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With A Little Help From My Friend -Peter Parker x Reader

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Prompt: Can I request a prompt where the reader is bad at science and does not get a single bit of it and she’s getting tutored by Peter?

Word Count: 768

A/N: Written by Daisy 

“Um, Y/N? Is it ok if I sit down?” You looked up suddenly, too lost in your own thoughts to notice the boy standing in front of you. 

You’d been in the library for hours, hopelessly trying to teach yourself chemistry. Due to your spectacular science skills, your teacher had advised you to find a tutor. You’d seen Peter around before, but never really had the chance to talk to him. What you did know, was that the kid was brilliant.

Peter was still standing in front of you, looking nervous and unsure of himself. “Oh, yeah of course.” You moved your textbook and notebooks to the side, offering him the seat beside you.

You studied him more closely as he went about getting his notes. You took in his tousled brown hair, dark eyes, and the punny graphic t-shirt that hung on his frame. You smiled to yourself and leaned back in your chair.

Peter turned back to you, “So you need help with Chem?”

You nodded, “That’s what they tell me.”

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can i have a s/o begin silly with Zenyatta, reaper, mcree using their catchphrase something like: zenyatta is kinda sad and s/o say "come here and Experience Tranquility" with open arms, the reaper s/o trying to sneak up on reaper(failing miserably) and saying "death comes" in most sweet tone, and mcree... i have no idea :D maybe the s/o answering the time saying "its high noon"?


It’s not often that Zenyatta admits to being sad. Every negative emotion is carefully weighed and judged by its usefulness. Grieving for Mondatta is deemed worthy of being expressed, both to validate others’ feelings and to show respect to his old friend.

But there is no sense in being a burden to his loved ones for something as inconsequential as a moodswing, and so he pretends that nothing is amiss when he greets you and your current hosts, an omnic couple who are honored by having Zenyatta stay with them, that morning over breakfast only you are actually eating.

“These are the best pancakes I ever had.” you claim. They’re really not but your hosts have been so self conscious over their cooking you have to reassure them somehow. And really, considering they don’t need nutrients themselves they’ve not being doing that bad a job.

“We can bring the leftovers for you to ‘snack on’ later.” Zenyatta says and it’s as endearing as ever to hear him use terminology that is exclusively human. Omnics don’t snack, but he adores the concept of humans eating just for pleasure as much as you adore him sometimes losing control of his limbs when he devotes too much of his mind to his philosophising and forgets he has a physical body to maintain.

Shortly after breakfast you set out towards the local community center, to help out with whatever needs doing and forming new connections while you’re at it. Working with people is such an integral part of Zenyatta’s life you couldn’t get around it if you wanted. He talks to humans and omnics and makes no differences between the two and knows their needs like he knows his own. Better than his own even.

“Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” you say over mid-morning pancakes, between helping a young single mother with her newborn and school children with their homework, something they’ll often not have at home.

“All is well.” he says and that’s when you know he’s upset. Usually he wouldn’t have missed the chance to make a quip about the world in general having something wrong with it.

“Spit it out.”

His shoulders sag and he gives up the pretense of happiness.

“I suffered a bad dream last night, nothing more. I do not wish to wallow in it. Or talk about it.” he adds when you open your mouth to ask about the contents of his dream.

“Fair enough.” you say, pulling out a pen from your bag and writing on the back of your hand, without letting him see.

“I guess sometimes you really just have to move on and … “ you pause for effect long enough until he knows you’re going to make a bad joke of the kind he’ll never get enough of. “… embrace tranquility.”

You show your hand, tranquility written on it, and Zenyatta laughs so hard his voicebox glitches. He hugs you, hiccuping through his giggles, bad mood all but forgotten.

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Drogon is Lightbringer.

Here are some clues I found showing Drogon being described as Lightbringer.  I think it’s also possible that a important sword (maybe made out of dragonglass or even the sword Dawn) can play a role in killing the Night’s King, however, Drogon is probably what the prophecy was referring to.

First, let’s look at the Qarthian origin story of dragons From AGOT:

“He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi,” the Lysene girl said. “Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day the other moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return.“

Compare that to the story of how AAR forged Lightbringer:

“The third time, with a heavy heart, for he knew before hand what he must do to finish the blade, he worked for a hundred days and nights until it was finished. This time, he called for his wife, Nissa Nissa, and asked her to bare her breast. He drove his sword into her breast, her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating Lightbringer, while her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon.”

And now let’s compare that to the birth of Dany’s dragons:

She heard a crack, the sound of shattering stone. The platform of wood and brush and grass began to shift and collapse in upon itself. Bits of burning wood slid down at her, and Dany was showered with ash and cinders. And something else came crashing down, bouncing and rolling, to land at her feet; a chunk of curved rock, pale and veined with gold, broken and smoking. The roaring filled the world, yet dimly through the firefall Dany heard women shriek and children cry out in wonder.

Only death can pay for life.

And there came a second crack, loud and sharp as thunder, and the smoke stirred and whirled around her and the pyre shifted, the logs exploding as the fire touched their secret hearts. She heard the screams of frightened horses, and the voices of the Dothraki raised in shouts of fear and terror, and Ser Jorah calling her name and cursing. No, she wanted to shout to him, no, my good knight, do not fear for me. The fire is mine. I am Daenerys Stormborn, daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons, don’t you see? Don’t you SEE? With a belch of flame and smoke that reached thirty feet into the sky, the pyre collapsed and came down around her. Unafraid, Dany stepped forward into the firestorm, calling to her children.

The third crack was as loud and sharp as the breaking of the world.

This is very specific wording used by GRRM. The cracking of the moon or the eggs is what ties in the birth of the dragons with the creation of Lightbringer. Also note the smoke is whirling around Dany, i.e. born among smoke and salt (Dothraki sea).


Here are some interesting quotes regarding the comet:

“The Dothraki named the comet shierak qiya, the Bleeding Star. The old men muttered that it omened ill, but Daenerys Targaryen had seen it first on the night she had burned Khal Drogo, the night her dragons had awakened. It is the herald of my coming, she told herself as she gazed up into the night sky with wonder in her heart. The gods have sent it to show me the way. “

“As the handmaids toweled her dry and wrapped her in a sandsilk robe, Dany’s thoughts went to the three who had sought her out in the City of Bones. The Bleeding Star led me to Qarth for a purpose. Here I will find what I need, if I have the strength to take what is offered, and the wisdom to avoid the traps and snares. If the gods mean for me to conquer, they will provide, they will send me a sign, and if not … if not … “

From Dany’s fevered dream as she miscarries Rhaego, we see the imagery of the burning heart, but instead of her husband, it is her child:

“…She could feel the heat inside her, a terrible burning in her womb. Her son was tall and proud, with Drogo’s copper skin and her own silver-gold hair, violet eyes shaped like almonds. And he smiled for her and began to lift his hand toward hers, but when he opened his mouth the fire poured out. She saw his heart burning through his chest, and in an instant he was gone, consumed like a moth by a candle, turned to ash. She wept for her child, the promise of a sweet mouth on her breast, but her tears turned to steam as they touched her skin….”

Melissandre when reciting the prophecy of Azor Ahai refers to Lightbringer as a burning sword:

“In ancient books of Asshai it is written that there will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.”

Now let’s look at how Xaro Xhoan Daxos refers to the dragons in ADWD:

“When your dragons were small they were a wonder. Grown, they are death and devastation,  a flaming sword above the world.

Finally, we have this very interesting passage from one of Jon’s ADWD chapter, he’s reading a passage Maester Aemon marked for him in the Jade Compendium:

“I looked at that book Maester Aemon left me. The Jade Compendium. The pages that told of Azor Ahai. Lightbringer was his sword. Tempered with his wife’s blood if Votar can be believed. Thereafter Lightbringer was never cold to the touch, but warm as Nissa Nissa had been warm. In battle the blade burned fiery hot. Once Azor Ahai fought a monster. When he thrust the sword through the belly of the beast, its blood began to boil. Smoke and steam poured from its mouth, its eyes melted and dribbled down its cheeks, and its body burst into flame.” Clydas blinked. “A sword that makes its own heat …” “… would be a fine thing on the Wall.”

