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do you have any tanunatsu relationship headcanons? there's not enough tanunatsu in the world, alas.

THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MY GOD and sure here you go anon:

  • Natsume is really really slow with even considering the idea of a romantic relationship, let alone a sexual one. 
  • I don’t see Natsume as ace, though he’s headcanoned like that a lot (and that’s totally valid). I just don’t like to headcanon characters who have suffered abuse and are tentative about relationships as ace because to me, that reminds me of the prevalent idea that non-het identity = abused, two things that should not be automatically associated. And I feel like I see it a lot with ace people in popular media. That said experience can affect sexual identity, and really this is just my preference, and less the “evidence” leading one way or the other.  For pretty personal reasons I prefer to read and write ace/aro people who are surrounded by acceptance and happy about who they are, not in misery over it, as Natsume would be in this situation.
  • Tanuma on the other hand, is just desperately in love with Natsume. Like, almost pathetically so, the closer the two of them get. Taki picks up on it so quickly because she’s taught herself to recognize those sorts of cues. Kitamoto shortly after because he’s gonna be a goddamn psychologist. Hell, even NISHAMURA is like “Hey man, so what’s going on with you and Natsume eh eh eh?”  And Tanuma knows how… uncomfortable? Scared? Natsume is with the whole business, so much of his pining is actually spent trying to shut up all the people who are trying to get the two of them together because his mantra is Protect Natsume at All Costs, and he’s already hurt him once by what he considers his selfishness and he never wants to do it again.
  • In the end, Natsume starts going to therapy to start working out his stuff. I kind of like the idea of it being less “therapy” in an official sense and more him sitting with a random youkai and talking things through. And since the youkai doesn’t really understand human relationships, only that their lives are brief and they should do what they want with them, Natsume realizes that Tanuma is kind of… what he wants. 
  • He asks Taki what to do. Taki’s like, I love cats, but not people. Well I do love them but not like that. I really can’t help, Natsume. Go talk to Kitamoto. All the while, Sensei is giving perfectly useless advice most of which involve sake and bad decisions or weird dances on chalk circles.
  • Natsume talks to Shigeru-san instead. Who gives Solid Advice but it’s all about Taki, cause that’s who he thinks Natume is talking about, but then Toukho-san comes in with a plate full of cookies and a smile and says “Oh you silly, he’s talking about Kaname-kun.” Shigeru apologizes SO MUCH and takes Natsume for another pottery bonding weekend as apology. He does a bunch of research about men having sex with men so he can give The Talk and Natsume is both disgusted and incredibly touched. An awkward time is had by all. 
  • Sensei tells Natori (who am I kidding Sensei tells everyone), because he thinks he’s rubbing it in, but instead Natori shows up at Tanuma’s house with a pair of optical quartz glasses, and is like “try these on, kid.”
  • Tanuma can see spirits much better after that, although not spiritual places. The pond is still invisible to him.  
  • Natori starts meeting with him for coffee, and Tanuma is suspicious as hell, but Natori insinuates is that whoever Natsume cares for is going to have to protect his own ass, and so he talks about different ways to do that. One of those ways is the sort of spiritual power that comes from religious practices, and Tanuma is like, oh yeah. I can do that. 
  • So he starts meditating every single day with his dad, who has an inkling of what’s going on, and starts showing him how to make various protective charms. 
  • Natsume thinks his glasses are really hot.
  • One day the two of them are walking along their normal in the forest behind Seven Fields, not unlike the time Tanuma got possessed, and this crazy fucking youkai comes running at Natsume’s back. Now Natsume is stronger, but in a weird way, Tanuma has always been more sensitive. To him, a youkai is a source of physical pain, whereas to Natsume it’s so normal it could just be another person. So he sees the youkai, and by the time Natsume spots it, it’s almost on him, and he yells for Tanuma to run, but instead, Tanuma pushed him on the ground and throws a paper seal right across the youkai’s face, which makes the thing shrivel down until it’s tiny and adorable and harmless.
  • Natsume keeps trying to scold Tanuma when he’s pulling him to his feet, but the words don’t come out, and instead he just says his name over and over. Tanuma brushes his hair out of his eyes, asking if he’s alright, and then they’re kissing, while this tiny youkai bounces around, trying to bite their knees. 
  • holy balls this got long. 

