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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

 So this is my first writing that I share. This is quite different from the usual fanfics and I don’t really know if people are interested in this kind of stuff. It’s more like poetry with a little bit of fanfiction in it. This poem can be read two ways, which means that it can be read in Bucky’s perspective and it can be read in the reader’s perspective. My advise is to read it two times with different mindsets. But that’s the beauty in writing, you can understand it the way you want.

 Anyway, feedback is greatly appreciated, because I have no idea if this is something that someone would read. (I have no idea who to tag, so I’m setting the bar high and tagging my favorites) 


I remember the way you looked at me,

Your smile

The way your almost perfect teeth and perfect lips made a shiver run down my spine. 

We were far from perfect. 

But the most important thing was that I believed you, 

truly believed when you said that it was okay to be broken 

                                                                           to be fucked up. 

Your hair looked like a mess 

And your voice was full of sleep. 

I forgot how to breath for a second. 

But when you weren’t looking I remembered. 

My mind traveled into dangerous places, 

Far away from the light. 

It seemed like an eternity at the time, but it was just a moment, really. 

I was lost, 



Then you looked at me again. 

And suddenly there wasn’t a thing I regretted, 

Because every single night 

Every time the sobs made me loose my mind 

And every occasion I almost pulled the trigger 

Brought me here. Next to you. 

You did not say anything, but we did not need any word. 

You pulled me in your embrace and kissed all my wounds. 

I felt alive. 

  And calm 

     and happy 

        and real

 One night when we laid together, asking the Moon for some advise, 

You whispered in my ear. 

Three little words. 

And I have to be honest, I did not believe you. How could you? 

I was a cursed soul trapped in this land, trying to be dead. 

I think you knew that I did not believe you, though. 

But you just smiled, like you knew something I did not. 

You always said, life is a silly thing and no one escapes without being broken.

I can still hear your voice in my head, the bittersweet attitude. 

Your wise eyes, 

It always looked like all the secrets were hidden in your irises. 

One day I did something incredibly stupid. 

I still didn’t forgive myself, 

I did the one thing you asked me not to do. 

That was the only time you were mad at me 

And I still can’t understand why you stayed. 

But when I opened my eyes and came back from the undiscovered country from which no travellers return, you just smiled. 

You just smiled whit teary eyes, 

And welcomed me back. 

After that I got to know all your secrets, that 

You were lost, just like me 

  You were a warrior, just like me 

    You were a traveller, just like me. 

And in that moment I understood 

                                   I believed you. 

Sometimes I feel like we were some kind of runaways in the Universe, because 

We knew too much. 

We saw too much. 

We felt too much. 

And it was hell of a miracle that we found each other. 

I don’t know how our stories are going to end. 

I don’t think that our kind is able to have a happy ending, we are happy if we have an ending, 

But you are the living proof that miracles do happen.

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sidney crosby // new girl in cole harbor

requested by @teenagekittentriumph

warnings: mostly none, sexual implications

who: sidney crosby x reader

premise: Sidney takes you home to meet the family and you have to face your fears


Today should have been absolutely perfect. The weather was beautiful, not too humid for early August with just the right amount of breeze, and the world was practically smiling around you. It was Sidney’s 29th birthday as well as your four month anniversary, and you got to spend the entire day by his side. It should have been perfect, but you were absolutely scared out of your mind.

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1/4 David was sat up in bed fully engrossed in his phone yet every once in while he noticed the sound of Gillian tossing and turning beside him. After some time, he felt a light tap on his shoulder and peeled his eyes away from his phone to see Gillian's big blue eyes staring up at him, “I can't sleep. Will you read to me?”, “Of course, what would you like me to read?”, “Whatever it is your reading on your phone." David looked to his phone, then back to Gillian and back to his phone again,

2/4 “You sure?”, “Yeah I just wanna hear your voice. It’s soothing.”, “Okay.” With that David took a minute to figure out where he had left off before he began reading out loud, “We make it to Chili’s with no further interruptions. Scully picks a booth behind the retaining wall, which is, incidentally, not the one the waiter wants us to sit in. That’s my Scully.” Gillian suddenly sat up in bed with a look of confusion on her face, "David what the hell are you reading?”, “Uhhh…”

¾ He knew Gillian would be surprised by his choice of a bedtime story but was hoping she would find it funny or cute and not completely strange and inappropriate. “It’s this really famous story in the x files community.”, “About a Chili’s?”, “Well I haven’t gotten to the best part, we…I mean… Mulder and Scully do it in the booth of the Chili’s.” Gillian laughed both at David’s slipup but also at hearing about where the story was headed, “Every time I think x files fans can’t surprise me..”