Now compare that to Dany’s description of what happened to Kraznys mo Nakloz during the sack of Astapor:

“There is a reason. A dragon is no slave.” And Dany swept the lash down as hard as she could across the slaver’s face. Kraznys screamed and staggered back, the blood running red down his cheeks into his perfumed beard. The harpy’s fingers had torn his features half to pieces with one slash, but she did not pause to contemplate the ruin. “Drogon,” she sang out loudly, sweetly, all her fear forgotten. “Dracarys.” The black dragon spread his wings and roared. A lance of swirling dark flame took Kraznys full in the face. His eyes melted and ran down his cheeks, and the oil in his hair and beard burst so fiercely into fire that for an instant the slaver wore a burning crown twice as tall as his head.”

These quotes from the books show a connection to not only what Lightbringer is but what it can do. All these quotes have been left for us the reader throughout the series, All the way at the beginning of AGOT to almost the end of ADWD.

Dany herself is referred to as light, a few times throughout the series.

From Daenerys III ACOK, Xaro says this to Dany:

“Marry me, bright light and sail the ships of my heart”

Daenerys IV, The House of the Undying:

“ They were reaching for her, touching her, tugging at her cloak, the hem of her skirt, her foot, her leg, her breast. They wanted her, needed her, the fire, the life, and Dany gasped and opened her arms to give herself to them …”

An interesting note to the Light and Life describe within Dany. In Spanish when we say a woman has given birth we say “dar a luz” which literally translate “to give light” or “to bring light  [into the world]”. The opposite of what the death the Others bring with them is LIFE. Who better to bring life to give life than a Mother.

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Headcanons of the Rangers first road trip/travel!

Oh shit this is gonna be SO LONG 😂 Send in requests guys! 

  • They use Jason’s Mini van bc Jason is the mother of the group and no one else trusts each other with their car.
  • And Jason packs a shit tone of stuff. Because “you never know what you might need on the road.”
  • Zack shuffling through bags like “Jason do we really need all this crap?”
  • Billy being worried that they’ll forget something so he creates a list of all the essentials and continues to ask his boyfriend (Jason) to check through the bags.
  • Kim telling everyone to have their playlists ready but “if one of you plays some 70s hippy crap I will lose my shit.”
  • “Uh pretty sure it was the 60s Kim…”
  • Kim and Trini snuggling gayly with each other in the back under a blanket and Zack sitting there next to them like “if this is what the whole trips gonna be like I’m gonna need to have 500 pit stops to barf.”
  • Trini punching him for that comment.
  • “You really think Angel Grove can handle us being away this long?!”
  • Jason driving and Billy sitting in the front with the map.
  • Fighting over the aux cord but Billy being like “we could put my music on!” And Jason instantly snatching it off Zack to play his boyfriends music.

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the 5 steps to happiness

summary: caroline arrives in the afterlife (requested by @kmze and a lot of others!)

a/n: this is a little different from what I usually write but I liked it and it was an excuse to write pure steroline fluff, plus a little Lexi and Liz. Enjoy!


He’s not expecting it when it happens. 

Of course, he knew it would happen, but he hoped it would be much further down the line. He is barely on his 200th calendar, the boxes of January crossed out in yellow counting down the days, a constant reminder that she is on her way. He just hoped she lived a very long and happy life before hand. 

He sits in his armchair in front of the fire, hers placed carefully next to his side, tapping his fingers along the rim of his half empty glass. Journal open on his lap as his jaw ticks with the lack of inspiration. 

