this is just a concept

concept: it’s early in the morning and you’re soundly sleeping still. i head into the kitchen to make you your favorite breakfast, smiling at the thought of your sleepy morning voice

sometimes i hate being so sensitive because i’m hurt a lot by what people say to me, but i wouldn’t give up my sensitivity for the world because i feel like i see the world in such an intense, beautiful way…like just a picture, a look on someone’s face, a color, a few notes of my favorite song, pretty words, even just a concept…they can evoke such intense feelings in me that i feel like my heart is gonna burst open. anyone get this feeling???

This is such a poorly-paced episode.  You have dead moments of slow emptiness, more pervasive increasingly-annoying narration from Steven who is wildly off from his current characterization and relative level of naivete, and then you have hilarious moments like this one that are just…an utter delight.  I don’t know for certain whether “Steven is the only one who can talk” is just a bad concept or a bad execution, but this one’s not gonna rank very highly.

❁ maia week ❁ day 4: alternate universe 

On the open road
Biker AU 
Maia and Magnus are biking across country together on some sorta of journey leaving the city noise behind them. The sweet taste of freedom is something they never want to let go of, along with their love for adventure they go off plan and find that the best things in life don’t always go according to plan.

i collaborated with @mel-iorn in this biker au and it was so much fun. she did the incredible moodboard, I did the writing but honestly I can’t take the credit because it was all her idea and I just fell in love with this concept. hope you guys like it.


Buncha random notes and doodles I’ve amassed over the past month or so about Tethered. 

What is Tethered? It’s a video game concept my brother came up with a hundred years ago that I randomly decided to play with. And, before you ask, I’m afraid I do NOT plan on making anything from this. I just was brainstorming. Sorry! 

The story is kind of long, so I’m putting it below a thing.

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Phil: Sometimes it blows my mind that there are people that don’t wear glasses/contacts. Like they can literally see with no aid. Like they wake up and just be out here seeing. What a wild concept

Louise: And people say stuff like ‘lol don’t you hate it when you look up in the middle of the night and see a spider on your ceiling’ like bitch (!!) I could have Nicholas II last czar of Russia hanging from my ceiling fan and I would be none the wiser

A couple years ago, I was under the impression that I would be able to finish my undergrad within 4 years, and now here I am registering for classes into my 6th year. 

And yet, I’m more than okay with my progression. I’ve spent a full academic year studying in another country, and taking time off in trying to understand myself a little more. 6 years isn’t bad at all. Time is nothing more than a concept anyways. So cheers to that. Also I just got done petting a dog, so I’m in a really good mood. 

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Something I would love to see in the future is a Pidge and Allura team up episode where they stop a villain or something. We never seen much bonding between them yet, so it would be cool to see.

aaa omg yess!!! i love the concept of them having just a girls day out, bonding like sisters, and kicking bad guy ass, or what have you

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So I just found a really cool new word: "Énouement: The bittersweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self." And it was so very Steve that I had to tell you.

Ahh I fucking love this concept!! I love thinking about how it would just like,,, h i t  him one day, you know?

Like maybe it’s when he wakes up in the morning with Tony curled around him, snoring gently into his shoulder and tickling Steve’s chin with the curls on top of his head. 

Or when Steve is just relaxing in the communal room with the rest of the team, everyone silent and doing their own thing but still just enjoying themselves in one another’s company.

Maybe it’s in the middle of a battle, and Thor has just plucked him from the air a moment before he was going to hit the ground and he’s filled with the kind of adrenaline rush that just makes you laugh like a maniac

Or perhaps it’s just a random passing second in his day, when absolutely nothing is happening at all.

Whatever it is, at whatever moment it happens in, one day, Steve is alone with himself for a second.

And he just thinks, for the first time in so very long;

This is where I belong. 

And oh, how he wishes he could tell the person who had just woken up from the ice a few years ago that. But hey, that’s Énouement for you. 

It’s a bit of a bitch, really.

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I'm Jewish, and I live in Israel, and idk what it's like in America but..... we don't really have the "white people" or "poc" concept here?? Literally everyone is just a different ethnicity, we have Polish, German, Russian, Iranian, people who's ancestors were from Morocco, Yaman, Iraq, literally every European country. Most people I know are what you'd call mixed race, and yes there is some bias against Mizrachi people (generally those who come from Arab countries) (pt.1)

but from what I understand it’s nothing like in the US. They do appear in media as much as other ethnicities, they’re in books and newspapers and the police isn’t going to assume they’re criminals?? The only Poc I can think of that reminds me of what I understand is happening in US is the Ethiopian community here, which is rather small, and appears little in the media+ is oppressed by the police and have less chances to find a job etc. (Pt.2)

oh damn, thank you for explaining that i really didn’t know. 

so basically America is just fucked up. what else is new. 

Having no concept of time is great because 6 hours can pass after you last ate and you’ll wonder why you’re hungry because I could’ve sworn I just ate???


pristin should just keep with this concept like how wjsn should have kept making songs like catch me


So this is the Domino look for Deadpool 2. …I…

It looks like a generic female soldier character. What’s the point?

That’s how I feel.  It doesn’t feel visually striking, just looks like a black girl with an afro.  And I’m not saying that Domino can’t be black, but I feel like they could make her look closer to Domino.

This has always been my favorite Domino look.  Hell, if the actress got corn rolls and her costume had the blue side patches, it would look better.  I think the white spot design looks…well…rather dumb on the concept art.  Just go with the black spot.