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boyfriend! ong seongwoo
  • the sweetest but also cheesiest
  • constantly uses pick up lines
  • says he thought of them all himself but you know he probably found them on wikipedia
  • he always wakes up before you do and he spends his time staring at your face and counting your eyelashes
  • always greets ur waking face with good morning sunshine :DDDD even if you look ready to murder six men
  • texts u memes. of himself.
  • you do it too but he’d be like stop i haVE COPY R I GHT but he actually loves it
  • and also he’s the one who snapchats the stupidest faces to you at 4am
  • you: jisung is the true meme king
  • him: lo UD DRAMATIC G A S P
  • on christmas he carries a mistletoe with him and when he sees u he just casually lifts it above ur heads and winks
  • “babe what’s our ship name gonna be tho”
  • he loves skinship!! Hugs you all the time :DD
  • will randomly jump out of the closet to engulf you into a hug while giving you a heart attack
  • on cold days instead of turning up the heater u like to just grab him and snuggle and he always has this WARMEST smile when u do
  • cuddle-obsessed as well!!! he likes to wrap you both in blankets snugly and watch a movie while feeding you popcorn and snacks
  • he’s always like “if my fans can buy an entire star and name it after me why can’t you kiss me goodnight” and you’re just sIGHS F I NE
  • he smiles all the time but when it’s just you chilling together alone he gets this really jinja daebak and heol fond and soft look and has a tendency to stare at you lovingly bc he’s so happy that you’re his and he’s yours :DD
  • that was so cheesy brb gonna throw uP jesusususus
  • you’d be like “ong why’re u staring at me” and he’d say “because there’s a pineapple on ur face” bc he actually doesn’t have the guts to tell you the real reason why
  • “also stop calling me ong bc when we get married u might have to take my surname”
  • seongwoo: i’m not the jealous type
  • also seongwoo: blocks daniel’s number after he saw you two sharing a kit kat
  • it was a joke but after that seongwoo always brought it up whenever he sees daniel. “hey remember when you shared a kit kat with the love of my life sixty days and two hours ago? must’ve tasted very good u trAITOR”
  • he actually finds it almost embarrassing (even tho we all know he’s the embodiment of embarrassing smh) to say things like “i love you” seriously
  • he may say it in a playful/joking way (like that one time he stole your food and u told him u hate him and he said i love u 2) but if he ever says it out loud he’ll probably ask minhyun to bury him
  • like when he confessed to you he could hardly get the words “i like you” out of his mouth the entire thing was actually him stuttering and almost dropping the small bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • butt!! once when he got home he found you sleeping on the couch
  • he sighed with a smile and bridal carried u to the bed ohoho
  • after he laid u down and tucked u in carefully he took a moment to just look at you and take in who you are as a person
  • being an idol with a hectic schedule means he really doesn’t get to see u v v v often yet you’ve been putting up with it long enough for him to understand how lucky he is to know you
  • and he just…kind of caressed your face and whispered those magical three words he never had the guts to say when you’re awake and he blushed so hARD and needed to leave the room and splash his face with water and run six laps around the neighborhood to calm down
  • his dream is to take you on a vacation to somewhere where he can forget his idol status and just enjoy a few sweet days as just two ppl in love
  • however regARDLESS of how much of a fool seongwoo acts to make you laugh he always makes sure that you know he loves you, whether it’s by sending you good morning texts or walking you home at a late hour or calling you when you’re having a rough day even if he’s busy
  • one time you told him that you wished you had better skin and he put his finger to your lips and was like stop that before i write a 6 page thesis on why you’re beautiful
  • and then a little later he ordered your favorite food from your fave place
  • sometimes you can tell that he’s tired and doesn’t want to talk and while some people just leave him alone you know to just scoot to his side and put your head on his shoulder and let the silence act as a comfort rather than tension
  • and it’s just moments like when seongwoo is so glad you exist and his mind has a flash of a happy future with you
  • seongwoo, mumbling at a barely audible level: i love you
  • you: what was that :^)
  • seongwoo: nothing. be quiet and sleep you eavesdropper

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ha sungwoon - demigod!au; apollo

