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Do you use whetstones alot, and can you tell me how to use them? I remember hearing about sharpening at an angle or something to make it peirce more, or did i just misremember that?

I don’t use whetstones anymore since I don’t use my weapons on people or objects, thus, I don’t wear their edge out, but as part of maintenance back when I did use them on objects (NOT PEOPLE), yeah, I learned how to use whetstones.

  • FIRST OF ALL, dip your whetstone in water for about five to ten minutes to soak. When there are no more little air bubbles appearing, that means your whetstone is READY to make some magic
  • You know how you usually see people pouring water on the blade and whetstone while sharpening? WELL YOU GOTTA DO THAT. See, the water combines with small particles released from the stone to form an abrasive substance, and THAT is what allows the sharpening to take place (instead of just abusing your steel with stone), so keep applying water while you sharpen, champ.
  • If you are a real Crocodile Dundee-tier mother fucker, you can use your hand to hold the whetstone, but if you are human like the rest of us, use a slip-resistant base (there’s whetstone pans specifically for this purpose, but any slip-proof base works)
  • First, use the coarse grit of the ‘stone, and apply LIGHT pressure, be gentle on your steel, love your steel, and it will love you back. Light pressure, REMEMBER.
  • Start at the tip of your blade. 
  • Move the blade back and forth at an angle of 15 - 20° across the entire stone. The angle is basically because blades are basically a million of very tiny teeth, like saws, but VERY VERY TINY, so sharpening at an angle makes these microteeth point “forward” or “upward”; in the direction of the stab while make their edge end face in the direction of the slash, thus, increase the penetration of you blade in general. 
  • Again, start at the tip of the blade. Pull the blade over the stone through to the middle and down to the base of the blade. Keep at it, and a GOOD ASS EDGE will have developed.
  • Now turn the blade and start all over with the other side! REMEMBER TO MAINTAIN THE ANGLE for maximum power.
  • The finishing touch is to pull the blade once last time against the whetstone twice (one with each side) to remove the last few blurs and residue.
  • Your EXCALIBUR is now REAL FUCKING SHARP, kiddo.
  • Rinse thy whetstone because dirty and residue-covered whetstones are bad.
  • Rinse your excalibur in HOT WATER and finish by drying it with a cloth.

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve utilized the Whetstone and now possess a Sword +1.

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I swear you malec fans just want a malec porno scene. Get the fuck over it already. We've seen magnus shirtless and alec shirtless. We've seen malec kiss, cuddle, and just be out right sweet to each other. We've seen malec grow, argue, forgive, and apologize. We are witnessing an actual relationship that IS NOT BASED ON SEX. I'm tired of seeing these posts because they are making me hate a ship I really do enjoy. I can't tell you how to feel or think but damn zaddy, move the fuck on already

excuse you??? you have no idea what you’re talking about?? 

yeah look at me

only talking about malec sex

all the time….so much porn mention //

i’m disgusted…

lmao, anon, don’t you dare come here and attack me for something you made me into! it’s never been about us being thirsty hoes wanting malec porn?? it’s about us wanting malec to be treated the same as any other heterosexual couple on tv. if we can have time in the show for all these meaningless hook ups such as jace and a random seelie girl, then we sure as hell have time for some intimacy between the only lgbt, canon couple on the show which they constantly use to promote the show. 

Thank you, and goodbye.

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Can I just mention that we forgot that Volo is making a lot of silent stone for something? Not even Evangeline knows what its for anD IM VERY SUSPICIOUS

Originally posted by twenty1copilots

Um, yeah how dare you remind everyone. No idea what he’s doing either, so um… (slides back into shadows) no comment????

Oh boy old demons came back to haunt me today. Tokyo ghoul hasn't trended for a while and its TAG has been dead for about the same amount of time. However I feel obligated to do a Tokyo ghoul update again for those of you who don't give a SHIT but are vaguely wondering how it's been going

So Kaneki has been fighting a load of clowns for a while.

Like seriously, that’s why it’s been essentially dead, Tokyo ghoul has been literally fighting consistently for like I dunno, the last ten chapters. Maybe more.

It’s just been constant fighting.

The reason it’s trending is cuz Mutsuki is crazy.


That’s it.

I think he stabbed Kaneki a bunch of times and is doing some yandere bullshit. Oh wait no it’s someone who’s probably not Kaneki but he’s imagining they’re Kaneki or some shit.

That’s where ishida is at right now.

He’s still doing his endless shonen fighting schtick.

But he’s decided to drag the last likable new character into being his new psycho yandere, isn’t that nice?

Rest in piece mutsuki!

I’ll miss you when he kills you off dramatically next week!

