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Lily’s Top Ten MTMTE Bots

Why? Just because I’m trying to distract myself from the ungodly pain tearing apart my uterus and stomach, so I decided to randomly tell you all who my top ten favorites are in MTMTE. 

If you don’t care, I’m so sorry, please bare with me. :’)

1.) Rodimus

2.) Whirl

3.) Pharma

4.) Drift

5.) Swerve

6.) Ratchet

7.) Trailcutter

8.) Cyclonus

9.) Riptide

10.) Rung

Thanks for putting up with my crap, y’all. <3


sohotthateveryonedied  asked:

Okay list your top five favorite things about Thor Ragnorak GO

1. Literally every interaction between Thor and Loki
2. eVERY TIME THEY DID THE GLOWY EYES THING ON THOR OH MY GOD it was so cool? it looked like he was sorta losing control on his powers because like it would happen whenever Thor got particularly pissed off or was beaten up and he actually showed off that hey Thor’s not just a cool superhero with lightning powers sometimes, he’s actually like this truly super powerful GOD with some kind of absolute power like I just??? Its so cool??
3. I forgot how much I loved Loki and then they got to Asgard and he’s sitting eating grapes watching a play about his “death” and I missed him so much the little shit💚
4. Loki running through the vault of treasures in Asgard and stopping for a second to look at the completely unprotected Tesseract and I’m not convinced that he didn’t take it again what a dork
5. Right after (SPOILER) Odin dies it starts to thunder and Thor gets all moody and sad and Loki just sorta looks at him and I’m like. I turned to my brother and said “It’s thundering because Thor is sad this is so cool” idk I just love that detail
6. Okay okay I can’t ignore the fact that this was probably one of if not the most hilarious marvel movie I’ve ever seen so like. POINTS TO YOU MARVEL

truecrimedaily  asked:

Paul Bernardo and James Holmes

Paul Bernardo: Do you like to read and write? What are your top five books?

I absolutely love to read and write. Without either of those in my life I would go insane. It is really, really difficult for me to choose favorite books, because I love so many…but the 5 that stick out most are

  • 1. Flowers in the Attic - VC Andrews
  • 2. The Stranger Beside Me - Ann Rule

  • 3. Different Seasons - Stephen King

  • 4. Defending Gary - Mark Prothero

  • 5. Serial Killers - Peter Vronsky

James Holmes: What are your top five favorite movies?

  • 1. Stand by Me
  • 2. Boys Don’t Cry

  • 3. Mask (with Cher not Jim Carrey)

  • 4. Running on Empty

  • 5. The Lost Boys

Thank you for asking! <3

anonymous asked:

Is Henry VII your favourite king? If so, why? Who are your top five?

no. my fav king is a french king: henri iv

my top 5 monarchs?
-henri iv of france
-louis ix of france
-henry vii of england
-françois i of france
-elizabeth i of england

💪Shoplifting😫🛍 Protip 💵

Step 1: go to ur local Walmrt

Step 2: go to th sports + outdoors aisle

Step 3: locate the weights

Step 4: pick them all up one by one

Step 5: put them all back (one by one)

Step 6: leave the store

Step 7: never come back



top five starter anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 5 : assassination classroom (2015)

“We are killers and our target…is our teacher. At Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, the assassination classroom, the bell signals the start of another school day. We only have one year. If we can’t assassinate him by then, the Earth will be history.


31 DAYS OF ANIME▸ anime watched in 2016  
                    #5/31 - K I M I  N O  N A  W A .  ( 君の名は。)
I can never remember my dreams. Yet, I know that in them … for something, for someone, I’m always searching. ( treasure the experience. dreams fade away after you wake up )

12x12 Coda: All of You

Read on ao3

They misunderstood his meaning once again.

The Winchesters had a habit of doing that.

It’s not that they were wrong. Because he had finally accepted that, while they were not his kin, they were his family.

For whom he had - for whom he would - for whom he will always lay down his life.

Because in forty five sunrises and sunsets void of Sam and Dean, it became clear to Castiel that nothing in his world mattered as much as the Winchesters.

But that declaration - it didn’t belong to them. It belonged to him.

To Dean.

All those times Castiel had thrown himself in harm’s way, all those times he’d faced Death for no reason other than to buy the Righteous Man a few precious seconds - in his whole time spent alongside the two hunters, he’d never really admitted to his motives. 

Never ventured to say the three words with which Dean’s kind were so enamored. The sentiment - it was difficult for the angel to make sense of. In some eight and a half years, Castiel had never named the profound bond for what it was.

But this time, through gritted teeth and lacerated lips, as excruciating pain gnawed at his gut, as he felt the life leak right out of him, this time, Castiel found the strength to own the elusive phrase.

I love you.

Maybe it’s the last vestige of his angelic nature.

Maybe it’s the clarity that comes with being so close to death.

Maybe it’s nothing more than the connection between two souls focused solely on the other.

But in the wake of those words, Castiel can see - hear - feel every thought passing through Dean Winchester’s mind.

An exercise in doubting it could possibly be true.

Because Dean surveys through all the reasons he’s sure he must be unlovable.

Every bottle of whiskey in which he’d drowned his sorrows - every broken chair he’d made a victim of his rage.

Every lie he’d ever told - every promise he’d ever broken.

Every time he’d dared to look into the mirror and couldn’t stomach the man he’d seen looking back at him.

The face of every person he’s gotten killed.

Every monster he hasn’t managed to slay. Every mistake he’s made.

Because the words have barely made their way out of Castiel’s punctured lungs when Dean’s giving him every but he can come up with.

It is only a few seconds but it is not a short list. He’s had years of practice convincing himself he’s broken beyond repair.

And so with what he believes could be his last breath, Castiel offers a clarification.

I love all of you.

All of you, Dean.

Every single shard I stitched back together after I pulled you from the depths of Hell.

Every aspect of your being.

Every precious part.

All of you.

Dean had a habit of misunderstanding Castiel.

But in that moment, in the small glance the two share, his meaning - its abundant and profound truth - is clear.