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  • he thinks hes cool but in reality hes a loser/dork 
  • is best friends with noh taehyun from the hermes cabin and they’re both loving playing pranks
  • like during capture the flag, they’re in charge of setting traps but they do more then just set simple traps
  • they always do stupid things like leave a trail of whoopee cushions in the river and it pissed off guanlin, the child of hephaestus, so much that he burned the ends of their shirts
  • they tried to prank the demeter cabin by mowing the roof but it would just grow back on its own??? and the two of them are extremely confused but they keep trying to mow it?? 
  • and thats when you come out you’re even more confused
  • “uhm, excuse me, what are you guys doing to our roof??” 
  • “we just thought the grass on your roof was getting long!” sungwoon laughed 
  • “so were mowing it!” taehyun finished 
  • “why? it’s just gonna grow back? its charmed?”
  • it doesn’t help that you’re a newer camper too so you’re just really really confused at this point 
  • and your head counselor, lee euiwoong comes out angrily 
  • “leave our roof alone! you always do something stupid to our home okay just go away our mom ended up charming it you idiots, we’re gonna end up planting velociraptors if you keep going up there”
  • and they’re snickering as they come down but you’re kinda just ???? like whats so funny ??? 
  • when you have that confused look on your face sungwoon frowns and hes about to speak but euiwoong got a head start 
  • “those two are the stupid pranksters of this camp. i mean all the hermes campers love to pull pranks but these two just get so into it. just ignore them” euiwoong rolls eyes and is about to push you in the cabin to finish the tour 
  • “god you demeter kids are soo booooring, laugh a little jeez” taehyun starts 
  • “but i don’t get it, whats funny??” your face is deadpan is too. 
  • euiwoong hold his laughter but taehyun can see him grinning and glares at him 
  • sungwoon kinda just sits their, a little distracted, cause you’re just kinda, sorta, really, jeongmal jeongmal jinjja daebak real heol wanjeon pretty. 
  • like flowers are literally blooming behind you and there’s a flower in your hair as tradition of all demeter new comers
  • “c’mon lets go sungwoon, euiwoongs being a meanie again” taehyun sticks his tongue out at him 
  • did i just start a euiwoong and taehyun ship??
  • and sungwoon is just looking behind him, watching you go back into the demeter cabin as hes getting dragged away mumbling an “uh oki” 
  • and hes just sorta mesmerized by your beauty like omg he’s such a day dreamer but obviously you would never ever notice him
  • oh but honey boi u do
  • you noticed him at the campfire one night and he has such a sweet voice when he sings, like it was so soothing that you almost fell asleep on euiwoong’s shoulder 
  • he saw you with your eyes closed and he almost had a heart attack, was he making you fall asleep??? was his voice that boring?? 
  • the next time he sees you, you and the entire demeter cabin were harvesting the strawberries 
  • he watches you patiently wait for the strawberries to grow as you use your chlorokinesis
  • “if you can control the plants, why are you going so slow??” he asked bluntly, squatting next to you 
  • “because its healthier for the plant, if i rush, i might rip out roots, especially since i’m harvesting” you mindlessly input, not bothering to look at who it was 
  • you picked out one of the berries and offered one to him and that’s when you guys meet eyes and you realize who it is
  • your heart is banging against your cracking ribs
  • hes slightly flustered because your noses are just about to touch 
  • both of you red face step back and you just go back to your strawberries
  • he notices how awkwardly balled up you are now, hugging your knees as you raise the strawberry stems 
  • “w-why are you here again? here to attempt so pull a prank? steal strawberries and give them away? even though that’s our intent??”
  • awe u smol bean gettin all nervous 
  • “no i came to visit you” he smirks, his cocky apollo side is showing and you’re blushing all over again 
  • but euiwoong had already prewarned you, telling you to stay away from the aphrodite and apollo boys as they are just a bunch cocky fuck boys that love playing with people’s feelings
  • and euiwoong was definite that sungwoon was not an exception 
  • “that’s sweet of you,” you just blandly respond, hiding your true colors
  • he’s scrunching his nose, highly unamused by your mild tone 
  • “stop being so boring” he huffed and got up and trotted off in his puff of arrogance 
  • and you just shrug it off 
  • but he comes back because honestly he’s such a little pup and he really wants your attention
  • so you’re carrying a huge basket of strawberries to the big house while the rest of your siblings go off to the mess hall to fed everyone else
  • and as your walking, sungwoon walks by your side, taking strawberries from your basket 
  • “stop,” you tug the basket away from him, pouting “these are for mr.d and chiron” 
  • and you were so cute he didn’t even bother to argue and just nodded
  • and hes reaching for the basket and you pull away, looking at him with disbelief
  • “i literally just tol-” 
  • “calm down, i’m helping you carrying the basket idiot” he snatched the basket from you
  • and your red again, stomach fluttering with butterflies and fingers fidgeting 
  • but when you get to big house he leaves the basket on the porch and steals a berry 
  • you’re about to scowl him but hes already off running with the biggest grin on his face and a berry between his lips 
  • when he turns around you can’t help but touch your warm cheeks as a small smile spreads across your face
  • and as he biting the strawberry his flushed cheeks are redder than the fruit itself
  • he starts to wonder if your lips are that sweet probably are tbh 
  • the next encounter is at the stables as you’re cleaning the pegai as punishment 
  • you may or may not have been on the big house porch and accidentally wondered how big a bean stalk was and grew one through the roof
  • you notice that there’s only one golden white one which, its pretty, but yea just one?? why is he so special ?
  • and guess who’s about to go a pegasus ride??? sungwoon!!
  • and he sees you and slyly walks over to you, leaning against the low wall that surrounded the pegasus, 
  • “i see that you’re cleaning my pegasus, solace.” he smirks “that’s too kind of you” 
  • you just rolled your eyes explaining your situation which led to him bursting into laughter, making fun of you 
  • “you’ve been here for how long??? and you still can’t control your powers?” he snorted 
  • hes lucky your’re patient
  • instead of continuing his teasing, he starts climbing the pegasus and offers a hand
  • you, with your hair stuck on your face, dirt smeared on cheeks and a dirty brush in your hand, is confused all over again 
  • why is he so c o nfu s ing  ???
  • “c’mon, lets go on a ride” 
  • “i’m kinda not allowed to, ya know cause i’m in trouble” 
  • “you’re doing it again, you’re being a boring demeter kid.” 
  • you didn’t have time to fight back since he threw the brush out of your hand and pulls you onto the pegasus 
  • “hang on!” he’s joyfully laughs as you slightly squeal and you guys fly out
  • in the sky, there is a brief calm silence, eyes closed, wind tangled within your hair 
  • and you finally sigh and ask him 
  • “why are you doing this?” 
  • hes avoiding your glance as he mumbles into his reins 
  • “i dunno,,,,,” 
  • he’s not used to liking someone, feelings feel kinda foreign to him 
  • he’s used just checking girls out, think they’re fine af and that’d be it
  • you made him feel soft and chummy in the inside, and he just wasn’t to used to it, almost afraid of it
  • and you just sigh and your grip around his stomach tightens and your cheeks rest against his back 
  • “thats fine, i’ll just wait” 
  • blushies on both ends!!!!! 
  • and you he settles the pegasus back at the stables and (lucky you!!!) you don’t get caught 
  • and he just awkwardly stutters away, but of course not without giving you a small smile 
  • god he’s such a sleaze, but hes so cute?? can i really betray euiwoong’s warning 
  • and so you guys resume your daily lives once again, occasionally speaking to each 
  • whenever you passed him when he was with taehyun, you could see the boy nudging sungwoon while snicker and giggling 
  • omg and taehyun would the obnoxious ‘heeEELLlllLLOOOOO y.n!!!!!” 
  • but one day, one of your demeter sister tells you about how she really likes sungwoon
  • “like he’s so sweet, he helped me up the climbing wall when it was my first time and he eve-” 
  • and just keeps rambling and you’re forcing you smiles and lot of over excited “uh huhs”
  • and you kinda throw yourself into a black hole and get slightly insecure 
  • because she’s so perfect for him there’s no way he could possibly like me if he could have her or just anyone else, so many girls are willing to do so much for him anyways forget him omg sungwoon isn’t worth 
  • and so as you walk through camp now, you avoid his gaze, you don’t clean up the stables, you dont even bat an eyelash at the apollo cabin anymore 
  • of course he notices i mean the boy stares you 24/7
  • and he panics 
  • he thinks he did something wrong so he ends up asking taehyun to ask euiwoong what the heck is going on
  • and when euiwoong just utters the first syllable of his name, you just roll your eyes, admitting defeat and agreeing that sungwoon is bad news; he just has way to many girls on him
  • and euiwoong’s like goddamnit but he isn’t omg why can’t you listen to me now the boy likes you !!!!!!
  • but he obviously can’t say that now so instead he’s like 
  • “well maybe you can give him a chance??” 
  • “that doesn’t matter anymore, he’s too popular, and plus he needs someone who would be willing to go wild with him, someone who would hop fences, sneak out in the middle of the night, climb the highest trees, and steal strawberries with, not someone boring demeter kid” 
  • euiwoong: fuck
  • but at least the camp leader managed to get you to go to dinner !! in one piece !! in a kinda sloppily lw mess !!!
  • this continues for the rest of week
  • taehyun has had enough of panicked sungwoon and euiwoong is getting sick of depressed you
  • so the two of them decide to sit next to each other in hopes to lure their partners together
  • you arrive first and you’re good at blocking out your feelings so you just keep it casual, greeting euiwoong and taehyun 
  • someone how it didn’t correlate with you that taehyun = sungwoon 
  • so when sungwoon sat down it got awkward
  • the tension was tHIcK
  • you cleared your throat, feeling uncomfortable you got up and excused yourself 
  • taehyun nudge sungwoon and he hurriedly runs after you 
  • you’re speed walking towards the cabin but sungwoon easily catches up to you 
  • “wait wait y.n please wait” 
  • so take a deep breathe and turn towards him 
  • “yes, whats up” 
  • “did i do something wrong, you’re avoiding me” 
  • “i’m not avoiding you, and you did nothing wrong” 
  • “okay, then talk to me” 
  • “i’m just trying to get over you because i know someone else is better for you okay?” 
  • you both can’t believe that you just confessed, now you really can’t look him in the eyes
  • and you’re about to escape into your cabin but he’s already engulfed you in his arms 
  • “why would you ever think that??” 
  • he sighing into the back of your shoulders. 
  • and you’re sighing too, feeling his warmth surround you
  • “you knew i liked you, so why would you bother?” he asked 
  • and now you’re red, he liked you ???? 
  • and he laughed and flicks you on the forehead 
  • “don’t ever doubt yourself again, i like you, and it doesn’t matter if someone else likes me or they’re a supposed “better fit” for me okay?” 
  • i’m not crying ur crying
  • now you guys do everything together
  • he takes you on pegasus rides, helps your harvest eats all the strawberries 
  • he still plays pranks on you every once in a while but they’d be really cute 
  • her once charmed your blanket into a garden and your freaked out cause you were like omg wheres my bed 
  • even euiwoong was in on it was cracking up him and taehyun are exchanging high fives
  • he’s been exposed to world of pranks
  • it turned out to be some 3d blanket the hermes and hephaestus cabin was working on 
  • well they wanted real life fire but sungwoon modified it to become a garden cause fire kinda scares you
  • he figured out the coding to add roses and would change it that when he was just feelin some lovin 
  • and when you get hurt he’s immediately there, since he has vitakinesis 
  • you’ve definitely became a little bit of a daredevil now that you’ve been dating him
  • he snuck you out after curfew once and you guys climbed up a tree to watch the stars and just talked 
  • you giggled when he told you how he’s super cautious when he walks around camp now, afraid of stepping on the flowers 
  • “you know, its like having a pet pig and eating pork” 
  • “so i’m your pet pig now?” 
  • “nOOO” 
  • and it’s past 12 and hes tired and tired sungwoon means clingy sungwoon 
  • he doesn’t let you go when you guys make it to the demeter cabin
  • you end up having to drag him into the cabin, praying that no one was awake 
  • and you guys snuggle under the sheets, legs tangled and noses bumping
  • he hums a simple song into the back of your neck which helps you fall asleep
  • and when euiwoong finds you both in your bed all cuddled up the next morning, he sighs
  • yall lucky he’s the one doing cabin inspection today
  • sungwoon is literally the sun to your flower
[CH+ CHAT] 171103 Moonbyul replies
  • Byul: if you’re sleepy, sleep. otherwise, play with me.
  • Byul: What am i doing right now. are you curious?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ secret.
  • Byul said she wanted to show pictures of daebakie and haengwoonie..but can’t post pictures in chat. ):
  • Byul said she’s eating rn
  • Byul said ‘hold on’ in the chat.. went to go post pictures of her dogs in the fancafe
  • Byul asking if her dogs look cute in the chat. Byul: how old is Daebakie..not even a year old..goosebumps.
  • Byul said Haengwoonie is like 3 months old.
  • Byul said the two kinda bicker a lot, but they get along. Said Haengwoon would bite Daebak’s tail, cutely..but Daebak just ignores her. Byul said daebak is a kind young man..
  • Byul: Yong unnie did not burp. said she thinks Yong probably like swallowed air/spit weirdly or something

