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new troll blog!

yo! i’m a new fantroll blog but an old fantroller who was around for like 3 years on dA [i was pulled on here by @8bit-mau5 thanks]

i’m looking for more troll blogs to follow/+ some promos so! like/reblog this and ill check you out and probably give you a follow ;3c

Placeholder/dev graphics

When developing a game, and you need to just check if something works and see what you are doing, you need a graphic to work with, because making pretty and proper polished graphics takes time, most devs will just quickly sketch something  and use it as a placeholder knowing it will be replaced by real graphics when it actually is working and implemented. The action sequence where Undynes spears come up through the floor as you run through the maze of boardwalks took a lot of coding and bug testing, so the graphics for the spear that we  recognize as this

Originally was drawn as a placeholder like this.

thats right folks. Toby was the first undertale artist that drew glowing light blue magic dicks.

“Styles is said to feel no affinity toward other band members anymore”

“indeed, their relationship has been so strained during the course of the last year that 1D insiders were expecting a blowup of epic proportions during the group’s last tour”

“The situation became so dire, according to our sources, that the band members were no longer talking to each other, with fist flights nearly breaking out at several points”

“Styles’ apparent disgust with the other members leads many to believe that Azoff will only be representing Harry for the time being.”

…. anyways….

Beside the obvious name change from “Shit Rich College Kids Say” to “Just Some Antifas,” I would like to point out a couple new changes and some things we’d like your help on:

We’ve added a search bar to make it easier to look under certain tags. I’ve also updated our “trigger warnings” list to show all the things we tag - again to make it easier to find stuff or avoid stuff on our blog. It’s still a work in progress and if you need anything else tagged under the list and in the future let us know.

I added a link solely for “What the Fuck is Going On” News. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it and I want to make it easier for people to go to our blog and stay updated if they want.

“What is Antifa?” is the next thing we’re going to be working on. Currently it’s just filled with placeholders and we’d like your help as we start adding info to it:

We’re going to be adding some basic information and how to get involved but we really want to collect a massive list of antifa collectives in your area with their basic information. We also want to gather a good list of antifa books and if you do zines on the subject matter we’d also like to list those and ways for people to buy your zines as well. So this is where we mainly need your help, if you have any resources that you want listed please do. Our ask box is open as well as our submit box, if you need to add more information. 

A PREVIEW. For a little holiday zimbits/SMH thing I started?

Kudos to anyone who can recognize what piece of art I’m essentially doing a master-copy of ;D

Greyscale is a placeholder. Final will be in color. I just got excited and wanted to share.

There’s gonna be a lot of pie in this thing.

My Check, Please! FanArt

My actual art blog

My fanart of another queer sports series (All For the Game stuff)


Oh I just screenshot the app with my phone then uploaded it to PS and then deleted the text/picture and then added my own here I’ll save you the time if you want to use it (the black box is just a placeholder of how big the picture should be) 

i finally find the proper motivation to make a Lazytown OC, and of course they’re a MayhemTown gang member because everything i touch is garbage~

i love my trash child.

Their name is Filou (Fee-loo), and here’s the info i have so far:

  • Chews gum all day every day
  • Seriously needs to brush their teeth more
  • Slouches all the time, horrible posture. back and neck pains are just a fact of life
  • Sleep is for the weak
  • what is that hair even
  • Kind of a dumbass, gets confused a lot
  • Likes to sneak into neighboring towns to steal food and random knick-knacks of little value
  • Mostly joined the gang out of boredom, stays for the companionship
  • Gender is meh

i love starco, but i really wish that people would consider that maybe star was genuinely upset over losing glossaryck and it wasn’t just a placeholder for her saying she lost marco. other than being a little annoyed at having to practice spells when she didn’t feel like it, star and glossaryck have always gotten along pretty damn well. marco’s the one that tends to butt heads with glossaryck and finds him irritating! is it really hard to believe that star has the emotional capacity to be upset over two things at the same time, one of them being the loss of someone who has been in her family for generations, has taught her everything she knows, and was the only real piece of mewni she had on earth?


I put together some gameplay footage of Wonder Wickets!

Also featuring new logos for the game and Rightstick Studios.

(music is just one of youtube’s royalty-free placeholders)
(everything featured (especially level design) is subject to change)

I’ve been drawing so rarely lately and I’m so out of practice so this might not be the best thing but I really wanted to draw Mccree because I love this man.

( please don’t tag as kin/me/etc. thanks :> )