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American Horror Story season recap

Murder House: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Boy Taissa and Evan are so cute together.

Asylum: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. That Lana Banana is tough but she sure ain’t no cookie.

Coven: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Sarah Paulson and lily Rabe, preferably naked and together.

Freakshow: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Finn Wittrock is hott, evil but hott. Is there life on Mars?

Hotel: da fuck just happened?

That Nagron scene in 2x08, when they’re supposed to guard Illythia, but they decide to make out instead, will always be my favourite, always and forever. Because Dan and Pana were told to just ‘go for it’, so the hottness of it (or the lip bite) wasn’t scripted and then they just started to giggle because they didn’t expect to turn out so hot and when Mira catches them, it’s not only Agron and Nasir giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words, it’s also Pana and Dan giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words and I think this is what makes that scene so beautiful and also it makes it feel so natural to me. And then Agron/Dan tilts his head with that adorable smile and Pana/Nasir is so embarrassed. Goshhh 

The media campaign for Captain America: Civil War is KILLING me, cause we have received MORE appearances by Sebastian Stan in the last three weeks than we have in the last five yeas and I LOVE it.

I mean, just LOOK at this dork:

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He just LOVES 

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Roses and Faye

By Honey n Silk

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SHINee Reaction: when their girlfriend whispers dirty things in their ear.

Jonghyun: “Why don’t you just come over here and maybe we can do some of those thing.”

Key: “Better watch what you say. You don’t know how I may react.”

Minho: *damn my girlfriend is hott*

Onew: *can’t stop giggling*

Taemin: “Did you just? Wait what?”

-Admin M3

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Fuck Boy Luke Part 2

Part 1

It was lunch time and Luke sat at the table, staring at Y/N. Yesterday she had blown him in the supply closet and today she was acting like it hadn’t happened. He was beginning to think she was just using him. It was fine by him. Truth be told he was just using her as well. She was hott, probably the hottest girl that he had been with by far.

He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about ways that he could be with her again. During school was impossible and he had no idea what she did after school.

He watched as she stood up and threw her trash away. She walked down the rows of tables, her short dress, swaying. Today her dress was shorter than normal and he felt himself getting hard, as he watched her leave.

Her hand rested on the doorknob before she turned around one last time. Her eyes met his and she smirked before exiting. He wanted to follow her but since he had a problem growing in his pants, he couldn’t really stand up. Instead, he looked down at his phone, scrolling through her pictures that she had uploaded onto her Facebook page, only making his problem worse.

The end of lunch bell rang and he returned to class, not seeing Y/N again all afternoon.


He was sitting in his car, cigarette in hand, trying to leave the damn parking lot. Every day after school, there was a line of cars, waiting for the busses to leave first. He had wandered the halls after school searching for Y/N with no luck.

He had gave up and now here he was waiting to go home, so he could jerk off. All afternoon the only thing on his mind was having sex with Y/N. He had gotten multiple boners and he really needed to do something about it.

His passenger door opened and he looked over to see Y/N, climbing in. Her eyes met his blue ones, smiling, before looking straight ahead.

He placed a hand on her thigh, running it over her smooth skin. He could feel his boner grow as she grabbed his hand and moved it towards her core.

His hand moved along her underwear, feeling the wetness that had already begun to pool. She parted her legs slightly, allowing him better access.

His finger brushed aside her underwear, his fingers moving along her folds. She let out a soft moan when he ran a finger over her sensitive spot.

She was completely oblivious to the world happening outside of his car. It was a good thing his car sat up high or else the entire student body would know what was happening.

The busses began to move and he put the car in drive. He placed his free hand on the steering wheel while his other hand moved along Y/N’s core.

Y/N closed her eyes while Luke began driving. She felt his fingers slid into her and she shifted in her seat as she stared at the scenery outside her window.

His fingers pumped at a quick pace and she began to wonder how he was still able to drive. Her hand crept over the center console and onto his thigh. He flinched but didn’t say a word.

Her hand moved to his crotch and she felt his erection through his black skinny jeans. Her fingers unbuttoned his pants and she slid her down, cupping his length.

