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That Nagron scene in 2x08, when they’re supposed to guard Illythia, but they decide to make out instead, will always be my favourite, always and forever. Because Dan and Pana were told to just ‘go for it’, so the hottness of it (or the lip bite) wasn’t scripted and then they just started to giggle because they didn’t expect to turn out so hot and when Mira catches them, it’s not only Agron and Nasir giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words, it’s also Pana and Dan giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words and I think this is what makes that scene so beautiful and also it makes it feel so natural to me. And then Agron/Dan tilts his head with that adorable smile and Pana/Nasir is so embarrassed. Goshhh 

Look at a height comparison of Momo, Nitori, and Sousuke..

American Horror Story season recap

Murder House: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Boy Taissa and Evan are so cute together.

Asylum: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. That Lana Banana is tough but she sure ain’t no cookie.

Coven: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Sarah Paulson and lily Rabe, preferably naked and together.

Freakshow: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Finn Wittrock is hott, evil but hott. Is there life on Mars?

Hotel: da fuck just happened?

In which Peter Quill isn't a 100% Dick (Star-Lord x Reader)

I specifically wrote this so that there are NO SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen the movie yet! 

But seriously go see it if you haven’t. I’m going to marry this man. 

**2 YEARS LATER UPDATE: Now gender neutral with less shitty writing

You weren’t surprised to wake up alone. Someone who referred to himself as “Star-lord” definitely was not the type to stick around for morning-after-cuddling. No. You’d known how it’d go from the moment you stepped foot on his ship. You would have sloppy, drunken sex—which you did—he would pass out immediately after—which he did—and then you would find yourself where you were now. Alone in bed, covered by a grungy blanket.

It wasn’t a big place and you could hear him rustling around above you. He was humming to himself and probably pacing as he waited for you to make your exit. At least he was polite enough to let you sleep. You sighed and looked around. No clocks or windows. Just a small flickering light on the ceiling, and a huge mess everywhere else.

“Slob,” you yawned as you stretched. He wasn’t the most courteous host so you weren’t bothered to feel guilty about about overstaying your welcome. After last night, you were going to take your sweet time.

There were garments strewn all over the floor. Some his, most yours, as it seemed he’d probably decided to recycle the outfit he’d worn last night. You didn’t know how you remembered what he’d worn, especially when the image of his chiseled body burned itself in your mind…definitely not something you expected from a man who was clearly experienced with copious amounts of alcohol. But nonetheless, the red leather jacket, gray shirt and brown pants were all gone, leaving behind a lone pair of ratty boxer briefs.

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My Favorite Intros of MKX
  • Cassie: Don't speak to me ever.
  • Jacqui: I just said your dad's kinda hott.
  • Cassie: STOP IT!
  • -
  • Johnny: Hey, baby
  • Sonya: You're such an @$$.
  • Johnny: And you love it~!
  • -
  • Sonya: What do you want, Cage?
  • Johnny: My hands all over you, baby!
  • Sonya: What did I say about calling me "baby"?
  • -
  • I love how Sonya only questions "baby"...not the fact that he legit just said he wanted to have sex with her. : D

The media campaign for Captain America: Civil War is KILLING me, cause we have received MORE appearances by Sebastian Stan in the last three weeks than we have in the last five yeas and I LOVE it.

I mean, just LOOK at this dork:

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He just LOVES 

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