this is just a norman appreciation

Daryl Dixon Appreciation

Can we just appreciate his character for a moment?…and Norman Reedus? We have to appreciate Norman.

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Even his awkward flailing is endearing.

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That ^^ never gets old. Sigh.

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Now for Norman.

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^^ Those lucky desperate hoes…*Ahem* I mean lovely ladies. Yeah, I’m jealous.

Le Sigh.

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I think I just got a little overenthusiastic with my ask so can I ask for either n22 or 48, speirton, please?


The train down to Huntington gave Ron plenty of time to finish his Norman Mailer novel, which he appreciated given that his attention kept wandering to Carwood dozing across from him in a blue checkered shirt and unbuttoned wool coat. He looked like he had on the troop ship, years ago now, arms crossed over his chest, hat tipped down to cover his eyes. Ron had seen him more than once in the hold just like that as they chugged along to Europe. Although they hadn’t known each other then, Ron was glad for the memory; it was comforting, sometimes, to remember that him and Carwood shared nearly identical war stories.

Somewhere around the last twenty pages he’d scooted around to Carwood’s side of the booth. They were the only ones in this car on a mostly empty train, so he didn’t feel anything more than a slight thrill when he leaned against Carwood’s chest.

Carwood’s arm settled over his shoulder automatically. “What’re you doing?” He murmured.

“Just saying hi.”

“Hello.” Carwood shifted, allowing Ron to sit up against him more comfortably. “How much longer now?”

Ron checked his watch. “Two hours, give or take.”

Carwood nodded. He patted Ron’s breast pocket with his palm, right over his heart. Within another moment he’d closed his eyes again. Ron, relishing in the heat of Carwood’s body - he always ran hot, not matter the season - grabbed the newspaper from the window ledge. He tried to keep quiet, but when he caught sight of the front page headline, his voice flew from him without warning.

“Looks like Korea is happening.”

“Mmm,” Carwood said against his ear. “Good thing you’re not going.”

It still felt strange to have the freedom of a civilian man.

“Yeah,” he said. He cleared his throat. Good thing indeed. He would’ve gladly signed up for the adventure, but this was much better.

“Yeah,” Carwood echoed. His voice had grown tender. Ron heard the smile in it when he continued, “Thank you.”

Just wanted to know you were ok

Can you please make an imagine about the reader is 18 and she gets casts as Daryl Dixon’s love interest on TWD even though she and Norman Reedus are 28 years apart they eventually fall in love with each other off screen? Much appreciated!

A/N: Im changing the age to 21, I personally dont see Norman going for someone near his sons age. But its still a good age gap (26 years), sorry.

Damn how the hell did I get here? I didn’t ever think that I would be this young and have this chance to be on this show. Being 18 some probably think that I’m lucky as hell to get here. Part of me wanted to decline the offer, now I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ve been a fan of Normans for a while, and to be his character’s ‘Love interest’ it was a fans dream.

As I walked onto the set I saw Norman, he seemed different that what I had originally thought. He had this kind look but this badass shell.

“Norman this is  Y/N” The director said motioning me, I awkwardly waved at him. He nodded his head. “So you are going to start out with the group in the field, Y/N you’re going to stand a few feet away from them.” I nodded to the director and did what he said. We got a lot filmed today, everyone was very welcoming. Noman seemed like the person who would break the ice in any situation and I was right. He wasn’t awkward around me, in fact it was as if we were friends.

Filming continued on screen out characters were becoming more and more close. Off screen Norman and I were becoming close as well. We would go on small dates but nothing more than simply that. I wasn’t complaining, I knew that maybe he felt weird with the age gap. But he still made an attempt for us to be something.

Today we were filming a sex scene. My first sex scene, I was happy that it would be with Norman rather than with someone who I really didn’t feel comfortable with. They let me wear nipple stickers but other than that I was butt ass naked. As they told us to start the scene we were both clothed resighting our line.

“Daryl I’m sorry that this happened…”

“Fuck you! You’re the reason that we’re in this mess!”

“No your just a fucking ass who won’t-” Norman crushed his lips onto mine. He lightly pushed me onto the bed. Getting on top of me and undressed me, it was quiet which made this scene a little awkward for me. But I knew that we needed to do this scene. We kept going with the scene, we were told that we needed to do a few shots that made it look real. Which wasn’t that hard since they didn’t want to over do it. Norman was ontop of me, dry humping me. After the scene was over I went to my trailer.

I heard the trailer’s door open I didn’t think much of it. Turning my head I see Norman sitting on the couch.

“Hey” He said softly.

“Hey, what do you want?” I laughed a little to myself as I finished putting my Vans on.

