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Exo Cup Fanmeeting in Japan 170514

Wow were we blessed today

Japan has now become my second favorite place for CB moments~ 



They were the same team (the blue team) and look at how our royal couple absolutely wrecked the other two threesomes wowowowowoowowowow we always knew they had great chemistry :D they just work well together


WOw. Such a lovely view of their backsides :,)

Mmm yes Park Chanyeol demonstrate some more please (Lol I’m that girl having a seizure in the right corner)

If y’all already don’t know, this is the ballon popping game they are demonstrating (y’all can already smell the fan service can’t you?)

Lol. Me being the evil fangirl grumbling “Seriously? The ballon is such a cockblock”

(Chants: “kiss kiss kiss kiss”)

Lol I love that the ballon is a heart. It really accurately represents what’s about to happen. 

Now…let the games…begin

Bless. I love how Baekhyun is just low-key hugging the man’s Park Chanyeol (I KNOW IT’S FOR THE GAME BUT LET ME DREAM. THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE OTHER THAN OTHER CB MOMENTS)

Now a backside view. The games haven’t even started and Baekhyun is already putting his arm around Chanyeol’s waist ahhhhhhhhh

MM they look like they’re on a honey moon

Lol even closer please

Baekhyun’s so ready for this

And here’s a closer view

“Ah yes we are Korea’s number one coup- I mean pair ahahaha.”

Awww Baek looks so fond I can’t

Ah yes Height difference


What an aesthetic couple

Aw Chan looks like a kid XD Showing off his prize

Baek: “We may have won this trophy but we already won each other’s heart”

Oh look at that eye contact. Wowowowow did you see how Baekhyun leaned in slightly looking straight at Chanyeol? Hmmm why did Chanyeol look so startled. I wonder what he thought Baekhyun was doing. What if he thought it was…a kiss? AHH LET ME DREAMMMM. But honestly that eye contact and the way Baekhyun kinda just instinctively leaned in. I mean yeah Chanyeol could’ve been surprised that Baekhyun was staring at him but really I feel (or it looks) like there is some tension. Sexual tension maybe? Just the way Baekhyun is looking at him like that really gets me slightly suspicious

Lol I wonder. Isn’t it uncomfortable for Baekhyun to lean on Chanyeol like that since Chan is taller? XD

That looks so awkward XD

And ending with some creepy synchronization XD



Stop in the Name of Love! 1/3

This is my entry for @thebookjumper‘s Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt: At Odds.

Season 5 AU. The flashback from 5x20 and Adrian Chase are not part of this story.  This story examines what Felicity and Oliver were thinking and feeling at the time.

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for proofing! Also available on AO3.


                                                1. At Odds


Really that would be the only word that accurately depicted how Felicity was feeling about her life right now. She felt like she was drowning and she just needed a life raft. She longed for that raft to be Oliver but she knew it couldn’t be. So, she grabbed onto the first guy who approached her - Billy Malone.

Billy was a nice guy. I really nice guy. Everyone liked Billy. Everything about Billy screamed good guy - he was a cop, he was loyal and kind and he never asked for too much. The last part was the most important. Felicity was not okay for many reasons. Billy was a detective, she was sure he picked up on the fact that she wasn’t entirely open with him but he let her be. So when she was with Billy she could pretend she was a normal woman and everything was okay. She could not imagine how horrified he’d be if he knew that she was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Nope. Not going there. The nightmares she experienced were enough time spent focusing on how awful a human she was. Even though Oliver reassured her she was not. He said she was a hero and tried to remind her of all the lives she saved. He also said almost every night, she didn’t fire the missiles Damien Darhk had. Felicity really did try to believe Oliver.

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Fanfics recs: The Tudors (TV)

Against the Wind by Robin4 (Elizabeth I, Mary I, AU)

Henry VIII’s early death in November of 1541 throws his two daughters together, with far-reaching consequences for the Tudor dynasty.

Alliance by Leni (Anne Boleyn, Mary I, AU)

What if Anne had never worn the crown?

“After Queen Katherine’s death, Anne keeps her head held high and doesn’t let the whispers at Whitehall deter her from carrying out the queen’s last wishes.”

