believe it!”

August smiled as he heard Sofonisba laugh on the other end. He loved hearing her happy, even though her voice was laced with fatigue.

“Oh? So, what happened?”

“Today, at school, a girl actually called me cute. CUTE! I don’t know if I should be ecstatic or insulted. I mean, yeah, cute is nice and all, but come on! I know I have freckles, but I’m not a little baby boy anymore!”

“Ah yes, your masculinity is not something to be taken lightly.”

August pouted at her sarcastic tone. He might not be the manliest teenage boy out there, but he was starting to keep up with the turtles. Master Splinter had even encouraged him and told him that, had he trained as long as his daughters had, he would probably be even stronger than Lavinia.

“Yeah, well, I just think cute fits girls way better….like you.”

Wait, what? Did I just call Sofonisba cute?! Way to go, O’Neil!

The redhead felt his face heat up as he realized his slip up.


August froze at the tone of the purple-masked ninja. Worry already spread in his chest when the silence on the other end stretched on longer and longer.


He could hear her sigh.

“You really think any of us is cute?”

August gripped at his shirt as he took in the defeated tone of his favourite turtle. He knew Sofonisba was the most cynical of the sisters, but until now, he had always believed all of them were content with who they were. Artemisia saw their being as a gift and did not let it bother her. In fact, she saw her enhanced physical condition as an advantage in ninjutsu. Lavinia was too stubborn to let something like that pull her down, and Marietta just thought of herself and her sisters as the most adorable creatures on Earth. Well, after Ice Cream Kitty, that is.

Hearing the purple-masked ninja question her appearance with such doubt made August’s heart sink.

“Well, yeah. Like Marietta always says, only the fruitiness of an ice cold Kitty could top that.”

He let out a nervous chuckle, but there was only silence on the other end. He actually thought she might have hung up when another sigh came through the speaker.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. Yeah, we’re cute, but by pet standards. I mean, we’re freaking turtles! By human standards we-we’re ugly… disgusting.”

August was appalled by the sheer disdain in her words and voice. He gritted his teeth and frowned. How could she think something like that? He was not going to let that go that easily.



The redhead startled as he heard the turtles’ father shout. In a second, the line was dead. August stared at the blank screen for a while longer, and came to a decision.

Which had brought him here. He was going to show her that, even if she herself believed such horrible things, he didn’t and he would let her know. Taking a few steps forward, he readied himself. He cleared his throat lightly to get the ninja’s attention. The turtle started and spun around.

Again, August had to bite his tongue to not laugh or smile at the cute look of surprise she gave him, he had to be a gentleman right now.

“A-A-August! Wha— When did y-you get here?!”

In the end, he couldn’t keep the small perk of his lips down when he saw how flustered she was.

“I just got here.”

Her eyes were darting around the room, clearly too nervous to keep eye contact with him. However, her gaze stopped at his torso, or rather that which was hidden behind it. The redhead had expected nothing less from the observant ninja, so instead of keeping the present out of sight, he smiled and pulled the bouquet from behind his back. Sofonisba’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the flowers presented to her.

“I came here to see you, to give you these.”

Closing the distance between them, August gently pushed the gift into her hands, but did not let go just yet.

“I wanted to tell you something with them.”

He retracted one of his hands to point to one of the flowers. He was thankful she followed his movement even when being so taken aback.

“These are Irises. They symbolize eloquence, but the purple ones also represent wisdom.”

His finger pointed at the lilac flowers before moving on to an orange flower.

“Orange Lilies mean passion.”

August now moved his hand over the rest of the bouquet.

“And the rest of them mean—”


She finished his sentence with a hushed voice. He should have seen it coming, that a genius like her would be familiar with the language of flowers, but he had hoped otherwise when he was met with silence. Her eyes wandered from flower to flower until she locked onto one kind.

“Amaryllis symbolizes splendid beauty, or worth beyond beauty.”

Her gaze skipped to the other ones, going over each and every flower.

“Carnations represent pride and beauty, the red ones also love and admiration. Heather lavender means admiration, solitude and beauty. White Heather symbolizes protection and indicates that wishes will come true. And while the orange Lilies carry the meaning of passion, the Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of the heart.”

