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I have posted this set before, but i did some mistakes, and i decide to fix it. First of all, I have tried to fix Lance’s skin colour, wich was wrong in first version of this set (i hope this is better q^q sorry please for this mistake), and also i have fixed some details in other arts in set. So, I hope this post is better UuU

and so, here is information about this set. I will just copy my text from first version of this post. So, here it is:


I have saw headcanon about Hunk, wich is about him supporting members of team. And headcanon about Hunk’s hugs with Shiro and headcanon about cookies for Pidge from him and I am be like HMMM!!!!! So here it is, 

multi-headcanon about that kind of hugs everyone in team gets from our cinnamon roll then they need it

Big “Who wants space peanut cookies?” hugs for Pidge

Warm “We will do something with your nightmares. Come here” hugs for Shiro

Silent “I can just sit here with you if it will make you feel better” hugs for Keith

Trust “Tell me about your problems, i will listen you” hugs for Lance

p.s. thanks people in tumblr for headcanons wich are inspired me! As i remember they were @captainsbones and @yarrayora and i cant find that post with cookies for Pidge headcanon so i dont have the athor D”””: …and if i did something wrong please tell me, its just my first expierience with headcanons, au and other things like that so i dont understand how it works :D 


purple was the color of the flower, the first one i gave you. it reminded me of Sappho and violets then i thought of you, after that i never stopped thinking about you. purple because i hoped our love would prosper.

brown was the color i always thought of as being the most unattractive, but you changed my mind about it, just like you did with everything. the things you’d bake for me, the picnic table we carved our names in, the sand fort we built the summer after we met. brown reminds me of home and i’ve been lost ever since.

blue was your favourite color, it was also the color of the the towel we shared when we snuck into the pool and pretended not to care. it was 2am, the night sky was dark, you were shining in the moon light, we were the only ones in the park, in a city i had no familiarity with, but you told me not to worry and i flew into your arms. so blue because of trust, trust i no longer have.

white was my shirt that your hands helped pull off, as the cold wind hit my wet skin and your fingertips quickly scrambled to warm me up. i thought i would die, i’d dreamt of this for so long. your lips licked mine and we danced in time, to the song… something from Ed Sheeran, it was the one you told me to listen to all those months ago, the one i played every night after you left. white because of safety, purity and innocence, the two latter is obvious, but safety is something i no longer feel unless i’m back in your arms.

black was the sky with twinkles of star dust, and your eyes filled with lust, even if i try, i cant remember what they look like now. black is how i feel inside without the color you brought to my life.

- it’s been years and my life has been black and white ever since // cxw

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Talk about them starlight-sander ec-sanderssides what-even-is-thiss

Jay: HOLY SHIT HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE JAY??? LIKE HONESTLY I WANNA GO TO NZ AND HUG THE SHIT OUT OF THEM THEYRE SO GREAT AAAAAAARGH i still cant believe were friend tbh theyre seriously so cool and so great at writing i still remember when i first found their fics and honestly they inspired ME to pick up the pen!

EC: They’re super amazing and I love their writing so much! We’ve talked a few times and honestly so great, and so supportive! We haven’t talked much but they sent me this super sweet message and some advice when I was feeling down about something. Bless them, the world is a better place by their being in it!

Snakey-Ro: *coughnotsolowkeytumblridolcough* I know they *say* they’re not cool but honestly they totally are and im gonna be honest here theyre intimidatingly cool. Still, I’ve had a couple of short convos with them and theyre super chill. Theyre hilarious too, and have seriously great writing (I asked to be on their tag list bc I love their fics so much hahaha…) I definitely look up to Roman!

