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The Trump fans that still think he’s some sort of brilliant tactician rather than a garbage-spewing con man doing the presidential equivalent of “old man yells at could” are those who DESPERATELY cling to the capitalist lie that millionaires are all hard-working smart clever people who got there because Hard Work and Smarts is all you need… so clearly, if THEY are ALSO hard-working and, erm, smart… then they too can be millionaires.

Nah. Trump is scum, he’s not a genius, he’s just a con man who’s been managing enough of those cons over the years to barely stay on top and now his latest con targets put him in power and we’re watching him fucking unravel in a position that requires actual hard work and smarts.

Idea: The reason Delirious doesn’t have a face is because he’s secretly just a computer program.

Either Luke is secretly a programming genius or, something else happened..

The storm echoed again through the walls of his house. The lights flickering sporadically as he tried to shut his computer off before it was too late.

The save was almost done, and then BOOM –


Swearing, Luke stayed where he was, the house was too dark to navigate and from the distant rumbles of thunder the bigger part of the storm was already past.

He leaned back in his chair rubbing at his eyes, the legs creaking as the chair tilted dangerously far from the ground.

With any luck the lights would come back on soon. (With his luck it would be out for a week.)

The silence was deafening, the house completely dark. It was a surreal experience sitting there, with no fans no whirl from the computer no streetlights reflecting past the windows out the corner of his eye–

A flash, just a moment, a small spark in the darkness as the thunder rolled on. He turns in his chair, there is lightning still dancing across the horizon.

Then the lights in the house flash and his heart stops. Waits, just a moment.. just a moment more..

They come back.

The house is bright as it always was, the ceiling fan starts spinning and the computer automatically starts coming back online, the noise of its fan suddenly loud in the recent face of absolute silence.

The screen is still dark when he hears the first, “Hello?”

He spins around, he looks for intruders. He grabs a gun and gets up and walks around the house. But by the time he makes it back to the computer he hears, “Who are you? Who’s there?”

Distinctly from the computer.


“You need a name.”

He thinks on this for a minute. “Jonathan. Call me that. I like the way it sounds.”


“Its kind of hard to do a face reveal when you don’t even have a face, you know?”

“I’m just saying you could meet them. They’re your friends too!”

“How?? How am I going to do that? You want to stick me on your phone and hand me over to them? We’ve talked on Skype a thousand times how is that ..?”

“I understand you’re scared, Jonathan. But they’re your friends too. You gotta trust them.”

“.. maybe later. Go on, go to your panel. I’ll still be here when you get back.”

“Yeah, alright,” Luke sighs, getting up from the laptop. “Just don’t terroriser the hotel staff again. Last time they thought you were a ghost.”

Jonathan just laughs, his voice a little distorted as it comes through the speakers but, still sounding so eerily human.


flor: heart [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

flor just announced that they will be joining Atlas Genius on tour this fall AND dropped their new video for ‘heart’!

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Continuation of post/163263965346/some-students-from-aishas-school-pretend-she-was where Ara asks Add why he wouldn't help Aisha and Aisha hears him acknowledge her genius? Aisha x Add fluff pls~

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“Add!” Ara whines as Aisha’s bullies slink away.  “Why didn’t you help Aisha?  Boyfriends are supposed to help their girlfriends!”

Add scoffs.  His Dynamo jump into a stiffer position, floating around his shoulders.  “Are we so official?” he asks frostily.  “Besides, Aisha doesn’t need my help to defend herself against weaklings.  Genius is always mocked.”

“Genius is-”  Ara looks confused for a second.  Then she grins.  “So you admit Aisha’s a genius!”

“What?  No!”  Add flushes an embarrassed red.  “I just-”

“We all know what you meant,” Aisha giggles, coming up behind him.  Add takes one look at her smile and shuts up.  Aisha reaches onto her tiptoes and kisses him on the cheek.

“And you’re right, of course,” she says.  “I, the genius magician, can take care of all who mock me~  Just you watch!”

*Me banging two pots together at 2am*

Friendly reminder that Hunk built a Geiger counter for an unknown alien element ON THE SPOT.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out Galra tech/machinery ON THE SPOT to get to the yellow lion.

Friendly reminder that Hunk KNEW Rolo was not to be trusted BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE because of his STELLAR ENGINEERING SKILLS.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out how to TRANSLATE/BYPASS GALRA TECH/CODES using his knowledge of algorithms.

Friendly reminder that Hunk consistently provides EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES in battle.

Friendly reminder that Hunk can essentially figure out and fix ANY ALIEN MACHINERY.



tumblr’s genius NSFW image detection algorithm literally just uses the proportion of white flesh-colored pixels in the image

@staff i think the 3.0 CSL aero package is sexy too but not that sexy

No scene between two people in the history of television or cinema has or will ever be as pure, tender, organic and raw as the scenes shared by Colin Morgan and Bradley James in that last episode of BBC’s Merlin.


Fun Facts I found about the lyrics of“Let Me Out” from the Gorillaz, Humanz album

Friendly reminder, 2D still believes in all of us and he is still hoping we can change the world for the greater good 😊

And lastly…



“That tensile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?”

“I did.”

I Heard That

Imagine: You are always quiet in math, a class you happen to share with Peter Parker. Once you finally muster the courage to speak up, Peter finds a type of excuse so he can spend more time with you.

Word Count: 1100??? maybe

A/N: This is shitty and rushed but I have an assignment due on Monday that I haven’t really started sooO soz

Your fingers cramped as you attempted to write the answer before the timer at the front of the class went off. Several groans could be heard around the room as the renown alarm bounced off the walls of the quiet room. You rubbed your tired eyes beneath your glasses in hope that it would somehow get rid of the slight sleepiness that began to claw at them. Nevertheless, you began gliding your pen over your answers with concentration in attempt to find any mistakes.

“Alright then,” Coach Johnson, your Maths teacher spoke enthusiastically, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Who’s up first?”

The room remained silent as heads lowered to look down towards their work. Coach’s voice was louder this time, sounding slightly more impatient, “Any volunteers? No? Alright then. You’re up, Parker.”

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“Ha, you French! You make me scream with laughter!”
“I am glad… but also Belgian.”