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Hello again Genyatta fans! 

It’s been quite awhile since our last ship week. I figured with summer right around the corner, it was about time to schedule a new one.

For those who don’t know : what is a ship week?

  • It is basically an entire week celebrating a certain ship! Each day has a certain theme and people create art, fanfics, videos, and various other media of the ship corresponding with the theme. The week is for everyone and you can participate in many different ways.


The Tag : #genyatta week summer

The Date :  June 26 - July 2

The Themes :

  • June 26 : Movie Night/Drive In Theater
  • June 27 : Beach Day/Pool Day
  • June 28 : Summer Treats (Ice Cream, Popsicles, etc.)
  • June 29 : Summer Festival
  • June 30 : Camping (Can be in the forest or mountains)
  • July 1 : Intimacy/Romantic (Slow dance, dinner, etc.)
  • July 2 : Free Day! (Draw what you want! Can be summer related or not)

I will track the tag and reblog all the content possible! I have a page on my blog specifically for this week so everyone can look through it and see all the wonderful content that will be created!

Remember if you do not see your post reblogged to this blog don’t be afraid to message me or submit it! I want everyone’s participation to go noticed!

Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who submitted themes! Let’s make this week a fun one. Summer time! Woo hoo!

Game System


Korekuni Ryuuji: Tomo, I put out my cup, so go prepare the hot water and teapot.

Aizome Kento: There’s no way I could make a mistake like that. It was in the ice water in the wine cooler.

Miroku Shingari: It’s a magazine where a lot of our senpai have been on the front cover. Don’t assume it’s something small.

In this game, you’ll get lots of info on their private lives and past…!
Let’s see lots of surprising sides! ♪
Also, you’ll be able see a closeup to KiLLER KiNG more than anywhere else!

The story part uses the Live2D system!
You won’t miss the members making various expressions that match the story!


Advance through quests and unlock new stories and songs.
Clear a lot to get various items, and let’s level up the member you’re interested in ♪

(see Glossary for more Items)


You can enjoy B-PROJECT’s wonderful songs in a rhythm game!
Form your own special unit, and enjoy a live performance ♪

Recorded songs
Koudou*Ambitious / Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence / Starlight / Yume Miru Power / Muteki*Dangerous / Kirakira Smile / Gokujou Fiction / Eikyuu Paradise
Songs are planned to be added at any time


Lots of photographs of the B-PROJECT members are being introduced!
When you level up a photo, you can read special stories!
Let’s level up the photos of members you’re interested in ♪


Use leveling Items to level up your favorite members!
Strong members will be helpful for the Quest ♪
Furthermore, when you raise them to the maximum, they will change to an awakened visual!

📚From the team that brought you Camp Undersoul,

Welcome to Undersoul Academy!

For two weeks, from June 25th to July 8th, all Souls of Virtues will be called to participate in fun events and magical lessons to learn how to discover the power of their Souls.

To take part, all you need is:
-An Undertale roleplay blog, dedicated to:
-A Human Soul OC or monster child who is 18 or under

For more information, come look through the links on the official Undersoul Academy blog. To keep up with all of the upcoming updates, come follow us at the [official blog].

If this is something you or somebody you know might be interested in, please reblog this and help us get the word out!

For more information, check out these links!


The Current Mod Team for Undersoul Academy: Red/Seis, Cam, Sims, Nero, Amatsu, Ren, Azzy, Emmun, Valmun, Doq, Neo, Nameless, Jade, & Wander


Welp, looks like I’ll need to be productive now.
Gotta pay some phone bill before my line cuts off, so, I’m gonna open my commissions here. :’D
I’ll post my pricesheet later on, I’m gonna go relax with friends for a while before starting anything~


* Greetings and Salutations reader, I am Eimmet, Host of Soul Island and Headmaster of the soon-to-be in session Undersoul Academy.

The purpose of this article is in fact a request for assistance. A call for volunteers.

We at Soul Island desire to ensure that Undersoul Academy will be an enjoyable and educational experience unlike any other that our prospective attendees have ever encountered. To do so, much planning, communication, and of course shenanigans must take place behind the scenes. We can not do this alone.

So readers, I beseech you to please offer your aid.