I’m about to DM a Pathfinder campaign in a fantasy noir setting and decided to draw up one of the reoccurring NPC’s. Gretchie Lowtop is a private eye detective who comes across the main cast a lot as they take on their own cases. She’s overactive and playful (a little malicious too) but a brilliant mind underneath her childish exterior. During her time in the GSPD she was known as “The Shark of Grand Spear” for her ability to hunt down and take out criminals, all while wearing a wise sharped tooth smile (Rumor still has it that she’s half demon). 

ah, i’ve got something to say- i haven’t even seen this villainous show yet. but i’ve seen the sheer amount of discourse around the show and i feel like i gotta say something as someone who’s an animator…

okay, i don’t like this LTF person (a storyboarder on the show) either. they’ve definitely done some awful weird stuff in the past, i’ve watched most of it unfold live throughout the time i’ve been on this website. don’t like it, don’t care for the person-
HOWEVER! what do you guys THINK goes into making a cartoon?  an entire team of people, a LOT of people work on a show- writers, visdev artists, character designers, background designers, storyboarders, sound designers- these are just a select few of the jobs on a cartoon, and not one person takes care of each job either. a lot of WORK, TIME, and EFFORT goes into making a cartoon- way more than people ever expect.

i’ll be frank and honest- i just think it’s incredibly inconsiderate to discount an ENTIRE show just because someone on the team used to be a weirdo- i’ve seen the callout post, you’re really going to call someone out for drawing home stuck NSFW from like 2013??? a part of the call out post was them listening to some punk band for christ’s sake, and half of the wording in the call out post was even “they have since stopped saying/doing this”. again- i  really don’t care for this person either, i’m just saying. 

it takes a ton of people, hard work, and effort to make a cartoon, and for people to discredit an entire production crew because of a single storyboard artist is incredibly silly and just plain rude. 

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How would the vamps react if their lover decided to break up? She's like thirty now and seeing how her body changes and her lover remains the same makes her feel sad. Being with him has been perfect, she's been so happy but she just can't accept the fact she'll get old and her lover not. She'd prefer to break up to meet someone who wil actually die with her... Scenary please :c (don't want them to break up TwT but do as you please~)


Shu~ “You really are a troublesome woman. That doesn’t matter. You’ll know if I’m ever through with you. Come satisfy my needs.”

Reiji~ “What an insolent thought. You believe I would be concerned about something so unimportant. Do not bring the topic up again.”

Ayato~ “You really think Ore-sama is worries about something like that? Now come over here and apologize for making Ore-sama seem shallow.”

Kanato~ “Mmm, yes Teddy, she is being silly. You can’t escape from me that easily. You are mine forever.”

Laito~ “I won’t let you go when you’re in your prime. Woman your age make incredible lovers. I’ve always preferred older woman anyhow have I told you about my mother

Subaru~ “Tch, shut up and get those thoughts out of your head. You love getting me riled up don’t you. Now sit there as I take out the aggression you’ve caused me.”


Ruki~ “You don’t get to make decisions like that, livestock. I am your master and tell you if something like that is going to happen. As far as I’m concerned, you will be my livestock forever.”

Kou~ “Aw, M Neko-chan, you’re still perfect. Now hush those thoughts and easy the worries you’ve caused in me.”

Yuma~ “Oi, what are you talking about sow? Do you think that’ll make me feel pity for you? Well, you’re wrong. Now brace yourself, let me show how much I can humble you.”

Azusa~ “Eve….that’s nonsense. Now….hush while….I carve who you…..belong to….in your…body.”
OTRA Cleveland Concert Report

You know the drill. I talk about things as I remember them and have mild breakdowns as I recall all the beautiful things and hopefully am still coherent by the time I finish. So with that, here we go!

(I’m on mobile so I can’t put in a read more, I apologize in advance)

Okay so as I mentioned last night there were three guys in front of me (there was actually a decent number of dudes in my section and they were ALL going so hard, it was so beautiful. But these guys were trying so hard to be cool at the beginning of the concert and almost hiding the fact they were taking pictures and recording with their phones, but they slowly came out of their shells and were singing along to every song and dancing and they went so hard to girl almighty and held their hands up in hearts as they danced to little white lies and were dancing and singing as loud as they could during wmyb and it was so beautiful. I kinda wanted to take one home with me but my husband wouldn’t have appreciate that.