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Eunwoo’s vLIVE: ‘VOICE ONLY’ English Trans.

Hi~ I saw a lot posts here and there asking about vlive subs, I tried to look for some but there weren’t any yet. Honestly I’m have 0 experience making subbed videos so I just typed up the translations separately instead, hopefully you can follow along with this while listening to the audio! Keep Reading for translations, please do not copy/repost w/o credit.

Love you all<3 - Katie/Min.

Cha Eunwoo’s “Just one 10 minutes”
ASTRO vLive ‘VOICE ONLY’ 170313

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Timeless Fate | GangAu!

requested by anon~ ;)

Ship: Jooheon x [y/n]

Word Count: 2761

a/n: hey guys! i hope you guys enjoy this, especially anon, and i’m sorry if it’s not that nice or something. credits to the owner for this gif!


part 2

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Hello everyone, Jooheon’s the name… and just a head up, don’t try me if you don’t want to get hurt, arasso?’

Those were the words that left Jooheon’s mouth during his first day. Those well-known girls were already swooning over him, boys were scoffing at his remark, others didn’t even give a damn about him, and you were one of those who didn’t give a damn about him.

Looking at the window, you just sighed when the teacher told Jooheon to sit beside you. A lot of groans and complaints were heard when they saw Jooheon walking down towards your direction with a smug look plastered all over his face. 

Hey there, baby.”

And that was the start of the day when Jooheon started being a douche bag towards you. Jooheon wasn’t going to give up on a girl like you, different from all the other girls out there.

