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I need to tell you something important....hey man

I spent an hour today researching types and mindsets of serial killers so I could make sure the plot of These Violent Delights ends up with some consistency and goes somewhere.

My list of “weird things I’ve researched for fic” is growing…

astro witch coven au (sanha)

au masterlist

  • The very last one to tumble into the Astro coven
  • Part-timed at the SF9 coven for a while
    • So sometimes you have specialised covens like the VIXX coven (in charms and talismans) and the Snuper coven (in healing)
    • and sometimes you have hodgepodge covens who have one specialist for whatever you need like a one-stop shop
    • such as Bangtan and Astro (where you can get potions, herbs and charms in the same house – which makes it endlessly easy for harried house-witches in each of their neighbourhoods to pick up stuff they need)
    • another such example is SF9
    • and at that point in time SF9 suddenly had a boom of magical people in their neighbourhood
    • so they had a lot of orders and stuff pouring in so Youngbin decided to hire some smol part-timers
    • i.e., excited young witches eager to flex their magical fingers and put their powers to good use to earn some pocket money
    • and so this is how smol Chani and Sanha, with their bright eyes and nimble fingers and penchant for mischief, end up part-timing for SF9
  • earned a little pocket money, earned a lot of experience
    • Chani mainly worked with the potion masters Zuho and Hwiyoung and with the gardening witch Dawon
    • Sanha spent most of his time with Youngbin, Jaeyoon and Inseong in the charms room after magic school, preparing different sets of crystals for spells they needed to do
      • Happiness charm? A bottle cap inscribed with ‘happiness’ in Inseong’s neat script, two crystals and three leaves
      • Calming charm? A hairclip that Jaeyoon’s scribbled on in white paint marker, a bottle of distilled water and four crystals
      • Cooling crystals? A small blue crystal and a thin copper wire
      • Sanha’s got it mostly in his head, but anything he doesn’t know, he consults a small manual written in Youngbin’s messy scrawl and prepares the sets for them
      • Very nimble fingers and can pack things really well and fast!!! Bless Sanha
    • Occasionally when the three weren’t as busy, Sanha skipped downstairs to help Taeyang and Rowoon with small errands like delivery
      • Helped Rowoon, a frost witch, deliver ice bags to people around the neighbourhood
      • Or sometimes helped Taeyang, an elemental witch, package stuff he spins out of thin air and label them for customers
      • Sometimes messed up the names and stuff but Taeyang sorted them out eventually
  • also earned a lot of exasperation and fondness
    • Sanha really is a pure bean he just needs the right goading to turn into a lil shit
      • Like that time Dawon was napping in his greenhouse
        • Sanha and Taeyang releasing tiny butterflies made out of thin copper wires charmed to fly for less than an hour into the air
        • Dawon nearly panicking because he thought they were eating up his children
      • Or that time Sanha ‘accidentally’ swapped out Jaeyoon’s dry-erase markers for permanent ones
      • And Jaeyoon usually uses them to note a list of charms and clients on his arm for easy reference so he can erase them later
      • Cue Jaeyoon walking around the whole day being grumpy because Chani and Sanha charmed his ink to stay on for 24 hours
    • Carried onto the Astro coven ohohoho I have so many stories from the Sanha-MJ vs Bin prank war
      • Bin loves pranking Sanha it’s hilarious
      • Like that one beetle incident
      • And also that shouting charm incident
      • Filed under Bin’s profile if you’re interested
      • More to come
  • But yes and so like this, business eventually settled into a steady rhythm
    • until Sanha’s dad decided to move them halfway across the country
    • rip Sanha’s after-school money-making means
    • But Sanha has to adjust to a new magic school and make new friends and stuff so the first month or so he doesn’t really have the time to go out and part-time anyway
  • Ok a bit more about the magic school system
    • I realise I’ve never gone into this with much detail rip but now I’ve gone into it with too much detail 
      • Me: I need to publish Sanha’s profile asap
      • Also me: ok but first you need to rewrite the laws of physics in each single AU you have
    • But basically you go to school for basic magic stuff like learning the theories and learning what different branches of magic there are
    • imagine Hogwarts but in a house and with like 10 magical kids at differing magical levels and ages
    • so they all learn the theory portion together in the mornings
    • and occasionally instead of magical theory they cover actual stuff they need for national exams because I mean ??? they still need qualifications just in case they want to go into something non-magical
    • but because they’re all of differing magical levels and different magical backgrounds, they spend the second half of the day either Shadowing their parents’ magic business or if their parents worked in a non-magical line, Shadowing a specialist coven
    • and this ‘specialist’ coven they Shadow usually falls in line with their interest
    • like how Chani was interested in botany and spent his Shadow time with the botany witch coven Honeyst (after which he went to Dawon’s greenhouse to learn more while earning pocket-money)