Ok, meet Hanako, my flower child. Inspiration for her came from a half-remembered dream of a girl with plants growing from the back of her head. She can grow plants from the dark blotches on her skin and make things grow on surfaces 5 ft around where a dark spot touches. Details of her and what the text says in case you cant read my handwriting (I changed number six from seeds in exchange for something more useful):

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i get bts has a western fanbase right now and they want to please them but they need to remember that their main fanbase is korean/asian. they're the ones who really buy albums. if they focus too much with that sound, they're gonna loose what they have won in korea and when americans get tired of them (well, something new will came and be more popular, like always happens there) they will see their main fanbase waving them goodbye.

yeah i get that, but why cant they bring new sound to korea? ik its inspired by western sound but theyre still a korean group and doesnt make it any less kpop

but what u said about americans getting tired of them…… that probably wont happen bc artists grow and change their sound so bts can always change their sound to fit the trends so ‘getting tired’ of them wont happen

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3, 7, 11, 14, 17, 22, 29 :))

3:A song that reminds you of summertime
summertime - mcr

7:A song to drive to
i just answered this and said ode to sleep but this time im gonna say heavydirtysoul

11:A song that you never get tired of
fake your death - mcr

14:A song that you would love played at your wedding
cant help falling in love but tylers cover of it

17:A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke
start of something new from high school musical

22:A song that moves you forward
im assuming this means a song that inspires me but idk i guess truce?

29:A song that you remember from your childhood
spinning around - kylie minogue or oops i did it again - britney spears

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your protag tag is so cool... i remember someone sent you an ask asking about it and you said that it was supposed to be inspiration for like places a character you made up might go? i cant remember but i just remember thinking that it sounded really neat and i was wondering if youre like? currently developing something with those things? or if its just like inspiration for artwork? but yeah... btw youre awesome i like your icon

oh thank you omg! i was pretty sure i remembered what you were talking about but i looked up the ask just to be thorough (the ask was only 8 months ago which feels super wrong?? i was convinced it was a couple years ago and was surprised you remembered from that long ago)

is this what you were thinking of? what i said exactly was that it’s basically an aesthetic tag i use for pictures that make me feel like i’m on a journey, or that remind me of times irl when i’ve felt like i’ve been on one (eg road trips, dreams). i have a lot of weird, convoluted delusions because of being schizophrenic, and a lot of those end or start with me having an attachment to being a protagonist so it’s kind of a coping mechanism i guess. (some people??? aestheticblog?? to cope???)

the “protagonist” i mentioned imagining myself as doesn’t have a totally developed story by itself, but i do use it for art inspiration sometimes, and i’ve been slowcooking a story with the working title “catlamp” for years and years now that borrows a lot from those delusions and the places i imagine myself going, so your thoughts were pretty much right! i’m trying to balance the plot out so it’s not just an outlet for my schizo shit aslkdgjls but it does play a large part in it at the moment. and i say “at the moment” because it is… woefully underdeveloped so lots could still change, but i’ve been making some breakthroughs with it lately so! maybe the writer’s block will fuck off

GMW Episodes I Wanna See

**Disclaimer** I am a Lucaya shipper so there will be a few lucaya centric episode ideas, however there is 1 or 2 Rucas episode ideas & I tried not to only have Ship ones. Cause I have no idea who will be endgame. as well a lot of the ship ones could be moulded to any ships really so yea :P

Girl Meets Valentines Day
(This episode would be in a way a transition towards Riarkle becoming canon & a Lucaya ep)
An episode where Lucas & Maya have their first valentines day together in which Lucas tries to plan a bunch of nice gestures that all keep going wrong. At the same time Farkle gets Riley to help him create a big romantic dinner/valentines surprise for Smackle either at Topangas or even in the school gym. At the end of the episode before Farkle gets to surprise Smackle she ends up breaking up with him (im not sure why but for some reason it happens) and Riley comforts farkle and they have dinner together. After everything goes wrong for Lucas and Maya, Lucas is really upset that he couldn’t make the day special & Maya drags him to the school and finds the folder in Cory’s desk that has everyones impossible things that they wrote & shows Lucas her’s (which says his name). She then gives him a really sweet speech about how she doesn’t need grand gestures because she has already gotten what she wanted which was him. & then they just sit at their desks and eat candies and talk.