And She Rises With The Sun by simplyprologue (Mary I, Eustace Chapuys, romance)

“My lady?” he stammers, and she knows that he is seconds away from either an apology or an apoplexy. (He may not always charming, but she’ll make a prince out of him yet.) The Lady Mary Tudor and Imperial Ambassador Eustace Chapuys as the Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming in the court of King Henry VIII. Obviously inspired by OUAT. Fluffy crack (is good for the soul?)

Bloodlines, aka Mary Versus The Family Tree by simplyprologue (Mary I, Eustace Chapuys, AU)

In which Henry dies in 1532 and everything vastly changes from there. (Mary is not the only Tudor who finds herself in love with a person much below her station, and proves that she’ll do anything to have her beloved commoner at her side.)

Fortune’s Favours by Elanor3 (Henry VIII, Charles Brandon, drama/romance)

The story follows the storyline of the show, except for the fact that the King and his favorite Duke get a little closer in its course than in the original, making everything even more complicated. ;-)

The honest admiration of an enemy by LadyPalma (Thomas Cromwell, Catherine of Aragon, gen)

Historically, Thomas Cromwell was the one told by the physician Edmund Bedingfield about Catherine of Aragon’s awful health conditions. It was 31 December of 1535, just seven days later she would have died.

House of Cards by Pandora of Ithilien (Charles Brandon, Anne of Cleves, angst/romance)

Cards are the symbol of Charles’ guilt…

The Life of Queen Mary I by AllegoriesInMediaRes (Mary I, character study, gen)

An ever-expanding series of fics that depict Mary I of England. Fics are organized in chronological order but are stand-alone. Right now contains only canon and historically accurate oneshots, but that may change in the future. Will be updated as my muse permits. Stories can be read in order or stand alone.

Peccatoribus by SecondStarOnTheLeft (Mary I, Charles Brandon, AU, romance)

It would not take much to give her an easy life here in the countryside, to keep her away from court, and he knew that there were more men than Henry would suspect or the Boleyns might like who would be willing to marry her, in time, bastard or not - beautiful girls with wealthy fathers never had much trouble in finding husbands, after all.

turning saints into the sea by boleynqueens (Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Charles Brandon, AU, romance)

He knows he’d do anything for his best friend, anything he asked, and figures Henry knows this, too.

we dance for the devil tonight by themirrorofsin (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, Catherine Parr, Henry VIII, AU)

The Hampton Court Club is famous for its entertainment, the showgirls are like no other with their bewitching dances that leave the guests longing for more. But behind the lights and the smiles, hearts are broken and hands become bloody as their owner soon becomes the most infamous thing about the place.

Wrong by ReganX (Mary I, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, AU)

Princess Mary’s thoughts on her mother’s death and her father’s remarriage.

I want to be more positive.

Or more accurately, I want to favor my negative aspects less positive aspects more than I do now. My judgemental critical self is part of who I am and I’m not interested in suppressing that or pretending like it’s not I would prefer to honor that part of my personality rather that pretend like it isn’t part of me. I would like to be able to make conscious choices about when I engage that part of myself and when I don’t because right now I’m just reacting with no consideration for how my negativity impacts my quality of life and the quality of life of those around me.

This is going to take practice. I think while I’m working on this I need to limit the amount of news/current event information that I’m exposed to. I’m going to deactivate my facebook account and just try my hardest to stay ignorant of things for a while. I absorb so much of the emotion from news stories that sometimes those emotions dominate my experience.

Additionally, I’m going to try my hardest to stop using curse words. I think these things will help

INFP: Interpersonal conflict time
  • Me (INFP): *Has a mild disagreement with someone*
  • Shortly after: *Starts bawling*
  • Te: Wth
  • Fi: They're WRONG and it's because of this and that and /this/ hypocrisy and /this/ unreasonableness and they didn't even try to understand my point of view
  • Si: Oh and don't forget how what they said then contradicted what they asked of you in the past
  • Ne: And they could have made it better easily by doing this but ohhh no they had to go do that and it's not just an isolated problem it's an -
  • Si: -accumulation of all these previous passive-aggressive encounters-
  • Fi: -and repressed feelings -
  • Ne: and really a reflection of how bad both your communication is and symptomatic of this unsatisfactory place you are in life right now-
  • Fi: -which is impacting your emotional health although I don't really understand how I got like this exactly and it's driving me crazy and I'm afraid I have flaws that I'm not addressing which are making this worse
  • Ne: So I always have a doubt in the back of my mind that my perceptions are at all accurate -
  • Fi: - and maybe I'm really a just a terrible person
  • Te: ...
  • Te: Why are u like this
  • Fi: Everything Hurts And I'm Dying
20 Questions Tag

Tagged by the wonderful @glitterhyungwon and @exosyeol-61 <3 Thank you!! Ily!!

