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top 15 dctv female antagonists (as voted by my followers):
  11. moira queen → “For the past five years, under the threat for my life and the lives of my family… I have been complicit in an undertaking with one horrible purpose – to destroy the Glades and everyone in it.”
  + her legacy:

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Zarry fic!!!! Please!!!!!

Ahhhhhh okay so these are my top five favorite fics ever:

1. your love is a waiting game

It’s been four days without Harry and Zayn’s feeling brave. He loves him, but he’s not waiting for him, not anymore. If Harry can’t love him – won’t love him – then he’ll find someone else.

2. built this bed for me and you

“So what is today’s date then? In full please.”
“February 11th, 2013. I just turned nineteen.”
Dr. Carlton’s face clouds over. He becomes unreadable, professional. “I’m right, right? I’m nineteen.”
“You’re – that’s not quite right Harry,” Dr. Carlton says carefully.

or, Harry has retrograde amnesia and can’t remember the last six years of his life.

3. slide (or literally anything grace writes tbh)

Zayn’s dad explained it to him in a small speech, the day she was born.

“No one prepares you for it. There aren’t any manuals. Sometimes being a good parent means simply keeping your kid alive. Keep them breathing, make sure they’re safe, love them until you could burst with it. On days when everything feels especially hard, just remember that your kid is Number One. Everything else becomes secondary. Less than. Minuscule by default. And believe me when I tell you this: when she eventually paints you a picture, sings you a song, does a cartwheel… always be sure to clap. If you’re proud, make sure to say so.”

An AU about being a father, having faith, and growing up.

4. we are spirits of a different sort

O hell! to choose love by another’s eyes…
Or, if there were a sympathy in choice,
War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it,
Making it momentany as a sound,
Swift as a shadow, short as any dream

5. we’re still roaming

“Zayn gradually discovers that Harry Styles is, in fact, the devil. And, like the devil, Styles is exceptionally charming and probably very well-intentioned. He brings baked goods to their Events meetings. He smiles a lot and wears tight jeans that are very distracting. On the surface, he is everything that the Co-Chair of a Parent’s Association should be. But what Zayn very quickly ascertains is that Styles can be all of those things and also somehow manage to embody every single horrible stereotype about PTA parents at the same time.”

Zayn’s bored and decides to volunteer for the PTA at his daughter’s school. He may or may not come to regret this decision.

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top five Iconic cordelia lines?

this is so hard because every line of hers is iconic..she’s just so iconic i sure do love her…anyway these r my top lines for today’s mood


2. “im just not the type to settle. it’s like when i go shopping. i have to have the most expensive thing. not because it’s expensive but it costs more.”

3. “im not saying we should kill a teacher every day so i can lose weight. im just saying when tragedy strikes we have to look on the bright side.”

4. where she scares the ghost off with her empowering speech in rm w/a vu im too lazy 2 type it all out but she! did! that!

5. “im from sunnydale! we have our own hellmouth!”

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✔️ and 🎤

✔️Sexual orientation: “Pansexual, leaning more towards men.”

🎤 Top 5 Favorite bands?

“I answered this before, but my tastes in music are way too broad to narrow down to five artists. I listen to almost everything.”

tagged by @binwooed (it feels like last summer being tagged by you to do these things ( ◞・౪・) i’m getting major nostalgia ahh!!)

five things you’ll find in my bag (i actually don’t have a bag rn but when i did have one):

  1. books books galore!
  2. school utensils like highlighters + pencils
  3. a lot of trash .///.
  4. little candies
  5. and i think i stuffed my phone in there often

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. pop dolls of my faves! 
  2. like a lot of knk merch
  3. 8 different pillows (i sleep with them all!)
  4. a bookshelf filled from top to bottom
  5. and a jar of bouncy balls

five things i’ve always wanted to do:

  1. go to kcon!!
  2. meet my favs ♥♥♥ @the-mockingbird-flies || @knkruinedmylife || @batl7 || @binwooed
  3. learn a new language!
  4. get an a in any math based class
  5. be a role model, as cheesy as that sounds oh gosh!! like i just really think it’s uplifting and motivating to know that someone out there might see good in me and want to do the same, too!