    • and this is the route the rest of Astro took too, with Eunwoo’s training in the Snuper coven and Rocky helping out in his cousin’s potions room and Bin living nearly full-time in the VIXX coven
    • and eventually in their later years they either fade out of theory entirely and just work in their specialist line or continue with national exams and go into non-magical lines
  • Sanha’s parents chose the non-magical line and work in entertainment, which doesn’t really require much of their magic but is largely enjoyable for them all the same
    • And so Sanha’s left with the choice to either specialise or go non-magical like his parents
    • But he knows deep down that he does want to do magic so that’s that
    • And so he has to specialise
    • I mean, he was thinking of specialising in charms with SF9 but since he’s moved halfway across the country he can no longer do so
    • And so he flounders around looking for help
  • Until one day Chani calls to tell him to knock on the door of the Astro coven to look for a place because while a lot of covens would love to have Sanha, the only Charmers there are in the neighbourhood are the VIXX coven and the Astro coven
    • And while VIXX is an established specialist coven, after Bin left, N’s been swamped with new students looking to create charms and talismans too
    • And not to worry!!! Because apparently Dawon knows a blood ritualist in that coven and apparently they’re all very nice and looking for some help
  • So Sanha marches up to the Astro coven door and rings the first magical doorbell he sees (MJ’s) and introduces himself
    • Jinjin, hauling this idiot in because who the hell shouts about this in the middle of the street????
    • Rocky, coven leader, sizing this beanpole up
      • Tol smol
      • Skinny
      • Easily startled
      • Lil bit dumb
      • Not sure if he wants to take him but-
    • MJ bursting into the kitchen where Rocky and Jinjin have Sanha sat down
      • temporarily forgets that Rockjin have no idea about KNK’s extensive immigration history
      • also comes to regret this statement many incidents of Sanha Talks Shit & Gets Hit™ later
    • Jinjin dragging Binu out of their second floor cave to evaluate this young son
      • Eunwoo peering into Sanha’s eyes and agreeing immediately because Sanha looks so pure and cute he can’t help it he’s weak
      • Binnie giving Sanha a couple of trinkets and asking him to sort them into charm sets for him
      • Sanha doing well so far until he comes across a dead beetle and yelps
      • Binnie’s eyes twinkling
      • rip Sanha
      • Rocky, incredulous,
    • Instant best friends with MJ
  • And long story short, Rocky was the one who agreed that Sanha move in with them and train under all of them in the end
    • But if you ask him now lmao he’ll deny it to his death
    • He personally feels that Sanha is truly one of the most powerful witches he’ll ever meet and have the opportunity to apprentice
    • Although all he’s asked Sanha to do so far in his apprenticeship is fetching potion ingredients
    • Something Sanha is Actually Terrible at
      • Comes out into the garden with a list of different herbs Rocky wants found within two hours
      • One and a half hours of searching and talking to Chani and Dawon on speakerphone later he’s only found basil and it’s only because Jinjin was collecting some for dinner later
      • Jinjin sighing and slowly sifting through the list with Sanha  
    • Papa!Jinjin slowly teaching his son how to differentiate between plants
      • belleaves (non-spiky leaves, brownish-green, edible) and balleaves (also non-spiky leaves, greenish-brown, to be strained out of the potion at the end of brewing)
      • Rohas (space violet, five-petalled, strong smell, used in Healing aromatherapy potion brews) and Roahs (vivid plum, five-petalled, slightly sweeter and milder smell, used in Calming aromatherapy potion brews)
      • English parsley and Chinese parsley (for fun because Jinjin sends Sanha out to collect herbs for dinner sometimes)
    • Sanha struggling through himself when it comes to non-agricultural potion ingredients like feathers and stuff
      • Tries to ask Bin but then Bin starts asking him to help him collect other stuff too so he just kind of panics and runs away
      • Bin being mildly confused because didn’t Sanha prefer making charm sets anyway
      • He does, but he also prefers seeing Rocky’s proud beam when Sanha comes to him, exhausted and covered in whatever it took to catch that one pigeon to get that one singular feather off its back
      • Rocky raising his hand to pat Sanha on the shoulder
      • Rocky also letting Sanha sit in the Potions room (out-of-bounds to MJ and Bin after that One Incident with Magical Water Balloons) and complete tasks Bin’s set him
      • As long as he keeps a 2m radius from his cauldron, that is
    • Sorry Sanha
    • Because no matter how talented Sanha is, he’s still a Grade A Idiot
      • Like that one time Sanha nearly knocked over Rocky’s prized cauldron and Rocky got so mad about it
      • he slipped a potion into Sanha’s flask that made his skin purple for a week
      • and it was really funny bc Sanha usually flops around outside in the garden helping Jinjin because he’s mostly tasked to collect potions ingredients after he finishes assembling charm sets for Bin
      • but then with purple skin he was too afraid to go out of the house to even go to school lest Humans see him
      • so he just kind of whined at the window at Jinjin and MJ until Jinjin personally begged Rocky to either give Sanha back his regular skin colour or to give him something else to do
      • needless to say Sanha probably will never go near the cauldron ever again