Rules: Answer the 20 questions & tag 20 blogs that you want to also do this tag. 

Name: Ella

Nickname(s): Els, Ella Bella, eyefucker, succulent dad.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′3″ ? I stopped checking a while ago and just go with “smol”.

Time Right Now: 17:10

Last Thing I Googled: “sleep synonym” (I am definitely not writing fanfiction instead of revising…)

Favorite Bands: BTS, Monsta X, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, BLACKPINK, EXO, DAY6, f(x), VIXX, NCT, B.A.P, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, Ghost Town (the list goes on).

Favorite Solo Artists: Halsey, Agust D, Dean, Zico, Jay Park, Mad Clown, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, Ztao, Lu Han, Imogen Heap, Melanie Martinez, Sia, Taemin, Jonghyun, Troye Sivan, Zion.T (this list also goes on).

Last Movie I Watched: Pride (it’s awesome I’d seriously recommend it, my new fave movie).

Blog Birthday: 1st February (had to dig through my emails to find this).

What Do You Post?: On this blog, mostly stuff that appeals to me (funny or relatable or musical or artsy) and things to do with the news and social issues.

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak?: (it hasn’t) (yet?) (who knows)

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: Um, yes. Many. I have a kpop blog @kimnamjoonexists and an aesthetic blog @prettyprettythings, and some other ones that I will leave a mystery ;)

Do You Get Asks Regularly?: Not really, besides ones I get from my friends, but I haven’t reblogged an ask meme in a while.

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: Well for a long time it was something different (throwback), but I realised that I was using the same username for literally everything, so I changed it to become an existential edgelord wow…

Following: 889

Posts: 4177

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Favorite Color(s): I like most colours, especially purples, blues and greens, but I don’t really have a favourite.

Average Hours Of Sleep: 8? Depends. I try hard during school to get a good amount, but as soon as it’s the holidays any semblance of routine falls to pieces. But I’ll usually still get about 8 or 9 because I’ll just keep sleeping into the day ;)

Lucky Number(s): Don’t have any. Let’s pick one now I guess. Imma go with 12.

Favorite Character(s): Um, okay, this is just quickly off the top of my head because this could go on for a while. Jake from Adventure Time, Homer Simpson, literally all the Belchers, Lilo, Totoro, Gromit, Steven Universe and that’s just from animation… don’t get me started on acted shows and films.

What Am I Wearing Now?: A berry-purple shift dress with a waterfall hem, with black and white dogtooth pattern sandles. Sounds fancy; it’s not. It does make a change though, because I’ve been wearing pyjamas all week.

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: Only one- I’m always warm and it’s summer and I am s w e a t i n g.

Dream Job?: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Failing that, something else creative. I love art, music, writing etc. There must be something :)

Dream Trip: I have always wanted to go to Japan, but I am hoping to go travelling at some point. I want to go to all the continents, and travel with my friends. I think it’d be really fun, especially in places where we could go and explore.

I am tagging these adorable peeps: @penguinpocalypse, @saltypetai, @wifimug, @namjoonsboyfriend, @limechangkyun, @robinhoodhacker, @susan1lee, @nxbodybutu, @quiiet-is-violent, @parkjiminbiased, @fob-top, @ralsalot, @teapartyintardis, @spoopyjiiim, @tvventyonelosers, @rasberrylilacs, @mildlyinconveniencedatthedisco, @phanstille-at-the-disco, @pancakesarescary, @abeautifully-plannedtaxicab.


Down the Rabbit hole Level 1

You want to know what’s happening and what’s going on? Beth is alive but this story goes so much deeper than that.