five things that make me feel happy:

  1. getting a notification from @plsinx !!
  2. my kitty snuggling up on my tummy at night!
  3. discovering new music!
  4. revisiting things i used to love a whole lot!
  5. all of my friends in general, actually. i used to be extremely introverted, but i can’t stand that now! i love everyone and when people just mass message me and make me have nights where i’m talking to like ten people, it feels so good. i just love it! i love that they want to talk to me as much as i want to talk to them!

five things i’m currently into:

  1. arms (hello who do you guys main)
  2. monsta x
  3. granblue (i haven’t gotten the summon from this event yet and i’m ready to cry i’m so lazy)
  4. little self-care blogs? like, granted, i’m usually a very happy person, but i like reading motivational things just to always make myself feel even better than i usually do
  5. loving my friends ;; like honestly make a tally chart of how many times i’ve been telling everyone i love them today. it might be borderline creepy at this point but hnng. sometimes people don’t hear it enough! and used to, i never told my friends i appreciated them so i’m making it up now!

five things on my to-do list:

  1. finish 1/5 apush papers before sunrise!
  2. own a corgi with @plsinx
  3. finish watching a FFXV stream
  4. start watching a nier automata stream
  5. get up to season 6 of natsume’s book of friends!!

tag 15 people (im laaazy i dont wanna)

@plsinx @the-mockingbird-flies @the-lonely-flute @knkruinedmylife @batl7



I just wanted to tell you that, well, I was going through a really hard time in London, what with my brother getting married and that guy thinking I was Ross’ mother. Anyway, I just– That night meant a lot to me. I guess I’m just trying to say thanks.


Spinning, Ramadan and…

MUTASIM: Okay. What the fuck happened now?


ELIAS: What’s up everyone! Welcome back, I hope you’re well. Like I always say, you look good no matter what. Today, like you can tell, we’re in a totally different place. We’re outside, for the first time in history.

ADAM: Yousef!


ADAM: Why are were here today and not at home?


MUTASIM: It’s because one of the people here, doesn’t dare to go to another person’s place because..

ADAM: Explain!

MUTASIM: Something happened at someone’s else’s place with someone.

YOUSEF: Mutta is explaining. I thought we have to get tan and stuff because we’re..

MUTASIM: Because we’re sitting in the shade.

YOUSEF: Get some pigment.

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The congressional shooting that happened yesterday in Alexandria was horrible. No one should disagree with that. 

But a year ago this month, nearly 50 people were killed at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. 

Two years ago, nine people were killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Five years ago, 20 children and six adults were killed during the Sandy Hook shooting. 

These are only the shootings I can think of off the top of my head. Just this year alone, and June hasn’t even ended yet, there have been 150+ shootings.

But it took an attack on old white men for the media to bring gun control back into the public mindset. It took this attack for Paul Ryan to proclaim, “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.” 

It would’ve been nice if this anger from GOP politicians had been around for all the innocent people who have died from shootings. No one has died yet from yesterday’s shooting, and hopefully, Steve Scalise recovers soon. 

But could this please be the breaking point for the GOP? This country needs gun control. If our politicians had done something before now, perhaps they wouldn’t have become victims. 

12x12 Coda: All of You

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They misunderstood his meaning once again.

The Winchesters had a habit of doing that.

It’s not that they were wrong. Because he had finally accepted that, while they were not his kin, they were his family.

For whom he had - for whom he would - for whom he will always lay down his life.

Because in forty five sunrises and sunsets void of Sam and Dean, it became clear to Castiel that nothing in his world mattered as much as the Winchesters.

But that declaration - it didn’t belong to them. It belonged to him.

To Dean.

All those times Castiel had thrown himself in harm’s way, all those times he’d faced Death for no reason other than to buy the Righteous Man a few precious seconds - in his whole time spent alongside the two hunters, he’d never really admitted to his motives. 