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College!AU Jungkook
  • major: computer science 
  • minor: digital art 
  • sports: on-campus dance crew, track & field 
  • clubs: e-sports club LOL 
  • is basically considered the “computed genius” of his year and all the professors in the computer science major just adore him 
  • halfway through his freshman year he was offered an internship at TWELVE different companies that had all heard about him because of the software projects he had perfected and also the fact that he apparently holds the record on campus for writing a code up in approximately 3.5 minutes
  • he thinks algorithms are fun and didn’t have to take the core for Calc 1 because when he was in High School he was past Calc 3
  • can take apart and rebuild a computer faster than most of the professors themselves
  • the cute thing is that as much as he knows about the inner workings of computers and all that, he’s also crazy about computer games and is super competitive. plays everything from World of Warcraft & League of Legends to Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.
  • is part of the universities e-sports club and plays in local tournaments for like cash and he has been scouted to join pro LOL or Starcraft teams but he’s like meh not interested but thanks
  • digital art is his minor and it kind of confuses the computer science department heads because they’re like!!! jungkook!!! you could do so much better how about?? mathematics oR economics as a minor and he’s like sketching his favorite playable character from mortal kombat like “nope. drawing is fun. drawing on the computer is even better.”
  • he kinda has this secret dream of being able to be a game software designer but he keeps it quiet from most people because everyones always on his case about the gREat things he can do with his mind like write software for the government or huge corporations and he’s like yeah yeah but in his head he’s got all these cool designs and plots for characters and adventures 
  • and the fact that he’s so good at like ?? everything kind of makes him the target for mean jealous peoples hatred and so his only real friends are like this small group of people that he meet through jimin, a friend of his on the dance team
  • other than them jungkook doesn’t really warm up to people the way jimin and taehyung do,,,,he kinda tends to be shy and closed up
  • oh and he does track & field because the coach like begged him to join after he saw jungkook doing a dash across the campus to get away from jimin who just wanted to give his best buddy a kiss on the cheek
  • and actually you meet jungkook because see you’re sitting in study hall with your laptop and you’re finishing up this essay. it took you like 10 hours to write and you’ve got like one billion sources and you’re on your last sentence when BAM your computer just freezes and dies on the spot
  • and you’re sitting there looking at your screen like what. the. fuck.
  • and jungkook is like two seats away with his headphones in watching some walk-through on his phone and laughing at all the mistakes of the streamer when he hears you let out the tiniest little yell and like almost slip onto the floor of your chair
  • and usually jungkook isn’t the type to put his nose into other peoples business but seeing as though you look like you’re about to start sobbing and the fact that your laptop is threatening to fall of your lap and break he’s like
  • “excuse me- your laptop-”
  • and you’re like” itS DEAD B ro  IT JUSt D I E D it RIPPED On me I wanNA sCream THAT PAPER is DUE BY 3 o’clock tHIS is the bittersweet end”
  • and jungkook is like 
  • well firstly he bursts into laughter because ‘the bittersweet end’ thats funny but also he’s like “hand me your laptop”
  • and you’re like what no how do i know you’re not gonna take it and run and jungkook’s like “because i have a macbook at home i don’t need your little pc notebook laptop” and you’re like Excuse me don’t trash talk my laptop and jungkooks like “fine fine but i can fix it hand it over”
  • and you’re a little suspicious because jungkook doesn’t look like he can fix it not when he’s wearing ripped up denim jeans, a white t-shirt three sizes too big and timberlands that look like they’ve seen hell and back but you’re like well…….it’s worth a shot
  • so you hand it over to him and jungkook like flips it over, checks the bottom of your laptop touches some stuff presses some buttons listen im not a computer science major jungkook is here
  • and when he presses the power button WALLA the screen turns on and there’s your saved word document with your essay and you’re like
  • staring at it and then looking back at jungkook with your mouth open and he’s like “told you” and you’re like 
  • “dude. dude you are GOD” and jungkook’s like “maybe not god but like yes im really really good.” and you’re like “i owe you one!!” and jungkook’s like nah forget about it bUT THEN
  • he hears it
  • the voice
  • that voice
  • and jungkook’s like oh nO and you’re like??? what oh look it’s jimin i know him he’s nice-
  • and jungkook is like hide me. please don’t tell him im here let me get behind yo-
  • and he like tries to get over you to the seat that’s like beside you but jimin is like jUNGKOOK!!! ive been looking for you - oh well hello there
  • jimin like smiles and waves to you and you like awkwardly wave back and jimin’s like “i didn’t know you knew jungkook, am i……….interrupting something (——:” 
  • and you’re about to be like “what?? no!” but jungkook sits up and is like “yes. jimin this is my significant other. we were just talking about where we were going to go on our DATE so if you could give us some time…..”
  • and jimin (being a sucker for all things romantic) gets a little red in the ears and is like OH OH I SEE WELL I WILL BE ON MY WAY 
  • and like winks and does a little finger gun @ jungkook
  • and you’re sitting there in stunned silence and jungkook is like umm uhhh umm 
  • and his face is getting redder by the minute and his eyes are wide like a lost bunny and he’s like “REmember how you said you owed me, yeah that was the favor I’m sorry-”
  • and you put your hands up like it’s fine it’s fine but why are you avoiding jimin?
  • and jungkook kind of sighs and he’s like dont get me wrong i love my hyung but he’s always saying i should go out and do things like date or whatever and im just like,,,,,,,id rather stay home and stream overwatch or something
  • and you’re like i know that Feel but you’re also like jimin is kinda right like isn’t that what college is about having fun and doing stuff but you shrug because it’s not your business and jungkook did fix your laptop and he is pretty cute you wouldn’t mind actually going on a date w/ him but since he’s obviously not interested you two like part ways and you thank him again for fixing your laptop and you’re like that’s that
  • ok im being dramatic but yeah you notice jimin at smoothie place near campus and you’re like oh no i better hide so he doesn’t ask me about jungkook
  • but jimin sees and he’s like HEY and you’re like fRICK but you smile and wave and he like jogs over to you and he’s like “listen this is going to sound so imposing and what not but im so happy you’re dating jungkook because he needs to get out of his shell and i never thought he’d find someone that he’d willing let do that and im just so thankful for taking care of him” 
  • jimin like grabs both your hands and does a little bow and you’re like oh my god what did i get myself into
  • and you have to search the whole campus until you find jungkook in one of the empty computer labs of the lab buildings and you’re like hEY WE HAVE A PROBLEM 
  • and jungkook takes his headphones off and he’s like ???? what problem wait one sec let me finish this -
  • and you’re like jungkook stop playing your online game and listen to me-
  • and he’s like one SEC i promise it’s for a good cause and you’re like what good cause it’s some online battle but then you see the screen flash the word ‘victory’ and you’re like jungkook this is serious-
  • and he’s like yeah yeah i know i just needed to beat that game it’s like a charity thing im doing that if i beat like twenty straight rounds this company will donate 20,000,000 won to a childrens hospital so
  • and you’re like hold up back it up you’re playing games for,,,,,,charity
  • and he kinda scratches his neck like well yeah i mean im good at it so i might as well put my skills toward helping people
  • and you’re @ you’re own heart don’t you dare skip a beat
  • but then jungkook also adds in the info that he fixes up old computers at poor schools so kids will be able to use the internet even if schools can’t afford newer models of computers and you’re like
  • well damn there my heart goes skipping TEN beats
  • and jungkook’s like so what’s up is it your laptop- but you’re like no no it’s park jimin he basically thanked me for being your significant other and was very genuine and passionate about this “relationship” of ours jungkook how are you ever going to tell him you lied
  • and jungkook’s like oh no,,,,,and you two are like standing there looking at each other like we done messed up until jungkook like clears his throat and he’s like
  • “wELL there is a way we could get away with it”
  • and you perk up like how??? tell me!!! and jungkooks like “well-ah-um-ah d-d–da-date–w-w- we could g-go on a date and see- see if mayb-maybe….”
  • and you’re like date? see? and you’re like oh he means see where it goes and you like instantly feel your own cheeks heat up and you’re like 
  • “actually,,,,id love to but,,,but,,,wait jungkook-”
  • and he’s like swallowing like yes??? 
  • and you’re like “did you think i was cute when you saw me in study hall with my laptop?” and he looks like he’s been caught red handed and he’s like wHAT No and you’re like oh my god you did 
  • and jungkook admits it (after you two bicker cutely about it for like half an hour) that yes he actually did think you were cute and honestly he would never have asked you out if it weren’t for this Twist of Events
  • and you two like laugh a little at each other because honestly you two were too scared to see if the other person would actually go on a date that when you pretended to date in front of jimin you both were like but this could never be real!!!?!!?!?!?
  • until you two are finally at a movie together, probably a movie based of a comic or something or like a kids animated movie lol, and you’re laughing sharing popcorn and then jungkook is like there’s a ferris wheel near here!! and you’re like fRICK yES take me and you two literally are like five year olds laughing and joking with each other on that date
  • and jungkook finally sees why the hell jimin is so into romance and love and all that jazz
  • because as much as he’s having fun and doing things he likes he’s doing them with someone as stunning and breathtaking as you
  • and sure when jimin comes around you guys have to amp up skinship or whatever but the second he leaves jungkook is like 10 feet away apologizing and you’re like jungkook it’s ok,,,because tbh his arms around your shoulder is so nice and warm
  • and you guys go on a couple more dates on the DL and it’s so cute and finally jungkook walks you to your dorm and is like hey,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,and you’re like hmmm and he’s looking at your lips but he can’t bring himself to do it so you like roll your eyes and lean up to kiss him and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • and you’re like also !!!! but you like cover your mouth and look down and this would be so innocent and soft if it weren’t like the next second jungkooks like 
  • “you wanted to kiss me for a long time right? you were holding back RIGHT?” 
  • and you’re like JUNGKOOK SHUT IT 
  • and you’re chasing him down the street and his laughter is loud
  • and jungkook would totally call you up just so you two can sit in the park near the campus at night and push each other on the swings and it’s like
  • childish but you kids are so pure and so excited about everything
  • jungkook like rants a lot about all the games he’s played and his favorite characters and he like tries to help you get better at the games you’re interested in
  • and also he’s always there to fix anything that goes wrong with your laptop or phone
  • and like jimin thinks you two have been together for a super long time and you and jungkook are like actually jimin,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when you finally tell him how you actually got together you expect jimin to like be super mad but no it’s the opposite jimin is like 
  • and you’re like well kinda and jungkook is burying his face in his hands like oh my god jimin … the reason i was able to fall in love….and jimin is like YES IM CUPID I KnEW IT
  • you going to jungkook’s dance competitions and like jimin is always pointing you out and jungkook waves shyly and you’re like he’s so adorable how and jimin’s like JunGKOOK lOVES YOU and the entire bleacher of girls is like casting glances at you and you’re like ,,,,,,oh god and jungkook’s like covering jimin’s mouth his hand like hYUng CHill
  • jungkook showing off his math skills by calculating tip and total prices when you go out to eat or shopping and you’re like “im dating a human calculator”
  • jungkook purposely ignoring you to play on his nintendo 3ds and you’re like jungkook kiss me and he’s like wait im playing fire emblem - and you’re like jungkook i will turn off your 3ds right now and he’s like ok ok ok 
  • (but in reality he was playing on purpose to see if you’d get pouty w him)
  • you meet the rest of his friends and they’re all equally as surprised to see jungkook dating and being so happy especially taehyung and yoongi who’re like “is this really jungkook? the jungkook who only knows romance through side plots in games?” 
  • it’s jungkooks birthday when you’re all over at his dorm together because jin baked a cake and jungkook was forced into a silly party hat by hoseok and jimin and like
  • everyone’s slowly leaving and jungkook is like “hey, can you stay?” and you’re like sure and idk it’s romantic the only light in the whole dorm is the candles still on the cake and jungkook asks you to close your eyes as he kisses down your neck
  • and like,,,,,you know he leads you toward his bed and like ,,,,, you mumble his name against his neck,,,,,and then-
  • and you and jungkook are like two flustered messes coming out of the bedroom and jin is like 
  • oh…….OH YOU TWO CHILDREn- and basically you get lectured by him and it’s hilarious jungkook is like jin please and you’re like so embarrassed you can barely speak up
  • jungkook creates a code so that every time you open up your laptop a little bubble with his face in it appears and there’s a message like “you’re lucky you have such a cute boyfriend” and you always like do a little ‘pfft’ but it’s adorable and you keep it 
  • you love watching jungkook sketch instead of just do digital art like sometimes you’ll see him sitting on the windowsill in one of the campus building looking out of the window and just drawing and he looks so serene with the light hugging him
  • and also jungkook in his big oversized clothes waiting for you after class so you two can literally just go to his dorm and cuddle 
  • jin: “take them out on a nice date jungkook, hear ill give you some money-” you and jungkook: “is buying 5 bags of cheetos with this money you’re gonna give us count as ‘doing something nice’?” jin: “………you are both children. Children.” 

find namjoon’s ver (here)  // jimin’s ver (here) // taehyung’s ver (here
college!au vixx (here)

please look forward to the rest of college!bts coming soon~

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How about a fluffy post-FBaWtFT fix-it with Theseus taking Percival on a long vacation around the world after his rescue? ^^ especially if Newt tags along to find more fantastic beasts!

It happens the night Percival runs.

We’re in New York, it’s still Winter - a couple of weeks after the Auror Team and Tina Goldstein - shaking hands, bleached lips, heart slowly imploding in her chest as she barks orders - managed to find Director Percival Graves. Alive, said the Healer they brought with them, even if his strong-jawed, weathered face had gone paler and paler as he approached the poor thing of broken skin and bloodied clothes on the prison’s floor, alive. Then Theseus Scamander ran forward, dropping on his knees and sobbing broken apologies to the poor thing, alarm charms were shot in the dark, and Auror Goldstein retaired herself to a bent in the maze of undergroud corridors and threw her guts up.

