this is just a small moment

▓  - the awful weather forced them to stay stuck home (bonus if one of them doesn’t live there) (w/ ceo!hoseok)

“You know, you could just spend the night here,” Hoseok suggests, his fingers strumming up and down your arm, a leisure movement he likes to do when you’re tangled up in the sheets with him; skin on skin with your whole, if not almost entire being connected to him. You hum and remain pressed to his chest, fingers idly flicking one another behind his back because Hoseok likes leaning against the headboard with a small gap for your arms to slip and settle there.

“I wouldn’t want to have to worry if you’d make home safely with the weather looking like the moment you step out, you’d be swallowed,”

Chuckling, it’s a sound Hoseok adores to hear. He smiles at you, as if he couldn’t the moment your eyes meet. 

“You sure you wouldn’t swallow me first?”

All he does is bite his lip, and you hit him without much force.

“I mean, you know, if you wanted me to all you have to do is just ask me, love,”

“You’re insatiable,” You mutter under your breath, turning your head to rest your cheek by the side of his arm. He laughs and shifts you to lay down with him, legs coming between yours before they rest like that, tangled and warm under the sheets, “I know,”

“But you seem to like it,”

“No comment,” You sigh, closing your eyes and it’s his turn to chuckle as he cups your cheek, “So you’re staying?”

You peek with one eye to see his gummy smile before it closes to dissolve his image, but not his voice when they continue to kiss your eardrums.

“With you here like this, I’d be crazy to leave,”

He smirks and pulls you closer, as if you hadn’t been anything but close.

“I would’ve said the same thing,”

“Don’t push it,”

“…let’s sleep then.”

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Do you think Furuta could befriend anybody or become emotional ? Not with rize ,but with some one else. Do you think he could unmask his fake self/mask? Do you think he will die just a clown or a human with a grand goal ?


There’s nothing behind his mask that’s the point. As I’ve said before this is the most Furuta panel to me. “It hurts ever so slightly” Furuta says, while putting on a ridiculous smile. 

If Furuta ever feels anything it’s this, a tiny amount of fondness, a tiny amount of affection, but nothing to ever sway him. You can’t repress yourself fully after all, no matter how much you wish it. There are small moments where Furuta acts unnecessarily, for a person who only exists to embody the system he was born into. Furuta put a blanket on Kijima after all.

However these moments are almost always followed by Furuta’s extreme acts of coldness. He’s shown later deliberately stepping over Kijima’s corpse.

He makes Kaneki coffee in the omakes too to cheer him up (with limited success) 

And then later on confronted Kaneki personally and tried to kill him in the Cochlea outbreak, and later framed him for the murder of the entire Washuu family and suggested he just die taking all the credit while grabbing at his neck.

In the most recent omake he even wonders if he’s going to be invited to Kuroiwa and Yoriko’s wedding. 

My point being even Furuta can’t be Furuta all the time. There are even times where he’s alone and acts like a normal person, rather than the self proclaimed clown he’s made himself out to be. However, he usually towards those same individuals he shows a more human side, often overcompensates with violence or indifference directed at them. It’s a contradiction, because Furuta is made up of those. 

As for what Furuta’s true face would look like, there are two prevailing ones. One is that Furuta’s wild and off the wall behavior when he’s in front of people like Eto is his true face. In front of her, the embodiment of the destruction of the system Furuta has no system anymore to adhere to and therefore he just throws every emotion across the wall and sees what sticks. 

The second one is an observation I picked up from 101, that it seems that the more honest he’s being, the less of his face is shown. Times when he’s really approaching sincerity and seriousness, he’s shown from the side. 

It makes sense in a way, for a person so dependent on wearing masks he can only be honest when his face is only barely shown, or not shown at all.

As for Furuta and Ui, it’s more than likely Furuta will repeat the pattern he did above. He might show some small fondness towards Ui, but in the end that would only make him that much more indifference when he steps over Ui’s corpse. Their relationship I think can best be summoned in this panel from 104.

Neither Ui nor Furuta really want to ascend the power structure of the CCG. They’re doing it because they have nothing left to protect. Furuta who was born with nothing in the first place, except for Rize who he destroyed himself and Ui whose lost every close attachment over the course of this manga. The reason Ui attaches himself to Furuta is not because out of any fondness towards Furuta (at least not initially, Ui is a soft person so he does go above and beyond a business relationship with Furuta yet again) is because climbing the CCG is all he has left. He wants to believe the lie that Furuta is selling him, as much as Furuta wants to sell it to him, that the CCG can still be saved and still fights for something good. That’s what makes him especially vulnerable. 

So from the start it’s a very broken friendship more akin to two people with nothing left clinging to each other, Furuta being a manipulative person who likes to throw away and step over his pawns is just more kindling to that fire.