She muttered the meanings of the flowers in the same tone she would normally use to recite an equation. Sofonisba squinted a bit at the bouquet before her face scrunched up and she looked the teenage boy in the eye. August already noticed that she had figured out why he was giving these flowers to her. She frowned and seemed to clench her teeth.


“Sofonisba, listen to me first.”

The redhead was surprised at how firm his voice sounded, so he was going to push forward with that.

“I know what you’re going to tell me, but I’m here to tell you I don’t care. You might think you’re considered ugly by human standards, but really, being human is so overrated.”

August smiled cheekily as the purple-masked ninja stared back completely stunned.

“I want you to know that in my eyes, you’re more beautiful than any other girl I’ve ever met. You might not be a drop-dead gorgeous super model, but your smile always brightens your whole face, and I wouldn’t exchange the sparkle in your eyes while working on a project for anything.”

He smiled softly at her before uttering the last part.

“You can think of yourself as ugly as much as you want, but just so you know, I’ll always be there to fight you over that.”

Sofonisba could do nothing but stare at him dumbfounded. After blinking several times, she looked back down at the bouquet. After a few more moments, a smile finally spread across her face and she hugged the flowers close to her. Her eyes locked into his again, a warm smile growing on his face as well.

The purple-masked ninja stepped closer and leaned her forehead on August’s chest.

“Thank you so, so much.”

August laughed softly. He put his arms around her and gave her a peck on the top of her head.

“You’re welcome.”

*sigh* didn’t finish it in the end, welp, what can ya do! And I’m gonna say this right now, I didn’t manage to make a drawing for tomorrow either, so I’ll end Apritelloweek with JUST a story, sry gusy. 
and yeah, a genderbent AU, cos I love shiz like that. Name’s are taken from @zivazivc‘s AU, cos I realy like how she named them xp

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Can we have a kallura and plance gender bent?

((Ah the gender bend. A classic fanfic trope. It seems to have lost traction in recent years for some reason, but I still find it interesting as hell. That being said I’ve never actually written a genderbent story before so don’t be surprised if this is really very… bad.))

“I think you should go talk to him.”

Keira blushed and avoided Lana’s gaze.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

“Oh c’mon! You don’t think I haven’t noticed?” Lana’s suggestive smile only made Keira blush more. “You keep glancing at him. Not that I can blame you.”

Lana gave a suggestive hum.

“Stop it.” Keira chided.

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Analysis:  The Dream Daddy Fiasco

So I’m not sure if anyone has realized this, but the Dream Daddy fandom is dead.  Really dead, like super duper dead.

And before I get asks or whatever saying ‘it’s just a dating sim’, or ‘it was a small game so of course it’s dead’, or ‘it was just a fad’.  Stop for a second and listen to me.

I have seen this website blow up small fandoms before and keep them alive.  I have seen things absolutely grow beyond what they originally were.  So why is Dream Daddy dead?

Well I have an analysis that I am sure that no one asked for, but you’re all getting it anyway.

1.  Irresponsible Creators

Creators who won’t take responsibility for their creation and all of the questions it brings.  The ‘cult ending’ or whatever the fuck it was, was in the coding of the game, it could become dlc, it could be well… anything really.  But what it isn’t, as of this moment is, and read this part: an actual part of the game.  The Creators dodged it, said we were getting dlc in the future, and basically left it on read. 

You cannot leave your entire fanbase on read.  I’m not saying there couldn’t be DLC in the future.  (I’m betting there will be tbh)  But to have no news about any DLC for months since the game dropped?  Not good.  Say what you will about other irresponsible creators.  (*cough*Bioware*cough*)  At least MEA is getting comics, and there’s a ton of content to it and a dedicated fanbase even though tbh it’s kind of an abysmal failure and several steps backwards for Bioware.  (Don’t @ me about this, I own the game, I’ve played it, I know from personal suffering and 80 billion fetch quests, like I love you Jaal and Reyes but you are the only thing keeping me in this game sometimes)  ANYWAY back to the purpose of this post.  Leaving a fandom on read is bad.  Say what you will about Bioware, but at least you know content is coming for the games. (whether it’s good or not is up to you at this point, again don’t @ me)  The DDADDS devs didn’t expect so much from their fanbase, so quickly and were woefully unprepared. 

