this is just a rough draft actually

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Hi! I really like your comic and your style and I was wondering: do you have any tips for people like me who would like to make their own comics? I've tried before but I never seemed to reach the 5th page without giving up.

Hiya! I have a few tips. I’m not trained or anything these are just some of my personal methods. it might not even work for you since everyone is different but it might help? They’re not really in a particular order either haha. 

1.) Like what you’re making. This one is kind of obvious but really if you’re not completely invested in the story you’re making it’ll fall flat due to a lack of interest. Make your comic about things you like! Not like fleeting things like actual things you’ve enjoyed for awhile generally. Like spooky things, or cute things for example.

2.) Make alot of rough drafts. All at once. Flesh out an entire chapter really roughly. I mean real rough. like gesture drawing rough that takes like fifteen minutes or less a page. I’ll make about seventeen rough draft pages at once, simmer about it for a few days, and then go back to add more if im satisfied OR i’ll redo the chapter entirely. If you have a whole chapter roughed out it’ll be easier to work on it later because its already there for you. 

3.)double back to check the pacing. Sometimes its weird in the rough drafts so you gotta throw some panels around or add an extra page. if it feels a bit off leave it and the come back a few hours or days later. youll find it out pretty quick after a break. 

4.)dont be afraid to fix mistakes. If something looks weird or clashes with the page when you’re still doing lineart, go back to the roughdraft layer and fix it. zoom in and out of the page and check to make sure the drawing isnt tilted oddly or disproportional. i myself have issues with proportion so im constantly fixing bits and pieces using cntrl+T haha. It’ll save you trouble if you do it early instead of later when all the layers are in the way. 

This next one is a little bit counterproductive to #4 but its for after the page is done.

5.) accept mistakes. You’re making alot of art for one page. you’ll notice looking back on finished pages that theres gonna be a lower quality over it bc of sheer quantity, but you’ll fall into a rhythm and realize you’re making a steady incline in quality overall if you keep moving forward. once you declare that a page is done, leave it.

6.) just do it. Youre gonna be afraid to start, wondering how its going to be received, wondering if its good enough. You have to shove the anxiety down as violently you can and draw it as if you’re your only audience. Do it for yourself, because you know that you’ll improve your skill and even yourself by making it. 

7.) keep your files organized. I label every page for recovery as RECOVERY and then a number–for example, RECOVERY2.17 is for recovery chapter two page seventeen. your files, if placed alphabetically, will all be in a row for an easy browse. keep it all in their own place for easy finding. 

8.) make a palette and references. Consistency is IMPORTANT. I drew Will a few times to get a feel for him before i started the comic, and used the eyedropper tool repeatedly so the colors were consistent in the comic. (I didn’t do the same for the pine twins and it shows if you go through the comic a bit fast lol) The palette doesnt have to be fancy, just make sure you know what everything is for. Also make sure you know your kerning and leading settings so the panels are consistent as well.  (mine is below!) make a checklist if you need to for the math stuff, i use the stickies app on my laptop for a checklist of things to make sure to add before i say im done–like shading, for example, that for some reason i always forget. Also the font type, gen font size, details like tattoos and quirks. 

9.) HAVE FUN. Inject some humor into your drawing to keep yourself entertained when you work–for example, i label my layers in puns and quips. the skin layer is usually called “skiiiiiiiiin” and copies are usually called “___ 2: electric boogaloo”. when i made homestuck drawings id label them with a character quirk instead haha. Also its good to listen to podcasts or music when you work. I listen to music, The Adventure Zone, Welcome to Night Vale, Game Grumps or The Yogscast when i’m working. Audiobooks are also a good idea! Have it in a playlist so you dont have to stop drawing to change it.

10.) Don’t let yourself get distracted, but take breaks when you need them. Food and hydration as well as bathroom breaks are v important. You cant survive to draw if you dont eat, and keep in mind that being dehydrated gives you headaches and messes with workflow. eat that food. dont die. not eating messes with your psyche–youre more likely to be depressed/make it worse/stope working if you dont eat so do that shit. keep some snacks and a waterbottle handy. also lower the caffeine shakes are good for some styles but not others lmfao. 

also: avoid tumblr when working. give yourself a set time/timelimit to work. you’ll realize that once you start its easier to keep rolling but you cant be interrupted or itll be harder to get back to in the middle when scrolling the many delightful distractions of the internet. be brisk in your breaks. 