Girl Meets April Fools

I got this idea from a different show list but I cant remember who from! So just know this was inspired by another fan. There was an idea where everyone swaps personalities so Lucas acts like Farkle, maya and riley act like each other ect. & I thought it would be really great if they worked it as an april fools to get back at Zay; Zay is always pranking everyone and the group gets fed up so on April fools Cory teaches them about maybe the salem witch trials or something or some kind of curse. Zay laughs it off but then when he comes to school the next day everyone has swapped personalities. He doesn’t believe it at first but literally EVERYONE is different and no one cracks and he starts to panic. Then at the very end of the episode he is like yelling and trying to reverse the curse and everyone breaks out laughing and just yells APRIL FOOLS. & he apologizes for all his pranks and they all make up.

Girl Meets Sister

An episode where Maya’s half sibling ends up going to the same school as her. She struggles with whether or not she wants to reach out to her. The whole gang ends up really liking her, Riley thinks she’s sweet, Farkle finds her pretty, & Lucas gets along with her maybe because she’s really into sports or something and Maya gets upset and starts to feel like her friends are abandoning her. We see a reunion of Jack and Shawn and the two try and help Maya work through her feelings towards her sister and in the end Maya agrees to try to get to know her sister but explains that it is going to take her some time. As well Riley sits Maya down & tells her that even if she liked her sister no one could ever take the place of her peaches <3

Girl Meets Cheerleader

This episode is about Riley trying to get on the cheerleading squad in highschool, she’s determined to do better so she enlists Lucas to help her train. He’s strong and a good person to spot her for the tricks and things like that. They spend the whole episode together trying to practice & such. (very Rucas centric episode). Also Maybe during this episode Farkle tries to tutor Maya & Zay in science or something :P

Girl Meets Racism

I’m not sure how this could be shown or really the plot of the episode I just think they should do an episode in which someone is Racist towards Zay or something happens to him. We get to see a more vulnerable side to Zay as the gang learns about Racism and tries to help their friend.

Girl Meets Depression  & Girl Meets Self-Harm (or Eating Disorder)

I really want an episode where they adress some mental health issues, Maybe even a few episode (not in the same season but over the course of the show). I like the idea of Riley struggling with an eating disorder because its been stated many times that she is insecure and worries about what other people think & See Maya struggle with Depression or Self harm because she is ‘always ok’. But really I think either girl could struggle with either of these issues and I think it would be very important and interesting episodes and topics to discuss.

Girl Meets Drifting

An episode where Riley finally gets on the cheerleading squad, & everyone ends up super busy with new friends they have made in their respective clubs. Maya starts to feel forgotten about by Riley and the two fight. Maya ends up falling in with a bad crowd and Zay starts to notice that everyone has drifted apart and that Maya is getting into trouble, & he makes the rest of them see whats happening. In the end Riley, Farkle, Lucas and Zay all go out and stop Maya from going too far. Episode ends with a heart to heart between Maya & Riley

Girl Meets Storm

An episode where there is a huge rain/thunder storm & the group ends up getting stuck at Topangas when the power goes out. They spend the night playing games & end up playing truth or dare which leads to some issues that are more or less resolved by the end of the episode.  At the same time Cory, Topanga Shawn and Katy are all stuck maybe at the Matthews and have their own night together (Shawn & Katy get closer).

Girl Meets Wedding (possibly a 2 parter)

Katy & Shawn are finally getting married and everyone is invited to the wedding! This episode could be very ship centric. I could see a Lucaya/ Joshaya angle to this episode (obviously it would be in a later season so Joshaya could be more realistic). I don’t know what would happen between those ships but I could see something like Lucaya having problems and breaking up because of Josh or possibly it being during when Lucas & Maya have already dated & broken up and now Maya has been with Josh for a while and they are struggling because he thinks Maya still loves Lucas. I also really like the idea of Riley & Farkle getting closer during this episode, possibly sharing a slow dance (maybe on their way to finally becoming a couple)

Girl Meets Mural
(this one is a shout out to Dawsons Creek)

Maya agrees to paint a mural for the school which she works tirelessly on However on the day that the mural is shown they find out it has been defaced. Lucas gets infuriated by this and works to find who did it & almost gets into a fight with the culprit until Cory & Maya stop him.