4/4 David was starting to feel ashamed and like he had made a terrible mistake, “It’s silly, I know.” Gillian turned to look David right in the eyes and she suddenly seemed incredibly intense and serious, “Silly? It sounds so hot, keep reading!”. And so, David continued.


OMG! Why did you stop there? You need to send me the rest of it, you know that, right?

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it's super silly to be mad at jk Rowling for writing slytherins as she did, since as a writer I understand why she did it. It kept to her theme, to kept to her strictly important-details way of writing, and things like that wouldn't have driven the story forward unless she drastically changed whatever she already had preplanned,, don't blame the writer for not doing your headcanon pls (I love slytherins but come on, don't blame rowling)

This is going to sound incredibly wild to you but here’s the thing, writing is art and every art, specially the ones that are incredibly popular, is open for interpretation, discussion and even critiques. I am not pressing a gun to her forehead or even talking to her directly, I am simply stating my opinion on something I believe she should have done differently because it feeds to a negative stigma. You say it would have gone against her usual style of writing of only including the most important details but, it would have taken little to no time to add an extra paragraph that showed Slytherins participating in the battle. “Don’t blame the writer for not doing the headcanon” oh? So some Slytherins not being complete villains and actually having morals is a headcanon now? Say that to Regulus Black. Say that to the eleven year olds that will come to Hogwarts in the years to follow, get sorted into Slytherin and booed or shunned in the process! I truly have zero interest in discussing this with you and I’ll continue to show my dislike to the way my house was treated.

PS. I’m a writer too ;)

i love how much amazing art of loki is going around, makin him look like a stud or somethin, but have u considered, silly “ill do anything to make someone laugh” loki

Request - I honestly can not tell you enough how great of a writer you are, like honestly Im really picky abut fan fiction ESPECIALLY when it comes to Spn but you my friend are a gift, and I love you. Soooo anyway if you need a request a cute one with Samandriel please? Where idk he is really clumsy around you cause he likes you so much its obvious but your oblivious because you dont understand why anyone would like you? :)

(For waytoomanyobsessions (thank you for the sweet words, by the way!) Hope you like it, and that it suffices because I’m a bit stressed at the moment xx)

Samandriel watched as you hummed while organizing all of the research that you and the boys had put together, not realizing that he was standing behind you. His bright blue eyes were alight at the scene of your contentment and a small but delighted smile garnished his lips; he had been so caught up in the sight of you that he jumped at the same time as you did when you turned around, startled.

“I apologize,” the angel told you meekly, a mild blush blooming like roses on his pale cheeks. “I can assure you that I did not mean to frighten you in any way.”

You giggled, and the flush creeping its way over his skin grew deeper at the musical and dainty sound. “I know you didn’t, Samandriel; don’t worry about it.”

His smile became wider as his name slipped through your mouth, and was silent for a few seconds before realizing that he was just standing in front of you, doing nothing. “I am sorry; may I be of any assistance to you?”

You didn’t notice him fidgeting with the red and white striped shirt that his vessel was wearing, even though he instantly stopped as he became aware of what he was doing and that you might be able to note the act of nervousness. “Actually, yes; would you mind just help me just put all of these documents and papers in order?”

He nodded wordlessly, worried that his voice would give away his edginess, before standing at your side and trying to keep his focus on his work while being conscious of the fact that your arms kept brushing against each other. Your touch gave him the same spark of happiness every time his skin made contact with yours, and kept telling himself that it was so absurd that he got so worked up over it. You didn’t notice his internal battle with himself, though, and just admired him as subtly as you could; he was too busy in his own conflict to discern your gaze.

You observed his beautiful azure irises as they roved over the paperwork, just barely missing the slight panic that the clear ponds were being darkened by, and sighed softly enough that he couldn’t hear the low exhale of breath. Even though you were better at hiding your feelings for him than he was, you still couldn’t help but become a bit embarrassed when you could hear your own pulse inside of your ears. It didn’t matter, though, because you knew that nothing was going to happen between you and the angel; there was no reason for him to return your affections anyway, making it a lost cause from the very start.