11.) i have depression so this is especially important–REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR MEDS IF YOU HAVE ANY.  p self explanatory. i go through withdrawals if i dont and get the worst migraines so i mean keep on top of that shit. 

12.)Uh hhhh thats all i got OH WAIT reward yourself for finishing pages. Be it a treat or a nice bubble bath or some videogame time. Whatever you want. just reward yourself for working. even if its work you weren’t entirely satisfied with, have something to look forward to when you finish, and tell yourself you did well because you just did a fuckton of work. BE PROUD <3

(also some people say to tell other people about what youre doing so theyll check up on you to make sure youre working but?? i kind of feel like im being nagged if thats the case so that just depends on you lol. )

What if Shinji Died?

A comic that was way too ambitious for my feeble little hands. Here are a few pictures of the rough draft; the only drawings from this project that actually came out pretty good. If it seems rushed, that’s because a good chunk of it I didn’t add here. The art was too embarrassingly poor. Hope you guys enjoy what’s here!

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ok… so i recently have been obsessed with fairytail theory’s and have read a million by now but i keep coming across this picture:

im currently in high school and im taking this AV Production college class and we have been learning about storyboards. If you dont know what that is it’s basically like a rough draft but for a movie.

  so this is where the theory comes in,

I personally think that the “zeref and lucy” scene is actually gonna be in the FT new movie BECAUSE, a storyboard is almost always in a box and always has writing ether on the top or bottom of it to describe the scene. Although it can possibly be for the manga, another reason why it could be for the movie is because it is roughly drawn and that is typically how a storyboard is suppose to look.

but hey it’s just a theory… XP

What are your thoughts on the whole “it’s easier to remove stuff later than add stuff in” thing? Like, I have been told that long drafts are good because you get all your ideas out there and then whittle it down to the best version. I think someone said something about perfection not being nothing left to add, but actually nothing left to remove.

I definitely believe in this philosophy when it comes to writing. It’s far easier to trim the fat than to fill out empty spaces in a manuscript. That’s why it’s a good thing not to worry about “getting it right” in a rough draft and to just write! 

Not that anyone’s asked but in lieu of having a writing group to workshop things with right now I’ve found these two books to be super helpful guiding me through this rough draft.

The first book is Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook, a wonderland of a guide to speculative fiction. The second is Jereme Stern’s Making Shapely Fiction which I’ve owned for almost ten years and keep coming back to.

I’m finding writing to be a tremendously messy process. It feels like the actual writing is just having fun, and the editing is the “work” part. Problem is the more you write, the more you’ll have to work. This is especially true if you’re me and even your rough drafts require a rough draft.

Also, I just finished two books which, coincidentally are instantly two of my favorite books ever (they’re in my top ten easy).

The first is Eve Babitz’ Slow Days, Fast Company:

It’s so good. Rather than go on about what it’s about (which isn’t really the point of the book), I’ll go ahead and say that Eve Babitz was somewhat of a Hollywood “It girl”. 

Labels though - she’ll defy them.

In her book, she tells of various adventures she had in 1960′s and 70′s LA.

In order to get a man she was seeing to read the book she addressed him throughout the book:

Since it’s impossible to get this one I’m in love with to read anything unless it’s about or to him,“ she writes, "I’m going to riddle this book with Easter Egg italics so that this time it won’t take him two and a half years to read my book like it did the first one. The seduction of a non-reader is how I plan to tie up L.A.

Here’s one such Easter Egg:

You won’t like this piece because you don’t like baseball so you can just skip it. Besides, this man means nothing to me. Hardly.

UM. How can anyone not love Eve Babitz? 10/10.  

While understanding mileage will vary, my relationship with this book is such that I felt like I had someone who could express cogently my manic feelings towards social life and the adventures that go along with it.

The second book I finished recently is Stefan Zweig’s Chess Story:

This book was the inspiration for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (note inspiration, not adaptation).