“Good afternoon Sir, what can I get for you– Oh, it’s you.” the smile on your face was immediately wiped off when you met the gaze of Jooheon’s friend, Yoo Kihyun. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I don’t want to see that… what do you call that thing?” Kihyun points his index finger at your face with a sly smile. 

Taking a deep breath, you flash him the fakest smile that you’ve ever had and repeated what you just said earlier, “What can I get for you, Sir?” you gave emphasis on the word ‘sir’, only to see his face turn serious. 

“Iced Americano.” Without waiting for any response from you, he slammed the exact amount on the counter and left, making you heaving a deep sigh before going behind the counter to make his order.

Busy with his order, you were too oblivious to notice the stares from MX. Jooheon, the leader of the gang, couldn’t help but feel amused by your actions, words and even expressions. He’s never met a girl like you, except for the girls whom he met during those hand-in-hand combats he’s experienced.

“Man, she’s something.” Kihyun looks at Jooheon before crossing his arms on his chest. “She’s an enigma, hyung. What do you even like about her?” Changkyun sighs with his eyes glued on Jooheon, who was now smirking at his friends. 

Noticing the look on Jooheon’s face, Hyungwon sighs,“I guess I have to dig up some information about her then.” Giving Hyungwon a pat on Hyungwon’s shoulder made everyone groan at how obvious and transparent their leader was.

“Where would you even find information about that–”

*Ting tiiiinnnngggg!*

“Mr. Pink Princess with the navy blue jacket! Please get your order here!”

Kihyun instinctively snaps his head towards your direction and mutters a couple of swear words before standing up to get his drink from you. The sound of snickers filled the air, making Kihyun’s blood boil in anger. 

“Yah, what did you call me?” Before you knew it, Kihyun grabbed you by the collar and pulled you towards him with his drink in between the two of you. “Why? Did I hurt your little ego?”

“Why I ought to–” Kihyun immediately lets go of your collar before wincing in pain, making the boys look at the two of you with eyes wide as saucers. Now, it was you who was grabbing Kihyun by the collar, “That’s just a warning. If you’d get on my nerves one more time, you better watch out.” You whispered to his ear before letting him go with his drink in his hands.

Kihyun walks back to their table with his eyebrows furrowed in anger. “Hey, I think she’s hiding something.” Kihyun said before plopping his drink down on the table, his eyes looking at the boy’s faces.

“She’s quite feisty, isn’t she?” Wonho looks at Kihyun, only to burst out into fits of laughter at the sight of a red-eared Kihyun. “But then, she’s pretty ordinary tho.” Shownu added, earning a nod from each of the boys.

“We don’t know actually. That girl’s practically a nobody and she’s not really open with her life.” Minhyuk concluded as he stared off into space, losing his self in his own train of thoughts.

“[y/n], our teacher wants to see you in his office.” Your class president notifies you, to which you only responded with a nod. Standing up from your seat without glancing to your seatmate, who was currently looking at your every move, you left without saying anything. 

Jooheon’s eyes carefully look around and see that no one was paying attention to him, he skillfully removes the baby blue key chain, that has your name on it, from your bag and swiftly puts it inside his pocket. A smile slowly tugs on the corner of his mouth before he proceeds to the canteen to eat something with the boys.

“Guess what,” Jooheon beamed before plopping himself beside Changkyun, slinging an arm around his shoulder. “What?” Everyone looked at Jooheon, snickering at what they’re seeing.

“What the heck is that?” 

“Her keychain. I stole it from her without her knowing.” Jooheon flashes them the biggest grin and a hint of pink was present on his cheeks, making the boys howl in amusement.

“Don’t tell me… you like her?!”

“Well, what if I do like her?” Jooheon retorted with a sly smirk. Minhyuk couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He gawked at him and muttered the words that popped out from his mind.

“Are you serious?”

“Hm, we don’t know. Anyway, here’s a new offer from the other gang.”

“Okay, class, all of you have done well in your exams and now, I’m going to announce who our top one is. Are you guys excited?”

“No.” everyone lifelessly chorused. Mr. Sung gathered the papers in his hands and casually looks at the very first paper. Clearing his throat, he fixes his glasses with his finger and announces, “Our top one is no other than…. Ms. [y/n]! Congratulations!” 

Everyone stared at you in surprise. All of you weren’t even the first few months and yet here you are, acing all of the tests with perfect scores.


You aren’t just a girl who’s taking some part-time job at a cafe, you are also someone who really dedicates themselves in their studies despite the intense training of Kyokushin Karate and Krav Maga every single day for how long God knows. “And our top two is… omo… Mr. Lee Jooheon.”

Your mouth went wide open, eyes wide as saucers. It was unlikely for a leader of a notorious gang to get some good-ass grades, not to mention one of the top five. Jooheon, on the hand, was nonchalant about it and nodded.

“How can…” you unconsciously muttered under your breath, making Jooheon look at you with his piercing gaze and his signature smirk. 

“How can a gangster like me get good grades like you? Well, try thinking about it baby.” He effortlessly winks at you before returning his attention back to the teacher with a smug look.

Thousands of thoughts immediately flooded your mind. Dang it! Of course… his mind needs to work fast to analyze and solve different problems, or may I say obstacles when he’s out there doing their thing… it’s just like if he puts his mind to something, he really gets good results, you thought while gently slamming your fist on your desk, only to earn a chuckle from your seatmate.

“Okay class, since all of you have passed the exams, I’ll be giving you this time as a break to celebrate the good results that we’ve got.” Before Mr. Sung could even leave the room, everyone bursts out into a loud cheer. 

“Don’t tell me you’re studying, Nerdy?” He asks while pulling some of the strands of your hair up. The room was loud but it was certainly quiet between the two of you. You didn’t even bother answering his question as you focused on the textbook right in front of you. 

Receiving no response from you, Jooheon scoffs as he could feel his blood boil through his veins by the second he realizes that you didn’t give a damn about him. “Yah.” He lifts himself off the chair and kicks your table, creating a ruckus.

Jooheon slammed his hand on your table and lowers his upper body down and looks at you in the eye. You didn’t even bother giving him a reaction as you just stared right back at him. “You do know who I am, right?” Pushing the side of your head harshly with his fingers, you took a deep breath before returning your gaze back to him.