My section was also mostly filled with larries. You remember how I talked about Louis turning his head to look at Harry and then smirk right after he sang, “I have loved you since we were 18”? MY SECTION LOST THEIR SHIT. I heard so many people screaming OH MY GOD or DID YOU SEE THAT??? DID YOU SEE THAT? or WILL HARRY TURN BACK?!?! and it was glorious. I died. Which is why I missed the fact that Louis then decided it was a good idea to kill anyone who survived the first one by turning his entire freaking body to Harry.

Cause. Ya know. The first one wasn’t clear enough.

Oh! Also. After Louis’ solo in Night Changes he gave the most sultry glance to his right while fixing his hair (I think) and I promise that anyone within 2 miles of him immediately came on the spot. His sex appeal is that strong with that gaze. Harry basically fell over dead. I’m serious.

Okay. So I also was able to admire the perfection that are Harry’s legs and the fact that Niall rocked his guitar even while sick and then Liam was my hot teacher spirit animal, but that’s literally almost all I remember of them because Louis was so gorgeous. He cast a spell on me and I was reaffirmed as a Louis girl. My 72nd baptism by fire was complete and beautiful and I feel washed clean.

I made sure to warn the girls on both sides of me that I basically dance and sing and jump until I have no sense of anything during no control and drag me down and I apologized in advance. The girls on my left were super cool with it and we jumped and danced and screamed the songs to each other and it was such a beautiful experience.

Did I mention that Louis’ hair was exquisite? Because it was.

Liam’s vocals were incredible. Like, yeah. I’m constantly floored by him.

Harry once again killed drag me down. His runs caused Louis an instant boner, which is why he started his silly string and water fights with Liam early. He had to distract himself from his husband in order to not come in his pants.

Speaking of, I wanted to make sure everyone knows the reason Louis takes so many wee breaks. Being on stage and not being allowed to acknowledge each other is like a challenge to see what they can do to turn the other on more and Louis keeps needing to go back to readjust and Harry makes those quick trips back to ensure mr limpy is still where he should be. I might be wrong, but I’m not wrong.

Have I mentioned the fact that Louis gave Harry a ridiculous look after his solo in 18? And then turned his entire body towards him? Oh I did. Just don’t forget.

I don’t remember what else I was going to say except it was so much fun to just dance and party even if I was by myself. And I only died four times this time, which is great.

Tonight I am going to my last concert for this tour in Detroit and I’m ready to party even harder so BRING IT ON BOYS! BRING ON THE RAINBOWS!

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So in Foodieverse, do Tony and Steve ever get into this huge blowout fight? If so, what do they fight about and who apologizes first?

I keep trying to figure out how to answer this and I think the answer is “If they do I’m not gonna write it.” :D 

I mean, probably they do. People in relationships have arguments. Steve is incredibly stubborn and can be a little high-handed, and Tony especially in foodieverse is short on patience and long on bullshit. Chefs work in a very high-stress environment with very long hours, which can make anyone excitable. 

But Foodieverse at heart is a silly story, and that’s intentionally so, not self-deprecation; you can be silly and still be meaningful, which is what I wanted. For all the drama I put into it, and it’s real drama which I commit to, it’s still a stone skipping on the surface – it’s the USA Network Show of fanfic, a place where everyone is essentially happy most of the time. So if there were a big blowout fight it wouldn’t be something I’d show on the page, it’d be something referenced by Natasha, like “That one time Steve and Tony almost broke up over how to hard boil an egg”. 

(Top three contenders for the fight: how to hard boil an egg, the ease of cooking rice on the stove top, and the viability of no-tip restaurants.)

I’m bad at writing fights, especially super emotional ones between people in relationships, because I find it deeply unpleasant – the fact of it happening AND having to write it. I don’t like emotional fights or confrontation; they’re necessary to the narrative sometimes, but they’re a chore, and I don’t find catharsis in them. (Some people do and that’s ok, it just speaks to different tastes.) So I never write them unless I do find them essential to the narrative, which is a lot rarer than most people think. :D 

Let me just start by saying I had typed out a whole thing and my internet shut down on me, so take 2, because this just added to the entire night LOL


Sorry not sorry for having a little pity party for myself on my blog. Lol. Laughing and crying because–

My night consisted of walking 4+ miles in the torrential, down pouring rain in the city, for a 15 minute doctor’s appointment, I commuted for 3 hours total. My shoes were water logged, my socks completely drenched, my entire backpack soaked (as well as the things inside of it) even WITH an umbrella. Showed up to my doctor’s appointment with water dripping from my clothes, umbrella, and jacket.