Never ventured to say the three words with which Dean’s kind were so enamored. The sentiment - it was difficult for the angel to make sense of. In some eight and a half years, Castiel had never named the profound bond for what it was.

But this time, through gritted teeth and lacerated lips, as excruciating pain gnawed at his gut, as he felt the life leak right out of him, this time, Castiel found the strength to own the elusive phrase.

I love you.

Maybe it’s the last vestige of his angelic nature.

Maybe it’s the clarity that comes with being so close to death.

Maybe it’s nothing more than the connection between two souls focused solely on the other.

But in the wake of those words, Castiel can see - hear - feel every thought passing through Dean Winchester’s mind.

An exercise in doubting it could possibly be true.

Because Dean surveys through all the reasons he’s sure he must be unlovable.

Every bottle of whiskey in which he’d drowned his sorrows - every broken chair he’d made a victim of his rage.

Every lie he’d ever told - every promise he’d ever broken.

Every time he’d dared to look into the mirror and couldn’t stomach the man he’d seen looking back at him.

The face of every person he’s gotten killed.

Every monster he hasn’t managed to slay. Every mistake he’s made.

Because the words have barely made their way out of Castiel’s punctured lungs when Dean’s giving him every but he can come up with.

It is only a few seconds but it is not a short list. He’s had years of practice convincing himself he’s broken beyond repair.

And so with what he believes could be his last breath, Castiel offers a clarification.

I love all of you.

All of you, Dean.

Every single shard I stitched back together after I pulled you from the depths of Hell.

Every aspect of your being.

Every precious part.

All of you.

Dean had a habit of misunderstanding Castiel.

But in that moment, in the small glance the two share, his meaning - its abundant and profound truth - is clear.

dan and phil play keep talking and nobody explodes: a summary

hoodie!phil i am immediately enthralled and this video isn’t even a second in yet

“you da bomb of our lives”

they keep clothes fans give them which is nice shoutout to that lucky son of a gun


phil is insistent on everyone seeing speed

supportive boyf dan has his back

dan nudged phil’s arm in a bro-esque manner

they mentioned escape rooms finally i can relate as i have now been to one too

“i think we’re a lot nerdier than we think” why do they think we refer to them as nerds all the time

“rest in peace environment” / “fuck you trees”

“i’ll punch you if you look at this” going to provide no context there have fun

“DAD…. playing halo with me” nice save dan

the wholesome howell blanket is always on hand

“they’ll see if we do a single glance…”

how is dan going to go a whole extra seventeen minutes without glancing at phil i think he’s going to implode

they already did the tutorial but didn’t show us yet phil can’t remember the title of the game wow rip nerd!phil fic trope

“this is going to be a mistake”

“i can’t speak if i’m under some kind of situation” mister english degree back again

phil spinning dan around with those sweet sweet seconds of skin to skin contact (hand to arm)

also lowkey hand porn

look at his hands

the curly hair and shaved sides from the side profile makes my heart warm

sassy hand clicks from danny


five seconds in i am already stressed for them why is this already the most intense video of this game i’ve ever seen i’ve watched like six different channels play it

“there’s, there’s-” “no phil, i’m guiding you.” someone likes to take control don’t they

during the wire puzzle you can slowly watch dan get more stressy look at his pursed lips and expressive strict hand gestures

“there’s an alien man with a triangle head and he’s got a T coming out of his neck” their best friend mind meld really needs to come in handy here

i’m still really enjoying dan’s side profile i can’t get over it

“that’s you selecting the module you dork”

“guys we’re nailing this” i was going to make the obvious joke but i won’t we’re classy here

“shut up shut up SHUT UP” stressy dan is here to stay

they did one wow who says youtube gamers can’t game screw you comments

“what everyone out there is thinking now is we need you to get the manual, phil” i think dan honey you just want to be in control again i know that was hard for you

getting their last glances at each other in before they can’t for at least five minutes

opposite sides again why has this happened two videos after one another this is weird what is the post-baking video universe coming to

“this is weird. now you’re the person with the really bright face… wow it makes my hair look so much less white now that i’m here”