The two of you were pulled out of your trains of thought when you reached for the same document, and your hands grazed each other’s; Samandriel pulled away as quickly as he could, a bit too fast, though, for his sudden movement caused him to knock one of the stacks of research to the ground. You were bewildered at his clumsiness, because you had never seen a divine being move so briskly and do something like that before. He instantly dropped to the floor, scrambling to pick up the papers with some still fluttering in the air and you joined him, surprising him when you tapped his shoulder lightly; the small touch made emotions swell up into a wave inside of him, not able to come back down.

“Hey,” you started, just sensing the nervousness that had been ruling him the whole time. “What’s wrong—”

Samandriel broke into your question as he gently brought his lips to yours, your eyes widening in shock as his action registered in your mind. He hesitantly disconnected his mouth from the kiss, also seeming a bit surprised at himself.

“My apologies,” he whispered, looking away from you. “I did not mean for that to occur.”

“I’m glad that it did,” you admitted shyly and he faced you again, but became concerned when he saw your uncertainty. “But I have to ask…why?”

“Why, what?”

Your voice dropped to a bashful murmur. “Why you even did that. You cannot possibly have feelings for me; that just sounds silly.”

His face grew unbelievably tender, and he overcame his anxious state as he took your hand in his. “Do you not understand, Y/N? I find more pleasure in your voice than in the choir of stars that sing during the night, and your beauty radiates from inside and out; you are the most incredible being that I have come into contact with in my experience on Earth.”

“…I-I don’t know what to say,” you breathed, crimson making its way through your face. Samandriel skimmed the path of your blush as it spread with his fingertips, his expression no longer having a trace of uneasiness and now just completely filled with bliss.

“You do not have to say anything,” he replied, before putting his mouth sweetly on yours once again.

For The Kitties

Request: Can you do a scenario where your bias/Vernon tries to do you’re hair after you slept in and got major bed head

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I opened the door to my apartment less than amused. 

“I’m so excited for the cat cafe!” Vernon gasped, completely lost in thought as he walked past me and into my living room. He was talking quickly, his hands flying through the air almost as quickly as the words leaving his mouth. 

“How many cats do you think they’ll have? Do you think they’ll have one of those poofy, squish faced cats? I hope they have a siamese cat, or maybe a munchkin cat! Munchkin cats are my favorite! They have those little, tiny legs…they kind of remind me of Jihoon hyung!”

“Hansol, we can’t go to the cat cafe today,” I sighed, falling backwards onto the couch and pouting. 

“And I want to pet ALL of them…wait, what?” he asked, turning to face me with his eyebrows lifted. “Why…why can’t we go to the cat cafe?…Bae, are you mad at me? Did I do something? You still like me right?”

Vernon was incredibly sensitive when it came to our relationship. He needed constant reassurance that I still liked him and actually enjoyed being in a relationship with him. The fact that we didn’t get to spend much time together because of his schedules didn’t help matters.

“Of course I still like you,” I chuckled. “I’ll never not like you silly!”

“Then…why don’t you want to hang out with me?” he whimpered, sticking out his lip dramatically. 

“I always want to hang out with you,” I smiled. “I still want to spend time with you…just maybe not out in public.”

“…are you ashamed of me?” he asked. “I…I don’t understand?”

“Ugh, I’m ashamed of this,” I sighed, pulling the cloth I had wrapped loosely around my head. 

“That…that’s an interesting decision,” he nodded cautiously, eying my hair. 

“Now you understand…right?” I sighed, shaking my head. 

“Mmm…not really,” he admitted with a blank look. “Can’t you just style it?”

I had tried. I slept in a little longer than usual and for some reason my hair was punishing me for it. It was easily the worst bed head I had had in my entire life and I wasn’t sure where to begin on it. If I showered, it would involve a labored procedure of trying to get it tamed and I didn’t have the patience or time. 

“It’s not that easy Hansol,” I grumbled, now my turn to pout.

“How about…you let me help!” he smiled, nodding his head. 

Vernon was one of those guys who was so enthusiastic, that when he began to nod his head in excitement about something, you couldn’t help but nod your head along, not realizing you were actually agreeing to whatever hair brained idea he had devised. 