wahahah i’m finally done with astro’s profiles it’s drabble time

First of all : tonight is probably going to be a night of ooc posting because why not.
Second : all of the Kairi blogs are making me all heart-eyes because heck yes let us all love on this Precious Princess™ more.
Third : I think I’ve legit adopted like half the fandom in the last five minutes.

I always know I get too upset about things when I don’t sleep enogh and yet:.. I keep doing it

it’s always bugged me a lot how people call cloud an incredibly OVERRATED character, when half the time people are calling him out for being an emo “edgelord” & other just as shitty names. ff7 is incredibly popular, and to some – sure, it’s not your favourite game with comparison to the other final fantasy instalments. but cloud ?? he’s notoriously become downgraded to some melodramatic asshole ??  he’s a soldier ( … not SOLDIER ) with ptsd & survivor’s GUILT to extremes that it would drive other people insane. in fact, his mind did quite literally break   —— and not just once. other characters have suffered  ( to traumatic extents )  but cloud is definitely at the very top of  the list , if there ever had to be one. you can’t just expect him to let go and move on, when he is his literally his own worst enemy in most any instalment he appears in.

another thing that bugs me is when people claim that zack was a better hero than cloud ever was. for one, if zack heard someone say that & knew what cloud had endured, he’d be so mad ??  he was certainly a better stereotypical hero he was more likeable, undoubtedly, and in every conventional, outward sense he was a better PERSON than cloud, but that’s the point. cloud is some scrawny, psychologically scarred kid who was forced into growing up far too young. he’s rude, cold, distant & nothing reminiscent of the typical  “ hero ”  figure. he never wanted to be a hero, once he realised what it really entailed he was forced into becoming one by circumstance, and struggles throughout the whole game to actually meet the expectations set for him. he tries his  BEST,  and still people ??  give him so much shit.

even when he lost his mind, he was subconsciously clinging to his best friend’s memory in some attempt to stay true to his promise. & still – he blames himself. not just his death, but the fact he forgot. cloud sets the buster sword on zack’s grave  ( to the best of my knowledge )  during advent children, and then proceeds to express his guilt about the fact he forgot zack during the og. he feels  BAD  about the fact that he was so traumatised he legitimately forgot who he was. he’s so ashamed of everything that he’s done   ——   that he’s spilled so much blood with the sword, that he no longer thinks himself fit to use it. he couldn’t protect his mother  ( or anyone in nibelheim ,  zack, aeris, biggs, wedge, jessie, half of midgar and countless others caught in the crossfire of shinra, avalanche & sephiroth ——  and as much as he tries to convince himself he doesn’t care – he cares so much ??  too much. he’s so afraid of everything that he loves dying or getting hurt;  potentially because of HIM,  that he becomes more withdrawn, and yet he never just stops fighting.

I just got back from a BBQ with a lesbian social group and let me just say

never ever think that it’s too late. 17 or 21 or 25 may feel old, but today I met a lady that realized she was a lesbian at 45 – after marrying a man and having three kids. now she has a girlfriend, and she manages a brunch group with other lesbians.

it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost so much time to self doubt or fear, and it’s okay to mourn that lost time. but it’s never too late to find happiness in who you are.


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms

  • Yuuri: Did you tell anybody we’re engaged?
  • Victor: Yes, Yuuri, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.
  • Yuuri: Okay, no need to be sarcastic.
  • Victor: No, seriously, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.

boys are so cute?? like when they turn away laughing at a joke you made or how tall and lanky they are or how their eyes light up when they smile???

but also

girls are so cute??? they’re so soft and their hands are so small when they’re cupping your face and their hair smells good??

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)