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excuse me can i rant please?
So, i don’t know what’s up with the “cupsona” thing, probably it’s a fandom trend much like Undertale? Anyway, i’m completely horrified when i see those “Cringe” pages post art of ‘badly drawn’ cupsonas (no credit, ofc) and have their page’s fans laugh and mock at them. Like? Could you guys not. What reason do you have at all? “Oh no, kids draw art that i feel cringe about, let’s act like they burn down my house!” dude wtf that’s immature af.
Seriously cringe culture is toxic as heck. Can’t understand those people, is making fun of other people’s happiness make them feel better?
And then there’s excuses like “If they have the right to post it, we have the right to do whatever we like with it” Well you’re wearing expansive watches, does that means i have the right to stole it. Dude just because it’s there doesn’tmean you get to do whatever you want with it.
Just scroll past, it’s not that hard. They didn’t do anything to you, they didn’t hurt you, You hurt them. like dude stop.

personal experience under the cut also;

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Les Chevaliers…

  • me: *stumbles upon something i kno w will trigger a moodswing or will cause me to split*
  • me: *checks it out anyway*
  • me, once ive been triggered: oh no ://// im so sad ://// why do i always feel like this ://// im so miserable :///
  • me, the next day: *stumbles upon something i kno w wi-

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]


……………i had the file open so i made more……. and i’ll probably make more in the future……. this is kinda addicting….

feel free to use these bad gifs— i’ll just leave these here


Canon ‘verse Dean and Cas talking about feelings

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“Cas, I just - I don’t think we can do this,” Dean says.

And Cas, sitting beside him in shotgun, tastes loss in his mouth. He stares straight ahead.

He’s been waiting for this, if he’s honest with himself. It was too good to be true. He and Dean have been - things have been different between them, recently. They’ve been saying more, showing more. It’s been filling a part of Cas that he hadn’t even understood was aching and empty, until suddenly it wasn’t.

But now…

“It’s - you know, we got jobs to do,” Dean says. Outside, the night rolls past. They’re driving home to the bunker, shopping bags in the back. The trip was domestic, even sweet; but at the check-outs, Cas saw Dean’s face. He’d known that something was shifting. He’d known that there was trouble to come.

“Jobs?” he manages.

“Yeah, Cas, jobs. We got the world to save. Half the time we’re throwing ourselves under the bus so it won’t drive off the cliff, and that’s good, because the bus won’t crash, but…” He pauses; Cas says nothing. “But - God, Cas, it’s so much harder to throw yourself under the bus when you got someone out there who makes you think you shouldn’t have to.”

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