However at the very least, Ui has been shown with a major connection to every important garden child we’ve been introduced to so far, Arima, Hairu, then Furut, (hsiao doesn’t count because she’s not important). That seems to be an important parallel and I doubt it will amount to nothing. Furuta might be the one to share with Ui where he and Arima are really from, and the fate of all garden children before finally doing off with him. 

How long did Rip Hunter actually get to enjoy his freedom from Eobard before Mick Rory handed the Spear to the Legion of Doom?

How long did Rip Hunter get to even start to recover from that terrible violation, or deal with the guilt and grief over what he’d done?

Weeks seem unlikely. Despite being on a Time Ship, they’re kind of, sort of, on a tight schedule.  They asked him straight out about Heywood the moment he stepped foot on the bridge.  And they would have had a very small window to exploit Rip’s knowledge of the Legion’s base.

So days, maybe?


How long did Rip Hunter get to be in control of his own mind and memories before the Legion rewrote reality itself.

I think about that a lot when I see folks talk about Rip’s comment at the end of Fellowship.

I think about how Rip Hunter was only just freed from a horrific experience, one that Mick Rory would understand better than anyone else.

And I think about how Rip Hunter is the one person who has any real understanding about how the Spear works.  And is the one person with even the faintest idea about the Legion’s actual goals.  And I wonder:

Does he know what’s about to happen?

Is he thinking about how short his reprieve was?

Is he thinking about how, this time, the team are going to suffer with him and he can’t do anything to protect them?

Is he counting the minutes he has left, as himself?

Mick Rory will be the hero next episode, and I’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.

But I really do hope that Rip gets to punch Mick in the face.  Just once.

Drawing~Bts Jungkook Fluff

Bts Jungkook Imagine for @kukimunstur

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       It was the day Jungkook was to be coming home from his tour.Here I am drawing away on my sketch book, not paying attention to anything around me.  After months of not seeing my lovely boyfriend, I feel as if I am now desperate to see him. I miss his cuddles in the cold nights, or his small kisses when he found out I had a bad day at work. I missed everything about him. But most of all, the peaceful times when we draw together, just listening to soft music.

       It was hard to have those moments together, considering that both of our places are occupied most of the time; his with his members, mine with my family. And we couldn’t go out a lot do to his fans not knowing about us. But i was content. I was happy drawing with him when we got the chance to. He doesn’t really like  drawing around others so I feel somewhat special when he draws with me.

         It was around three o’clock in the afternoon when I got the call that jungkook wouldn’t be home until late. His flight had got delayed, so I would be stuck her alone for majority of the night. But I was ok with that, knowing that no matter how late it was I would be able to lay in his arms again soon. I had made it my mission to stay awake until he got home, so that’s what lead me to drawing.

         Usually I would be aware of what is going on around me, but today I wasn’t. There was no one here for me to be bothered by, no music to keep me occupied. Just my drawing. My family left this morning, knowing jungkook would be coming back, so they wanted to give us space for a while, knowing how hard it was for me when he wasn’t around. I was grateful for that. But also grateful for the quietness I could have while drawing.

           I would have heard the light knock on the door or the door opening and closing if it weren’t for my being so concentrated. It wasn’t until someone plopped down beside me on the cold, hardwood floor that I noticed their existence. When I looked up from my drawing, I smiled. “I missed you,” I said almost above a whisper, not wanting to the quietness to end just yet. “I missed you too” He whispered back before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my lips. Oh did i miss him so much.

        As he pulled back he glanced down at my drawing before moving slightly so his back was against the couch and pulling me close to him. “I missed this,” he mumbles as he starts to draw on his paper. I smiled, enjoying the fact that he missed this just as much as I did. I cuddled into him, continuing to draw with him, for the first time without music. We didn’t need it, we had each other in this moment and that’s all we needed. We didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night, to busy drawing and exchanging I love you’s every now and then. Moments like this remind me of the reason I don’t fuss about him always being busy, because moments like this are the ones that count.

                                                      The End~

I hope you liked it~ This is my first time in a while writing an imagine so I might be kind of rusty! Please give me feedback and request are always open!
Hollywood Is Getting Outsized Credit For Seriously Small Moments Of LGBT Inclusivity
By Alison Willmore

It’s far from just studios at the core of this trend of disproportionate credit going to tiny examples of inclusivity, though the increased visibility it brings is probably pleasing from a marketing standpoint. The fault belongs, more than anything, to overenthusiastic media coverage from outlets searching for and spreading feel-good stories about representation.

Sleepless Nights

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Junghoon (B.I.G), for @exidsmomager
Type: Smut/Fluff
Words: 1037
Summary: You’re having trouble sleeping, and J-Hoon has just the solution to fix your problem.