They hinted and teased at DLC, without any real promise of when it will be coming out.  Whether or not it’s connected to the ‘cult ending’, or basically anything.  Now in a way I’m still sure we’re going to get DLC for this game because well for all intended purposes, this game was a raging success and made these people A LOT of money.  (the numbers were kind of shocking tbh?)  I mean let’s talk about this for a moment.  What were the big names in gaming this year?  If you think DDADDS wasn’t in those talks, well I hate to say it but you’re WRONG.  This game made it onto mainstream television in the US.  (please don’t look up the comedy central thing, it’s kind of jarring)

So this is the first reason this fandom died off really quickly, irresponsible creators who don’t actually explain anything.

2.  Purity Culture

I’m not actually going to be attacking the ‘this is pure’ culture thing on tumblr on this.  Because I remember the advertising for DDADDS.  It was ADVERTISED as a pure, light hearted, and sweet mlm dating sim.  I’m not joking, the creators basically said this is the game that purity culture mlm are looking for.  Your gays wouldn’t be buried, your crops would be watered, your life would be perfect during this game.  (I’m exaggerating but the point is this game was supposed to be pure, light-hearted, and fun)

THEN they fucked it all up with Joseph’s route being well erm *coughs*BAD*coughs*.  And the ‘cult ending’ script basically ruining every other ending in the game.  (Joseph is the reason all the other dads are single and your relationship with any of them will be fucked up eventually because of the cult ending and how it was written.)  Again the ‘cult ending’ isn’t even part of the actual game, but we dug up its files and read it.  But the facts that its files were ATTACHED at all, and we read this stuff, yeah basically this was a sudden betrayal of what the fandom wanted.

Now I don’t even care if you LIKE the ‘cult ending’ or whatever.  I’m talking about what was advertised being very different than the end product.  I’m talking about other endings being ruined for the fanbase that didn’t like the ‘cult ending’.  Ignoring it was basically impossible because of how it was written.

So it became this tired dance of ‘will they’ or ‘won’t they’ with the ‘cult ending’.  So purity culture which was what this ADVERTISING catered to, does what it does best.  It discovered the advertising was a lie, and the fanbase crashed and BURNED because of it.

3.  Joseph Christiansen

Joseph is the main reason this fanbase is dead.  There are so many other dads for this fandom to love, but we can’t get over losing ONE.  Because that’s what the creators did.  They dangled ALL these dads out as possible good endings and great mlm content in advertising.  But the game is minus one.  (Also I’m not going to discuss Robert here, because his good ending is understandable and at least not awful).  Joseph doesn’t have a good ending.  And the creators didn’t want to actually go all the way with making him a villain.  (case in point:  the cult ending is not actually part of the game), but they also didn’t want to make him good.  (case in point:  showing his wrecked marriage and then not giving him a good ending)

Also if you take what the creators said about.  ‘Not wanting to portray Divorce as good’, but then showing Mary and Joseph as MISERABLE in their marriage, it just makes everything all the more aggravating. 

Also I’m not even on the ‘shock horror ending’ aka the ‘cult ending’ aspect of this.  I’m on what is in the actual game.  There’s a PETITION asking the devs for an actual good ending for Joseph and Mary.  I’m serious, a PETITION.

Plus both devs said Mary is their favorite character in a mlm dating sim, but that’s a whole other ballpark of stupid that I don’t even want to go into. 

Anyway back to what I was saying.  The fandom watched day in and day out as their ‘pure mlm dating sim’ was basically torn apart by the what if ending (the cult ending), and the truth of Joseph’s routes in game. 

And while many are still waiting for an answer as to why Joseph is the way he is in game, many left the fandom because of the drama™ that his writing and route brought.  Also many left as well because Joseph has bad writing.  Honestly he has BAD WRITING.  But has that ever stopped fandom before?  (Sherlock fandom, Dragon Age fandom, Supernatural fandom, Homestuck fandom) 

No it has never stopped fandom before.  But compounded on all the other problems before this.  (irresponsible creators, purity culture shock) and the last problem I’m going to talk about after this, it makes for a toxic cesspool that only the most hardcore of fans can endure. 