Before I had time to even realize, Vernon had disappeared in my bathroom and reappeared with an arm full of hair products and my brush. He dumped it all onto the coffee table and went back into the bathroom. He came out after a few minutes holding my flat iron. 

“No way,” I said, shaking my head vigorously. “Letting you try to help me is one thing, burning my flesh is another.”

“Oh come on Y/N,” he smiled. “I live in a dorm with 12 other guys who are so high maintenance, you don’t think I’ve wielded one of these bad boys before?”

“Can’t say I’m terribly comfortable with your use of verb in that sentence,” I muttered. “A searing hot piece of metal should not be wielded…”

“Shhhh,” he hushed, standing behind my couch and running his hands through my hair. 

“Ow, ay, ow,” I grumbled as his slender fingers hit all of my knots. 

“Sorry,” he said under his breath. I didn’t have to turn around to know that his face had turned pink with embarrassment. He reached around me and grabbed at a bottle of mousse. I heard him shake the can energetically and what sounded like a spray of product come flying out. 

“Whoa,” he gasped. “Uh…um…do you have towels you don’t care about?”

I closed my eyes and winced. I didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“All done!” Vernon gasped, standing in front of me and clapping his hands together. His hands were stained with a product I didn’t even know I owned. It wasn’t very reassuring.

I took a deep breath before standing and walking to the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror there. 

“Hansol,” I said through barred teeth. “You literally straightened the ends of my hair and covered the rest with your beanie. 

He stood in the doorway behind me, a large smile on his face. He ran a hand through his now hatless hair. “It was a sacrifice I was willing to make…for the kitties.”

I shook my head, walking over to him and pushed him gently in the shoulder. 

“I didn’t know why you were worried,” he said, a shy smile gracing his lips. “Even if you shaved your head you’d still be pretty…”

“…thank you for not shaving my head babe,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck and embracing him. 

“I mean…it was only a fleeting thought,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to my forehead. 

“I was totally joking, you actually considered shaving my head?” I spluttered, leaning back to look him in the face. 

He winced, trying to hide his smile. “But it would’ve been for the kitties?”

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I've been busy with studying, but what can I do... Jongin is like a 5 year old ahhahahaha, I love how he made those faces to his baby and ksoo must have thought "what is he doing... God, why did I have to fall in love with a 5 year old?". I love them so much. They are seriously rs goals, because they're both best friends and boyfriends-emo anon

Ahh~ I hope your studying is going well! :) 

I just find it so incredibly adorable ;___; it goes to show that they feel completely comfortable in their relationship <3 Ji can make those silly faces to Soo without feeling embarrased or anything lol I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been together for as long as they have :’))) 

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It never happened in the way one imagined it would.

Children dreamed of epic romances, of roses and chocolates and cards and kisses. They didn’t dream of being tossed across the city they grew up in, being battered and bruised and roughed up on a daily basis. Sometimes they dreamed of the superhero part of that, but they never really understood that it meant getting hurt, too.

With Chat Noir hovering over her as he was, lightly dabbing at her blue and green mottled eye as he cleaned a few small cuts around it, biting his lip with concern in his gaze, Marinette thought she knew why some people romanticized the whole hero thing.

“I’ll be fine, mon minou,” she soothed, even as she flinched when he brushed against a bruise on her jaw. She saw his teeth clench.

“Why did you stand in front of me like that?” he groused, his voice low and demanding. “I would have been fine. You didn’t need to put yourself in harm’s way!”

“Don’t be silly,” she brushed him off with a light laugh. “Of course I would protect you. You do it for me all the time!”

“It’s different!” he hissed, pulling back to look her in the eye. “My Lady…Ladybug, I–”

She searched his gaze for a moment as his voice faltered, and she smiled at him. He was incredibly endearing, her little kitten, and she finally voiced the words she’d wanted to say for ages.

“Do you think I love you any less than you love me?”

OKAY LOOK I DID THE THING. Um…I tag whoever wants to do it, but also @rionydal and @emeralddrop if they haven’t done it yet! :D 

Mini Series ➢ The King is Coming Pt.3

                    Parts III III IV V VI VII VIII IX X

You stared down at the bright red ink on your Shakespeare essay and the A+ jumped out at you. You grinned happily as you leaned over and showed Stefan who also had an A, history and English seemed to come easily to him. Elena didn’t look so happy and once you saw the freshly made C+ you didn’t bother showing her your paper.

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