“You’re Jooheon. So, what? Is there a reason for me to give a damn about you?” Jooheon could feel his tummy churn as the butterflies went wild at how brave you are. He could feel his cheeks heat up but it didn’t matter since he started to like how your expression never changes.

“Tss, I like you.”

You could feel that everything just stopped right in front of you. “What?” Blood was slowly rising up to your cheeks as you stared at Jooheon with wide eyes, making him snicker at how beet-red you were. “I’m just messing with you.” He says before leaving you dumbfounded in your seat.

By the time Jooheon left, some of the girls started to gather around you, asking you if you’re okay and some of the boys even fixed your table back to its place before grunting some curses under their breaths.

It was already past nine when all of you were dismissed from school. Jooheon and his gang left earlier than everyone else. The road to your apartment was awfully quiet for your liking. Holding your bag close to your chest, you fastened your pace when you heard footsteps right ahead of you. 

Shit, you mentally cursed and it was already too late for you to turn back when a group of men surrounded you and grabbed your bag. Gripping tightly on your bag, you pulled it with all your might and you were about to get pounced by those at you back when you heard a couple of bodies falling onto the ground with a loud thud, making you look back to see MX.

“What the heck are you guys doing here?!” You yelled, finally getting your bag from the man who was trying to steal and pounce at you. “We’re not saving you ass, princess.” Changkyun sarcastically barked before throwing a punch at the dude whom he just punched seconds ago.

“I don’t need your help!” You were now pushed towards an empty alley by Shownu and no one from them even bothers talking to you. Watching them from afar, you noticed that they had telescopic baton with them. You were about to warn them about it but it was too late, they were slowly getting beaten up the group of men.

Knowing that they’ll be dead if you didn’t do anything, you didn’t think twice and threw yourself to the group of men, disarming the first man who attacked you. Almost breaking their arm off, you acted fast and did a spinning back kick on the other man who just decided to attack you.

MX was sprawled on the ground, heavily panting with busted lips and aching body parts. They were surprised to see how skilled you were in street fighting. Jooheon, who tried to get up, crawled towards Shownu but then was flat on the ground when one of the men kicked him hard on the back, only to be thrown to the other side after getting kicked by you. “Get the hell away from him!” Jooheon looked up and was surprised when you were the one who’s being thrown to the wall after being hit on the right knee with a baton, a grunt escaping your bloodied mouth.

“You better have a death wish you, motherf*****s!!” you yelled and lunged towards the remaining two with a telescopic baton on both of your hands. Swinging your arms skillfully, you were able to knock the man on the left out by hitting his head really hard with the baton, which was also a bad move, allowing the other one to take the chance to hit you at the back of your head with so much force, making you collapse on the ground. 

Shownu, who has finally regained all of his strength, grabbed the nearest material beside him and smacked it on the head of the man who just attacked you. Finally, the chaos finally died down and the only thing left for everyone to worry was you. 

You were laying face flat on the floor, blood was slowly trickling down at the back of your head. Jooheon scrambled to his feet and brought you to his arms. “We need to take her to the hospital now!”

Without being told again, everyone moved quickly to their feet and hurriedly brought you to their van, speeding off by the second all of the finally got in. Time was ticking, and your condition was getting worse by the second passes by. 

Finally arriving at the hospital, Jooheon dashed out from the van with you in his arms, calling all the nurses to assist you right away, which they immediately did. The other nurses noticed how badly beaten the boys were, they offered immediate service and started treating the bruises, wounds, and other possible broken bone there is in their bodies.

Jooheon, on the other hand, was restless. Being reassured that you were already being attended by their head doctor didn’t really help. He knew how serious it was going to be when he saw the impact of the baton on your head. Quietly nibbling on his lower lip, his eyes wandered around the emergency room and saw a lot of patients being treated.

After a couple of minutes, all of them were finally treated and now they were left in the waiting area. Jooheon couldn’t even bare the thought of you dying just because you saved them. Pacing back and forth with both of his hands tucked inside his pockets, he glances up at the clock from time to time.

The boys tried to calm their leader down but it was no use, any suggestions being said just went pass through his other ear. Shaking their legs, they continued to wait in silence for almost five hours when the doctor finally came out.

“Are there any relatives of the young lady who just got in here?” The doctor asked and looked at the boys, unfazed at the sight of the well-known gang. “I-I am.” Jooheon raised his hand without thinking. “The operation was a success, however, there’s a fifty percent chance of her dying and being alive. She has a lot of broken bones and I won’t ask what happened but they obviously from fighting or an accident. In addition to her injuries, she’s in a critical condition due to the bleeding inside her head however, we were able to do something about it but we could not reassure you when she’s going to wake up.” 

“We’ll be checking on her from time to time whether the bleeding returned or something came up unexpectedly. The patient has been successfully transferred to her room and you can visit her but only one person is allowed to stay with her for the rest of the night.” The doctor continued, ripping his eyes off from the boys then back to Jooheon, “If you guys have any questions, just approach me in my office. Now, please excuse me I have to go attend to other patients.”

Without uttering any other word, the doctor left, leaving the boys utterly speechless. “Did he just say… she has a fifty percent chance of living?” Wonho asked from the background. Jooheon was obviously devastated with what he just heard and he couldn’t help but blame himself for what happened. 

“Do you guys remember the faces of the men we just got into a fight awhile ago?” Jooheon questions out of the blue, turning around to face the boys. Looking at Jooheon with so much confusion, they nodded their heads without asking any questions.

“Good. We’ll be sending them to their deathbeds. Call up my brother and notify him about this.” Jooheon ordered the boys and left without hearing their voices. Shownu, who looked at Jooheon’s retreating back, sighed and looked at the second eldest. 

“Wonho, I’ll be making you in charge of this. Lead the boys and I’ll follow you after talking to Jooheon, okay?” The boys nodded and separated without any complaints. 


I did dancing compilation with Joon Gi so now I did the one with fighting scenes. They’re just daebak.

Jackson Wang //On Set

Prompt: You’re a Western singer who’s currently living in Seoul, trying to garner more press in Asia. You go on a talk show, struggling with your Korean, and a very…outgoing idol helps you out. 
Scenario: fluff, comedy
Word Count: 2260

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To all kpop blogs, I need help

A malicious copyright troll named Remove Your Media LLC just got my Youtube channel, Truly Daebak, deleted for posting KCON fancams.

