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Yup, I’ve started a monthly fic rec. This is just meant to be a list of fics that I’ve read each month that have stood out to me, and wanted to share some of the love! I’ve still got fics from December that I need to catch up on, so a few of those may show up in next month’s rec list or just in my regular recs, tagged under #L&W reads. Be sure to leave a writer some love, even a quick message in their inbox if you liked it- I promise it will make their day!

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6x17 dominant Stefan should be illegal! Don't worry I've watched that scene so many times too! His gulp before they kiss as he holds her face and when he slams her on the vending machine! Unf! You can see her head bouncing off the vending machine too. Everything about him in that episode was just pure seduction, to me at least lol! The thrust when she pulls him towards her and when he kisses her neck next to the fireplace still give me hot flashes! I'm so weird, I apologise to your followers!

LOL first of all my followers should be use to this trash talk because they follow me and my mind is in the gutter 90% of the time. Second of all my mind is a little hazy on these scenes you mentioned… I think I need visual aids again

Ah much better… I remember perfectly now ;)

Tomrrow is Halloween and you know what I love doing during this season? Curling up to read some fun WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES AND DEMONS AND CREEPY SHIT, so give me all the supernatural themed fics, because that stuff is so much fun during this holiday!

Around the Fire by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse), thor/loki, supernatural au, some violence, 6k

“I’ve heard that one of them is big as a bear and twice as nasty while the other is as thin as rail half-used up by his own magic.”

demon summoner au (part 1) [ mobile ver. ] + demon summoner au (part 2) [ mobile ver. ] + demon summoner au (part 3) by rayemars [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, demon au, dub-con, 23.5k wip

“How laughable when we both know you have the very same tainted blood running through your veins.”

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge - 3. Body fluids by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, werewolf!thor + human!loki AU, dub-con, 2k

Loki idly runs his hand along the cool bars of the cell, tapping out an uneven rhythm as his rings catch against the steel. Thor’s vacant eyes do not track the movement, but his head turns as Loki moves, nostrils flaring as he inhales Loki’s scent.

we can’t breathe when we come around by lazulisong, thor/loki, vampire divergent timeline fic, 1k

Loki leaned forward, steepling his hands. “Allow me to clarify, Captain,” he said. “You have allowed my brother, a prince of Asgard, to be … infected … by a creature not unlike your Midgardian leech, and he now requires the blood of others to survive?”

Who Needs You by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, vampire au, 2.6k

“No, seriously, when did that happen during our casual fucking? Was I asleep?”

50 Thirst Dates by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki + tony stark, maybe a smidge nsfw, vampire!au, crossover, 3.2k

“Yeah. But this is different. This is a date. Before this we have been just fucking.” Tony snorted behind him. “Yeah, he’s gonna buy you food or something before he fucks you. So different.” Loki turned around to face Tony. “No. Just fucking is just fucking. A date is the start of something that involves fucking, but is more than that. See? Different.”

Permission by Canute, thor/loki, vampire!loki, 1.9k

“Let me in,” requests the vampire perched outside the window.

Bitten by Wingstar102, thor/loki, nsfw, vampire themes, ~1k

Loki is always more than happy to oblige…

30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 7: Cosplaying by cuervonegro [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw + nsfw artwork, crossdressing, werewolf!thor, ~1k

‘Are you serious?! I am not wearing that!’

the moon is burning by jellyfish, thor/loki, NSFW, werewolf!thor + vampire!loki, knotting, bonding, some blood drinking, 8.9k

Despite the fact that their families have been enemies for generations, Thor and Loki are mates. However, they aren’t bonded yet. Thor wants them to complete the bond but things can never be that simple with Loki.

Close to You by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki, NSFW, vampires, true blood fusion, fluff, blood drinking, 2.3k

This was the ugliest fucking bouquet Loki had ever laid his eyes on.

Small town secrets by grimmie_me, thor & loki & family, human au, werewolf au, 8.8k

The Odinssons move into the small town of Asgard. Only Thor is seen regularly as his brother supposedly suffers from an auto-immune disease that keeps him inside at all times with his mother to take care of him.

Shaduw Wereld by Theta2Serpentis, thor & loki + other asgardians, creepy, lovecraftian horror, 48.9k

AU. When no one comes to their rescue on Jötunheimr, Loki is forced to lead Thor, Sif, Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral through his secret paths between worlds.

full details + recs under the cut!

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So these are my fav BEAUTY products! 💕 starting from the left; MOROCCANOIL intense hydrating mask: so if you’re like me and youve bleached your hair too much or maybe straightened it or you just have horribly dry and yukky ends, then this stuff is the bomb. It cost me about $40 and the tub seems to never end. (I only apply it to the lower half of my hair and its a conditioner-replacement). LUSH bubblegum lip scrub: so this stuff is pretty much an exfoliating scrub, I use it after wearing Mac lipsticks because they tend to dry my lips out like cray. It lasts forever too beccause you onky need the tiniest bit. Its also very delicious. BIO OIL: this shit is the… shit. I get crazy stretch marks on my booty, they look like tiger stripes. I rub the bio oil on before bed and before I get dressed in the morn and it works like a charm 👌. BODY SHOP aloe vera face moisturizer: this is just my basic go-to moisturizer. I rub a tiny bit on after I wash my face at night, so far it has lasted me over a year and I still have a few months left in it NUTROGENIA Pore refining exfoliating cleanser: this is super good for cleaning up your face and getting rid of dead skin, also helps to minimize pores and blackheads! BODYSHOP tea tree facial cleanser: honestly just straight up smells so insanely good and makes your skin feel like a pure angel unf do reccomend 😇😇