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Tatsu reacting to Amano-sensei’s compliment with slight embarrassment (*≧ω≦)

As for Chief Laine, in the first episode, he says a lot of corny lines in order to persuade Chuuta to become a space police. The lines should be corny, but when they’re read by Suzuki-san, they just simply sound cool, and I even feel somehow convinced. I think that is amazing. - Amano Akira

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Hello!! I just have to say I love your work so much and the fact that you're such a good writer gives me life. Can I request Aomine angst where him and his s/o break up and later meeting again during the second touou vs seirin match?

Anonnie-non, you seriously are the sweetest! Your words gave me such a big smile on my face! Also, I have another scenario that was very similar to this one (you can find it HERE), so I tried really hard not to make it too alike! This is the first angst I’ve done that’s not song-based, so I don’t know how I feel about it yet..hmm, anyway!

The actual breakup was easy. Life afterwards was much harder. It took two days before reality hit and made ____ feel like her world was shattering apart. It was torturous for those two months. She cursed the gods and whatever else that was out there, wondering where she went wrong. If she had done something wrong then surely she’s gotten what she’s deserved. She pondered why it had to be them. He was her first friend, her first kiss, her first boyfriend. He was her first love. Was he her first mistake in love as well? She thought not, she thought they would last forever; after all, he promised her. He was the one that mentioned it first, that he would love her forever. Now, she really didn’t know if it was just all a mistake.

Time passed on and ____ healed in her own way. She didn’t know whether it was a perfect heal or if it was just her hardening her defence mechanism. Either way, she promised herself that she would never make the mistake of believing in forever anymore. All of the memories of the two went down the drain. The days they spent cuddled up, sleeping on the rooftop or the times they spent holding hands while shopping downtown. The morning they woke up and stayed in bed while wasting the day away as she curled up into his side, feeling as if no one could ever harm her. “Little did I know he was the one that would harm me.” ____ thought as she stared at her ceiling while laying in the lone bed. She tried so hard to delete them from her brain as if it was something she could just throw in the trash bin. She kept believing that if she acted like she forgot them, then maybe they would eventually disappear.

As things got better for ____, things got worse for Aomine. Aomine felt like he was freeing himself from guilt and responsibility after he broke up with her. At that time in his life, he thought he just wanted to be free like all the other guys. Free to look at any girl walking by, free to have as much adult-rated magazines as he wanted, free to do any of that without the guilt of having a girlfriend. He thought that ____ was a weighted ball chained to his leg, and he knew ____ didn’t deserve that. They’ve been friends since childhood. He only wanted what’s best for her and Aomine felt like he couldn’t give that. As more time wasted away without her by his side, though, he realised that maybe he was wrong. Maybe he didn’t want that freedom. Maybe he was ready to give her the best, maybe he could give her the best.

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Got home from work around 0900 this morning, fell asleep pretty fast. My boss calls me at 1500 asking if I will watch concrete dry for $15/hr, which of course, I said hell yeah. I’ll be here until midnight, then I go into my main job and work until 0800. I’ll go home and sleep for 2 hours or so, then go back to work for another 9 hours of OT, then I will sleep another 2 hours before working my normal shift again. Should pull in an extra $150 next paycheck for this. Only issue is that it won’t come in time for rent, so I will be late on that this month. But, I have a job interview Friday with a security company, and another wants me too, so I may have 3 jobs by the end of the week. I’m going to claw my way out of this, idc how much I have to work to do it.

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