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hEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW ME SOME LANCE YO please 😍 idk maybe playing a video game? or him just being lance bc lance is good but ily

i got a little bit carried away……….. :D

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Heya, I just wanted to say that your art is absolutely amazing! I absolutely fell in love with your BNHA suff, just omg it's so good, so cute!! <3 I'm trying to make some art myself and you really inspire me! So I hope it's okay to ask some questions? What kind of brushes do you use? I just can't find any that would suit me :/ Also any tips on picking colours? That's always really hard for me, I feel like my colouring is weird when I draw digitally for some reason haha...

Hey, sorry I’m a bit late! 

My brushes are under the brushes tag, they’re still the same. About picking colors it’s kinda hard to help, because that comes naturally for me 

(I highly recommend you this reply from Bri, it can be very helpful.) 

but one thing I’m aware of considering when coloring is the mood/ambiance of the picture! Is it warm, cold, scary, sad, happy, forest, bedroom, open fields? This stuff.

You can simplify to a single color at first, then work around it thinking about how the other colors would be affected by that tone.

Remember to keep the colors separated in layers, because the saturation/hue/contrast sliders are your friends and you should play with them until you find the right tone.

You can also make yourself a sort of simple palette, just pick a base color and experiment until you find other colors that look nice with it and match the feeling, doesn’t matter if you’re pushing it (unless you’re going for realistic).

HEY, have I ever told you how much I like graphs/charts/colourful things? No? Weeell I do, and lately I’ve had this lil’ chart stuck in my head, which kinda perfectly shows how I think the Sides work. 

Basically, to be boring and mathematical about it, I think each side is about 70% what they personify/represent, and 10% of what the others represent - this explains why, like a normal human, they all seem to express and experience emotions, at least to a degree, and also accounts for the overlap between the different sides (Virgil, for example, has some creativity, like Roman, cos’ he uses it to dream up all the awful what-ifs for every scenario). 

More explanation below cos my Logan side is reeeally enjoying this right now

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prompt: the party is slowly drifting away, not from each other, but from Will. And Will can tell bc he's not dumb. He can tell that the tension in the air becomes thick when he walks in on them talking bc the Party is always nervous they'll say something bc Will is 'fragile' He noticed that El has kind of taken his spot as his player in D&D. He's just so lonely. But one day when they do ask him to hang out he's says no bc Richie has already asked him to do something and they all low key fight.

this is gonna be a heartbreaker but lets make this kickass, shall we~?

send in some prompts, bbs! 

It started out as small things.

Sorry, Will. Tonight’s no good. U-uh, mom wants me to clean up my room and such.”

“I’m grounded.”

“I don’t feel well.”

Will had never questioned any of it, instead deciding to give a kind smile and wish the best for his friends. Because that’s all he wanted in the end for them; nothing but the very best.

And so he remained happy and optimistic, knowing that there was always another time; knowing that his friends were still there and that it would be okay.

Except… it wouldn’t be.

Not really.

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