4.  Karma

DDADDS has karma because the creators basically didn’t know what to do concerning toxicity in fandom.  They didn’t expect fandoms to be a toxic place, so they tried to stop it but really half assed it.  They told fans to stop harassing an artist who drew genderbent art, but said nothing as a bunch of trans and mlm content creators were harassed.  They said nothing as Damien’s tag became a targeting ground for TERFS.  They said nothing and did nothing after saying one thing.  Say what you will, but leaving fandom isn’t always the best.  A lot of people said ‘fuck it’ and left the fandom.

The content that was there wasn’t enough to overcome the issues that compounded in a very short amount of time.  I’ve seen smaller fandoms blow up and stay up even after time.  I’ve seen big fandoms blow over and die before.  But DDADDS was a special case.  It was so many things going wrong, all at once, over and over.  Karma was bound to hit the fandom, and all that was left in its wake are a few desperate fans who stuck around because they like the concepts, the content, etc. all enough to stick around even through the truly awful parts.

Just remember folks, tumblr is a place for fandoms to continue to exist beyond their prime.  For YEARS to come.  Sure some things die off, but people are dedicated to their fandoms.  Even if people retreat some, usually it doesn’t turn into the whirlwind that DDADDS was.  And I’m unsure if the DDADDS fandom will ever recover or if it’s truly dead.  If the creators killed off its chances before they truly began, or if the few fans left will rise from the ashes and bring their fandom back up with them. 

Who knows, if we ever get DLC, (and we probably will since they said we will) it might revive the fandom.  But until then, I hope everyone understands what a shit show this was, take heed, and remember what should have been from this fandom, isn’t what it became in the long run sadly.

Top 10 OTPs of All Time

Tagged by the utterly fabulous @thebookwhisperersworld to cry over my One True Pairings. 

These vary from the fluffy ones I want to love and cherish one another forever, and those that I just consider it vital to read about them having angry hate sex. Who is who is PROBABLY quite obvious. p.s. I’ve probably forgotten some but fuck it these are the ones off of the top of my head

Problems I will note in advance: None of these are femslash. I was tempted to put up Elren but they haven’t yet stood the test of time, which is why there’s no femslash, since I used to be a #ClosetCase and thus was spooked out by femslash (oh how times do change). 

problem 2) I love shithead characters. ask the wife @abookandacoffee like if someone is a shit she knows I’m like YES PLEASE GOOD HI HOW CAN I MAKE U MY FAVE???

Anyway, on with the show!

1. Maleficent x Diaval (from ‘Maleficent’) - I have about 200k of fic for this shit on my laptop??? This was the movie I watched on repeat in hospital and I love them okay sorry not sorry. They are my all time fave, I would die for these two, I LOVE AJ, and Diaval is fucking precious. 

2. Peter Pevensie x Prince Caspian - In the Narnia FILMS, not the books. The sexual tension actually killed me? They were my first INTENSE love like I wrote angsty song fic for these losers okay and I will love them forever. Also, Ben Barnes WAS my sexual awakening I used to rewatch him kissing Basil in Dorian Grey on repeat like… why can I not… stop watching…?

3. Eames x Arthur from Inception - They have the best suits. The best fanfic. The best actors. Eames is literally every romance novel hero ever and Arthur is literally a romance heroine just genderbent, stuffy, uptight, intelligent, underappreciated, I ADORE THEM

4. Kylo Ren x General Hux from Star Wars (New Gen) - Um they have so many choking fics and hate sex fics??? i.e. all I need and want in life??? They are both total shits and I think they’re awful people but I love reading about their love/hate relationship k thnx bye. Also I am super into Hux’s actor. Not so much of a Kylo Ren fan which is why I’m less of a Reylo shipper, although i ADORE Daisy Ridley. 

(honestly that caption summons up my fave fics for them which I also have about 200k+ on my laptop of)

5. Hannibal Lecter x Will Graham - murder husbands, murder family, all of it is love and life and they’re canon and they’re beautiful. Just as fucked up as I like ‘em. 