“it makes my hair look grey… i promise i don’t have grey hair” honey you’re thirty years old it’s going to happen inevitably sometime soon best to break us in gently

i’m hyped for side profile phil

dan quoting the marriage mantra of something old something new etc…. foreshadowing perhaps who knows with the way 2017 phan is going

phil looks so confused he’s like me facing every exam i’ve ever taken

i’ve been cheated out of side profile phil ffs dan get your hands on him and spin him around i feel attacked

“oh shit new stuff” literally everyone every few days when they upload a new gaming vid with no warning????? they know our struggle????

phil looks so focused i’m entranced


“oh god it’s hurting my brain so much”

stressy phil is a new experience but i’m digging it

dan being the little shit he is just laughs all the time

“stop freaking out!” stressy dan is still here despite having the opposite role

they did two attempts and won them both wow

they high fived yes for more skin to skin contact

phil is reeeealllly making up for lost time by shamelessly staring at dan

like seriously that was at least a solid six seconds of him staring

oh and more glances

i get it you’re in love

“kept calm under presh”

more staring seriously phil are you aware the camera is still rolling

“i hate to alarm you phil but what is your catchphrase on this gaming channel?”

*awkward silence whilst phil realises he’s being spoken to thus has to tear his gaze away*


*resumes staring*

seriously what is with him today subtlety ain’t in his vocabulary

p h i l i get it you’re in love

oh now dan’s at it

dan just got super close to the camera and did that creepy smile he has i was unnerved

“i’m frickin terrified as diddly heck”

they’re back on their own sides balance in the universe has been destroyed do you reckon they’re as insistent about which side of the bed they sleep on

side profile dan is back welcome back old friend i missed you

i thought he dabbed for a second but it’s okay he didn’t

they’re determined as fuck but i can already see dan’s stressing

yep there’s the hurry up hand gestures

“i’m going to explode…. literally” because of the intensity or because he can’t stare at phil i don’t even know anymore u decide

dan’s eyes just got really really wide they were like bulging

“is the button yellow?” “no it’s blue i told you it’s blue!” welcome back stressy phil i hope you had a nice break

phil’s little “ooh” is so cute i want it as my ringtone

“we did it? oh christ”

stressy dan is really coming out to play in this symbols puzzle isn’t he

phil’s expressive hand gestures aka he’s beginning to panic too

dan’s doing some kind of gang sign okay boy you do you

aaaaand there’s the deafening dan scream for this video i can’t believe we lasted a whole 17 minutes and 40 seconds without one

rip headphone users it was nice knowing you

stressy dan has never been more present

phil is surprisingly calm(er)

“dan come on” all of us all the time

oooooh they couldn’t last five minutes without a quick glance at one another could they jfc get a room

they managed with three seconds to spare

phil is giggly and dan is….. well, dan

dramatic as ever my little actor that never was

phil initiates skin to skin contact again why am i not surprised anymore

“i was winding you up” dan says as he adds flames on top of himself in editing i am nodding furiously

the camera pans back out and phil’s hood is up who even is he

“we could have died!” “but we didn’t” *dan adds a halo above his head aka can’t relate*

“see if i worked in bomb disposal, i’d be cheeky like that” your colleagues would throw a bomb in bed with you

“i’d be like ooh what’s the timer steve???” the danxsteve fic coming atcha real soon

dan’s in an obnoxiously good mood now he has won a game and can freely stare at phil again

“we could be bomb disposal experts” again expect the fic coming atcha real soon

“what you just saw was two nerds that grew up playing puzzle games that have a psychic connection because they have no other friends defusing bombs” they literally said they go to escape rooms for their friends birthdays but alright i’ll take the exclusivity

they’re considering coming back in hard mode YES I NEED THIS

again i could have made the obvious joke there but i didn’t

let them know how you felt throughout that video type out long essays i dare you

“subscribe if you’re happy you didn’t explode”

“if you want to see us do that more challenging version where we might blow up… or not 'cause we’re the best… disposers ever”

“subscribe to us, have a good day, don’t explode” the best advice comes in threes