this is just a small moment

I think one of the most underappreciated moments in Thor Ragnarok is

when Thor pokes the business card with his ‘umbrella’ while whispering “Loki?”

Like it is completely possible for Loki to inexplicably transform himself into a small white rectangle of cardstock

So he better poke it with a stick

Just in case cardstock Loki goes “Mblerg it’s me!” and stabs him or something

The only thing that sounds worse than Adrien’s mom being a villain is Kagami’s mom being a villain. Marinette is too far removed from the actual plot of the story as it is and her personal stakes in the fight are basically non existent. She needs more involvement and importance in this plot (beyond her connections to Adrien) before a new secondary character does.

It still bums me out that we’re 6 episodes in and so far like… I still have no idea what Marinette’s journey is suppose to be beyond the bare minimum, that is being the hero. That in itself would be fine if I knew what steps she was taking to get to that point but so far, as as much as I love the moments we’ve had, her character has been firmly centered around Adrien the past few episodes. There were small moments of her affirming her desire to continue to be the best hero she can be, but they’re small character beats and inconsequential compared to the major plot happening. She’s just so weirdly removed from all the important bits except in the most basic sense. We had two scenes of her with Fuu where she just learns some information, but the information we learned all has to do with Adrien’s family and how they’re effecting the story and their own characters, while Marinette is just on the outside looking in. As if we’re seeing a story about the Agrestes through her eyes, rather than this story really being about her. It just bugs me, and it’s going to continue to do so until Marinette’s character arc is actually given attention outside of romance. Involving all these other people and heightening their importance before the main lead would be pretty stupid to do at this point. 


At The Gate

Rick looked at her. There had been many times he did just that…look at her. Sometimes he didn’t want his eyes elsewhere. So time passed and he caught glimpses of her. Moments etched in his brain like polaroids in a family album.

And Michonne caught him staring, a small smile stretching her face. “What?” she said imitating how he often said the word, with a country twang as she called it. Rick chuckled, his heart skipping a beat because he just loved this woman.

“Just…just thinking about the moment that I first met you…at the gate.” He leaned against the banister of the porch and watched her. The sun kissed Michonne’s shoulders, leaving golden love bites there.

“And,” she sweetly chimed, gazing up at him. His eyes and the sky were fighting to be the bluest, his eyes seeming to win this battle. They glistened in the sun, as his curls gently blew in the southern breeze.

“My soul felt complete….felt whole again. Maybe for the first time in my life,” he openly admitted, shyness taking over his demeanor. Michonne tried to find some words, but none would be more beautiful than that.

Because she felt that too… felt her soul drain from her body when she lost her son and boyfriend. And bit by bit, the love of this family filled her up again. She swam in her love, when once she could only drown from the pain in a darker time.

For lack of words to say to him, Michonne thought a kiss would suffice. Her lips somehow sought his out, wanting the familiar touch of silk and satin sliding against one another. The heat from the sun illuminated them, warming their skin, but not as much as the kiss did.

If life could be breathed into someone…if life could somehow find a way…it found a way to resuscitate these two. Bring them together in a world where pain was constant and nothing was certain. Nothing was a guarantee.

Nothing but their love.

BTS Reaction: Being Flat Chested

request: being flat chested and insecure about it @marithephangirl

Kim Seokjin

Jin loved absolutely everything about you. He couldn’t understand how shy and distant you’d get when you two were about to get intimate, or even once when you went to a swimming pool, he decided to bring it up.

“I just.. don’t like..them..” you’d say, gesturing to your chest. In your opinion, it was too small.

“Yah, you’re beautiful, Princess. There’s nothing wrong with your Chest.” “Want me to show you how much I love it?”

Min Yoongi

The moment his fingers gripped at the end of your shirt to lift the fabric up, you had stopped him. He was confused as to why, maybe he had done something wrong? When you explained why you reacted like you did he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Babe you’re perfectly fine.” “Let me show you how much I love you, okay?”

Jung Hoseok


He couldn’t quiet understand why you whined so much about your chest. He loved it so much, he couldn’t see your insecurities about it, he thought they were unnecessary.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N, big chest or not.” “I don’t understand why you think like that, I love them.”

Kim Namjoon

He saw the way you were looking at yourself in the mirror, and he didn’t like it. He loved and accepted everything about you, flaws and all. Though he didn’t see you being flat chested as a flaw at all, rather he’d enjoy it.

“Babygirl, I love your Chest, okay?” “I don’t have to worry about other’s looking, and, personally I prefer your also perfect ass.”