Sorry you had to die cuz he sensed his audience losing focus and threw in something that felt like Tokyo ghoul after weeks and weeks of what felt like Bleach.

edit: Lmao someone told me it was Uta. Why do I not care? Oh right. Cuz why would I care about this dumbass who only flits in and out of this manga about as frequently as its PROTAGONIST getting stabbed a bunch?

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What do you do when you realize that your close friends are mammies. Like do I stop being friends with them or just keep my opinions to myself because they never listen to them anyway.

I know this is hard for you and its probably even harder if you’ve been friends with them all your life, however, I’m gonna have to tell you like other black women tell black women who find themselves in this predicament, you may just have to cut them off. Many black women are realizing how toxic it is to continue to befriend or engage mammy black women, many times they are worse than these toxic black males. Mammies also try to keep common sense, savvy crafty black women in the sacrifice seat along with them. They don’t want to see you get ahead. Don’t try to  convince them that their mammying will do them no good, cause like you said they won’t listen. So yeah I suggest for you as a woke black woman, it is time for you to release them.

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How much do you think Rittenhouse knows about the journal? Before the finale I was thinking next to nothing, but with the big reveals about Emma and Lucy's mom I'm not so sure. Remember, Lucy's mom gave Lucy the journal at the end of the very same episode where Emma had been asking Flynn about it. Coincidence or nefarious plot? Does Rittenhouse... want Lucy to write the journal?

Hey, yeah, there’s the thing. Rittenhouse may not actually know the journal exists. At all. Lucy’s known about it since the Pilot, but she wouldn’t tell anyone. Not until 1.06, when Flynn was a butt and blabbed the secret to Wyatt and Rufus. Rufus’s recording picked it up, but he later destroyed the device. Same in 1.10 when they talk about it. There’s no evidence to suggest they know it exists and that Flynn has it. And if they did know (no idea how they would), they’d have no clue to what’s inside. The contents have no way of being reported back to them. So when Cahill keeps urging Lucy to join Rittenhouse, he probably doesn’t know that her future involves her joining Flynn and trying to take them down.

I think they specifically staged the scene with Emma simply so we would later be glad Flynn didn’t explain the journal to her. (For the record, I called that one.) Which is just another reason to argue that Rittenhouse doesn’t know it exists. And even if Emma saw the initials on the cover and drew the conclusion to Lucy Preston, she has no way of knowing the journal is from the future or what’s in it. I think them zooming in on it in the beginning is so we know it’s the same one in the ending. That’s also why it’s in the same episode, just to make certain we remember.

But you pose a good question. Did Lucy’s mother give her the journal as another way for Rittenhouse to keep tabs on their trips? She has known (all along apparently) what Lucy was doing: traveling through time. And Rittenhouse, for whatever reason, is obsessed with knowing everything that went on but was kept out of the team’s debriefing afterward. As of 1.11, however, Rufus stopped reporting that information to them (after a long history of never doing it right anyway). So was the journal a genuine gift to help Lucy clear her head (a practice in their family), or was it a method of spying? …I have no idea.

I feel like if Rittenhouse knew everything about the journal though, they would actually want to stop Lucy from writing it. Since it’s Flynn’s guide in his war against them. 

Also, throwing it out there, thank goodness Flynn gave the journal to Lucy and he wasn’t arrested with it.

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Sorry I can stop if you want me to, I don't mean to bug you, it's just you're the only other person I know that's really into BNHA? Anyway: I just absolutely adore how cute Midoriya is? Like, all the time, but especially when it comes to All Might! And I love the comparison between Sir and Midoriya; both are very analytical and prefer to observe their opponents before battle, but the way they do so is so starkly different!

oh my god yeah he’s so adorable o<-< when he was like “ALL MIGHT TOLD ME I COULD BE THE GREATEST HERO” my heart wept tears of happy pride

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God I can't begin to explain how jealous I am right now. I'm on such thin ice trying to get a switch on launch day, and before I could get money to buy the special edition it sold out. I would literally pay you right now for that special edition if I could. At least it'll go to someone who will love it as much or more than I would have.

yeah scalping and people just…taking way more copies of the switch and the master edition than they need just sucks in general, nintendo needs to be a little better with regulating how many units per person are sold, but tbh even if they tried I’m sure people who like to buy 8+ copies of the same game/console have ways of doing it making multiple profiles etc- and yeah they are asshats, but at least the console will eventually come back in stock.  Tbh i had the master edition of botw first but really needed money so i sold mine to get the special edition since from what i could see the only difference between the special and the master was the sword statue and i already had enough swords (also I’m sure eventually someone will sell me just the damn sword idk if they sell it to me for like 40+ bucks i still want it @v@ ) but yeah its really stupid I sold my to someone i knew for a more decent price than the 300-500$+ ive seen people on ebay or other places selling them for :/ 


“Hey Honey, What are you doing out here?” Asked Lizzie when she saw Kinleigh sitting in the backyard on her own. 