We just lost 7 months of hard work. All our hours of podcasts, unboxings, reviews, reactions, etc, ALL OF IT IS GONE.

If there’s anyone that could help us out, please message me or tweet @TrulyDaebak on twitter. If not, even just spreading the word to others would be a huge help too.

We worked too fucking hard for these people to take it away from us, especially if they are intent on destroying people’s channels for uploading fucking fancams.

@blackpink @soonkyuism @moonbyulismine @hwasa-thighs @kidleadertaeng @jieunology @mohiraimo @gay-shit-girlgroups-do @tiffkyu @tiffaeny @fyeah-seulgi 

Edit: UPDATE, we’ve contacted Youtube to see if theres any way we can have our channel restored, even at the cost of the fancams.

After conducting some research, it looks like Remove Your Media LLC is a company based out of Plano, Texas, that gets hired to remove content from websites like Youtube that they deem to violate their client’s rights.

They are removing any and all KCON fancams on YouTube en masse, so it’s looking like they might have been hired to do so. 

In my previous history with vlogs and fancams, The video only gets content ID claimed (aka, they play ads over our videos), but never has it been removed and landed us with a copyright strike.

And to give us 2 strikes within literal seconds of each other, with no opportunity to take down the videos in favor of keeping our podcast/unboxings/vlogs safe, its clear these guys couldn’t give two fucks about how things work when regarding K-Pop channels, or any YouTube channel, period.

The language they use on their website speaks of Youtube as this den of piracy, and how videos like this are detrimental to rights holders and how it drives down the value and profit of the brands they are hired by.

Its this attitude that really brings my piss to a boil. I understand the intricacies of owning copyrights and music rights, but who in their right mind watches a fan cam and says to themselves “now that I’ve watched and enjoyed this video, I feel no need to listen to the artist any further or buy their music”.

I mean fuck, the opposite usually happens. Watching fansubs of variety shows, or fancams of concerts drives people TOWARDS wanting to know more about the artists, or to pay the fucking asinine prices for concert tickets to actually see them in person.

All of that aside though, I can live without the fancam uploads. We’re primarily a podcast, concert vlog, and unboxing channel. Fancams were only a way of driving traffic.

I’ve put countless of hours into editing, researching, filming, producing, etc. I won’t settle with them destroying the 100+ videos of our own content, because they had a problem with 8 or 9 of them.

We were on the brink of hitting 100 subs too, but to be honest, we don’t do it for the money, or for the fame, but for our love and passion for the K-Pop medium.

All of this bullshit has me stressed out of my mind, so YouTube mods, YouTube Gods, or whoever it is in charge of actually resolving this situation, get your shit together, cause Truly Daebak is far from dead.

2ND UPDATE: Remove Your Media LLC has had a history of doxxing (publishing names/addresses) people who have sent them counter notifications.

There’s a good chance that by trying to counter-notice their takedown claim, they may release my personal information onto the internet as a form of petty retaliation.

How this company is still in business is beyond me.

BTS reacting to Taehyung actually being a fallen angel


“Oh my god, that’s so scary! Just put away those black wings!”
(Hides behind RapMonster)

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“Daebak… So what does that mean? Can you fly around like Superman?”

(Excited AF)

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“Woah Taeyung Ah, those wings look so cool! How did you become an angel? How can I become one too?” (Wants to look like a fallen angel too)


Just stands there with an open mound, not believing his own eyes and not moving. “T-Taehyung Ah… Is that really you?” Looks at the other members in disbelieve.



“That’s not possible. My teacher always said angels don’t exist, and that’s only logical!” (Totally confused, but impressed when Tae proves it by flying)

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“Taehyung, take off those fake wings.” (Definietly doesn’t believe it.)

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2016 is DAEBAK!!












By Chance (Pt.4)

Member: Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 coming soon

“Here” he said handing you the famous banana milk and taking a seat next to you. “But oppa, is it really okay to meet like this?” you asked him while puncturing the top of your milk with the straw. He bumped your shoulder with his, smiled at you and said “ Of course it is…I wouldn’t…never mind” and then rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. You looked at him in confusion and shrugged it off. 

He’s been acting kind of strange lately.

“Well…this is nice, meeting outdoors like this I mean” you said as you tucked a strand of loose hair behind your ear and looked at him. “I told you, meeting in closed spaces all the time gets kinda boring” he replied as he sipped on his flavored milk.

See you and Chanyeol had agreed to meet at Han river late at night. It was nice! The weather was beautiful and peaceful, and the usual city noises and fuss disappeared as the night fell. You shivered and shook your head and closed your eyes for a bit when the cool wind of the night blew. Just then, Chanyeol looked at you with wide amused eyes, ruffled your hair and said “Aigoo! Are you cold because of that small blow?” 

“Aish! Stop! How many times do I have to tell not to do that?” you told him as you fixed your hair. He gave you a laugh that sounded like an exhale and said “Come closer…” you looked at him flustered and said “I…I’m not cold…” and looked away.

“Aish just come closer” he said while roughly putting an arm around your shoulder to bring you closer to him. “That..that way you won’t be cold” he said avoiding your eyes. 

His arm around you felt like heaven. It felt like it belonged there. You felt protected and warm.

It was silent for a while. You both didn’t say anything nor look at each other. “I’m…I’m fine now oppa…thanks” you said in a slow low voice. He looked at you for a second then cleared his throat and pulled his arm away. “It’s getting late..we should go right?” he said in a hurried tone and got up. You nodded your head and followed him.

“Sorry I didn’t get my car..I could be driving you now instead of making you walk like this” he told you wincing a little and rubbing the back of his neck yet again.

Poor thing! He must be feeling like shit. You thought to yourself once you heard his apologetic tone.

You shook your head at him and shot him a smile and said “No it’s fine. I like walking” he smiled back at you and continued walking with his hands inside his pockets.

“Y/N…” he suddenly spoke and then stood in front of you making you stop in your tracks. “Hm?” 

“I…uuhhh..I was thinking..and I want you to come over this weekend to the know to hang out and stuff” he spoke with a rushed tone.

“The dorm? H…hangout? What about…?”

“The company gave us a short break and everyone left. So it’s just me. Will you please come? If you do I’ll make you my famous sausages” he pleaded with a wink.

“If you promise me that then O.K” you told him as you playfully hit his shoulder. He nodded and started walking again. 