Finally arrived back at my town’s train station to find the school shuttle once AGAIN was inaccurate and left. The next one wasn’t coming for over another hour, so I had to walk back to my school in the pouring rain, and literally just completely broke down into sobbing tears and it was the ugly type, like so ugly, thank goodness it was dark out because people definitely would’ve asked if I was ok lol

And I’m just walking in the pouring rain, crying, soaked, exhausted, very sad, wondering how I have ended up where I am, everything that I’ve been facing and battling, which I really don’t share the full extent of to anyone, not on here either, and somehow in the midst of all of this crying and exhaustion and darkness and rain I can hear God chuckling at me, smiling, pointing to me in my little state of pathetic-ness, saying to me, ‘Silly girl, this is all part of something incredible that is in the works.’ Like I literally stopped multiple times on the sidewalk in the rain and like stomped my foot and was like ‘YEAH?????? KEEP LAUGHING OKAY I’LL SHOW YOU WHEN I AM BACK FULL FORCE’

But still I continued to sob and sob and sobbed all the way back to my dorm room and had to apologize to the person letting me into my building as I said ‘hello’ through tears lol and still I’m sitting here smiling and laughing and crying in my gray sweat jumpsuit finally in my bed after a good cry in the shower, knowing, STILL understanding that something greater is on the horizon.

A Short History Of Being Hated By Smart Men On The Internet

When I published my first real article ever, I was 21 years old, going to school part-time and living in a 100-square-foot studio with a bathroom in the common hall. My life was, in many ways, very small, and the idea of having my words public enough that eventually 1500 people could leave a comment on them was thrilling to me. 1500 people seemed enormous, and each one had its own life behind it, its own real person at the other end of the keyboard. I remember hitting “refresh” hundreds of times, watching the social shares on that first piece tick upwards, watching new comments appear, one after the other. I remember being devastated by each negative one, but still filled with adrenaline and purpose – people were talking about me. People felt something about me.

Four years and hundreds (if not thousands) of articles later, I don’t read comments much anymore. Part of this is, to be honest, out of laziness, but part of it is because little good tends to come from it. You will have the nice commenters who stop by to leave an encouraging word, or the people who genuinely engage with your ideas in a thoughtful way, but ultimately they are not worth having to wade through several cruel barbs about my nose, or my weight, or how much of a trivial cunt I am. While I used to find some sort of noble purpose in combating those anonymous, angry comments, I now find them exhausting. My life is better when I don’t read the comments, and the less I engage with them, the less they seem to appear.

And recently, there has been a lot of discussion about this kind of thing: what it means to be a woman on the internet. We talk about the kind of attention you will receive, the threats and harassment to which you expose yourself merely by existing, the endless battle to get your work observed on its own terms. And these women’s stories are devastating, and leave me feeling empty in much the same way reading some of my own fervent, violent hate does. I feel exhausted at the thought of it; unable to muster a coherent defense for myself in the face of “being told you are a fat sow who should be mutilated is the price of entry for discourse on the internet.” If the “debate” here is my own dignity, or my right to exist in my own profession, then I am not interested in engaging it.

But somehow, more than these disgusting, hateful trolls who fill our inboxes and our comments sections with cracks about our bodies or threats of violence, I am saddened by all of the men who have – in a more intelligent, measured way – fixed upon me with a strange, almost luxuriant kind of hate. The men who lurk on Reddit and plot ways to drive us out of our homes or our jobs seem beyond repair, sick in a way that would warrant pity if it weren’t so incredibly hostile. But the men who have lingered on the periphery of my career, the ones who have peppered me with a more measured, sustained hate, seem to be, in all other respects, perfectly normal. I have had conversations with female writers every now and again, and the conclusion is often the same: every so often, we find ourselves with a dedicated Smart Man – either in the comments section, or in our own industry – who feels indignant at the very idea of us. We do not measure up to his standards of Smartness, or of Importance, and on some level; represent a frivolity, femininity, and injustice that he can’t abide.