“Oh, Hey Mum.. I just put Jarrah down for a nap and thought I’d come out in the sun for a bit.”

“I’ve never heard a better idea, mind if I sit too?” asked Lizzie as she sat down

“Sure….So, Elliott just called me..”  said Kinleigh 

“Oh yeah?.. What did he have to say?”  said Lizzie

“He asked me on a date… Tomorrow night..”  said Kinleigh blushing

“Yay finally!!… How exciting!!” Declared Lizzie

“Any chance you could watch Jarrah for me? I’ll put him to bed before I leave, so you won’t actually have to do anything unless he wakes up.”
asked Kinleigh 

“Oh of course honey!!”

Was having a bad day because my grandmother’s condition has really deteriorated and I thought I was gonna drive up there Monday with my dad and brother for goodbyes but he’s leaving tonight on a plane so I don’t know if I’ll be able to go see her or what and I want to do something but I don’t know what to do, but then I was just holding the door open for people coming out of the James Baldwin I am not your negro movie and I told the last guy walking out to have a good day and to take care and he just gave me this shrug with a really sad face of like, grim acceptance, that said to me like I’ll try but how can I when the world’s like this and I feel bad for him now.
So yeah, weird day.

I really want to talk to people with chronic illness who feel like their plans have been destroyed and feel like lost for how to move forward because that’s how I’m feeling and navigating it is weird and talking to people who don’t have it is uncomfortable as like it’s not as easy as just overcoming my disability there’s all the mental shit and perfectionism behind it and it feels really complicated and intertwined with a lot of things. Just like how do you move forward and start doing stuff again when you’ve kinda just stopped? Then I have all this stuff about how I’m not disabled enough and should just get on with it and think myself lucky which isn’t very helpful. I feel like ive retired? But I’m 20 so yeah I don’t want to be retired.

Host Segment 3 (S02E07)

Crow: I had no idea Gypsy had such a powerful brain, running all the working functions of the Satellite of Love and everything… I even found out she re-analoged my brain when I had that computer virus!
Servo: Yup! Joel must have not told us for a reason. You know, it’s funny how working outdoors makes you comfortable pondering such questions.
Crow: Yeah, I was gonna say how nice it was not always having to talk when we’re together.
Servo: Yeah, that’s neat!
Crow: Oh, here they come! Servo, do that cricket noise you do so well, and I’ll run lights, okay? Okay.

Joel: Oh, for fun. Yeah, I know exactly how it is. You know, we’re pretty much the same that way, you just gotta let off steam sometimes, ya know? This looks like a nice place to rest, doesn’t it?
Gypsy: Oh, it sure does, Joel. Oh, Joel… I feel so special!
Joel: Uh-huh, good. Okay. Hey, uhh, Cambot, I hope you’re getting this, we’ll wanna use this in Gypsy’s scrap book later. (mock english accent) Anyway, I’m just a wandering minstrel at your service, milady…
Gypsy: Oh, play on, my liege. 

♪ I know what I like 
and I like what I know
‘cause I know what I like about you 
(Gypsy: …about me)

Joel: You know, I feel kinda like Mac Davis on the muppet show?

♫ I know your ways
(Gypsy: …my ways)
And your ways please me so
(Gypsy: …so so)
Cause I like what I know about you ♪

Gypsy: Aww, Joel, Hold me.

Crow: Man, you messin’ with private stock!
Servo: Let’s get ‘im!
Gypsy: I’m in it for the kicks!

In the film, this song is bland and cold, an unfeeling performance. Joel performs more or less the same number here, but it’s heartfelt, and it resonates. It really illustrates the difference a true feeling can make when it comes to music. A truly special host segment.

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Yeah I don't understand why they had to cancel a Book 4 just for the movie, like couldn't they just do both? It's not like anyone was telling Mike and Bryan that they had to cancel a Book 4 just so the movie can happen.

Apparently Shyamalan was pressuring them to end the series, or he was not on board with the movies. Then Bryke said that they always saw it as 3 seasons, even though that doesn’t make sense, since they didn’t even know how the series would end or who Katara would end up with. So according to Bryke, they already started Book 3, planned as the last one, and they hadn’t decided how it would end? Yeah, right. It makes more sense that the story was planned to go on for at least another season, until the movie deal. Ehasz had a different plan for how Book 3 would end and continue into Book 4, but they were still undecided on how the whole series would end. Then they decided to make Book 3 the last one and they had to change things.

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Do you know that you are in a play (i literally just broke the fourth wall)?

Oh, no, that play has Lin-Manuel Miranda in it. He’s doing a play over my ancestor Alexander Hamilton. It’s kinda creepy how well everything has played out so far in my life…

- Alexander smells a conspiracy theory

(yeah, this is a reincarnation sort of AU)


Lean On Me | A belated birthday gift to my stupid friend @seveanteen

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!