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okay but i will never agree with anyone who says Emilia Clarke cant act cause if you watch her interviews, she is a complete opposite of Daenerys like Emilia is so expressive, bubbly, and gregarious irl but she is so cold, serious, and firm as Dany yet she still appears human or has a soft side.. like seriously??! she is a completely different person when she’s Dany and yes that is the point of acting so yeah, anyone who claims Emilia cant act are wrong cause she can totally do acting and she is excellent

Random things El uses her powers for

Turning off the alarm clock when she needs five more minutes.

Shuffling through outfits in the morning, trying to find the perfect combination while she’s in front of her mirror.

Vacuuming and dusting at the same time so her chores will be finished faster.

Reaching for the cookies Joyce keeps on the top shelf of the pantry.

Throwing Chester’s ball as far as possible when they go out to play in the yard.

Untying Mike’s shoelaces when he least expects it and chuckling when he notices and shoots her a knowing look.

Helping Joyce bring groceries from the car into the house.

Braiding Holly’s hair (Holly likes when El uses her magic).

Passing the TV remote to Will or Jonathan when she doesn’t feel like getting up from the easy chair.

Helping Lucas with his baseball swing so he can try out for the team in high school.

Splashing Steve when he has everyone over for a pool party.

Carrying home a heavy stack of books from the library (subtly of course).

Breaking Dustin and Max out of detention after their prank goes awry.

Stealing Hopper’s hat when he’s trying to be stern.

( Inspired by and dedicated to @louise-bluth )


I have my Cindy cosplay y’all, but I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere and I’m too shy so I threw it on yesterday… kinda. Not in my wig and I’m wearing a shirt..


Remember in CoA Luke was sleep deprived and distraught and was in he hospital at every chance he could get? Because the woman he had loved since /childhood/ was in a coma?

Don’t tell me Luke wouldn’t risk every bone in his body for her. Yet, the show comes a long and /kills off/ Jocelyn, and abuse victim and survivor, after villainising her, and leaves no proper explanation. Her own daughter cries /once/, and her and Luke never even talk about it. She was the main figure in Clary’s life for 18 years, Clary shouldn’t be over it by now. And they didn’t even use the Raziel situation to bring her back. I’m so so done with this show.

Things I really need people to remember:

  • Sakura has a fucking temper.
  • Sakura stopped walking on eggshells after the Forest of Death. Period.
  • Inner Sakura was actual Sakura. The fake persona she put on was not.
  • Sakura doesn’t need anyone’s help picking up a person.
  • Let me repeat.
  • Sakura doesn’t need anyone’s help picking up a person.

It’s 2017. Let her actually be the strong, emotionally volatile woman she is.

kitikat101  asked:

What's your guys' favorite video games BESIDES the OASIS? I'm a huge fan of Pokémon and Fire Emblem, myself :3

Michael: Dude don’t get us started. We can go on for days about our favorite games.

But hell yeah you’ve got great taste!! Pokemon and Fire Emblem are super rad games! Jeremy loves those titles too. Though uh, right now he’s working through replaying the Kingdom Hearts series for like, the fiftieth time.

Jeremy (from the other room): RIKU YOU LITTLE SHIT! I love you please don’t leave yet

Michael: Yeah. Both of us watched 358/2 Days the other night and he sobbed like a baby. He cries every time.

Jeremy (from the other room): So do you!! Don’t put this solely on me! You cry every time Roxas leaves Axel on his own!