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pops ! (idk, you seem like a dad figure) i'm really peeved and upset! some kid in my english class was making fun of the substitute teacher we had on friday and he was saying something about her lazy eye. what he doesn't know is i have a slight lazy eye and now i don't even wanna look at anybody ever again! help pls - Junkrat (i'm kin with him lol)

ooh gosh uh idk haha this is kinda. one of the things I struggle with too! like. worrying what other people think of me

mostly I just try to ignore the people in my school who are obnoxious or find other people who hate them and cathartically make fun of them

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What would be luke reaction when you mad at him? Or how do you act being mad at him? lol

When i’m mad at people i ignore them and Luke would be so whiny and trying everything to get me to speak to him and i’d just continue ignoring him maybe raise a brow at him if he like gets in my way and i have a severe resting bitch face so i think eventually he’d back off and then i’d get over whatever i was mad at and i’d go cuddle him and we’d both apologise and make out for like 2 hours :))

fanfic author reaction to you (the reader)
  • fave/follow/kudos:smile @ screen
  • short review, "good job!"/"love it":happy thoughts @ you
  • review with details/thoughts:big smile, omg, author knows ur username now prob
  • add fic to rec list:OMG, tears in corner of eyes, u are now bffs
  • make fanart for story:author will name first born after you, a pic of ur icon hangs above their fireplace
ok everyone

i’ve seen so many text posts about Minerva McGonagall retiring over James Sirius Potter and I just

this woman weathered the Marauders, the Weasley Twins, and all the shit Harry and Co. got into

James Sirius will walk into Hogwarts planning to unsettle McGonagall

she’ll just stare at him until James Sirius is the one swearing he’s going to quit school and live with Grandma Molly

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice

tumblr is so big on social justice and everybody pats their own shoulders daily for supporting whatever minority’s rights is popular to support right now… but the fact that i still see more posts about Minaj than i see about the refugee situation, even after that photo of Aylan Kurdi, is so fucking sad. usa people will always be priority, no matter what. and then here i am in budapest, thousands of refugees everywhere, but tumblr could give less of a fuck.


#do you cry about this because i do a lot okay  #like i’m just imagining geno being busy or whatev signing his fanmail or other merch etc  #and then his kid is sneaking up on him and geno is freaking delighted and just drops all his work and is like  #COME PLAY WITH PAPA)))

going back to my roots and doing some more sherlock art i guess

available on redbubble

they also do mugs now! so now you can have your tea in a tea themed mug!

i also did this tea themed art for cara’s tea party in london later this month! (this art is exclusive to that tea party and will be given to the guests who bought tickets only)