Park Jimin

He knew how toxic it could be to think like that. Sure, small insecurities were normal and everybody had those, but they could get out of control if one were to think about it too much and he didn’t want you to go through something like that.

“Please don’t think like that, Baby.” “You don’t need a big chest to be beautiful.”

Kim Taehyung

Much like Jin, he was confused as to why you always seemed to hide yourself when it came to showing your body. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen you naked before, but even then you seemed to shy away from taking off your shirt.

“I’ve seen you naked before.” “It’s not a problem, baby, I love you and your chest so much, okay?”

Jeon Jeongguk

He couldn’t understand at all. He thought you were perfect just the way you were, and, much like Hoseok, he wouldn’t understand why you were thinking like that. He would try his best to show you that you were perfect even without a big chest.

“So what, I’m flat chested too.” “I love your small breasts as much as I would love it if you had a bigger chest.”

Delivery Boy Pt 1

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Smut, fluff

Tags: Dom/Sub switch, oppa kink, oral, begging, squirting, public sex, cheating, voice control, kitten/babygirl/babyboy, creampie, fingering

A/N: Big blocks of text to squeeze into the text limit 🙁

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“Who the fuck orders pizza at 4 in the fucking morning?” Yoongi grunted, getting off the tiny motorcycle, marching towards the apartment with the pizza box tucked into his arm. He knocked on the wooden door, waiting for a few moments before he heard a tumble from the inside, and a soft whine, and the door opened. Yoongi almost choked on his spit, heat rushing to his face. Of course, for his job, he had seen a lot of type of people, but this was the first.

The small lady, just a fumble of a jacket on herself, the length barely covering herself, her small hands stained with transparent liquid from between her legs. She nervously licked her lips, not doing or saying anything as she observed Yoongi, a soft smile playing on her features. “U-U-Uh it’s 25 bucks.” Yoongi stuttered, trying not to look at her, but he could not help but stare at her bare thighs, pressed together, silky and smooth against the light.

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Mornings like this are my favorite. The power goes out, just as the coffee finishes brewing. We all sit around the table, sipping our coffee, a candle lit in the middle, talking, laughing. Not one of us complaining, just enjoying these small moments of uninterrupted peace, before heading out for the last day of hunting this season.

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Headcannons for surprising Harry on Christmas Morning with him being a father soon. ♡

  • You would’ve known for a while now
  • But you wanted to make the announcement special
  • This would be the last Christmas you and Harry would have as just the two of you
  • Both of you said you wasn’t bothering buying presents for each other this year, but when you handed him a small box on Christmas morning, you couldn’t contain your smile
  • “But darling, we said we wasn’t doing pre-”
  • “Just open it, Harry”
  • And so he did
  • Inside, was a glass bauble, engraved with the words “Baby Hart’s first christmas, 2018″
  • “I don’t understand, Y/N, 2018 is next year”
  • “I’m pregnant, Harry.”
  • It took a moment, but eventually it all clicked, and Harry couldn’t contain his excitement
  • And didn’t shut up about it all day, even at dinner at Merlin’s
  • And he didn’t shut up until the day Baby Hart was born.
Kismet - Kang Daniel (4)

genre: angst (as usual)

character pairing: kang daniel (wanna one) x female reader

warnings: minor mentions of suicide and some bad angst

a/n: sorry it took so frigging long to post this but i’m still trying to save up for a new computer since my last one is busted and i’ve been working nonstop 

Originally posted by ongsway

previous chapters: 1 2 3

chapter synopsis: daniel reflects on the moment he knew he loved you and he prepares himself to say goodbye… to everything.

so you’re just going to leave without a goodbye?”
     “you were going to leave without a goodbye first.”
“no i wasn’t. i could never break your heart like you’re about to break mine.”

kang daniel. a man of few words but a heart bigger than he could carry.

but right now his heart was filled with nothing but pain due to the fact that his childhood friend had cleared out her room, all that was in the small room being her scent.

daniel inhaled slowly as he closed his eyes. if he imagined hard enough, he could still see her scuffling about the room, avoiding the mess that littered the floor to look for what she needed.

“aha!” she would shout in victory as she held up the missing item that was no longer lost.

a box.

“that’s what you tore your room up for?” daniel asked incredulously.

“niel, you don’t get it. this is a symbol,” she smiles proudly.

“symbol of what?” daniel asks, carefully prying the box from her tiny hands.

“a symbol of my love,” she smiles fondly. daniel feels his stomach drop and he spitefully looks at the box.

who’s so special that he gets her symbol of love?

then daniel feels dumb because next she laughs at his face contorted in bitterness.