Girl Meets Mama

This episode we finally meet Lucas’ mama. In this episode Lucas is dating either Riley or Maya (doesnt really matter who, just whoever he ends up with). Whoever is dating Lucas is meeting his mom for the first time however his mother doesn’t approve of the girl he is with and actually ends up liking the other girl better and tries to convince Lucas to be with her instead. By the end of the episode Lucas tells his mother off and she tries to get to know his girlfriend.

I feel like this episode would work a LOT better for Lucaya because it makes a lot of sense for his mom to possibly not approve of Maya & to want Lucas to be with Riley, but either way I think it would still be a good story even if it was Rucas.

Girl Meets Texas Lucas

An episode which finally explains exactly what Lucas did in his other school. Maybe another person from Texas shows up and kind of challenges Lucas (maybe someone who lucas fought or something like that) & we finally get to find out what happened.

Girl Meets alcohol (pt 1 & 2)

An episode where there is a school party and everyone goes. Riley & Maya go to the party and find Lucas & Farkle there very drunk, possibly because Smackle & Farkle have broken up & Lucas just joins him (maybe because he is having home problems?)? Lucas or Farkle ends up saying something really hurtful to both of the girls. all of them end up getting caught by the police & taken to jail Where their parents all come and bail them out & Lucas’ father freaks out at him & blames his friends. The next day lucas & Farkle apologize to the girls for their actions and they are forgiven. However Lucas continues to drink and it quickly becomes a problem (maybe because of problems with his dad?). Cory ends up helping him through it & while Maya supports him and tells him she will be there for him, this could possibly be the end of their relationship for now. (just an idea)

Girl Meets Baby

Either Corpanga, or Shawn & Katy end up getting pregnant

Girl Meets Dream

An episode where someone dreams that one of the characters didn’t exist. So for example a dream where Lucas never moved to NY from texas & the way in which is effected everyone around them. Or where Riley never existed and Maya is off the rails, Lucas never befriends the group and ends up falling back into his texas ways and Farkle is hiding out because he is still being bullied. (I like both of these but I feel like the riley one would work better probably)

Girl Meets Mr. Feeny

An episode where Feeny comes and takes over Cory’s class for a week because Cory is sick or for some other reason.

Girl Meets Love (or Girl Meets the L word)

I like this episode being Lucaya obviously cause I ship them BUT it could be for any ship really. An episode where Lucas tells Maya that he loves her. She gets scared and doesn’t say it back at first because of what happened between her parents. She has a really nice heart to heart with her mom and then when she approaches Lucas he just kind of says its fine he understands that she doesn’t love him nd if she wants to break up and just kind of keeps rambling on and then she just interrupts him with a kiss or says something like “HUCKLEBERRY I’M TRYING TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU TOO WILL YOU SHUT UP” or something like that xD

This could be Riarkle episode! Farkle and Riley are finally dating and Farkle tells Riley that he loves her and even though everyone expects her to be excited she actually gets really  scared and makes up an excuse and leaves. She ends up having a heart to heart with Topanga about how she was scared because of how she had loved Lucas and it didn’t work out  & Topanga tells her its ok to be scared and tells her about how she was scared when Cory first told her I love you & basically tells Riley that its worth putting your heart out there & that she may get hurt again but its worth the risk (maybe even asks Riley if she regrets her time with Lucas to help her see that its not something to be afraid of)

Girl Meets Injured
I like this as an episode idea for when there is the Lucaya/Rucas triangle post New Year (also this one is hella long so sorry) (this one seems super unlikely to happen but I just came up with it and thought it be fun to post lol)