For seven days, Percival hovers between life and death, IVs desperately pumping blood in his exhausted system, magic knitting back together bones and tissues - friends and colleagues and family coming to say stay please or I’m sorry or at least goodbye. Theseus does all three, repeatedly. Newt drops by too, bones aching for open air and cramped foul-smelling ship cabins and lands and creatures still uncharted but unable to leave Tina’s pain - his brother’s pain. He’s not sure what he’s exactly supposed to do, but that’s hardly a problem - Newt has a longlife experience in being awkwardly useless. So he keeps coming around, and peering in the private room to check on Theseus’ sunken, unshaven face and the sleeping man he’s never really met, and bringing food and water, and somehow he finds himself listening to Thes’ stories of his time in the Army and his time with Percival. They’re good stories, and when he’s telling them, his brother’s eyes do not look quite as haunted as usual. For Newt, it’s more than enough.

Percival waking up results in a rather anticlimatic event, actually. Rather mundane. He simply opens his eyes, in the wee hours of morning when Theseus drags himself to the MACUSA restrooms to wash his face, stretches a shaking arm to ring the bell beside his table, and quietly answers the Healer’s questions. Yes, he knows his name. Yes, he knows where he is. No, he does not remember how he got here. No, he doesn’t want her to call anyone. Yes - he’s thirsty.

“There’s something else I can do for you, Director?” the Healer asks, putting down the glass of water she’s just pressed to Graves’ lips and that his shaking fingers haven’t even tried to hold. “Some soup? Ice chips?”

Percival draws a breath - it’s painful. Everything is painful, everything is shattering, his skin his bones his teeth, and his heart, his heart is pounding hard enough to burst through his chest, as if it’s trying to get free from this failing body, as if Grindelwald was still hovering over him grinning and laughing and-

“I wanna go home,” Percival says. “I wanna go home, now.”

The Healer squirms uneasily on her spot. “Mister Graves, you’re not yet recovered enough-”

They won’t let him - oh no, no, that’s not good not good not good. He’s suddenly breathing through concrete. His heart redoubles its efforts to crack his ribs. The room’s walls seem to breath around him, in and out, closing in, inch by inch. “I can fucking see it by myself, thanks,” he rasps out, “but I want to go home. And real clothes. And shoes.” A shuddering breath. “And my wand.”

“Mister Graves…”

“I’m alive, am I not?” Percival swings his feet off the side of the bed, trying to push himself up. It’s a blinding, burning mistake, his right leg screaming and his left elbow exploding in a tiny supernova of needles and bright spots flickering before his eyes. “Then there’ no need to fret like that - if I was to kick the bucket, I’d do it before.” He shudders, the last time he tried to get up - the last time he broke his arm as punishment - flashing in his mind, and forces himself to think that word, repeat it over and over again - I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive.

Am I not?

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false alarm

The stomach pains were unbearable, beyond any physical pain she had ever experienced before. She was sure it was just period cramps, and tried to alleviate the pain by doing what every girl does: painkillers, a hot water bottle draped over her stomach, stretching… you name it, she’d tried it. However, nothing was helping.

“Y/n, I think we should go to the hospital. Three days ago you said that if the pain doesn’t go away within 2 days, you’d go see a doctor. And as far as I’m aware, this is now the third day and  your stomach still hurts,” William worried and watched y/n laying on the bed in a fetal position. Her face was all crunched up in pain and he could tell she was having a hard time breathing normally.

“No… I’m already feeling a little better,” she lied and got up, but was wincing so bad that William rolled his eyes.

“Stop lying. I know your scared of needles and doctors and all that, but we’re going to the emergency room. We’ll be back home for dinner.” William helped her to put her shoes on and practically carried her into the car. If only he had known what was going to happen.

4 hours later at the ER, the doctor had taken multiple tests, but none of those explained what was causing the pain. Y/n had been hooked to an IV, and she was given stronger medicine to ease the pain. She was laying peacefully on the hospital bed, the meds making her feel better and better each minute. William rested his head on her legs, and looked exhausted. This was not what he’d had in mind, he had expected the pain to be her appendix which would have been easily treated, so now after multiple tests and check ups he was growing more and more worried.

“Alright, Miss…” the doctor started as he re-entered the room for probably the 13th time at this point. “We are still clueless as to what could be causing the pain you’re feeling. We are going to bring in an ultra sound technician, who is going to check your ovaries for cysts”.

Y/n was nodding along, listening carefully and William just stared at the doctor, unsure of what to say. He wanted to argue like a little kid, ask him questions like “why aren’t you making her feel better”, but knew it would only make the situation worse.

“While you’re here though, is there any chance you could be pregnant? Are you sexually active?” the doctor continued, writing in his little notebook. She glanced at Will, half-expecting him to faint after hearing the word “pregnancy”, but he was showing no emotion, just listening and looking at the doctor.

“Yes, but I’m on birth control,” she replied and was sure she always took the pill at the same exact time each day, to maximise its effectiveness.

“Well, as I’m sure you know, no method of birth control is 100% effective. Even the combination of two different methods does not guarantee anything. I’ll send in a nurse to do an ultra sound checkup,” the doctor smiled and clapped his notebook shut. Will squeezed her hand.

“You alright?”

“Yeah. Sort of surprised you’re still here though, I was expecting you to run away when the doctor mentioned pregnancy,” she chuckled and missed the offended look on Will’s face. When she didn’t get a response from him, she turned her head in surprise.

“Why would I have ran away? If we’re pregnant, then we’re pregnant. ” Y/n was taken aback: did he just say “we” and not “you”? She wondered if she had been pumped so full of meds that she was hallucinating. Looking at her stomach she couldn’t help but wonder.

“You want to have a baby?” Now it was William’s turn to be surprised.

“Of course I do and you know that. Not necessarily right now, but if it happens, it happens,” he shrugged. Y/n was now sure she was having a dream, the guy sitting next to her was a far cry from the Will she’d started dating nearly a year ago, who had insisted on getting her on the pill. The look on her face must have given away her astonishment as William gave her a reassuring smile, kissing her forehead.

“Would you really be okay with it if I were pregnant?” she asked quietly, still not believing what he’d said before. He looked really puzzled for a moment, and sighed.

“Of course I would. I mean, it would be a big shock at first, but we would adjust. We’d be fine. We would move to a new house, and paint the baby’s room either pink or blue. We’d attend those parenting classes, and learn how to baby-proof our home. And you’d be glowing the entire time, oh man I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you. The baby would start kicking in a few months and we could hear his or her heartbeat. It would be amazing.” Y/n was smiling and smoothed her hand over her stomach. Maybe having a baby with Will wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

The nurse strolled in with a miniature ultrasound machine.

“We just need to roll up your shirt to expose your stomach. The gel I’m going to spread will be cold, just a little heads up,” the nurse smiled and squeezed a small amount of transparent jelly on y/n’s stomach. As soon as the the small nozzle touched her stomach, a heartbeat could be heard.

“There’s a heartbeat?” she gasped and grabbed Will’s hand.

“That’s yours,” the nurse laughed assuring her and kept moving the small nozzle around. She circled around y/n’s lower stomach, and kept looking at the screen. Will had never been as nervous and he let out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding in.

“That tiny thing is what is making you feel so terrible,” the nurse nodded and pointed at a small lump. “It’s a cyst. I will have to draw some more blood and run a test to figure out what kind of cyst it is, but you don’t have to be worried. It should go away around the time of your next ovulation,” the nurse explained and started packing up. Y/n’s eyes fell from the screen to the linked hands between her and William.

“I will come back soon to do the blood work. I will also bring you some medicine that you can take home,” the nurse said and pulled the small machine out of the room, leaving Will and y/n alone. For a moment neither of them moved or said anything, until Will coughed.

“Good to finally know for sure what it is…” William sighed and ran his thumb over her knuckles. In a matter of minutes y/n had become excited about having a baby with him, only to be told the “baby” was a fluid filled cyst. She knew it was for the better, both she and William were only in their 20s, but hearing Will describe what their life with a little child would be like had made her hopeful. At least she now knew that if she ever ended up expecting a child, Willy would be okay with it. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed though, and he must have noticed this as he pulled her in a hug and kissed the top of her head.