“Does this look okay?” you asked Han Byul who was sitting on the couch with her legs on top of the coffee table with a bunch of snacks around her and a book in her hands.

“Mmm” she said not even sparing you a glance. You sighed and took a small pillow and threw it at her. “YAH!” she yelled at you with fire in her eyes. 

She really did have a short temper.

“One does not interrupt one when they’re reading Harry Potter” she told you with a dramatic tone as she held a hand to her chest.

“Whatever! It’s not like this is the first time you read it. Anyways, Is this outfit okay?” 

She put her feet down and her book aside, stood up and crossed her arms over her chest and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “Where are you going?” she questioned with a skeptical tone.

You gulped.

“What’s with your tone?” you asked her with a nervous laugh.

“No I mean. You never wear this sweater for just anything. Plus you have your hair done and you’re wearing your Berry Kiss lipstick. So, where are you going?” she asked again giving you a pair of questioning and teasing eyes.

Shit! There was no avoiding her. Not when she was on her full observant detective mode.

“I..well the truth is..” you began.

Should you just tell her? This has been going on for some time now. And as much as the secrecy was fun, it was getting exhausting, and you wanted to share this secret and excitement with her. Besides, all the lying and sneaking around had to come to an end at one point.

You took a deep breath and said “Sit down I need to tell you something”

“The truth is Byul-ah is that…” 

You told her everything, from how you bumped into him to how he gave you his number. You told her about the texts and even showed her some. You spoke of the late night meetings and calls and your now ongoing friendship with Chanyeol. Everything.

She stayed silent for a while with a shocked expression on her face. Her silence worried you. She was mad, she had to be. You hid the fact that you were friends with Chanyeol for an entire time of god knows how long and lied to her.

“I’m sorry Byullie! I wanted to tell you sooner I just..I wasn’t…”

“Heol…” she said with her eyes wide open. “Daebak!” she said again with the same face.

“Huh?” you were puzzled at her reaction.

“Oh my God Y/N! Do you have any idea what this means?” she said getting up and walking away. She then turned back around and looked at you with excitement in her eyes. “This means..FREE TICKETS TO EXO’S CONCERTS!! Oh God! And backstage access, and free albums and *gasp* you could be the future Mrs. Park Chanyeol!!!!” 

She was holding your shoulders and shaking you now.

“So you’re not mad?” you asked her laughing.

“Mad? How can I be mad when my best friend is a freaking legend! Heol! Oh my God oh my God! Show me the messages again!” she said snatching your phone away.

She scrolled through the messages, squealed and fangirled at some and laughed at the others. “You know Y/N, if I didn’t know any better I’d say he likes you” 

You scoffed and reached forward in an attempt to retrieve your phone. She pulled away before you could reach it and said “no really! Look at the way he flirts with you in such a subtle way! He likes you Y/N”

“You think so?” you asked to which she nodded. You thought about it for a bit before you successfully snatched your phone away from between her fingers and said “Aish! Stop filling my head with nonsense. I’m late” and with that you got up and left heading to Chanyeol’s dorm.

Does he really like you? Was Han Byul right? Wouldn’t that be something! Something great…? You couldn’t deny that the thought consumed you and if that wasn’t enough, you may be subconsciously hoping that he does. That way he may match your newly formed feelings for him. The feelings that you weren’t sure if they were just a mere crush or an actual like. Who could blame you though? He was great to talk to, funny, kind, charming and reliable and almost illegally handsome. Every time you saw him or just texted him, he made your heart flutter with his..well everything.

You shook your head to stop your train of thoughts from going to far unneeded places and walked following Chanyeol’s precise directions till you finally reached his building. Your heart was pounding so hard that it could just jump out of your chest. You held your phone to your ear as you stood inside the elevator and told him “I’m almost there. You better open the door yourself and not your manager or something, this is already awkward as it is”

He laughed and said “why is this awkward Y/N? And don’t worry I’m out in the hall waiting for you”

The elevator door opened and you took one last look at yourself in the mirror before you headed out. 

And there he was. Standing next to the door with his black sweatpants and tee, barefaced with his hair cascaded over his forehead. Gorgeous!

“You look nice” he said eyeing you from head to toe.

You blushed and hit his arm telling him to stop. He rubbed his arm and made a face that made it seem like he was hit by a bullet and not just your hand. 

So dramatic. You thought to yourself.

“Come on in” he told you as he slowly placed a warm hand at the small of your back. You flinched a bit and Han Byul’s words replayed themselves in your mind.

“Not bad” you told him as you looked around the dorm. 

“Yeah, just excuse the mess” he replied with hand rubbing the back of his neck.

“Boys will be boys” you joked and he laughed and you both stared into each other’s eyes.

He suddenly broke the eye contact as Baekhyun walked into the room.

“You’re Y/N?” asked Baekhyun giving you a friendly smile. You instantly greeted him and bowed. He bowed back and extended his arm towards you. You shook his hand and he smiled again.

“Baekhyun this is Y/N” Chanyeol said in a slightly flustered tone. Baekhyun nodded with an all-knowing smile and said “so you’re the reason why Chanyeol is always on his phone these days huh?” 

Chanyeol sighed and shot death glares at Baekhyun through his eyes.

“Well, I don’t know about that” you told Baekhyun as you played with your hair and avoided his eyes.

“But you are! And he always talks about you, Y/N did this, Y/N did that, she said this and she said that and..” he was suddenly cut off when Chanyeol kept signaling him to shut up. 

“Y/N have you eaten? I’m gonna make sausages” said Chanyeol. 

“No I haven’t, Baekhyun-ssi would you like to join us?” you asked Baekhyun.

“Maybe next time, lucky you two love birds, Sehun just texted me saying he would buy me dinner” he said while fidgeting with his phone. “It was very nice meeting you Y/N, I hope I see you around here more often” and then he winked at you and left. 

Chanyeol stood beside you and sighed “Just you huh?” you joked. “I’m sorry about that. Don’t mind him. His tongue isn’t linked to his brain at all…shall we?” you nodded and followed him to the kitchen.

“Sit back and let me cook you the best sausages in your life” he joked with a smug look on his face as he held the frying pan in his hands.

“You know, if it tastes bad and you’re just boasting for nothing, then you’re in a great trouble mister” you told him as you sat on the kitchen table and sipped on your served glass of orange juice.