Maya gets hurt and ends up being rushed to the hospital and needs surgery. Riley is the first one at the hospital obviously with her parents and Farkle & Zay show up after her saying they’ve been calling Lucas’ but he hasn’t been answering. Riley is obviously struggling a lot in this episode and Farkle is helping her as well as Cory & Topanga. Finally Lucas comes running into the hospital once he finds out that Maya is hurt. The gang hears him freaking out at the desk clerk because he cant find his friends and no one will tell him whats wrong with Maya. Finally he finds them all and they are all trying to keep it together while the wait for news. Lucas & Riley are the most distraught (obviously they all are but they are the most obvious out of the friends). Riley starts to realize just how much Lucas is freaking out. Lucas leaves to get riley something to drink while they wait and while he is gone The doctor comes out & tells them maya is ok and made it through just fine. Riley & Mayas mom both are bawling because they are so relieved when Lucas comes back and he instinctively starts to fear the worse and he starts to get seriously upset & saying no. Until Riley tells him its ok & Maya is fine & he just kind of crumples into his seat & cries & everyone hugs each other. Then the doctor says everyone can see her but not all at once. So After her mom& shawn sees her Riley goes in & we get a super sweet Rilaya best friend moment. & then after Riley leaves Zay & farkle go in to see her, & Riley sits down next to Lucas & tells him that he should be with Maya. They have a heart to heart where Lucas tries to deny it at first saying he would have cared just as much if it had been Riley. & Riley tells him that while she knows this she also can tell that he truly and deeply cares for Maya. & she gives him the ok (which would be a hella sweet scene where they hug and all that). Then finally Lucas goes in to see Maya & when he goes in she smiles and says hi huckleberry (or Ranger Rick). & she makes some kind of joke and he just walks over and kisses her & tells her finally that he wants to be with her. and then the episode would end with the group all hanging out in her room a few days later and Maya & Riley cuddling on the bed and making jokes together & everyone just being happy together.

Driving Mrs. Daisy  (this idea came from queentatertots & I wanted to add it in!)

Lucas gets his drivers licence and suddenly all of the group expects him to drive everywhere and takes him for granted a little bit. While at the same time both Zay & Farkle become jealous when they see how cool Lucas becomes once he can drive and try to make themselves look cool too by trying to drive without licences (and obviously chaos ensues lol )

Other episodes that I don’t really have any plots for but that I think would be interesting;

Girl Meets Prom
Girl Meets First Job
Girl Meets Pippin (Farkle Plays Pippin?)
Girl Meets Thanksgiving
Girl Meets Glasses  (Maya gets glasses)
Girl Meets Drugs

Girl Meets Back To Texas (where Lucas moves back obviously lol)

I also really want an episode where Maya & Zay some how get locked in a janitors closet together & have a cute heart to heart. I think it would be a very funny to have an episode with them locked up together xD

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Aa hey !! Sorry if this is a lil weird or out of the blue but do you have any tips for character design?? I love how unique all your characters are aaa

Music can also help inspire you for an idea that you’re wanting to try out, but jus remember to have fun! Don’t stress yourself if you cant get the character you have in your mind out on paper, take what you have and turn it into something awesome!


I JUST MET LEA MICHELE SHE IS SO TINY AND ADORABLE AND PERFECT I’M DYING!!! Sorry for the blurry photos - the line was moving REALLY fast because there were hundreds of people an there was no limit to how many CD’s/wristbands would be sold. But I managed to tell her that she was amazingly talented and that she inspired me to never settle, and she thanked me and said that it’s great that she has a platform where she can inspire people to make their dreams reality (or something like that tbh I was too stunned to remember it exactly). And she has the biggest, most perfect smile and she practically GLOWS in person and SHE IS SO TINY AND CUTE I CANT GET OVER HOW TINY AND CUTE SHE IS I AM SHAKING 😭⚡️⚡️

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hey, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to- i know this is kind of a tough question- but what makes abuse/mental illness romanticized in a story? I'm working on a story that touches on these things and i don't want to do a bad portrayal but i dunno what makes it romanticized. i did some research but i couldn't find anything so i thought id ask you. thanks.