“One day when the time is right,” she heard him whisper.

i am free whenever you’re in front of me

listen. i know. it’s been a couple months. but it’s internship time! you know how it goes!

BUT FINALLY IT IS HERE. thank you as always to @baegerbombtastic for reading it over and probably thinking internally “i said it was FINE oh my GOD” multiple times.

but no really, i appreciate it. xoxo


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Dead on Arrival (an urban fantasy au)
Rating: T
Summary: “Fine,” Eren replies. “Okay. Levi, do you want walk through an uncomfortable number of dead people so that we can go to my childhood home for a couple hours to see the sunrise?” Levi can see his jaw working around an expected refusal, just like he can see Hannes’ eyes flickering between them both from where he stands at Eren’s side.

It really is comical—and a little bit sad, the way Eren’s face walls itself up like that.

It is then that Levi says, “yes, I’d love to, thanks for asking.”

Or you can [Read on AO3]!

chapters: i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii

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everyday survival.

reader x scott mccall. 

warnings: depression.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

depression was a killer, you knew that better than anyone. you dreamed of the day that you could wake up and not dread the days that followed. you dreamed of the night you could go to sleep and hope you would wake up tomorrow, not hope you were ripped away in the prime of your life. 

you didn’t know how many hours you had spent in total, just staring at this ceiling. there was nothing particularly interesting about it, just a plain white ceiling hanging above your head yet you spent a lot of time staring at it like it was the most important thing in your life. 

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Anne Boleyn anecdotes?

oh, gosh…hard to pick! 

i love everything from this list. 

in order by like…date? i’ll do my best, below:

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The Lost One

hi so um, could you please do joker x daughter reader where the reader is an assassin who is hired to kill joker unaware that she’s his child and joker being surprised when he sees her because he and Harley thought she got killed at a young age?

It was just another assignment. Another scumbag wanted their competition taken out, but thats the underworld for ya no one wants to do their own work. Not that I’m complaining it keeps me in business. And no one else would come near this job with a 10 foot pole, the kinda challenge I live for.

I’ve been hired to take out the infamous Joker. I eagerly took the assignment knowing he was a sucker for a pretty girl in a short dress. The guys were all to easy, a revealing outfit, some flashy makeup and a sweet smile is all Ive ever to get close enough to my targets to easily blow em away. I always thanked my short and unintimidating stature for making being a hit man so easy. No one ever suspects me till it’s to damn late. Then it’s just an ear piercing scream and well timed crocodile tears to make everyone think I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A smirk comes across my face as I finish checking myself in the mirror happy with how attractive I looked. That’s one thing I thanked my biological parents for, whoever the hell they were. There where only three things that were remotely strange, one was the fact I have a single stripe of green hair that framed my face. But the men found it intriguing and I use it to accentuate my features. The second was a singular bullet wound on my stomach but I’ve had it since they found me abandoned in the streets of Gotham when I was just a kid. And the third was a Princess tattoo with a small heart next to it on the back of my left shoulder that I’ve had just as long as the bullet wound.

The last thing I do is pack my small revolver into the hidden holster in my boot. I know I know boots and a short dress don’t exactly go but were else am I supposed to hide a gun?

I chuckle at my internal dialog before heading out to the Grin and Bare it the Joker’s usual hangout.

Getting in was a sinch. I taking in my surroundings scanning for his goons and any possible exits incase this went south. I’m not really partial to getting shot. Especially with the paycheck waiting for me after this. I may finally be able to get out of this game. Not that I was in a rush to do so.

I stride to the bar, the crowded dance floor parting out of my way as I went.

“Hey there Sugar can I get shot of Patron and a glass of water.” I wink as he gets my order doing my usual ritual before I do a job to take the edge off.

I turn my attention to the VIP room were the Joker always stayed overlooking his club. Happy that I didn’t see his normal arm candy Harley which should make it a hell of alot easier to grab his attention.

It doesn’t take long. A half hour into dancing with another girl on one of the many platforms shooting him glances and winks as I do one of his men approach and let me know my work was paying out when he invites me to meet his boss.

I grab the mans hand and let him escort me to my target. To easy. As I enter I see him lounging on one of the couches still looking out on his club so I grab his attention as I approach.

“Aww, and here I thought I’d caught your eye away from all that trash on the dance floor. ” I pout as he turns to me his infamous silver smile plastered on his smug face.

“Oh you did Kitten. Come over here and sit on Daddy’s lap.” He pats his leg and I take him up on his offer throwing my arms around his neck as I do.

“So what’s a pretty young thing like you in a shit hole like my club?” His blue eyes were piercing, they never left my matching blue eyes.

“I heard this was The place to be in Gotham so I had to check it out.” As I talk he starts to look me over. I immediately notice his eyes draw to the streak of hair that matched his own.

‘Maybe he’ll think I’m trying to impress him.’ His face starts to contort as he stares at it. ‘Fuck I’m loosing him.’ I quickly tuck it out of the way blushing.

“Oh um… sorry about that. It’s been that way as long as I can remember.” I watch his eyes widen as he whispers.

“[Y/N]?” He seemed to be talking to himself but the fact he knew my actual name was enough to spike my nerves. Jumping off his lap I draw my gun pointing it at him.

“How the fuck do you know my name?” I hiss a bit shaken about this sudden turn in what and been such a smooth plan so far.

He slowly stands hands up in surrender as he stares at me like he was searching for something. He moved so quickly after that getting my gun and tossing it across the room. 'Welp Im dead. Its been nice knowin ya world.’ I take what I was sure would be my last breath when I feel his hand grab both sides of my face.

“It… it is you isn’t it?” His eyes seemed emotional and he pulls me into a tight hug which I of course struggle against. 'What is up with this guy???’

“How in the hell do you know me. I haven’t met you a day in my life.” Might as well get some answers before I die.

He pushes me out to arms length starting into my eyes before pulling me back into his warm embrace. Breathing in I notice his smell feels so familiar. Thoughts race through my head. 'What the hell is going on?’

“We thought we lost you-” he whispers tightening his grip. “I can’t believe it’s you.”

Confused enough at this point to ask I start to talk.

“How do you know me? I don’t understand? ”

He jerks me back to arms length.

“You really don’t remember me do you?” His eyes seemed glassy as he spoke.

“Your the King of Crime how could I forget who you are?” He shakes his head at my comment.

“No no no. Not my reputation I mean WHO I am. To you.” He sighs at the confusion on my face. “You have a tattoo don’t you?”

I just shake my head confusion only getting worse.

“Yeah on my shoulder.”

He walks around me brushing my hair out of the way to examine it.

“Princess…. It’s my Princess…. You’re my Princess.” He throws his arms over my shoulder dropping his forehead on the top of mine. I could feel the could wet tears now flowing from his eyes hysterical laughter breaking from his chest.

“I… I don’t understand…. what do you mean I’m YOUR Princess?”

He turns me to look into my eyes again his smile sweet and sincere.

“[Y/N] sweetheart, object of my affection, my little Princess.-” his hand raises to my cheek. “I’m your father….”

At the sound of his words all thoughts leave my mind as his words ring through my head.

“…. Daddy?”

Asking For Trouble - Kol Mikaelson X Reader

Imagine trying to seduce Kol for fun, but you find yourself in real trouble

 Words: 3223

Warnings: aggression, protective friends, flirting, possible language, mild smut


Another boring Friday night in Mystic Falls stuck at The Grill with Jeremy and Tyler, waiting for Matt to finish work so you could all hang out. Being One of the boys was so much more natural, plus with a body like yours, what guy wouldn’t want to watch you laze around all over them like you did, especially seeing as you hadn’t physically aged in the last 500 years or so. Still looking like the 19year old you were when you were murdered, seemed to have it’s advantages, and with all that time on your hands, you had all the time in the world to learn about anything and everything including getting what you wanted when you wanted even without compulsion. Leaning on the edge of the pool table you watched Tyler try to take the shot, and miss… again. But his appalling shot had left an even worse one open for you. Being 5ft7 had it’s advantages, but when it came to playing pool it was a pain in the ass. Leaning across the pool table and being careful not to touch anything other than what was required you lined up a perfect 3 ball shot and sunk it. With a groan Tyler took the cue from you and looked for a way to salvage his game and possibly his ever shrinking pride.

After ordering another round of drinks from Matt, Jeremy picked up the cue while I set the game back up. “You break Gilbert” I giggled. “See if you do a better job than the puppy over there”.