“i would never buy something special for just anyone, niel. it’s for you,” she smiles proudly.

and suddenly, just like that, he was in love with her. not in the “i love you like family” type of love. oh, no.

this love daniel felt, he swore that she put the stars in the night sky and ignited the flame on the sun. she was the sole purpose for why he got up in the morning. she was the oxygen he breathed and the very purpose of life. he never thought he could love someone as much as he loved her, but yet, here he was, holding this small blue box that he had yet to open, baffling at the self realization of his emotions.

“aren’t you curious as to what’s inside?” she asks curiously, wondering why it took him so long to open the box. he smiles at the box before looking her in the eyes.

“whatever it is, i’m sure i’ll love, jagi,” he smiles. he’s never called her this term of endearment before, but with all the sudden emotions running through his body, he didn’t think twice. and he’s glad he didn’t because he felt good calling her his jagiya.

“jagi? i like it, it’s cute,” she smiles, walking up to daniel. he automatically pulled her into his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around her frame.

it was in that moment that he finally understood when his parents said that home isn’t always four walls and a roof.

because she was his home and he had never been happier to say so.

daniel wiped the small tears that gathered in the corner of his eyes as he reminisced on his first true love.

why had she packed up without a word to him?

i mean sure, the last time they spoke it didn’t on good terms but he thought that their friendship and love for each other was stronger than that.

now that they had graduated, and summer was in full swing, daniel had decided to leave to school earlier than expected. he was going to move into a small apartment closer to the school so he can familiarize himself with his surroundings.

daniel exited your home and made his way down the pavement to his car packed with all his belongings. he wanted to say goodbye to you before he left.

to say he was disappointed was an understatement. so when he looked up to see you leaning against your car, his heart suddenly inflated to the point where he was surprised it didn’t burst.

“(y/n)?” daniel calls out. you look up at him and you start to speed walk his way.

“so you were just gonna go?” you cry out, pushing at daniels chest.

“huh?” daniel asked.

“you were just going to pack up and not say anything about leaving?” you cry out, still pounding at daniels chest.

“but you left—“

“no! i didn’t! i drove my stuff over to my new place and was going to come back to say goodbye.. but when i pulled up i seen your car and all it’s stuff and i just… why didn’t you say anything?” you sniffle.

“you kind of didn’t give me much of a chance to do so,” daniel drowns. he hated seeing you cry.

“after that night, how could i?” you murmur.

“you know, i get it. why you left and waited. i mean, sure, it hurts to know i wasn’t the reason you stayed but i get it,” daniel whispers to you.

“you’re part of the reason i stayed niel. you’re the reason for a lot of things,” you shyly admit.

“wait… like what?” daniel asks. you turn your head and refuse to answer. because, how could you at this moment? whatever you say won’t matter.

daniel, however, doesn’t like the silence you give him and he feels whatever is left of his heart crumble. he backs away from and turns to go to his car, leaving for good.

“so you’re just going to leave without a goodbye?” you call out to him in a broken tone.

“you were going to leave without a        goodbye first,” daniel dejectedly yells back.

“no i wasn’t. i could never break your heart like you’re about to break mine,” you admit.

“you broke mine first,” he chuckles bitterly.

“because what would you have done if i said i loved you back, huh? stay? daniel you can’t hurt yourself like that. you deserve more! better than anything i have to give you,” you cry out.

“but that doesn’t matter!” daniel snaps, and you jump at his angry tone.

“i would’ve moved fucking mountains to have you with me. i would’ve given all i had and then some to keep you by my side! but you just couldn’t wait to get away from me,” daniel yells.

“that’s not true! i have loved you far longer than you loved me and i can guarantee that,” you snap back.

“how do you know that?”

“the minute you stayed by my side when i thought i had nothing, i knew. i had read books and articles and scientific studies that have all talked about falling in love but nothing could compare to actually falling in love with you. do you remember the night you found me on the bridge? how i was sitting on the edge and you just so happened to be walking by that night? daniel you saved me! i was going to kill myself that night but you were there to save me, like always! you didn’t even know you saved me but yet you stayed and protected me. how could i ever love anyone else after you, now?” you cry.

daniels face is written with shock and hurt and several other emotions he couldn’t identify.

you were going to kill yourself? you loved him first? you still love him?

daniel couldn’t think. he couldn’t process anything. so he just watched your trembling body as he opened his car door.

“goodbye,” he says solemnly. he gets in the car without another word, starting the car and driving off, leaving you and everything he thought to be true behind.


Requested by anonymous

”So how are you liking it here?” Benny asked as the two of you walked down the hall together. You only just moved here this week but already you felt incredibly close to Benny. He was assigned to show you around on your first day and you guys just sort of clicked.