“That’s not possible Y/N. In case you haven’t noticed..I’m out of this world” he said in a very serious tone for just a joke.

“Whatever. Just make it already I’m hungry.”

To say that he looked handsome/adorable like this would be an understatement at the least. His eyebrows were furrowed together in concentration and his hair was messy. His eyes held a determination in them as if he wasn’t just cooking, and his lips were pursed together making his dimple show.

Cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

“Ta-da! If you don’t like it then you need to get your taste buds checked out” he said placing the plate of the deliciously smelling sausages in front of you and handing you a pair of chopsticks.

“I’ll be the judge of that” you replied holding a piece of the steaming hot food near your mouth.

“Before you eat it, let’s make a bet. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy you an entire box of banana milk. But if you do, then I’ll show you something special.” You laughed at his ridiculous request and said “How is that even fair? I win either way you idiot”

“That’s non of your concern. Call?” you looked at him with a cheeky smile and said “call!”

You took one piece of the chopped sausages with your chopsticks and looked at him as he watched you closely. “Make sure you take the vegetables too” he said motioning at the plate with his head. “Okay mom!” you told him mockingly.

You placed the piece of food inside your mouth and chewed on it thoroughly making sure you got a taste of every flavor and seasoning. “Oh my God oppa this is amazing!” you exclaimed. His hand landed on the table with a loud thud and he said “Aha! Didn’t I tell you?”

“No this is really good!” you said as you ate some more.

“Then eat it deliciously” he said as he  tilted his head  to the side and his eyes held a warm gaze at you, and a smile that was surely to melt your heart was plastered on his lips. You nodded and continued eating.

You both sat at the kitchen table for almost two hours now, doing nothing but talking, laughing and enjoying each others company.

“I haven’t met anyone like you before Y/N” he said as he sipped on his freshly made cup of hot chocolate and his laugh died down.

“Me neither, I’m out of this world you know” you joked and he laughed “ me too, but about you” you continued with a shy smile.

He stayed silent for a while and just looked at you, his warm deep brown eyes looked at you so deeply you thought he may be able to read into your soul.

“Come with me, I wanna show you something” he said breaking his gaze and getting up.

“Where are we going?” you asked as you followed him to the front door.

“You won our bet, so I wanna show you something special” he replied as he slipped on his jacket and shoes.

“Follow me” he whispered as he walked down the street and made sure you were to be unseen by anyone.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked him in a shushed tone. He held a finger to his lips to signal you to stay quiet and said “I’m kidnapping you” and then winked. You rolled your eyes at him and did as you were told.

He took you to his company, SM Entertainment. He walked til he reached the elevator and pressed the number to a floor so high you were sure if you came alone you wouldn’t be able to go to.

He walked to the last door down the hall and unlocked it and gestured you to get in. He opened the lights and you heard him say “Ta-da! My studio. This is where I basically spend my entire time”

“Wow! So you make your music here?”

“Well, since it’s a studio and all” he said with a grin as he took off his jacket and sat down in front of the piano.

“You know what I mean” you told him as you hit his arm the second time for the night.

This boy deserved to be hit for a whole lots of reasons. Being Park Chanyeol was one of them.

“God you’re so violent” he said rubbing his arm and bringing a chair next to him. He patted on the chair for you to sit on.

“I want to show you my recent work” he said and then leaned towards you and continued “I didn’t show this to anyone yet because..well I wanted you to be the first to hear it”

Your heart dropped. Did he just say that? Could it be that…?

“I named this song By Chance, because that’s how we met” he said with his eyes avoiding yours and his fingers hovering above the piano keys.

Your eyes widened in shock and your heart started beating faster. Maybe Han Byul was right. Could he really feel the same way you felt about him, or was your imagination going wild again?

He played his song, and it was beautiful. It seemed like the perfect theme song for that specific day where you guys met. The melody was velvety and soft and special like it was only meant for your ears to hear.

The time? At the moment, it felt like the hands of time had just stopped for you to enjoy that exclusive piece of work that was only meant for you.

He stopped playing when the song ended and he handed you a piece of paper and got up and walked away to one of the corners of the small room. “Read this and let me know what you think”

You opened the neatly folded piece of paper and it had small drawings of Pikachu and bottles of ketchup on its boarders and two words in the middle. You giggled at the poor drawings and started reading what was written.

The two words were {Be Mine?}

You felt warmness explode inside your chest, and butterflies dancing inside your stomach and your hands went instantly cold and your knees were weak.

“Chanyeol oppa I…” you said as you turned to him.

“Y/N..ever since I met you that day, and the second I looked into your eyes, I knew that I didn’t want that to be our first and last encounter. That’s why I took one of your receipts and wrote my number down and gave it to you. I wanted to be your friend..and then we started talking and hanging out and I kept feeling my heart going crazy over..well…everything. And then I thought (God I have to have her)….and..”


“I guess what I’m trying to say is..I like you Y/N. I liked you for a while now. I can’t stop thinking about you. And I find myself losing my mind if I don’t talk to you for a will you? Will you be mine?” he finally stopped talking and you looked at him with heated cheeks and a thumping heart. His state wasn’t any better from yours. He was breathing hard and his cheeks were red and his ears were even redder.

“Chanyeol-ssi..I mean..oppa…” you didn’t know what to say. You never had anyone confess their feelings for you like that. And Chanyeol wasn’t just anyone. He was a celebrity and a big one. A lot of thinking had to be done.

But you wouldn’t just reject him like that, you couldn’t. Not when you knew you felt the exact same way about him. Not when you knew he made you feel special. Not when he made your heart go crazy.

No thinking was needed. Only your feelings and his. Because at that moment, you knew your feelings for him were beyond just a crush. You wanted to be his and wanted him to be yours.

You walked towards him with your head hanging low. You stood at a very close distance from him to the point that only a few inches were separating you two. You lifted your arms and encircled them around his torso and your head was against his viciously beating heart now. You hugged him and you hugged him tight and nodded into his chest.

You could tell he was flustered because he didn’t move for a few seconds, but then you felt his arms around you and he hugged you back and sighed.

He pulled away, put his hands on your shoulders. leaned down to an eye level with you and said “So that’s a yes?”

You nodded shyly and looked away. He laughed through his nose and placed his hands on each side your head and placed a searing kiss to your forehead before he took you in his embrace again.