Well ok… if you want to know I will tell you everything… but I warn you this is going to unplug you from the world you thought you knew.

I have been analysing this show for the last few years , so much weirdness, vagueness and not just in regards to Beth’s “Death” but I get it now, this is the show that finally made it all click for me.

The meaning and explanation behind everything we see on screen is all blatantly right in our faces, deliberately so. And let me tell you, the title of this crazy show is the most fitting title of all. “We are the walking dead” is scarily accurate too.

I’m putting the rest under a read more because i want to warn all my followers that this is going to melt your brains and change your life, hopefully for good and with an unimaginable, beautiful coda of your own.

I am literally offering you the red pill or the blue pill. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” 

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It was as if he were sleepwalking through life, as if he had already died but not yet noticed it.
—  Haruki Murakami - Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years of Pilgrimage 

anonymous asked:

every time I see one of rose's drawings, I can't avoid to see that her nose is getting bigger and more marked, why? it's a little weird x_x

It depends on the style I use when drawing her. My drawings on the ask blog never accurately get the same structure… Rosetto is fricking complex to draw… That’s what i hate about my own character, I never get her right… So instead of using HOURS to get one ask as similar as possible as the last one, i just change styles.

So maybe you got used to the drawings with the tiny noses, and now I’m back at marking it a bit more… And maybe next ask it is again less marked…

Don’t expect from me the One Piece style… because i CAN’T draw manga to save my life T_T … And I’ve tried!

Here is an old Example of styles I’ve used in the past. This is in my OC reference Sheet in my askBLOG page.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever met Queen and savior Paget?

Yes!!! God, it’s been over 2 years now since I met her at the Thrilling Adventure Hour anniversary show where she signed my artwork. I hastily documented The Experience™ here right afterwards, but this is a p accurate description bc my brain is still yelling like that to this day about it…

My 5 a.m. Realization

So I’m up until roughly a little after five in the morning, contemplating life, thinking about Bucky Barnes, watching a little porn, and seething passive aggressively about my brother Mike. Then, as I’m closing my eyes and praying that sleep will finally take over, I sit up right and just start laughing.

I realized that I have a deep dark secret. Now, I’m no snitch, I keep all my friends’ secrets. But, I myself am an open book. I tell my life stories, what people may deem as secrets, and other personal shit like that. But last night-or early this morning to be more accurate- I fucking realized there is a thing that I’ve never told another soul.

Not anyone on here, not any of my significant others, not even…okay, I may have told my late cat, Charlie, but he doesn’t count, he couldn’t tell anyone. (Now, the secret does exist in one of my many journals from over the years, but again, they’re not someone who could spill the beans so I’m not counting them.)

Now, you may be wondering why I’m sharing such information with you, because I know damn well I’m never going to share it on here- the person that it’s tied to follows me. I just wanted to share it because I now feel like some badass cliché super hero from the 1990s, and, in all honesty, that makes me feel fucking awesome.

I’m not going to tell anyone what it is nor am I going to share who it’s tied to. Now, like, I may one day share it, but it’s more fun to let the pot stir and have you guys wonder what I’m keeping secret.

It’s not anything juicy, if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s not. It’s actually quite serious 😂

💋 xoxo 💋

Imagine Barry Allen admitting he loves you when you are drunk

Words: 976

Note: No one requested this, I just need some Barry Allen’s love in my life right now. And this is a Harrison Wells imagine too… um… sort of… 

Originally posted by sssssssim

Worst day ever. It was supposed to be a normal The-Flash-saving-the-world day, until they showed up.

Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow walked into the cortex with their laced fingers. Well, it was not surprised at all, Cisco had been gossiping about their sexual tension for weeks, but you never paid attention to them, or more accurately, you didn’t want to admit the truth.

When the couple announced their relationship, their delightful smiles and locked hands just broke your heart. Oh gosh, you wish you were Caitlin. You wanted to be the one and the only one who made Harrison smiled, but of course Harrison would choose Caitlin. She is brilliant, beautiful and kind-hearted while you are just a normal ordinary girl hanging around S.T.A.R. Labs when you have spare time. It is totally understandable that the smartest man in Central City would choose Caitlin instead of you.