Over the years, I have had several men who have found their way back to my comments sections again and again, condescendingly addressing me about my work or making strangely personal remarks about my relationship, and my boyfriend’s imagined profession. (One of the Smart Men’s recurring complaints seems to be that I do not earn my own money, and live off the unlimited resources of my affluent boyfriend. This is untrue, of course, but even if it were, plenty of Important Male Writers have come from unearned wealth.)

I have had several who message me strange things on all manner of social media, from passive-aggressive barbs to outright attacks on my character. I’ve had men drunkenly send me messages about what a frivolous writer (and, sometimes, person) I was, only to apologize to me the next morning in the sober light of day. I’ve had men who have, over the course of years – YEARS – mocked me and my silly lists about makeup or dating, palpably offended that I was allowed to exist in the same world as them. I’ve even had Smart Men who try to initiate inappropriately sexual conversations with me, and quickly turn bitter when reminded that I was (aside from incredibly put off by the whole scenario) in a committed relationship.

Of course, women have made their cracks here and there. I’ve received angry or judgmental messages from women, no doubt – my stuff is not for everyone. But no woman has ever sustained any kind of campaign of disdain, or even dislike – and certainly never let it spill over into weird, obsessive assumptions about my personal life. That insanity has been the unique domain of men, both the overt trolls and the more dignified, discreet misogynists, while women have found more healthy, normal ways of voicing their disagreement.

And I do not feel that I should be exempt from criticism because I am a woman, as if such a ridiculous scenario could exist. I understand that a lot of what I write is geared towards a young, female-skewing audience, and therefore far from being everyone’s taste. I’m sure that sometimes my jokes are silly, or my metaphors clunky, or my online personality grating. And I dream of living in a world in which the criticism I receive – and the degree to which is it given – is appropriate to my writing. I would love to wake up and read the negative comments that my male colleagues receive: simple, dismissive barbs like “this article sucked,” or “not funny.” I would love to interact with someone once or twice in a critical, even unpleasant way (as I have with women), and then have it be over. I would love to never again wake up to nasty comments left to me in response to me going about my life.  I would love to know that reviews of my work – unlike the reviews of so many women in my industry – could be about the work itself, and not about who I am, or who some Smart Man assumed I blew to get the job.

It is easy to paint the disproportionate and hateful criticism that women face on the internet as the unique domain of feral trolls on message boards. It is easy to act as though, outside of the barrage of hate threats or ugly comments about our appearance, we are playing a fair game. But the truth is that many men – many Smart Men, with big ideas about what women should and should not be creating – are just as infuriated at our continued existence. And “playing the game” for women is much more than “doing our work to the best of our ability.” It means constantly defending ourselves, correcting rumors, or pre-empting ugly stereotypes. It means that I have to even clarify to some gross, presumptuous audience that I do not live off a man’s salary, because that was even a question in the first place, in the context of some harmless article about makeup.

I don’t think I will ever be a comment reader again, at least not for a long time. At least not until I have amassed the confidence – and I don’t have it yet, but I am closer than I was before – to not care what ugliness will be lurking in them. Until I no longer care about any man’s grossly inappropriate opinion, no matter how well they are able to articulate it. 


So, let’s all own it, I’ve been a bit of a terrible blogger as of recent. But I figured I’d let you darlings know that things are pretty awesome in my world, which probably contributes to being absent for so long.

My burlesque career (if you want to call it that?) is taking off incredibly well, and I am performing an insane amount, and the pinup life is still the best decision I ever made for myself. 

Things with my Doctor are brilliant (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and our renovations to our lovely little vintage home are coming along quite nicely. And for once in my life I absolutely love my job.

So, I guess what this is is an apology and perhaps an explanation. I do still love cruising the internet for fun silly things, but it’s a little difficult to find time, especially in my last year of grad school. So, I’m sorry if I am absent. I still deeply and truly appreciate all of the wonderful support and messages all of you have sent me. This silly little blog has been an amazing addition to my life in the past few years of toying around with it. Don’t worry, this isn’t goodbye, but I figured I should at least apologize if you don’t hear from me for small stints of time. 

Anywho, above are some of my most recent photos from my latest shoots and acts. If you do find yourself missing my random asides you can always follow my FB pages where I tend to post more. I guess that’s all I wanted to say, just sorry and thanks. You guys are kinda the fucking shit, and I love you for it. 



Photos by: Dynamite Dames, Loving Design and Photography, and Eric Malgren