“Turn on that road,” Y/N instructed, pointing to a dirt road on the right side, and Luke nodded.

The dirt road led to an abandoned house that Y/N had been to plenty of times. When she came to visit her dad over the summer she and a few friends had found the house and had “parties” in it. They would drink since they couldn’t at their own houses and tell their parents they were staying at each others for the night. To this day their parents had never found out.

Like drove down the dirt road, putting the car in park when he could go no further.

His eyes moved over towards Y/N and he watched ash pulled her underwear down before climbing over the center console landing on top of him. She smiled as she adjusted her body, getting comfortable.

Her hand ran over his length before pulling down his boxers. His length slapped against his stomach and she reached down, curling her fingers around it.

Her lips moved against his and he felt her slide onto his length. She waited a brief moment before rocking her hips back and forth, his length hitting against her g spot.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” Luke moaned.

Y/N giggled. “Probably not as long as me.”

Luke shook his head at her response and let out a deep moan.

She could feel her high approaching, waiting as long as she could before letting it take over her body. Luke threw his head back against the headrest and she knew he was close.

Her walls clenched around his length at the same time he released into her. They both let out a string of profanities as the sensations washed through their bodies.

Y/N slipped off his length, wrapping her arms around Luke’s neck. His once blue eyes were now dark as a smile crept across his face.

His hands rested on her hips as his lips brushed against hers.

“We need to do this more often,” he mumbled.

Y/N’s lips moved against his giving Luke the answer he was looking for.

Beach Slip

By Honey n Silk

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So ppl talk about and idolise and make movies out of ‘witch-hunters’, people who specifically HUNT DOWN WITCHES. -Witches, I might remind you, are those who practice a non-christian religion, pagan (/celtic even at times) if you will. Witchcraft (and Wicca) IS A RELIGION.

There’s a witch right there (above). However movies/shows/everything, will often protray witches to be ugly and evil and un-human :-( 

Ugh D-: that’s just mean!

Tho also, sometimes of course, also really hott… (because, well… men, but what can you do?)

But I just wanted to make a point of, well, pointing some things out.

And how it always seems to bother me, even if maybe or maybe it shouldn’t, but it does bother me, when I see fucking damn movies based on HUNTING DOWN WITCHES. I .. I know I shouldn’t take it to heart, or so seriously, but it’s really hard sometimes.

(sure hope he’s the last…)

What about CHRISTIAN HUNTERS, not christian that hunt, but people who hunt down Christians? Or who hunt down people of any other religion? Like Jews? OH WAIT, they’re called NAZIS  B-( People realised that was wrong and that Jewish people are real people and killing/torturing them was/is wrong, right?

But not people who practice Witchcraft (/or wicca)? Then again they did keep people who weren’t straight in the concentration camps- but they didn’t make entire movies based off the joy of hunting them (LGBTQ) down, right?

…so yeah.

Witches, are real people who exist. It’s a religion/belief system/ideology. Just like any other. Including Atheism, agnostic, deist, gnostic or others. And I can’t help being rather sensitive about this shit. I’m sorry (tho I shouldn’t be).

Plus that quote…

…but the most astounding secret of all is that witches still live amongst us..

IT’S NOT THAT ASTOUNDING, they’re real people! They’re not inhuman! >:-(

Witches are actually human, in fact usually alot more human, kind and open minded than many non-witches (looking at anti-gay/women/racist religious people…)

But yeah. Lets glorify hunting down people of a certain religion that’s not Christian or whatever the main belief system currently in power. That’s super not offensive at all (Sarcasm).

It’s sad how little we’ve come since:

All for either practicing (or being accused of-) practicing their religion.

Still being glorified in movies today.

… idk. I think I must be a over-sensitive cry baby, people are just trying to have fun and enjoy themselves…but I can’t help feeling like crying and emotional disgust over this shit.

So… that’s just sorta my thoughts on things. 

I drew courtney again! haha. yes and before you start calling me “not an artist” for tracing, all I did was a basic outline. I then did everything else over it and disregarded it where need be so…thanks…. But I love how this came out and its pretty obvious I can’t stick to one style of drawing lol. I hadddd to do this pic because Courtney was just soo hott in it tbh