”It’s really good” you replied with a smile. You bit your lip before you continued.
“I even ah, met someone that a really like… they’re really cute and… super funny” you explained, a small blushing forming on your cheeks.

Benny looked away for a quick moment. You didn’t know it but Benny was already crushing on you. When you said this he couldn’t help but become a little flustered. He was almost positive you weren’t referring to him but he silently hoped that said person you were talking about was Benny himself.

”Really who would that be?” Benny asked meekly.

”I don’t know if I should say quite yet but I’ll tell you one thing. It just so happens that you know this person quite well” you answered, with a sly grin.


Chipped Paint and Old Brick Walls

Summary:  Darcy tends to wander when she’s lost in thought. She may loose her footing along the way, but she does find something in return.

One Shot

Word Count: 601 

Notes: Angst, angst with happy ending, pre-relationship, I own no characters.  This started as me having a bad day and trying to write it out.. it then turned into this after I realized I could make some small edits and ta da have a little Bucky/Darcy moment.

She just wanted to hide. Hide away. Away from the mess of work at the labs. Away from the mess of a room her current living situation was in. Away from the mess that was her current, or possible continuous, broken emotional state. Just away. Far, far away. But not actually to Far, Far Away. She by no means wanted to be a princess. But wouldn’t mind a hint of that attention every once in a while; if only it was from a certain someone.

But that was the problem, wasn’t it? Who would that someone be? Or would she even ever be able to find that someone? With work, family issues, lack of sleep, lack of time, time spent reading, time spent trying not to go insane, yadda, yadda, yadda. There felt to be no room in her life for something that could possibly be that special. It felt that way. Oh, did it feel that way.

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Can I request a Timxreader where they’re best friends but it’s pretty obvious they like each other so the rest of the boys make plans to get them together but nothing works. Bit then one day he’s teaching her some basic hacking stuff at the manor and she’s just like ‘sweet Jesus I want to have your babies’ and Tim’s shook for a moment but he’s like ‘screw this’ and he just pushes her against the wall and kisses her? Bonus points if Jason walks in and cockblocks them 😂 THANK U SO MUCH 🙏🏽

(sorry it took so long!)

“What do you think about this?” Tim asks, turning his head slightly to the side so that he’s not finally facing you, a small smile slowly making its way toward the corners of his lips as he opens his mouth and speaks, continuing his words from before. “It’s pretty easy to do, right?”

For a moment, you’re silent, still continuing to stare at him, finding yourself lost in the beauty of his smile. Tim merely looks at you, watching as you stare at him in a daze, blinking at you several times and wondering what it is you’re thinking about.

“Hey,” he says, leaning closer toward you, waving a hand in front of your face, trying to catch your attention. “Are you okay?”

Almost as if you’re still stuck in a daze, you open your mouth to speak, the words falling softly out of your lips as though they’re a whisper. “I really want to kiss you right now.”

For a moment, Tim is silent, staring at you and blinking at you once, twice, thrice, like he’s still trying to process your words in his head. It doesn’t take him long enough to do so, and the moment it all finally clicks together in his head, he sucks in a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak, finally breaking the silence between the two of you. “What?”

Your eyes widen in alarm, and you quickly shake your head at him, your cheeks heating up as though in embarrassment. “It’s nothing,” you reply, quickly turning your head away from him to hide the blush creeping on your cheeks. “You can just ignore it if you like.”

For a moment, Tim is silent, and all he could do is stare at you, thinking about what it is he’s going to do next. A moment later, you hear his chair scraping from behind you, and when you turn your head around to see what it is he’s doing, you discover that he’s already leaned toward you, his face only inches away from yours.

“You know what,” he begins, whispering the words softly against your lips. He’s so close, so close that you could practically smell him, could practically taste him on the tip of your tongue. Your breath hitches in your throat, and suddenly, it almost feels as though you’ve forgotten how to breathe.

You stare at him for a moment, waiting for him to finally speak, to finally continue his words. It doesn’t take him long enough to do so, and the moment the words are finally out of his lips, they come out soft and gentle, almost as though a whisper. “I like you, too.”

And then before you know it, he’s already kissing you, wrapping his arms around you as he presses his lips on to yours, trying to convey everything he’s ever felt for you in the action. You tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling him even closer toward you, closer and closer until you aren’t sure where your body ends and where his body begins—

A sudden knock on the door is enough to startle the both of you, and the two of you quickly scramble away from each other, going back to the position you were in before. The door opens not after a moment, and you see Jason standing in the doorway, crossing his arms over his chest as he stares at the two of you.