“Just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Norman I knew that we were going to have to shoot the scene.” I sat down next him, he put his arm around me.

“I know just wanted to know if you were ok, I know how those first scenes are.” He rubbed his hands up and down my arm.

“Norman?” He looked down at me.


“What the fuck are we? We go on dates but have never said what we are. Are we friends that are close, or are we more?”

“I dunno..”

“Norman I’m not going to be in this game of are we or are we not.” He looked at me almost a little hurt. I didn’t mean to hurt him but I knew that he needed to know what we were.

“Y/N…I love you. I know that I’ve left you questioning about us. I just wanted to know for sure that the age gap wasn’t a huge deal to me. I saw it in your eyes that you didn’t mind, but I just thought that maybe there was a deal that I would face about it. So I guess that that we official.” I leaned up and kissed him on the lips. He smiled into the kiss, then cupped my face with his hands. He looked me right in the face, he wasn’t the person that I thought that I would be with. But I’m for damn sure that I was with him.


Norman Reedus Appreciation Week Day 1: Favorite Movie Role → Young Man in Dark Harbor (1998)

Your worst nightmare always seems so far away. Then, all of a sudden, there it is, like a monstrous tidal wave. You try to escape, but you can’t. You struggle and you struggle and you struggle, your desperate cries unheard. Then, something strange happens, you stop struggling. Your cries take flight. You forget you’re drowning.


These are the first-ever Harper’s Bazaar covers to feature transgender models

The idea for the editorial came to art director Christopher Sollinger after he read about Tracey Norman's career in the ‘70s and '80s, which ended abruptly when she was outed for being transgender. “The way she had to live in hiding and in fear, being such a beautiful woman with so many talents and gifts, just felt so wrong. She’s someone who should be celebrated. I wanted to create an image that she would be able to look at and feel proud and seen and loved and appreciated.”

Photos: Stockton Johnson at De Facto Inc./Harper’s Bazaar India

So, if Norman thinks his mother is alive, how did he set her up as a ‘vigil’ in the freezer? Does he not know she is in there? Especially because I feel like he wouldn’t do it as Norma.

I love this show but that’s bothering me a lot. I feel like if/when he sees her in there, it’s going to shatter his reality. Maybe that’s a good thing????

ahhh any help is appreciated I’m just ???

When someone asks if you’re a trend, you say “yes.”

  • In the news: Outrage over the treatment of black kids—and especially one terrified young woman—by white police officers in McKinney, Texas.

  • In sports: The unstoppable Serena Williams won her 20th Grand Slam singles title after beating the flu and Lucie Safarova—she’s now just two shy of the record. American Pharaoh was triple crowned King of the Horses.

  • In Tumblr stuff: Annie Leibovitz herself couldn’t capture anything as beautiful as MyVanityFairCover.

  • In TV: Only 90s kids will remember the successive waves of panic, nostalgia, relief, and more nostalgia when it was announced that Degrassi, the cherished teen soap opera, wasn’t being canceled after all. Also, sense8: the characters may have been genetically engineered by a Netflix algorithm, but man is it pretty.

  • In award shows: Norman Reedus drank a beer with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Carrie Underwood Appreciation Festival (known colloquially as the CMT Awards). Nothing like that ever happens at the Tonys

  • In movies: If there’s something weird (and it don’t look good), who you gonna call? Chris Hemsworth! Who will promptly put your call through to the Ghostbusters. All you clever girls made Jurassic World fan art. And Johnny Depp had a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed birthday. 

And some of the most popular blogs of the week:

Norman Reedus’ Hands Appreciation Post

See that hand? That’s one of the most beautiful hands I’ve seen. Fat little fingers? Excuse me? If that is FAT you need a dictionary, mate. I mean LOOK. AT. THEM. 

That’s fat? Don’t make me laugh. That’s normal. And strong. And while we’re at “strong”… I know y’all are fawning over super lean, teeny wheeny fragile wrists, but can those fragile wrists hold something precious with such a certainty like this? 

Sorry, fragile flowery wrists, you stand no chance. But ladies, calm down your ovaries, because there’s something hotter than this strong man being able to hold his baby like this with the surest hand ever. Just think about how those wide, strong palms could feel on your body.

He knows how to get a hold of something he wants, and how to use those hands to pull it closer. Hot enough? Hell yeah. Wouldn’t you all want to feel them? Wrapped around you? Making you feel safe with how strong they are? I bet. 

Also, while we’re at it - fat little fingers? Nope, strong big fingers. Seriously. Just think about how other guy’s three fingers are his two… *mad eyebrow wriggle* Get the gist? Know what I’m talking about? Yeah. 

So, thanks for the tour and have some beautiful Norm’s strong hands to take with you for a good day!