You rolled over fitfully, pulling the blankets with you. Junghoon mumbled something in his sleep; you could feel him reach out unconsciously for the blankets you’d just stolen. Groaning loudly, you flopped onto your side facing him, unravelling a small portion of the blankets from your body and covering up his stomach with them.
As if he could tell you were staring at him, Junghoon’s eyes fluttered open and glanced in your direction, coming to a focus on you after a moment. You put on your best puppy dog eyes and gazed up at him from the ball you were curled into.
“Can’t sleep?” he asked you, glancing over at the clock he had placed on the nightstand beside him. 3:42. You shook your head, exasperated, and rolled over.
“This has been happening all week and I just don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I’ve never had problems sleeping before,” you groaned. As you were furiously talking, Junghoon scooted closer to you, curling around your frame and placing his arm around your stomach; he’d always liked being the big spoon.
“Maybe you’re just really tense. Work has been kind of stressful over the past couple days, hasn’t it?” Junghoon asked, messaging your shoulders gently with one hand. You could tell by his voice he was extremely close to falling back asleep. You rolled over to face him, or rather his chest, again. Snuggling into his warmth, you mumbled against his skin.
“Work has been stressful before. I just don’t know what it is.”
“What can I do to help?” he asked, and you could have cried. Here was your boyfriend, practically falling asleep while he was talking to you, and yet he was still trying to solve your problems for you. Gazing up at his half lidded eyes, the circles under his eyes puffy and red, you thought he was the most amazing man in the world.
You craned your neck up to press your lips against his, gently at first. His lips were vaguely chapped; he tended to breathe through his mouth when he slept, which always dried out his lips chronically. You balanced yourself on your elbow, halfway leaning over him as you kissed him. Junghoon threaded his fingers into your tangled hair, pulling your mouth closer to his. He deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue into your mouth, intertwining it with yours lazily. The kiss was soft and slow, tinged with an overall sleepiness that clung around the two of you like a haze.
Somehow, you ended up straddling him, throwing your legs on either side of Junghoon’s waist and cupping his cheeks with boy hands. You lazily grinded your core against his, feeling the soft flesh slowly grow harder under you. The two of you didn’t feel rushed, or frantic; this time you explored each other slowly and carefully.
Junghoon managed to sit up so that his back was against the headboard, hands brushing up and down the length of your sides and back tenderly. You ran your fingertips through his hair as you kissed him, tugging on the ends just slightly. You heard a soft moan in his chest, causing a lazy smile to work its way across your lips.
“Is this helping you sleep better?” Junghoon asked, a smirk matching your own. You chuckled lightly, moving your lips down to follow along the lines of his neck.
“You…have…no…idea,” you replied between kisses, making sure to pay careful attention to the spot just under his chin that Junghoon loved to feel your lips against. This time, his moan was a lot louder.
You ripped off the large shirt you wore to sleep in, leaving you bare except the tiny underwear on your lower half. Immediately upon seeing your exposed chest, Junghoon’s pupils blew wide with lust. Gone was the sleep look from his eyes, and replaced was a hunger for your body that turned you on every time you saw it.
He cupped both of your breasts in his hands, messaging the soft flesh gently until your nipples began to harden. You groaned loudly, gripping onto the back of his head and grinding your core down harder onto his now fully hard erection. Junghoon swirled his tongue around your perk buds, teasing them by gripping them with his teeth and tugging slightly.
You pulled away from him to remove the thin layer of clothes separating your skin. After his and your underwear were cast to the floor, he left your breasts unattended you focus on your lower half.
Grabbing hold of himself, he slowly ran his tip along your lower lips, teasing your clit just enough to have you moaning in frustration. You were gasping out his name during his menstruations, the feeling of his tip against your core almost too much for you to bare. “Junghoon, please.”
He sank into you suddenly, without warning. You cried out sharply, the feeling of him filling you up shooting a wave of pleasure through your body. Your head lolled back, your eyes squeezing shut. You couldn’t help the loud moan that ripped from your throat. Squeezing your eyes shut, you concentrated solely on the feeling of Junghoon thrusting up into you rhythmically.
He reached down between your folds, rubbing slow circles on your clit to the pace of his thrusts. Stars began erupting behind your eyes: starbursts of color and white noise.
Your orgasm hit you first. It came like a tidal wave, crashing over you suddenly and completely. Junghoon kept thrusting until you’d ridden the whole spasming orgasm out. Junghoon’s own orgasm followed yours when you took him in your hands and pumped him quickly, his seed spilling over the backs of your fingers.
After the two of you had cleaned up and your breathing had calmed, you once again found yourself spooning in Junghoon’s arms. The soft voice of sleep was suddenly calling your name furiously, and your eyelids drooped.
“Did that help with your sleepless night?” Junghoon mumbled; his chin was pressed against your back and the soft breath of his words tickled your skin.
“Mmm,” was all you could answer. “Loveyou.”
You heard him chuckle against you before you gave yourself over to your dreams. “I love you, too.”