6. Spock x Kirk, Chekov x Sulu - Star Trek (2009) - Yes okay these are SO generic like the original slash pairing yes wow aren’t I a basic bitch but Zachary Quinto is my one true sweetheart and my friend and I used to scream at each other about who was more attractive, him or Chris Pine. Chulu is just fucking precious fuck off. 

7. Sherlock x Moriarty (bbc sherlock) - Controversial opinion time, I’m not a Johnlock fan. It doesn’t really appeal to me in the way most Curtain fic doesn’t appeal to me. What can I say, I’m a sucker for love/hate relationships if this list hasn’t made that clear already??? Also Andrew Scott is my Gay Icon and I adore him soooo… (he was lit in Pride and Handsome Devil). I hate bbc sherlock now that it’s finished though, for reasons I won’t explain here but am happy to go into if needed BEFORE you rage unfollow me. 

8. The Doctor (Number 11, although 10 is good too) x The Master - My very first AO3 fic was for this pairing an I adore them. I mean I adore both characters seperately (Matt Smith is MY doctor, though DT and CE were also fucking fab. But MS was the doctor I actually got infatuated with). I love them. So much. And have read all their fic. So yes. p.s. ask me to rant about why 11 is GOLDEN and I will… I will cry.. and rant A LOT. Urgh. I hate moffat. I love matt smith. it was a DIFFICULT time for teenage me. As for John Simm as the Master? Like??? COULD HE BE ANY MORE PERFECT??? also he introduced me to Voodoo Child the song so #LOVE 

9. Light Yagami x L (Death Note) - I mean if we go into anime there are a LOT of OTPs, for example Rock Lee x ME, but these two were the ORIGINALS and thus they own this spot since I always end up going back to them. Love/Hate at its finest, WITH ADDED HANDCUFFS. 

10. Lucille Sharpe x Thomas Sharpe (Crimson Peak) - Honestly Lucille is one of my all time favourite female characters. She has such depth and fucking anger and she is like the Nesta of Movies but they never gloss over her abusiveness?? Like she is THE VILLAIN but she’s also fucking awesome? And the fic for these two… oh my goodness… It is so intense and heartbreaking and fucked up and I am so sorry you two.

Honorary Mentions

11. Draco x Harry - The #Original ship of mine. Less obsessed with it now, largely because I consumed so much when I was younger? I’m also less prone to woobifying Draco now so am on the hunt for more IC fic for him and Potter. Although the movie bathroom scene WILL kill me every time. 

12. Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy (DC comics)- my first true femslash ship and the light of my life. I mean I went as Harley for Halloween, have her poster, and have them as one of my desktop backgrounds because even though they’re new for me, I adore them. PLUS THEY’RE CANON <3

I am tagging: @abookandacoffee @my-name-is-fireheart @illyrianrhys @birdiethebibliophile @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn @rowaelinsmut @rayonfrozenwings @flywiththegryffindork and whoever fancies fangirling/boying/non-gender-specific-ing with me. 

The Superman Sex Dilemma

Summary: Genderbent!Phan. Fiona was a nobody and just made herself look like an idiot to the most popular girl at school.

Warnings: Talk of death by sex  

Prompt: i’d like to request a female!collegephanau-Danielle is the exteremlypopular girl majoring in psychology(ringlets of shoulder length brown hair, sun dresses,smirks)&Fiona is a dorky clumsy girl doing her major in photography(waist length long black hair- large blue eyes,checkered shirts and skinny jeans)they meet for a school project and fall slowly in love agghhh…if u’d like to write it though, no pressure :)

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Am I doing this right? 

I’ve seen everyone doing this, so I guess I’ll do the thing too. TBH I actually have like 160+ followers, but still. This is my first time doing a follow forever, so here we go.

A thank you all to everybody that follows me<3 I’m not sure where to start, but thank you all for sticking and baring with me to this day. You all have kind and beautiful souls. I don’t come on tumblr RP as much anymore for my own personal reasons, but it does make. me happy to know you’re all still with me even in spirit hahaha. There’s so many of you I wanna thank and also interact with via OOC or IC. I apologize if you haven’t been added onto the list, because like I said, there’s so many of you. That does not mean I hate you or forgot about you though.

Now where to start…?

