this is joke dont take serious

do not join the @/bpdconcept discord server as there is, and im not joking, constant talking of bodily fluids including one member taking pictures of themselves eating gelatin made from their own piss. they also made a joke claiming that “bpd stands for big piss drinkers” and i dont know about you but i would not like my mental disorder which could cause serious problems to be demoralized and compared to piss drinkers.

an important Dangan Ronpa announcement

From Kodaka’s Twitter:

Oh, that’s right. Dangan Ronpa is getting a live action adaptation too. Hollywood style! Stallone as Monokuma. Taylor Swift as Maizono. Justin Bieber as Kuwata. Lady Gaga as Enoshima. When Stallone says “Kill each other!!” he fires off a machine gun.

no lie tho i know saltbae is a dead meme but if anyone tries to make bang yongguk stop getting his little sprinkley flair on whenever he has the chance i will genuinely fight you. like full on duel whoever tries to stop this man from mimicking his favourite viral content. i will not let anyone ever take this joke from him or make him feel bad about doing it. it is a pure love and the members always think its hilarious when he does it and so the hell will i 

ok listen i know people make jokes about otps making them squeal and blush and smile and take over them,but i am legit being serious when i say i have rolled on the ground blushing because of cute fanart and when im in public and i see my otp fanart i have to look away before i start giggling uncontrollably

pd101 boys as boyfriends pt.3

part 1 | part 2

kim donghan

  • his mother loves u
  • brings you homemade food all the time
  • “i didnt make it. my mom did. she told me to give it to you”
  • hold your bags for you
  • hold ur books for u
  • will carry u if u let him
  • lends you his jacket when he sees you shiver


  • would by u a park if u let him
  • “stop buying me stuff”
  • “okay i’ll just pay for the food then”
  • gets you really expensive christmas presents
  • will get pouty if u tell him to return those presents
  • is trying to get into the whole DIY presents things but ends up just buying the real thing. he’s trying okay.

jung jung

  • y’all probably go to the animal shelter to volunteer to walk dogs and snuggle with kitties
  • stutters a lot
  • gets really shy when u watch him dance
  • omg after his recital, u would be the first person he runs to 
  • “how was it? i made a mistake was it noticeable?”

lai guanlin

  • shyly steals glances at u
  • “u dont have to be sly, u can look at me all u want. we’re dating”
  • likes to play with ur hair
  • tries rly hard to act cool around u especially when his friends are around
  • tries to walk with a little swagger when y’all are walking down the street but rly ur just concerned why he’s limping
  • “babe i’m trying to walk cool”

yoo seonho 

  • treats you food but eats most of it anyways
  • always asks “are you hungry?”
  • literally feeds u for hibernation
  • complains a lot bc he’s always hungry and follows u around until u give him food
  • literally sticks by ur side a l l t h e t i m e

lee daehwi

  • arcade dates
  • but y’all dont really do much games y’all just take aesthetic pictures
  • also picnics. he probably enjoys making sandwiches and making them look cute or wateva
  • keeps saying he’s ugly and u gotta slap him a little to knock some sense into him bc this boy’s visuals is no joke stop calling him ugly dammit
  • sings while cooking. sings while cleaning. sings while sleeping. literally sings all the time.

ha sungwoon

  • really smiley
  • also serious abt u
  • treats u like ur his world bc u are
  • whenever he comes home tired, he *softly* tackles u into bed and does not let go ever
  • smells ur hair while snuggling saying “ur smell soothes me”
  • likes to rest his head on ur lap and sing soft melodies (and ends up putting himself to sleep) ((thats how nice his voice is)) 

kim sanggyun

  • is a dork
  • randomly breaks into dance and makes u dance with him
  • likes to call u babe
  • omg imagine just imagine him calling u babe when he wakes up and his voice is a bit raspy i  a m  i n  t e a r s
  • movie nights with sheet masks
  • will do extreme kayaking with u or anything extreme tbh even tho he’ll be scared af

ahn hyungseob

  • extra aF
  • likes to feed u
  • pats ur head a lot
  • likes to spend all the time he can with u
  • “ur doing errands today?? i’ll come with. u probably need help carrying the bags and stuff”
  • ends up picking up all the little knick-knacks and playing with them

Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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no but like for real???? This looks like a joke??? This storyline is literally a joke? Like……… idk if theyre serious or not but ?????????????????? I dont even kno how to take this show seriously anymore??????? Cause its just??????? Stupid??????? And just ugly??????? All of it is just so ugly????????

except for the humor in book of mormon is completely different. they’re not making fun of AIDS or people dying of AIDS, they’re poking fun at the fact that privileged people who don’t live in 3rd world countries think that 3rd world problems like AIDS can be solved with religion and asking God to make it better and saying “oh yeah, you’ll be fine if you just read the bible”. whereas people in the falsettos fandom are making jokes about whizzer dying of AIDS and nothing else.

there’s a huge difference. 

making fun of people who don’t see the seriousness of AIDS - book of mormon

making jokes out of someone who died from AIDS and not taking it seriously - (bad) falsettos fans

@hopeyou-findthatswimmingpool i hope this helps!!! it’s a weird type of humor so unless it’s in the proper context it’s easy to misinterpret but! i hope this helps!!

The Ugly Truth: Part Two

THE UGLY TRUTH: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader


A distraught girl decides to quit on love, due to her romantically challenged past. But it wasn’t until Steve Rogers walked through the doors, that she knew she needed help. Looking to an old friend, a ploy to coach her in the romance department - she pairs with the likes of Bucky Barnes, the well known play boy who lives life on the edge. In the process of coaching into the arms of Steve Rogers - a very unexpected result is found between the two of them.

notes: cussing, some dirty talk, tension.

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Y tho?

Why is everyone upset with Jontron and Pewdiepie NOW? Like, they’ve been joking around with that shit for a long time. And people are taking it serious now? After a few laughs, you think its bad now? Wtf? Got nothing to do nowadays that now you wanna attack them for jokes they’ve been saying for years. I dont give a fuck. You can unfollow me if you dont like this post. Sorry. But people are making the whole shit a big deal. If its a big deal now, why wasnt it years ago? PEOPLE GOT NOTHING TO DO BUT START SHIT WHEN NOTHING EXCITING IS HAPPENING.