Again, the plot is largely not the driving force, but here it is:

A man gets on a steamboat from NYC to Buenos Aires. He notices cameras flashing as he gets on, indicating the presence of a celebrity on board. The person turns out to be the world champion of chess. The man gets embroiled in a strange chess game between the champion and several others, pouring their heads together to beat him. A stranger joins them and leads their team to unlikely victory with breathless ease. How this man became a secret chess genius speaks to some of our darkest histories and the deepest reserves of strength in the human will, as well as their limits.

This story is funny, scary, thrilling and fast-paced. I don’t know what else you could ask for?

One character, the Scottish engineer named McConnor, brings a bit of humor to the story. He’s super bellicose man. Broad shoulders, big beard. Loud, bellicose and doesn’t respond to challenges with grace. He’s described thusly:

Mr McConnor belonged to that type of egotistical high achiever who takes a defeat even in the most inconsequential game as an aspersion on his personal sense of self.

Upon hearing that the world champion was on board he immediately challenges him and finds out the champion will only play at a fee of $250 a game:

I laughed. “That’s something I’d never have imagined, that pushing wooden figures around a board would be so lucrative a profession. I hope you took your leave as politely.”

But McConnor stayed completely serious. “The match is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock.”

Shortly after these scenes, however, the book takes a darker turn and we get to the subject of the story, one Dr. B.

Dr. B is an Austrian lawyer who fled the Nazis - but not before being held by the Gestapo in solitary confinement. After an eternity of lonely nights, with just himself and the walls of his room for company, Dr. B happens upon a book while waiting for an interrogation…

Damn. If this is even remotely interesting to you than it would be a great service to yourself to read Chess Story.

(Also my Goodreads is here for anyone interested in connecting over there)

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Hello, I wanted to say that I really like your art, it's really clean and simple and it looks so good over-all. I wanted to ask how the early drafts of your art look, just out of curiosity. Do you sketch, or just draw with clean lines from the start? A few other digital artists I've seen sketch messily at first then clean it up a little, but still keep it slightly rough. Since yours look so neat, I was curious to know if they always looked like that. Have a brilliant day, you deserve it.

hello! thanks so much for your question and wonderfully kind compliments, hope you’re having a brilliant day as well mate! so I do actually try to keep my lines clean, cause clean lineart helps me cut out clean shapes of color which I think helps to make everything come out clearer. but messy/gestural sketching is a super useful skill to learn, and can help create all sorts of interest in your art as well!

I do the original sketch traditionally with a mechanical pencil. I find it really hard to get the flow and to sorta feel where the lines need to go while using a tablet. 

and then after that I’ll upload it into photoshop, and go over it with a simpler line sketch.

then I lower the opacity and start painting. I lower it more and more, til the color is able to take over the job of the lineart, and then it eventually disappears!

hope this helped a bit! <3

The Outsiders Musical- Some Lyrics

This is sung at the Nightly Double after Dally is being an asshole. YEs, I am ACTUALLY WRITING an Outsiders musical and this is proof that I am legit~

This is subject to change. This isn’t the official lyrics because I might edit them. Just so you know. This isn’t the final. It’s a rough draft. I just repeated myself.

This is long and under the cut~

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Rough Draft

@dastoryfrikk asked: Let’s still do Love Actually though, and still with Obi-Wan, with the jumping in the lake to retrieve pages scene please?

(A/N: Freaking love that movie. ONE OF MY FAVORITES.)

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“Anything else, Mr. Kenobi?” You asked, taking his empty mug and teapot.

“No, no, I’ll be fine. Thank you, Y/N.” He smiled as his glasses slid down the bridge of his nose.

“Alright then, Mr. Kenobi. I won’t bother you anymore.” You smiled, as he nodded.

“You’re not a bother, at all. And, you can just call me Obi-Wan, we don’t need formalities.” He blurted, as you nodded and walked off into the kitchen, Obi-Wan smiling at your form until a phone began to ring.

Obi-Wan picked up the receiver, upon realizing it was his own cell phone buried somewhere amongst the papers scattered across the desk.

You rushed out in order to help him find his phone, your back bumping into his chest as the two of you gasped, until you laughed - rather awkwardly- as you handed over his cell phone to answer it.

Obi-Wan had transferred his desk to the gazebo to continue typing, using various used mugs as paperweights as he continued his work on the typewriter.

“Another cup of tea.” You smiled, setting a fresh mug down and taking one mug away, the wind instantly picking up the papers as it flew off.