“I will bite you, Y/N/N” he growled at me.

“Oh that’s a great idea, lets give the Original family a reason to come back to town now that all of them are alive again, dumbass!” Jeremy groaned.

“Oh come on now mate! We had some great times when you were oblivious” exclaimed a british accent from behind me.

“So it’s true, you made it through to portal before the other side collapsed Kol?” Jeremy questioned.

“yeah I did mate, thanks for the concern and all, seeing as you and your miserable sister.. No wait cousin… whatever murdered me.”

“I will admit it was for no good reason, and you were right about Silas” Jeremy replied.

“well isn’t that great, you idiots had to learnt the hard way and get me killed in the process” he said as he looked around the bar. “Well, well, well who do we have here?” He exclaimed as his eyes rested on me.

“Y/N Y/L/N” I smiled.

“Pleasure darling” he drawled as he took my free hand and kissed it.

“Are you for real Mikaelson? I might be 500 years old but that doesn’t mean that old school flattery works on me” I challenged.

“Oh I like pretty little things with sharp tongues” he claimed falling into step with me as I walked around the table.

“Then how about I show you just how sharp my tongue is Mikaelson?” I bit back.

“Oh darling” he whispered over my shoulder, “I would love to know how sharp that tongue is”

“Let me make this clear, Mikaelson, you are not my type darling” I mocked.

“Whatever you say Y/N Y/L/N/” he winked as he walked past me brushing his hand against mine. As he left the boys all looked at me worriedly for a moment. Once we knew he was gone, we went back to our game of pool with a fresh round of drinks and an elephant in the room until Matt finished work. Then we headed back to Tyler’s mansion to sit up drinking and playing x-box all night.

Waking up the next morning I rolled over hearing a knock on the door. Who the bloody hell would be here at this time of the morning. As I reached the front door I peered through the glass, not able to see a silloutte. As I opened the door, I discovered an envelope on the door mat with my name elegantly handwritten on it. As I picked up the envelope I could smell a familiar intoxicating scent that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I took one final look around to see if there was anyone else around before closing the door and heading to the kitchen. By this time the boys were also up and starting on breakfast for themselves. I walked to the fridge and pulled open the drawer looking for a blood bag to start the day, seeing as being a vampire has it’s downsides one of them being the need to use blood as sustenance.

“Who is that from?” Matt questioned, noticing the envelope on the bench.

“No idea, haven’t opened it yet. You wanna do it for me seeing as ive got my hands full?”

“Sure” he smiled. Suddenly his face dropped. “Y/N/N/, it’s from a certain Original you may have met last night…”

“Hahahahaha” Tyler screamed. “Bet you can’t talk yourself out of this stalker”.

“What does he want with Y/N/N/, Matt..?” Jeremy questioned.

“To make a better first impression. He wants a do over” Matt looked up worried about my reaction.

“Are you kidding me? Hahahaha that is brilliant! I’d heard the Mikaelson’s were a demanding bunch but requesting a do over on a first impression is needy.” I giggled.

“What are you going to do?” Jeremy asked.

“Go to visit an old friend, it seems I require to discuss this with Elijah” I replied.

“You know Elijah?” the three boys exclaimed.

“Of course!” I giggled. “I met him in the 1920’s. Great style and I’m pretty sure was hiding from Niklaus.”

“Okay…” Tyler said hesitantly. “Be careful”.

“Never Ty, I laugh in the face of danger Ha Ha Ha” I exclaimed sarcastically.

“Seriously Lion King references now?” Tyler groaned.

“Yeap!” I smiled. ‘Im going to get dressed and head off. Ill see you guys later.“ I grinned.

An hour later I was walking to the front door of what had been the abandoned Mikaelson Mansion. As I got closer I could hear heated voices inside.

"Kol! You did what!?” a familiar voice exclaimed.

“It’s not like I compelled her or anything, I just had to touch her skin and see if it was as soft as your journals said it was” he whined.

At this point I felt it necessary to knock on the door.

“Y/N/N!?” Elijah exclaimed as he opened the door.

“Lijah!” I grinned back.

“Wow, Y/N/N didn’t think you would look so different”

“Hahaha what the hair?” I giggled having recently dyed it bright purple.

“Yeahh, please come in” He smiled.

As I entered I heard a familiar british accent.

“Brother, aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“Kol you have already had the pleasure of meeting Y/N/N” Elijah growled.

“Y/N/N..? I thought you said your name was Y/N/N?” He questioned.

“It is. My friends call me Y/N/N. I picked up the nickname as a kid and its kind of stuck with me” I smiled.

“Oh.. okay… care to elaborate on how you got the nickname darling?” He purred.

“Nup” I smiled. “You have to earn that privilege Mikaelson”.  

“Oh, playing hard to get, are we? Don’t you know that it is dangerous to deny me what I want darling?” He growled.

“Oh I wasn’t playing hard to get. I’m just not interested in a pretentious little boy with a big ego and a British accent”, you giggle.

“Come now Y/N/N, we have about a century worth of catching up to do I believe? And from your hair I can tell there is a lot to tell?” He grinned walking away from Kol towards an open set of doors.

“Why I do believe you are partially correct, Lijah! But the hair was for shock value, seeing as I went back to school and all..”, I replied catching up to his brisk pace.

“You were always one for shock value, weren’t you my dear?” He smiled.

“Well, when you put it like that you make it sound like a bad thing, Lijah!” I fake whined. “Anyway, wasn’t that what got your attention in the 1920’s? Wearing a pair of shorts? God I think Beka and I even caused a car accident that day if I recall?”

“Well what did you expect sweet-art? With a set of legs like that, in full view. How else was the male population to respond. I think even you brother, couldn’t help but spit out your drink?”, came another familiar male voice.

“Nik!” I jumped up.

“I had forgotten how affectionate you are for somebody who came from London” he grinned. “And I hear you met out infamous little brother last night… how did that go down with the little Gilbert hunter?”

“About as well as you would expect, Nik. Especially when he hit on me infront of the boys… went down about as well as a fart in a space suit” I giggled back.

“And well does that go down Darling…?”, came a drawling voice from behind me.

“Well considering you had Tyler, Matt and Jer considering ways to jump you once you left.. Yeah I’d say you caused a stir, especially when you touched me..” I got up and turned to him. “Ty is a good guard dog when he wants to be.. A little over protective though, seeing as I can take care of myself” I winked at Kol as I brushed past him.

All of a sudden I felt his hand at my wrist and my body was slammed up against a wall.

“Kol!” Screamed Nik and Lijah.

“Leave it guys, I’m a big girl. I can handle a cheeky brat.” I grinned at Kol.

All of a sudden he let go of you with an evil smirk on his face.

“How do you plan on handling me, Darling?”

“Oh darling!” you mocked. “I plan on tormenting you in public so that you can’t touch me without drawing attention. So I think that you should be at the Grill at 7:30 tonight. Only if you are game though.”

And with that you walked to Elijah and Nik hugged and kissed them goodbye and promised to come back and catch up.

As you left through the front door, Elijah grabbed you quickly.

“Y/N/N, just be careful with Kol. You know his past, so just be careful how far you push him. I know you and him both like your games, but he wears his heart on his sleeve unknowingly.”

“Elijah, my dear friend, I’m not planning in pushing him too far. I just want some not so serious company, like you used to be occasionally in the 20’s.” you smiled.


At 7:00pm you walked into The Grill in a little tight black dress, my long purple hair in ringlets. As you walked up to the bar you felt Ty and Jer’s eyes on you. you sat down infront of Matt at the bar and smiled.

“Your usual gentleman tonight miss Y/N/N?” He smiled.

“Yeah please Matt and keep them coming. It’s going to be an interesting evening.”

After your third Jack Daniels and Coke, you got up realising it was just before 7:30, and you figured you should stand up before you drink yourself stupid. As you stood up you tripped over the edge of the chair and as quick as you vampire reflexes were, they weren’t going to be enough. But then suddenly you stopped falling.

“Easy there Darling. I don’t want tonight to be too easy” he winked.

“Kol!” you smiled. “You came!”

“Darling, I have to admit, you look delicious” he smiled.

“Thank you, Kol” you purr.

“Now now darling, that is a dangerous look to be giving me” he grinned. “Would you like to eat or play some pool?”

“It depends on what you were planning on eating” you wink.

“Well I’d love to eat you right about now, but let’s leave that till later.”

“Let’s play some pool and we can find something to eat later” you giggle.