yeah, it’s definitely a fine line to walk….. i dont really have a clear-cut answer for it, either. when i write mentally ill characters, i just try to write from the heart, if that makes sense. i write using my own experiences or the experiences of my friends as inspiration and not like, a standard of what a mentally ill character is “supposed” to be like? it’s actually something of a surprise to me to hear people say “you write ptsd so realistically!” because i dont have ptsd (as far as i know) and wasnt even specifically trying to convey the symptoms, i was just writing what made sense to me.

all that makes it kind of sound like “you cant write a hardship unless youve lived it” which is imo untrue, but it definitely helps. my best advice would be like, dont exploit your characters’ sadness, remember that nobody can be healed immediately by love alone, and just like, read into the experiences actual mentally ill people have. we arent just sitting alone in corners with our heads tucked to our knees, and we arent just a list of symptoms either. we joke about it with our friends and help each other through the rough spots and we live. it is not some great tragedy, nor is it a fun game. mental illness sucks but it becomes a part of who you are and you just keep going.

Awkward coffee - Luke Hemmings

Requested - yes

insurgentluke - “Bless you for the Mute Luke series. Killing me right in the nerves. Anyways, can you write about Luke being all shy in the first awkward encounter with him at Starbucks and you’re basically a big fan of them trying hard not to freak out. I love your blog. Stay awesome! Ily 💕xx”

A/N: Glad you liked mute luke :) This is an idea I’ve had for a while, I cant remember what it was that inspired it but there definitely was something and it hapens to link in with your request

Word Count - 484

It’s been a good few years since you’d experienced that same obsession over bands and celebrities that you used to; not that you’ve stopped obsessing you’ve just toned it down. The bands you used to adore still get attention from fans in the way you used to give it, specifically the band 5 seconds of summer, crowded by girls wherever they go. You grew tired on putting so much effort into meeting them and never managing and so you slowly left the fandom, without much thought about it.

One day though, your out in the city, just a regular outing that begins with you in Starbucks. Half a cup of coffee later and you hear the familiar shrill of screaming girls outside, soon to be followed by a group of up to 50 swarmed around a tall hooded figure, with sunglasses covering most of his face but still smiling.

“You go in, we’ll keep them out,” a security guard yells over the rubble.

Then stumbles in, with a guitar case and all, Mr Luke Hemmings. You sip on your coffee and watch him order his own drink before looking around for a seat. This particular Starbucks is usually hard to find a seat in so it is no surprise that there is no empty table, meaning the only free spot is directly across from you.

You hope that keeping your eyes glued to your phone will be enough to keep him away but that’s when you hear him say, “Excuse me, uh, miss?” you look up. “Is that seat taken?”

“N-no,” you manage to stutter though your heart is now beating rapidly.

He places the guitar case beside him, slightly tucked under the table and puts his coffee down too, taking a seat.

You glance down at the guitar and decide to speak up, “So how’s writing for the new album going”

You look up at him and he takes off the sunglasses, “So you know who I am then?”

“I used to be one of those girls,” you admit stirring your coffee a little.

“You’re not going to scream and ask me for a picture though, right?” he asks.

You shake your head, “No, though I was fighting that urge when I saw you walk in”

“You’re giving me hope that eventually all our fans will end up chilled like you, I won’t need to walk around with me hood up in LA heat,” he chuckles.

What had began as a fairly awkward experience has now ended up like an actual conversation and you can’t believe it. You sit for another 2 cups of coffee before Luke realizes that he is needed at the next writing session and the fans outside seem to have deteriorated slightly.

“Look I’d love to get coffee again sometime,” he smiles.

You reach for the napkin that’s on the table and scribble down your number, “So would I”


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Masterlist // Request

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Maybe this is the perfect time for you to write a heartbreaking angsty Maksyl fic (think years from now and they crossed paths and they still love each other but cant be together). I just think you're a good writer so I hope you won't stop. I hope you get inspired soon and looking forward to it. PS. I still love Maksyl even if it breaks my heart sometimes.

If you insist. I made it angsty- but hopeful for the future, because, well its maksyl and theres always hope. :) P.s. I still love Maksyl too! They are the best! :) gif cred: delilahdavis

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