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something that can make you
forget grief or suffering.




// @saradacchi makes my heart hurt with wonderful art and great au ideas. :’) sasuke is genderbent and yes, this is a sasusaku story. i am angry that this is turning out to be a multi-chap, but hey, anything to keep my mind going and words flowing. update for student/teacher coming soon as well.

| next

There was nothing different with her day as she watched the usual flow of people in and out of the shop. She watched, dark eyes fixated on every single person that came in, listening to what each and every one of them wanted on their skin.

“This, for sure,” she listened to one kid say; he had probably just turned eighteen and this would be his very first tattoo. “I’ve gotta have it.”

Satsuki smirked, her perfect, dark lips curving upward as Suigetsu nodded his head and took the sheet of paper from the guy. “I’ll see what I can do, kid.”

Suigetsu always had a way with his drawings and the way he tattooed people. He had such a different style than everyone else, yet people would come to him all the time – Satsuki concluded that it was his outgoing and bubbly personality. By the time Satsuki glanced back down to her drawing, she hadn’t realized how heavy the lineart around her flowers had been.

A black rose, the girl explained to her. Satsuki specialized in flowers; not because it was girly, but because of the many different ways a flower could be drawn and how many types of flowers there were out in the world.

She began to fix her sketch and add more details to the petals – as much as she could anyways. Long, raven locks fell from her messy ponytail as she tilted her head at the finished sketch.

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fuck this shit, I’ve been seeing that post of the genderbent dream daddy, and the person who posted it on tumblr trying to harrass the artist. People can draw what ever the fuck they want. how ever the fuck they want. I could draw a dick with a vagina with a dick. and someone is going to say it’s something-phobic. I’ve been on this site for six years, and I use to have so much anxiety over posting anything. cause someone was going to be offended by it, because I thought every thought I had would be offensive to someone and would hurt someones feelings. And  I didn’t want to be that kind of person. I wanted to be good and kind and learn from this site. you know what I learned? I learned that my anxiety could get worse. I learned that the internet could suck, I knew trolls existed and they were nothing compared to the horrible people on this site, who post other peoples stuff and their stupid drama. I hate drama. I avoided thinking in highschool to avoid drama. but SIX YEARS OF TUMBLR have pushed me past that. I either don’t care enough or I’m pissed at all the people who increase it for fun and for posts and for notes. and the worse of it? I DID IT TOO. I thought I was being good for sharing their harrassment. cause it was punishing them. I believed it was justice. WELL GUESS WHAT?! I’M DONE. I’m done with this crap. WHO THE FUCK HAS THE MIND SET TO DO THAT SHIT!? to point an entire site at one person for drawing something they didn’t like? SHIT SON! maybe you didn’t know, maybe you were just having a bad day and didn’t like the drawing. but SHIT SON, instead of saying hey this is “something-phobic” explain yourself! tells us why you believe that and why personally you feel that. and the BIGGEST think you can do is think before you reblog something that targets someone. some people like drawing and they do it for themselves. I once drew two dicks getting married with vibrating rings for a trivia question. if someone posted that and was offended by it, well whatever. I just like making dick jokes. which you person are one of them. 

anonymous asked:

whoAAA your prison au!!! i live for allll of your knb aus hehe. miyagi mentions five kings, omg that must mean all the others are in prison too~! i'm so curious about how all the other ships would come into play here like muramuro and akafuri and everyone!! would kuroko be the hidden sixth king? or is kuroko and kagami gonna break them out of prison?? i would love to hear your headcanons for this au or random plot ideas or anything!

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to answer this, anon-friend!! Considering you asked after my first Prison AU story (here). The reason I initially held off was because I knew I was going to write the MuraMuro story (now here) so I wanted to write that first before answering this question. And then I wrote that story and it still took me a long time to get to this answer. But sorry! I am so happy that you were interested in Prison AU! I happen to have a bunch of Prison headcanons that I would love to share with you! And since I’m probably never going to write out the full story, I am more than happy to share them all with you here.

Hidden, under the cut, so that if Prison AUs are not your cup of tea you don’t have to read them. There are some dark themes (death, murder, the like) discussed, so fair warning. Nothing explicit.

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