You played pool for a while, and Matt supplied us more and more alcohol. Jer and Ty kept their eyes on us the whole time, watching for any move of Kol’s that they deemed threatening. After winning, every game, Kol pretended to beg for once last game. You obliged seeing as you both hadn’t quite drunk the Grill out of alcohol, yet. As you started the next game you noticed that everyone had started to leave, making the room quieter. As you leant over to take a shot that would win you the games, you felt his hand on your hip. You try to refocus on the shot and as you breathe out to slide the cue through your fingers he squeezes your hip throwing you off balance. you stand up and spin round at full speed, only to collide with Kol, who pressed himself up against your body.

“Going somewhere, Darling?” Kol smirked into your ear.

“Yeah, I’m going to freshen up and then I’m going to find something to eat. Will you join me?” you pur.

“Sounds good, Darling.  Do you need a hand in there?” He grinned.

“I’m pretty sure I can handle myself” you winked as you walked away towards the bathrooms.

As you stood in front of the mirror you realised how flushed you looked. And that he deserved some payback. You quickly took your underwear off and shoved them in your purse. As you stepped out into the bar, you looked across to where he stood at the bar his back stiffened, knowing he could smell the scent of your excitement that was practically dripping down your legs.

“Ready to go, Kol” you smiled sweetly as you touched his arm.

“Of course, Darling” he smirked slipping his arm around your waist and pulling you against him, and walking me out of the grill into the street. All of a sudden he had you pinned up against the wall fangs out and all, growling at you as if you were a threat.

“wow, you really know how to convince a girl to come home with you” you giggled, to hide your arousal from his vampire face.

“Seriously, Y/N/ you are beyond tempting!” he growled, his lips brushing your ear.

“Then take what you want, and convince me that it’s what I need, darling” you winked mockingly.

He pushed you up against the wall further, pushing you into the bricks, which were crumbling to the ground under your feet which were now dangling off the ground.

Without time for a breath his lips crashed up against mine, his hands keeping me pressed against the wall as I felt him press himself up against me. Feeling his bulge pressed on me I let slip a giggle.

“Something funny Darling?” He asked against your lips.

“Yeah just didn’t know you were so easy to control.  I’d heard you were the demanding one who couldn’t be controlled but it looks like I’ve got you wrapped around my finger” you winked as you lifted your hand in front of his face.

“Be careful what you start Y/N/N. You might not be able to finish it.” He growled as his lips moved along your jawline to your neck just under your ear. The hitch in your breath was all he needed and in a blur you both had made it to the front door of his house, your hands and lips touching his skin where you could while he attempted to get inside. In sheer frustration he turned around and pinned you up against the door.

“I’d ask you to stop for just a moment so we can get inside” he panted, his lips brushing up against your ear. His hands grabbing at my clothes, torn between waiting to get inside and wanting to finish what we had started. You quickly spun around with my back to him and kicked the doors open.
“Happy now?” you purred as his hands reached your waist and started to squeeze.
“What you didn’t want to cause a spectacle and do it on the front stairs, Y/N?” he whispered kissing along my neck.

“Nope. I want you all to myself Master Kol” you mock.

Well, then I guess you shall have what you want" he smirked and without warning picked you up and appeared at the door of what you could only assume was his room.

Within moments his hands were back on your body and his lips on your skin. You weren’t going to fight him anymore. You wanted it just as bad as he did. But all of a sudden he stopped and looked at youe.

“What’s wrong, Kol?” you questioned worriedly.

“I’m just deciding what would be the best way to torture you as pay back for your behaviour in the bar” he smirked.

And without a moments warning you found myself pinned down on his bed, his hands roaming your body but never touching the exact spots you are craving.

His hands traveled down your body to your legs, then as they traveled back up his lips made contact with the bare skin of your legs. As he worked his way up your body his hands slid up underneath the skirt of your dress. His fingers brushed along the wet lips between your legs making you moan out in pleasure.

“Oh, is that what you want? You want me to touch you there?” he growled as his fingers brushed over them again. Your uncontrollable moan was enough to encourage him to start kissing your upper thighs as he moved the tight material to reveal your bare core. His lips almost touching your core, but his hot breath was enough to nearly send you over the end. Then he moved his way back up your body, placing kisses from your hips over your stomach between your breasts and up along your neck where his hands cupped your face. His lips gently brushed yours and then you felt his hands tighten on your face. Suddenly, you felt the short sharp crack of your neck snap.


As you woke you felt the ache in your neck, you were going to kill him for that nasty little trick. As you went to move your hands to your neck you realised you couldn’t. In your unconscious state he had tied you to the bed and placed your underwear back on you, so you were wearing nothing but bra and panties.

“You’re awake Darling” he smirked from the doorway.

“Are you freaking kidding me Kol!?” You yell at him.

“Nope. This is for that nice little trick you pulled at the bar. It’s going to be a very long night for you darling. But feel free to scream, nobody else is home”

And with that he was beside the bed beginning to slowly caress your bare skin, with occasional kisses. His touch being so torturously slow you whined as he avoided the parts of you that were craving him.

“Oh my Darling, this is only the beginning, we have all night. You will be sorry for torturing me. It’s going to be a long night.” He smirked as he climbed on top of you.

It was definitely going to be one hell of a long night…

reunion falls full script

so…. i think it’s about time to face the music that there is no way in Heck im ever going to be able to draw out all the stuff i have written for rfalls. i mean, there is boatloads of dialogue here. i dont even have the time right now to work on my own webcomic, let alone a fancomic. but i figure, hey, this silly little thing has a lot of fans, maybe they would appreciate seeing the drafts i had planned! and maybe they’d even like to take a crack at drawing some of it themselves!

and this isnt me giving up, either! i’d still really love to draw a ton of this. when i can find time, i’ll totally try! and i’m still going to finish sock opera and the backstory comic. but yknow. the people have been waiting long enough. so here’s a comprehensive list of all the notes and dialogue ive written so far, organized by “episodes”.

(it’s long. really freakin long)

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For @2momsmakearight’s Revisit Challenge! 3000 words On.The. Nose.

Much love to @kateyes224 for the fantastic beta and for naming this thing.

Set post Existence, spoilers for everything.

It’s obvious that a lot of cars have cleared out and very recently. There are tire tracks crisscrossing all over the dusty ground. The ramshackle buildings look like ghosts, grey and gaunt. They’re the only witnesses to what’s happened here.

What’s happened?

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You Must Be The Roomie [Otayuri]

Summary: AU where Yuri Plisetsky is a 19 year old social media star/dancer and is at college, and his roommate is in a band with Otabek Altin, who Yuri can’t help but pine over.

Keep in mind: this fic follows the idea of yuri acting like a punk ass douche bag, but hes actually kinda shy and smol (especially around otabek). Otabek is a bit of a sarcastic lil shit in this, and definitely the dom lol

Part: one of ?? [find part two here] [find part three here]

i follow back (unless you’re a porn blog)

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A little on the Family side

(Epilogue to A little on the lonely side - this is it. The end. No more.)

Bucky x Reader @thiddlestoff


Y/N had woken up late for the first time in a long time, as she rolled onto her back she gave a stretch and a moan at how good it felt. Preparations for the coming day had kept her up late into the night and she hadn’t set her alarm, she rolled out of bed and threw on yesterday’s clothes, she’d change and shower after she’d seen to her son. Walking into his room she blinked dumbly at the neatly made bed, her child no where to be seen and really she wasn’t surprised.
Acting on a hunch Y/N headed to the breakfast room and there her little one was, sat nicely beside the King of Wakanda eating eggs and toast. T'Challa had been very kind to her in the last two and a half years, he had also treated her son like family and little James liked him just fine too.

James had a lot of his father in him, soft brunette hair, steely blue eyes and the most beautiful face she had ever seen – even if she was biased. The little boy’s legs were swinging under the table as he ate and chatted with the man, getting closer she realised he was practising his numbers, ‘Enye one, zimbini two, zin…zintaaa-thu…zinta…’

'Zintathu, three.’ T'Challa helped him gently and then looked up to her, 'And what do you say when your mother walks into the room?’ The child’s eyes got big as saucers and he turned to look at her, grinning hugely and waving.

The eggs that had been on his fork were half way across the table as he waved it, 'Molo, umama!’ As she got closer he held his arms out to her and she picked him up into her arms with an exaggerated groan. 'Heavy?’ He asked her and pat her cheeks as if to wake her up a little.