“Oh! Oh no!” You shouted, setting the mug down and running across the dock after the papers.

“No, no! It’s alright, it was rubbish anyway!” Obi-Wan tried to call after you, but the wind howling too loud for you to hear.

“Uhhh. Okay, just…” You paced a few steps, until you decided on removing your dress in order to jump into the lake.

Obi-Wan clumsily climbed over the fence of the gazebo, mesmerized by your bare body as you prepped yourself, before running and jumping into the lake to save his papers.

“Oh lord, she jumped in.” He mumbled to himself, running across the dock while pulling his wool sweater off.

“Shit! It’s cold!” You gasped, coming up for air and shivering as you grabbed the now-soaked papers.

Obi-Wan fell into the lake after you, screaming as the cold water surrounded his body while he followed after you.

“This better be good writing. I don’t want to be in freezing water saving papers my dog could have typed up.”

“It- It’s really not worth it.” He tried to call, his voice faltering from the water.

“What kind of person doesn’t make copies?” You complained, carrying a handful of papers.

“I should have made copies.” Obi-Wan sighed, swimming after you as fast as he could.

You finally set foot on the bank, slipping on a loose pocket of water and falling back into the water.

“Oh!” Obi-Wan shouted, grabbing your waist as the papers tore apart in the water.

“I-I’m sorry. I tried to save them, I shouldn’t have-” You rambled, pressing your hands against his chest.

“It’s fine. It’s really fine, it was only a rough draft.” He panted out, helping you out of the water.

“Are you going to be alright?” He asked, running to wrap a towel around you and bring you a cup of warm tea.

“Yes. You really should be focusing on your work, Obi-Wan.” You tried to shoo him away, but to no avail as his hair dripped with water.

“Nonsense. You need to warm up, the book can wait.” He sighed, sitting beside you and wrapping an arm around you, trying to warm you with his body heat.

The two of you sat in front of the furnace, yourself falling asleep on his chest.

He looked over into his office, and his empty desk, then back to your sleeping form.

He decided that writing could wait until tomorrow, as he laid his head atop yours, the fire crackling softly as he drifted off to slumber beside you.

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PEOPLE!  Guess what?!  I have the rough draft for the Dean x Reader, Dean POV smut fic done.  It needs a lot of editing, which may take a while…but you may just get to see it tonight…we will see what I feel like and if enough of you actually want it.

Over the past year, I have been playing with the idea of creating a Vlog around KISS. Anything from creating more frequent podcast, to filming my friends discussing their journey, discovering KISS as kids, and documenting the places that were important along that journey. Another idea that keeps popping up, every time I run across a cool photo or fact is, taking an actual road trip and hunting down the historical sites of KISS. Mainly just for fun, a little for documentation, and lastly, because I want to take a stab at making a short film. For the past few months, I have been putting pen to paper and drafted a rough draft script. The working title is…
The Historical Sites of KISS.
It is divided into three sections. “The Originals”, focusing on the early sites from 1973 through 1975. “Flaming Youth”, which include sites form the blossoming years 1976 - 1977. And, lastly “Dynasty”, which will focus on the glory years, 1978 through the makeup decline in 1982. Although most of the destined locations are common sites like, 10 East Twenty-Third Street or the DRESSED TO KILL corner, it is also focused on rare finds, such as the Howard Marks Offices in NYC, or the plot of land that was purchased for the planned KISS World in 1979, or Ace Frehley’s former home in Connecticut that once housed Ace In The Hole Studios.
I know it’s a pipe dream, however one that I hope will come true at some point, if not the whole shoot and completed project, at least for just a part. Even if it’s one small trip, with my friends and an iPhone, seeing some cool stuff and having fun along the way…

Okay, I was just on Goodreads and...

Apparently according to a bunch of people Victoria Aveyard ripped off Pierce Brown’s Red Rising with her book Red Queen.

I almost cyber-punched someone because obviously these people have never actually double-checked one very important detail.

Red Rising came out January 28, 2014.

Red Queen came out February 10, 2015.