“What were you two doing here—Oh,” he says, looking back and forth between the two of you. A knowing look flashes across his features and a moment later a small smirk slowly makes its way toward the corners of his lips. “I see,” he says, nodding his head at the both of you as though in understanding.

He gives the two of you a wink and a wave of the hand, almost as though in a gesture of goodbye, before exiting the room and closing the door behind him, leaving the two of you alone once more.


“Hurricane” by Ricky Tims of La Veta, Colorado.

Ricky Tims, Caryl Breyer Fallert-Gentry, Anna Buzzalino and Ellen Lindner all had quilts in the Small Abstract category, along with my “Moonswept.” Talk about some heavy competition!

“Hurricane” was inspired by the Broadway musical, “Hamilton”, where the character is reminiscing about the hurricane that devastated the island of St. Croix in his youth. He sings, “In the eye of the hurricane, there is quiet for just a moment; a yellow sky.”

Funny to think that as many hurricanes as I’ve seen here in Florida, I have never seen this (even if I were inclined to be looking out of a window during a hurricane). In most of the ones that have impacted us, the eyewall passed over us at night. My mother told me of one that tore the roof off her house when she was a girl. She looked up from her bed and saw stars.

Photo taken at the 2017 International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas.

Thank you, Mark

Thank you for making me cry, Mark.

No. I’m not joking around like “OH WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS TO ME ”

Seriously. Thank you for making me cry, thanks for stopping me for a moment just to take a small break from this endless cycle of stress and work and pressure. Making me think and remember all the things that have happened in the past and all the people I’ve met and lost. All the moments I’ve spent with them. I don’t care if the memories are good or bad, they’re still there and they’ve made me the way I am.

 Sometimes it’s just good to take a moment to yourself and appreciate everything that has happened and glance at the horizon, at the endless possibilities that are there waiting for you. No one knows if today is their last day here. That’s the beauty of it all. No one is here forever. If we lived forever, maybe we’d have time to understand things. But as it is, I think the best we can do right now is try to open our eyes, and appreciate how strange and brief all of this is.

We believe in you Mark. This amazing journey has just been the beginning, a tip of the iceberg. I’m so happy to see you doing what you love. Being so happy and enjoying making videos more than ever.

I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing upcoming journey. See you in the next video, @markiplier


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Hi, hope you're having a good day and defeating the cold 🌻 for the 'talk about', could you do number 9 and 15?

9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.

i really like my hands (except for the fact that their circulation is shit but lets not talk about that). i have quite delicate wrists and decently long fingers. they mostly look well kept, as in my nails look alright even without nail-polish and even though i have quite dry skin, it doesn’t really show on my hands. idk i just like my hands a lot

15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.

mate i don’t even know when this was. as far as i can remember i’ve been pretty much constantly stressed for the past six years. however, i’m good at being content with small moments. like this morning i had to run an errand in town, and since it was sunday i decided to take myself on a little coffee date. so i just sat in starbucks for a couple of hours, taking my sweet time drinking a hot chocolate with a load of whipped cream and reading. it was wonderful. 

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Yes the Monchele Finchel parallels are amazing!!!! What’s funny is the top parallel they were shooting that ep when Lea did that to Cory in real life lol. And I remember when the footage of her touching his face at Coachella leaked and fandom went crazy it’s so cute and seemed like something she did all the time cuz she did it so absentmindedly and ugh they were so cute and affectionate!!! My two OTPs Of OTPs lol

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what ur favourite ghibli film says about you

the tale of princess kaguya: me too also given that literally no one has seen this beautiful masterpiece i Trust u and love u

howls moving castle: you give off really pretty vibes… all the hmc stans i know have been pretty girls with good taste in books strangely enough

kiki’s delivery service: your sense of aesthetic is really good and you probably are charismatic enough to have a lot of friends though you dont realise it

princess mononoke: you have this beautiful spirit that’s always been highly aware of the ugliness in the world but goddam you make it a better place just by existing. and your mind is So intelligent and your heart… is so in the right place

my neighbour totoro: you’re playful and curious and bright. a small, ever-powerful star in the darkness

whisper of the heart: you’re so compassionate. you live life slightly differently from others. as though in your own bubble, as though everything happening to you is happening very quietly. and you treasure the moments- how magical existing can be. you’re probably so so good and precious to those you care about

spirited away: you’re very classically somehow this blend of a hero and a creator. you give off vibes of being the hero of the tale, the noble knight adventuring, but at the same time youre so infinitely creative. something ancient and wise deep inside u