this is judd apatows daughter !!!!

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Hi! Just wondering since the starks are Jewish do you have any Jewish actress in mind ? I was thinking Jason Isaac's for ned but not sure for anybody else

This very quickly devolved into “THAT person is Jewish???” but with an assist from @57001, here’s my official Jewish fancast:

Liev Schreiber as Ned Stark

That jawline tho.

Isla Fisher as Catelyn Stark

She’s a redhead! She’s a convert! (talk to me about convert!Cat please and thank you wow)

Ezra Miller as Jon Snow

The hair. The face. The everything.

Alden Ehrenreich as Robb Stark

He’s young Han Solo and he even looks a bit like Richard Madden.

Maude Apatow as Sansa Stark

Raise your hand if you also just found out that Judd Apatow has a daughter? Also, honorable mention to Dianna Agron for being too old but a great pick.

Odeya Rush as Arya Stark

Mayim Bialik is the perfect adult Arya, though - the face shape! My undying love! Wow!

This is cheating because he’s also too old, but this is exactly how I picture Bran in my mind:

Logan Lerman as Bran Stark

Smol baby Logan Lerman is a perfect Bran and I’ll fight you

and finally,

Max Burkholder as Rickon Stark

Rickon is hard but this kid has great hair.

Lena Dunham talks Taylor Swift
  • Amen. It’s really important:
  • It’s funny that you mention Taylor Swift because I just got back from dinner with her. We had Turkish food. [Editor’s note- Konner has not mentioned Taylor Swift.]
  • But back to Taylor Swift. I remember you saying that you shared an aesthetic with her, that you wrote about similar things.:
  • I mean, it’s different approaches, you know, but a similar idea. As you know, the Internet can put me to bed for four days sometimes, and to know someone who can be under the kind of scrutiny she’s under and wear it so lightly and just like move through the world and…
  • Shake it off?:
  • [Laughs] And shake it off! By the way, the other day, my dad told me to shake off the haters, and I said, “Where did you learn that?” And he said, “The gym.”
  • That’s where I learn all my pop music. Well, I heard Taylor on NPR. And the interviewer said something like, “Well, you have this incredible power over all these young women. Do you ever think of using it for something other than what you’re doing?” Which was so offensive, first of all.:
  • So offensive.
  • The woman was like, “You just talk about romance so much and everything.” As if that’s not helping a teen girl. As if that’s not the thing that’s obsessing the teen girl more than anything.:
  • Yeah. Well, I mean, her image is as a woman in control and as a woman in power, but it’s also somewhat clean-cut, like the opposite of getting naked on television. She’s one of the pop artists who noticeably isn’t trafficking in her own sexuality. She has an America’s Sweetheart quality, and I have sometimes like a quarter of Americans’ demon quality. But she’s really comfortable supporting what I do and saying why she thinks it can also have the power to speak to women.
  • Right. What you both do at the end of the day is tell your truth.:
  • I just had a big fantasy of going to her next concert and, even though your daughter is now 10, holding her up on my shoulders. I was like, I’m going to hold her on my shoulders, because those shows are so inspiring. These girls are having peak emotional experience. I was at a Justin Bieber concert once—because Judd Apatow forced me to take his daughter because he didn’t want to—and I was like, This is horrible. This is like some kind of drug has been released into the arena and three-year-old girls are crying and humping things. But with Taylor, it’s just pure unadulterated joy; it’s transportative. Like when I went to the first Lilith Fair.