We are searching for volunteers with, first and foremost, experience in taking care of and interacting with children of various ages. And secondary to that, familiar with the working of an Educational Facility. Be you a caretaker of children, a teacher, staff member, etc.

Volunteers will be working from June 25th to July 8th, performing duties such as teaching class lessons, hosting extracurricular events, supervising the students, and generally maintaining a safe & healthy learning environment.

So please, spread the word, share this article with all your friends and acquaintances!

And should you feel that you are qualified and interested in volunteering, please contact us through [HERE] and we will send you a application form to fill out. My helpers will inform you if you have been accepted or denied once the recruiting drive is over.

We thank you for your time, and may virtue guide all your endeavors.

Stepping Down

Hello everyone, Mod O here.
I am not sure how many of you follow my tumblr or have already seen my post there, but I need to announce it here.
I am stepping down as a mod and participant of the Shance Big Bang. I love Shance and I do love writing and drawing. However right now I can do neither of those things.
I have been spiralling into a mental break down for the past three months, I could feel myself falling from all the sudden intense stress various things offline caused. At the beginning of April for various reasons it began getting much worse much faster and I reached a point where I had to go to A&E majors dept for mental crisis.
After that something else happened and I am at the lowest point of my life right now. I am in and out of doctors appointments and hospital emergency visits. I have had to be hooked up to ecg machines for prolonged (24 hours without a break) panic attacks with palpitations. High blood pressure and tachycardia.
So really, I cannot give the big bang the time and effort that it deserves and will be absent from social media for a while. I’m very sorry. I hope everyone has an amazing time and I can’t wait to see all the awesome content that results from your collaborations.
Mod A is still here, though he has a lot on his plate too, however new Mods will be appointed to help out.
Continue to spread positivity and love within our little corner of the fandom, everyone, and I wish you all well! ❤️

Welcome to the trans Harry Potter net! I’m super hyped for this to really get started it took me a little while but I’ve picked the members, everyone who applied were all great but sadly i couldn’t pick all of you. However i did end up picking a few more members than I had orginally planned.

here are the members:

what do do now:

  • you will get a message from me ( @harryjcmespotter ) where i will ask you for a short desc for the members page and what icon you would like to use. 
  • once you’ve answered my message i will send you the link to the discord chat. And you will get a mail invite to the blog.
  • once youre in the discord chat make sure to introduce yourself in the intoduction channel! and check out the tagging rules in the rules channel
  • you can also follow eachother if you want to! this is completely optional ofc
  • please let me know if you have any questions or concerns

-Mod Marco

An announcement not about Imagawa Aoi

(wow finally)

Forgeru and Nozakibento got main roles in a stage play about baseball!
It’s called “Baseball Fighters”, the creators are planning to have around 15 more male actors in it.

The play will be introduced at Shinjukumura LIVE during June 27 - July 2. The other details are to be announced later.

Nichan was supposed to be in the main cast, but because of unexpected health problems it was decided that Nozaki would replace him.

“Baseball Fighters" official Twitter

No Six Sentence Saturday in June!

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that I have no Six Sentence Saturdays scheduled until July 15.

I’m taking a much needed break to work on WIPs and original fic.

I’ll be slowly working on the rest of May’s kink prompts right now, and will hopefully have them posted over the next few weeks.

There have been some rule changes as well. I’m only doing one prompt call a month, for all fandoms and crossovers, with a limit of 6 (Six) prompts per url.

I also have a signup linked on my blog and in various posts if you want to be included in the reminder post when I open my queue again. You can also PM or shoot me an ask for the link if you’d rather.

I hope everyone has an amazing next few weeks!!!❤❤❤

Ask Box Announcement

Hello! I’m finally back and running this blog since my first year of college is over, and I am excited to start writing again! I have 3 requests left in my ask box, so I’d like to announce that the Ask Box will officially be open for requests again on Monday, May 29th at 12 PM (PST). Please remember to read the rules as always, and to specifically tell me which boys or families you would like me to write for! Some examples are below:

  • Headcanons for the Sakamaki boys’ favorite candy. 
  • Scenario for Mukami boys falling in love with a girl at school.
  • Scenario for Tsukinami boys on their wedding day. 

Remember to be creative and have fun too! See you all later on Ask Box day! :)

-Admin Yuuzuki