“Hey, are you okay?” Caitlin asked, shaking your forearm to pull you from the thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You forced your lips up, managing a smile on your face, “I just didn’t expect you and Dr. Wells are together.”

“Yeah, we didn’t expect too.” Caitlin lifted her head, looking at Harrison with love in her eyes.

“Anyway,” You cleared your throat, pulling Caitlin into a hug, “I’m happy for you, Caitlin.”

“And you,” You narrowed your eyes on Harrison, showing him your clenched fist, “I’ll punch you in the face with this if you hurt my best friend.”

“I won’t let that happen.” Harrison assured you. The corner of his lips curled up when he saw Caitlin blushed against his words.

You forced out a strained smile, looking away and concealing your sad feeling from the blissful couple.

“Are you alright?” Barry closed in after the lovers left the cortex, seemed he was the only one who sensed something wrong.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” You lied, trying to concentrate on the computer screen, “It’s my turn taking the night-shift. I’ll let you know if something’s up.”

“Okay,” Barry sighed, “call me if you need anything.”


It was a quiet night. No crime, no accident, no meta-human. Normally you would cheer for the rare peace, but you had no mood to clap for tonight’s serenity, you desperately needed something for distraction.

Sitting alone in the cold silent S.T.A.R. Labs just made the images of Harrison easier to flood inside your head. You couldn’t help but think about that handsome face when he was concentrating on the tools, those focusing eyes when he was working on a complex equation, and those small little smiles coiled on his lips when you were doing something stupid which made him hid his laughs so hard and shook his head.

Feeling a warm tear streaming down your cheek, you cursed, you’ve lost count of how many times you wiped away the eye-drops from your face this night.

You pushed back the chair and rose. You couldn’t sit here anymore, you could literally see Harrison and Caitlin everywhere. They were holding hands at the corner of the lab, hugging in front of the main desk, and kissing behind the bench. The painful bitterness was killing you from the inside and all you could do was getting out of here.

You walked through the passage to the pantry. You opened the cupboard and grabbed some bottles of vodka which Caitlin bought them for testing Barry’s hyper-metabolism year ago.

You didn’t even brother to get a glass, you just directly poured the alcohol down your throat and let it burned.

Drinking seemed to be the best way of forgetting the tearing pain you were suffering. After three or four swigs, the only thing you could feel were the glowing heat on your cheeks and the aching burn around your neck.

Your foot steps started crumbling. Just before you fell on the floor because of your wobbly legs, a warm hand firmly caught you, keeping you from tumbling down.

“Hey, Barry!” You exclaimed, swinging the bottle in your hand, “What brings you here?”

Knowing you’ve already been drinking too much and you weren’t in a clear mind, he took away the bottle from your hand and asked, “Oh god, how much have you drunk?”

“Not much, just a little.” You protested, attempting to grab the bottle again, “Hey give it back!”

“No.” Barry stopped you determinedly. He took all the alcohol away in a flash and handed you a glass of water, “Drink this instead.”

He patiently waited for you to finish the water and led you to the couch.

Without the alcohol, the pain and sourness started creeping up to your chest again, tears kept dropping from your eye frames.

“Hey, I’m here.” Barry said softly, cupping your wet cheek and gently wiping away your tears with his thumbs, “You can talk to me.”

“Barry…” You sniffed, leaning towards Barry’s palms, “Do you know how it feels when you love someone so much but they don’t feel the same way as you? Especially when you know their hearts belong to your best friend?”

Then there was a long silent. The only sound left inside the pantry was the tick tock from the wall clock and the sobbing echo from you.

Barry lingered his gaze on you for a while, as if he was searching something behind your watery, heartbroken eyes.

“Yes, I do know how it feels like.” Barry finally broke the silent, “Actually I’m feeling those pain every day.”

“Really? How?” You asked, resisting the tiredness which were slowly taking over you, “You never mentioned you’re in love with someone… Do I know the lucky girl…?”

After a yawn, you unknowingly rested your head on Barry’s shoulder and fell asleep.

“I’m in love with you, Y/N.” Barry whispered, pushing a stray of hair behind your ear, “Why can’t you see me? I’m right in front of you.”