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Your anons get so disheartened 😂 I speculate everything & don't always go with what I want to be real, but I fully know camren have dated. They were together. There's no way with everything that we've seen. Bare in mind, we've only seen 0.3% of the time that spend together, think of allllllll those moments we haven't seen where they could truly have been themselves - even with the small amount we did see, so many of us could see that 🍌 & 💚 were more than just friends. We weren't delusional 👍

yasss 🙌

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Let's go back to basics for a moment, Jay. What is your definition of "having a crush" on someone? Be a detailed as possible.

Having a crush is such a broad term in my opinion. A tumblr crush would be like if you think a follower is cute and you always look for their posts and if they’re in your feed. A small crush is when you think someone cute and you’re actually in contact with them but it’s too early for you to think anything too serious and you just wanna talk to them more to see how it goes. A regular crush is more along the lines of “Hey, I’m open about wanting to seriously date you”. Like, you’d actually consider traveling to see them for a date and put effort into closing the gap between y'all. And then a huge crush is where you’re completely infatuated by someone and blush every night when y'all stay up late together and you have the desire to talk about them all the time. (I did my best to kinda explain each “level” of crushes. I hope it makes sense)


ALSO YUURI GAINING SO MUCH CONFIDENCE IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH VIKTOR and being comfortable asking for favors and speaking his own mind, compared to the first episodes where he was withdrawn and unable to trust his own decisions



it’s just the small things like this that makes their relationship so believable and endearing I love them so much they were meant to be ???? what did we do to deserve this utter display of love and goodness


these two own my heart and these moments will never let me rest it’s too good to be true

but i keep putting happy off. i promise myself once i’m done with school. once i’ve got a job i love. once i find the person i spend my life with. once i get a dog. not now. even the small stuff. the special soap i used is for only special occasions. i’m saving my favorite food for a better moment. i can’t listen to that now, i have to focus. i can’t care about that now, i have to wait for it. i can’t read that book or try that makeup tutorial or get involved in that show. i put it off. like happy is this moving goal post and i’m just always running.

A small list of things Bum has canonically done so far:

- broke into Woo’s house, sniffed his sheets, and then attempted masturbation in his bed. (“I cant today~” gets me everytime)
- tried to poison Woo’s food.
- became uncontrollably and explosively aroused just from holding Woo’s clothed junk.
- called Woo a motherfucker and shoved his face in the street.
- attempted the world’s most wobbly and unconvincing seduction attempt mere moments before impending death.
- tried to touch his captor while he slept and then asked him to suck at his chest
- owned a dildo.

amazing. what will he do tomorrow.

17 things to remember in 2017:

1. The nicer you are the more beautiful you become
2. Time invested in yourself is never time wasted
3. Your grades do not define your intelligence
4. Surround yourself with people who help you grow
5. Cutting ties with people you’ve held onto for too long will prevent future rope burns
6. Live for the small things like laughing too hard or going on midnight drives
7. Learn to listen to the music of the moment or you might just miss it
8. Never lose hope
9. Sometimes you have to let people go, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t
10. Be honest; genuinely honest to yourself and those around you
11. Your worth is not determined my other people’s inability to see it
12. There is beauty in simplicity
13. Kill the part of yourself that makes you think you can’t move on
14. The biggest battle you’ll fight is the one between who you are now and who you want to become
15. They’ll see how you affected their life much later
16. Be fearless and courageous; fight for what you love and want
17. Love is not a weakness: ever


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment


There’s one small way Uber could finally support trans people like me

  • “Robyn?” asks the Uber driver. “Yep!” “Hello, sir.”
  • Whatever thoughts I had before this moment are gone. Now I’ve got bigger problems: I’m a transgender woman locked in a car with a stranger who just misgendered me.
  • The first few times this happened, I blamed the driver. I thought, “Can’t they see I’m wearing a skirt? What about my lipstick?” But when I pulled back, I realized this wasn’t really the driver’s fault. A passenger’s profile photo isn’t the right information a driver needs to correctly gender them. Even if I were wearing a skirt with lipstick, it wouldn’t mean I identified as a woman.
  • When I reached out to Uber customer service about these experiences, they apologized. But after this frightening and invalidating experience happened roughly 10 times, it was clear there was a root problem that needed to be addressed.
  • The solution seems obvious: People should be able to mark their preferred gender pronoun in their Uber profiles. Read more (3/14/17)

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