this is inspired by a comment that i saw on a photoset yesterday

Siren’s Call - One

Summary: Captain Cassian Andor has always been the best at one thing - catching pirates and bringing them to justice. When the Queen assigns him the task of finding Jyn Erso, daughter of the infamous pirate Galen Erso, he thinks it will be another easy job. However, when he comes face to face with the elusive pirate herself, he knows it will be far from an easy job; especially when he starts falling for her. 

A/N: This is completely inspired by this little photoset right here. This is just the beginning, and it’s not as long as most of my beginning chapters for fics, but hopefully this is a really good start of a very interesting ride for all of us. I hope you guys like this fic, please let me know, reading all your comments gives me the greatest joy to keep writing <3 P.S. Thanks again to @athelise for beta reading this chapter! 

Pairing: Rebelcaptain (Jyn x Cassian) 

Words: 1,892

Rating: M

AO3: (x)

Twelve Years Ago

Jyn was afraid. She knew she was supposed to be brave; she had promised Papa as much, but right now she was afraid.

Her mama was gone. She went to sleep, Papa had told her, but  Jyn knew Mama wasn’t really asleep. Now they were on a ship that belonged to a fearsome pirate to escape the evil woman who had killed her mama, and Jyn couldn’t bear to be brave anymore as she let the tears finally roll down her cheeks.

All she could see in her mind’s eye was her mama falling to the ground, over and over again, while the evil blonde woman stood over her with a smile, and so much red everywhere—red on her hands, red on Mama’s dress.

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