I try with you
There’s more to life than sleeping in
And getting high with you
I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do
And that just didn’t sit right with you
And now you’re trying to make me feel a way, on purpose
Now you’re throwing it back in my face, on purpose
Now you’re talking down on my name, on purpose
And you don’t feel no way, you think I deserve it
—  Drake - Feel No Ways

@danisnotonfire My dash did a thing. I think it’s pretty accurate…

*wakes up in the morning*

me: simon probably would have slept in for like two more hours while baz would have been awake one hour ago wow that means i have to sleep  30 minutes more technically that would be snowbaz 

*starts dressing up*

me: simon would have went for this scarf right yes probably and baz would put on these shoes and this coat oh and simon this shirt oh my god let’s mix all of this together i’ll be snowbaz

*enters a coffee shop*

me: hah i wonder what simon would have taken probably a mocha and baz would go for a cappuccino maybe? maybe i could ask them if they can mix the two that’s like snowbaz af

*enters a book shop*

me: oh my god that is so baz’s type of book i should get it and oH my god that’s simon’s it says rosebud ok i’m taking this right now i dont care if i’m broke (owns 1$)

*enters a shop*

me: baz would love this small dragon statue i’m sure he’ll appreciate it if i get this oh and that’s a scone maker??? how? i’m taking all

*goes to school*

me: that’s the place where simon would sit right not in the back not in the front just in the middle but baz would sit in the back how am i gonna do this should i just stand up i can’t choose between them i have to bE SnOwbaz


me: fkuck baz would probably tell me this heart is useless and simon would tell me my brain is useless i have to get rid of them both yes right now exactly accurate that’s so snoWBAZ??? ???????

My friends and I talk about this all the time. Like just being in our 20’s man, you just don’t know what it’s gonna be when you wake up that day [laughs]. Sometimes you just have a really bad day where you have the wrong perspective on things. It’s not like sunshine-y everyday in my brain, but I try to control it as much as possible.
—  @taylorswift describing my life accurately right now.
Marathon Training Week 11/18

First of all, I want to note that I still have like SEVEN weeks of training to go and I’m hitting that crucial I’m So Over This point in the cycle. It’s not fun. I wish I were running Chicago just to get this whole thing over with!

The picture is an accurate feeling about my life right now. Work sucks this week. It just does. If something isn’t going wrong, then I’m doing something wrong. I’m also working from home today and I feel that literally every. Single. Room. Is a mess. I hate that feeling. So after I’m done with work today, I am cleaning up and wrenching back a little control from this chaos.

Good news is: it’s Dogfish Dash weekend aka one of my very favorite times of the year! So after work on Friday I’m driving out to Rehoboth for a quick 48 hour mental health/race weekend. 

Of course, it’s still marathon training season so on Saturday I’ll be running 16ish miles around Rehoboth which isn’t really a great way to prep my legs for an 8k race on Sunday but marathon training wins out over Dash glory. Last year I somehow scraped out a 7:08 average pace for the Dash but I’m not feeling so peppy this year.

PROBABLY because I ran a tempo run this morning and my legs are tired.

This week I also ran speedy repeats OFF the track instead of on the track. Plan called for 5 x 1 miles at 10 seconds faster than race pace (so 7:50 instead of 8) with ¼ mile jogs in between. I ran this on my tempo run route since it’s a reliably long, flat paved trail:

So I’ve been doing this thing in my tempo runs that translated into this run which is running WAY TOO FAST. I did it on purpose too which makes it worse. I kinda wanted to see if I could hit around a 7:30-7:40 and look at that, of course I can. Except this does me no good whatsoever for marathon training.

And then I did something similar on my tempo run this morning.

Those closer to race pace miles at the end? That was just because I was so dang tired from going out way too fast. It’s stupid. I don’t know why I thought I could do this. At one point I though, hmm, this isn’t so bad, maybe I’ll try for the 3:25 pace group at the marathon…. PRIDE GOETH BEFORE THE FALL, tumblrinos.

Look, basically, I’m a mess in all aspects this week apparently. But you know what, fall is tomorrow and the weather is getting cooler and I’m going to the Dogfish Dash so I’m going to say it’s still a win.