'Never too heavy for me, James.’ She put him back on his chair and asked him to finish his breakfast  before sitting down, 'Thank you for watching him, your highness.’ T'Challa told her that he really didn’t mind and their conversation fell to business, everything had to be done to a schedule and once she was clear on her part T'Challa smiled and excused himself, ruffling the child’s hair as he passed by. 'Hey, James.’ Blue eyes looked straight up at her, 'Want to go see Daddy?’

The toddler cheered loudly and was already running across the room whilst Y/N was trying to get out of her chair. Since the day he was born Y/N had taken her son to Bucky’s cryotube, she knew the man couldn’t see his child but baby James could see him and she told their baby about Bucky all the time, Steve would share stories too and everyone around the lab would let James sit beside his father and play. Y/N would make a fuss on Bucky’s birthday, on father’s day too and James was old enough to get more excited about it – he would talk to Bucky everyday, tell him every little thing that was going on and draw him pictures to tape onto the glass.
He had bawled when they took the pictures down but Y/N had explained that Daddy would wake up soon and it would be nice to give him a scrapbook. James spent days helping with the book, asking curiously about the ultrasound pictures, why he was an ugly baby, why was uncle Steve crying in that picture, was it because he was an ugly baby?

When she caught up with James he was leaning against the tube, his tiny hands patting it gently, he barely came up to Bucky’s knee and she came to kneel beside her son, 'Wake up now?’ James asked her and she carded her finger’s through his short hair almost sadly.

'Tomorrow.’ She promised him, 'You’ll meet him tomorrow but remember he has lots of doctors to see and you might not get to play with Daddy for a few more days.’ He pouted at her, his perfect little lips a mirror of his father’s and she knew this little boy was going to be breaking hearts when he was older. 'No pouting…now come on, we have to get things ready for Daddy.’


James was sound asleep in bed by the time Y/N pressed the release button on Bucky’s system, his veins being slowly flooded with heat, protein and electrolytes, oxygen was filtered in next and she watched him and his vitals carefully. It didn’t take as long as it used to for waking him, as soon as his heart blipped up on the screen everyone was moving as one. The brunette was moved onto a bed and wheeled into a room prepared for him, an IV was attached and before Bucky had chance to wake up he was put back to sleep. It was time to get HYDRA out of his head once and for all.
It took fourteen hours, seven different doctors all experts in different fields worked on him, the process was not invasive to Bucky physically, they didn’t break his skin or drill into his skull but at the same time it was changing the way his brain worked. One mistake could leave him brain dead or take everything away. It was terrifying.

She left only to wake James up, feed him and set him up for the day. When he saw his father’s tube was empty the little boy panicked, he tore himself away from Y/N’s hand and ran to the empty space, he checked behind it and looked all around the lab before sitting in the middle of the room and throwing a tantrum. The two year old could throw spectacular tantrums and this one was like something she’d never seen before – he was inconsolable. She struggled to trap him in her arms and keep him still until he cried himself out.
It was difficult to explain to him that Bucky couldn’t come see him yet, James just didn’t understand why he couldn’t see his father, he always saw his father and now he was gone.

Another seven hours passed, between calming down a small child, running through the next process for Bucky’s recovery and catching up on sleep Y/N was exhausted. The up side was that Bucky’s operation was done and they were hopeful, the hard part was next.
When Y/N stepped into the room she saw that Bucky was already sat up and his sleepy eyes met hers, a lop sided smile and a groggy “Hey.” had her running to his side and throwing her arms around him, 'I missed you!’ She pressed her forehead to his, marvelling at feeling his skin and his heat and hearing him chuckle. 'Ugh, I look like a mess, I was supposed to put more of effort into this but James - ’

'James?’ Bucky asked as he tried to process her words, it felt as if his head was filled with cotton and his body made of jelly, 'W-who’s James?’

Y/N had meant that to be a surprise but it was a little late now, she stroked his cheeks and kissed him twice, 'James is your son.’ She watched the man nod then freeze, then opened his mouth before closing it. He went from confused, to blank and then his eyebrows shot up and his jaw dropped – looking exactly like James when he was given a mountain of ice cream for no reason.

'My son?! I…you…’ Bucky was having a little trouble processing and she had to hide a laugh as she thought he looked a little like he was buffering. 'Shit…I have a son…’ He looked at her and then her stomach, 'You were pregnant…’ He looked to his left and again was surprised by his lack of arm, 'My arm’s fallen off…’

'How much morphine have you had, Bucky?’ She laughed and checked his sheet, the answer was that he’d had a lot and it was somewhat hilarious. 'Bucky…Bucky, hey – over here.’ His head swung back in her direction and she noticed his pupils were blown, he was high as a kite, 'Do you want to meet him?’



’…I’m James?’

Oh sweet lord he was killing her, 'You’re Bucky. Your son is James and I’m-’

'My wife?’ He asked her almost hopefully and she groaned into his chest, wanting to punch him and kiss him all at once, he was actually worse than a two year old at this point and she was too tired for this.

She kissed his head and stood up, 'Go to sleep. You’ve got a new arm to come and then we’ll figure everything else out.’ She had hoped to let James meet his father but with Bucky so confused and disorientated it would be a very frustrating meeting. The man was due for the surgery to reattach his arm. It would be almost exactly the same as his previous cybernetic limb, the plans for it had become available and only a few changes had been made, the metal was stronger and the way nerves and wires merged was made simpler, he’d have a better range of feel and control. The EMP and mapping system had been taken out of the design and the the plates were smoother so hopefully it would be quieter.
He was going through a lot during his first twenty four hours, two major operations and a cocktail of drugs would have been too much for most but she knew he’d want everything done at once, his completely understandable discomfort of lab coats and operations playing a role. Little James was still upset that he couldn’t see his father and he tried to stage a protest by refusing to go to sleep that night. He sat in the middle of his room with a nightlight on, arms crossed and the infamous “Barnes pout” marring his sweet face.

Thirty nine hours after being brought back Bucky was sat in a containment room, rigged to withstand his new arm and gas him with sedative if this didn’t go to plan. Y/N put her hands to the window of the room and Bucky pressed his against hers from the other side and gave her a nod. Her lips parted and with a nervous cough she looked him in the eye and spoke, the Russian felt strange on her tongue, the words leaving a bad taste in her mouth.


His whole body went rigid, his skin going pale but he nodded again for her to continue.


A flinch, his breath coming heavier but still he nodded.


Bucky didn’t react this time, he stood still and stared at her, even when she continued his words and as she finished saying Freight car the brunette’s lips split into a grin, his eyes crinkling joyously as he attempted to high five her through the window, 'Fuck you HYDRA!’ He exclaimed and Y/N jumped up and down, celebrating with him loudly as the others looked on bemused. Finally he was free of them and all he wanted now was to meet his son.


Despite all of James’ tantrums, his rebellious behaviour, the crying, the pouting and general misery he had caused to meet his father – he was now surrealy quiet. He was hiding behind his mother’s legs and one blue eye was on Bucky warily. His father looked much bigger now, a very real human being that walked and talked and James was a little nervous. Bucky looked crestfallen, fingers twitching in their want to pick the beautiful, tiny boy up but his child was hiding from him, licking his lips he searched for help from Y/N and she mouthed to him with a sympathetic smile. Bucky followed her silent instruction and got down on one knee to make himself smaller, he couldn’t help but smile at the tiny person he had helped make, he had so much to catch up on… noticing the little boy had a bright red star on his white tee he pointed to the star on his shoulder, 'We match.’

Hearing Bucky’s voice directed at him James’ eyes got even bigger and his lips parted in a sort of awe – his father could talk – with a cautious glance to his mother James stepped a little further out and asked a very important question, 'Daddy?’ Bucky gave a timid nod, 'Really?’ Another nod. James came out a little more, 'No more sleep?’

'No more sleep.’ Bucky gave a boyish grin as he got a good look at James, he was a handsome little fella and from what he’d heard the kid had a lot of spirit in his tiny frame, 'You know why?’ The little boy shook his head and Y/N hid her smile, 'Cause I’m going to be with you til the end of the line.’

Something fell into place for little James and he grinned back at his father, running full speed into the man’s arms and squealing in delight when Bucky lifted him high into the air with a sort of joyous roar before bringing the boy down and holding him tight, loving the tiny fingers patting his face and hair. Bucky shifted James to his side and held out his other arm for Y/N, bringing her into the embrace and kissing her lips until impatient hands pulled his hair and a disgusted “Eww!” alerted them to their son’s displeasure at their public display of affection.