That literally means Victoria Aveyard managed to: 

read Red Rising
write the rough draft of Red Queen (her debut novel)
edit it
send it to an agent
have her future agent read it (slush can take up to 6 months, you guys)
have her future agent schedule a phone call with her
have the actual phone call
sign the agent contract
mail the contract back to the agency
start the agent-editing process (which takes up to 3-4 months)
finish the agent-editing process
send it out to editors
have an editor read it (can take a month or more)
have the editor contact her agent
negotiate a contract
have Victoria sign the contract and mail it back
start and finish the publishers-editing process
create a cover
put together ARCS
send out all the ARCS

And somehow Victoria the Whiz Kid Queen managed to do all of this in…let’s see, ARCs come out 2-3 months before a book’s release date, so she had to be done by say, December with that whole list. So she managed to do all of that…in 10 months.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me???

Next person that libels an author needs to get cyber-slapped, because that stuff isn’t okay. Like, if you don’t like her book, fine. But don’t lie about her to make you look like you’re oh so fucking smart.

Lil Update

I would just like to say I’m actually making some progress with almost all of the fics in my drafts :)

It’s taking a little while but each of them have good chunks of paragraphs rolling so yay! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get another one out. And cause I know someone will likely ask, the more likely to be posted sooner are Strange Happenings, Hades and Persephone, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Night Time My Time, Only One and Past Lives (maybe even Diamond in the Rough). Again, no promises (cause I really can’t at this point) but that’s what I’m aiming for :)

Stay tuned! 

Also as always, thank you for following, liking, reading, reblogging, all of it. It all means a lot, I forgot to add it in my New Years post but I’m seriously grateful for all of y’all and this blog this year. With how “meh” I’ve felt lately, this blog and all of you not only keep me sane but happy. You have no idea how much I appreciate having this creative outlet, not to mention one that has actually been so well received! (I still can’t believe that tbh). So thank you all!

My take on the Nick can write all of a sudden thing is that they decided to ret-con that. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a network show ret-conned details of their show. It’s not even the first time NG has done it (shmece douche bag jar).

Personally, I’m willing to go the Nick could write the whole time ret-con journey. It’s better for his character, I think. That way he really did have great potential that he was just not utilizing out of fear, the whole time. I’m willing to pretend that the zombie rough draft was him self-sabotaging. He could tell himself that he tried and sucked, so he could keep avoiding actual effort that might result in actual failure.

I don’t think Reagan had anything to do with it. He quit his job and moved to a new place. That’s a potentially great environment for finally getting shit done. Plus, if it didn’t work out, nobody would know, because he was off on his own. He was paradise Nick, and there was zero pressure to perform.


Hey! You ruined his coat! Bad Undyne! I’m so fucking sleepy! I should draw more!
I actually wasn’t sure if I should draw wounds on Undyne because monsters don’t work the same way as people at all and then I was like “Fuck it, Sans bleeds blood/ketchup.”
I’m sorry comic, I really want to finish you, but I’ve been chronically fucking sleepy!
It’s okay though, I have the rest of this chapter  sketched out in rough draft, so i just have to ink it all and stuff.



Currently i’m just drawing out a rough draft of it on a small blank book - when im done with this i’ll just keep it as a reference for an actual book if ever decide to do it.

Anonymous asked:

Is it normal to feel like the second draft needs to be totally rewritten? It feels like I have to write a whole new first draft to replace the old one and I can’t get past it to actually write.

It’s absolutely normal! In fact, I have a writer friend who calls her second draft “rough draft two.” ;)

Here’s the thing: if you want to be able to write your story in one draft, make a few easy changes, and call it done–being a writer is not for you.

I know that sounds harsh but it’s true. Good writing is a long and laborious task. It requires weeks if not months (and sometimes even years) to be spent writing, rewriting, editing, and polishing. That’s just the way it is.

I like to think of the first draft as an exploratory draft, where you dip your toes into this world you’ve just created, get to know the characters, and try out the basic plot you have in mind. Once in awhile you’ll get lucky and create a first draft that doesn’t require a lot of significant structural changes, but most of the time you will more or less rewrite your first draft to get a second draft. And sometimes you’ll do an only slightly less intensive rewrite of your second draft to get your third draft. Again, that’s just what good writing is.

So, don’t get frustrated. If a story isn’t important enough to you that you’re willing to dive in and give it all the work it requires, you’re not working on the right story. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master listfirst or your question may go unanswered. :)