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💛👀 What’s this? ✊💓🎀 it’s the 👍🚌☝Up With Trans☝🚌👍 bus! 💓💝 Here to give all 💪💖trans people💖💪 all the 💛Love and Support💛! ✊🚌 doot doot 💛

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Fabrickind, sorry to bother you again, but how do I make the cap and bandana for a female Team Skull Grunt? I never made an item of clothing before (other than a tactical hood). Thanks again!

Hello there!

No worries – you aren’t bothering me at all! It’s what I’m here for. :]

The hat and bandana are really good first sewing projects because of their simplicity, but I’ll include no-sew options if you’d rather take those.

The hat seems to fit similarly to a beret:

(from here:

You may be able to either purchase a beret and add the eyes, or make one. This site has instructions and a pattern. This one has more detailed instructions, though the shape is not quite right for what you need and it is child sized. Regardless, the instructions themselves should help.

Something like a fleece would work, but may look weird with the fact that the game is in a tropical setting. I’d go with a high-quality cotton broadcloth.

To add the eyes, you can either applique them on (applique tutorial), or you can use a fabric glue to attach pieces of fabric (far weaker method, but if it won’t be handled roughly, if you tack it in a few places by hand with a needle and thread, and don’t wash it often, it should hold), or you can use paint or heat transfer vinyl to create them. I’d use a freezer paper stencil if you go with paint. 

For the bandana, you can purchase one and add the detailing in any of the same ways (though something like fabric glue is far less likely to hold in this case).

If you wanted to sew it, you could create a triangle of fabric and hem the edges, and then add the white detailing. You can also do a square, hem it, and fold it in half, like a real bandana. Make sure that you make the points of the triangle long enough to reach around and tie behind your head (or create long strips of hemmed fabric to fake it), and that the bottom point sits where you want it to  – it reaches to the character’s chest, so it may need to be longer than you expect.

I hope that helps! :]

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okay okay okay I’m so happy right now so many good things are happening. I’m working on m godfather fic for the write a thon (mafia theme guys, they are all in the mafia I’m so pumped), I’m really close to 2.5k followers which is insane, and #bekindtowriters is actually happening and spreading and I couldn’t be more proud that it’s catching on! 

best things about a time travel au howard:

  • would stubbornly refuse to shave his mustache
  • deny being howard stark and then wink afterwards
  • really really really likes playing mobile games like candy crush
  • flirt with all the ladies 
  • want to go sight seeing again because why not
  • call tony “anthony”
  • call everyone pal. everyone’s his pal
  • not know how to cook or do laundry
  • wear ball caps and shades to hide his identity like all “real spies” do
  • be an actual grandpa 

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Modern anon The newsies all form a school "gang" where they all wear the newsie caps. The Jacobs moved from Upper manhatten to lower manhatten when their dad lost his job because they couldn't afford rent anymore so they live with some extended family this is why Davey transferred to the same school as the other boys. Spot goes to the rival school in brooklyn and the schools keep track of which school is better at anything from sports to academics to who's in the papers more


It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been able to get much done. Well, a year+ if we’re being honest.

Today I realize that in that time, I’ve privately generated hundreds of ideas and worked out details on many small projects. Dozens of thumbnails, margin notes in all-caps & capering stick drawings. But it doesn’t feel like I’ve “actually done anything” because I haven’t completed these ideas in their entirety.

Measuring myself by output alone isn’t healthy, but that’s the thing. There’s a lot of output there actually, and though it isn’t public-facing, it’s foundation to work from. Working slowly day by day on these ideas has helped chip away that paralysis that comes from not generating enough. Which lets me generate enough, find solutions, and help others with their projects.

I’m a huge supporter of Just Fucking Do It, but there are times we’re wrong about what ‘it’ should be.

Dunno where I’m going with this, but…

You are not just mindless output. Quantity of work is important for many of us, but it isn’t all you are.

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What LBT recent interviews etc do I need to try and catch up on ? Fallon, the I heart radio thing and the today show. Have I missed any so far?? Really hard to keep track of all the way over here lol


I’m not very up to date currently because I’ve had a busy day but. The Fallon stuff is on youtube and Fallons website (i think I posted the performance link this morning for that). 

There’s this interview

here are the today show vids and

aaand i dont think the iheart thing is going to be up anywhere unless lbtmedia on twitter capped it. the lbt youtube may end up posting vids like they did with PK but idk for sure. 

AND they were on bobby bones this morning but i dont have the link for that just yet

ill edit with that. 

I just spent two hours, with the help of my father, cleaning our filthy kitchen. Why? FOR Y’ALL!
*Will be making a Boss related video on Saturday through Monday*

fun fact: there are over 15 verses of insulting dirty lyrics to ‘star spangled man with a plan’ that the Howlies  invented after steve beat everyone at poker. and i will be singing them all until steve gives my hoodie back

I hate that there’s a limit to the Gay™ I can reasonably expect from modern media. Even though there are millions of books, movies, and tv shows with purely straight characters I could never hope for a show with more than a few or, god forbid, only queer characters. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that I can’t hope for more than one, maybe two non-straight characters or relationships because any more would be ‘unrealistic’ or 'pandering’. Fucking pander to me man, to all the other queer people invested in the worlds you create, because it’s not fair that because there’s a lesbian couple there’s an invisible cap and now I’ll never see a bi main character, or that having a trans side character is “enough activism” and that trans character will never have another friend on the show like them. Why do you have to maroon all your gays in this heterosexual world? Why can’t you let us find each other??

EXO are millionaire and they could live that good rich life but instead: Junmyeon said he asks for refunds all the time. Kyungsoo buys 4 pairs of khakis just because they were on sale. Chanyeol eats McDonalds and wears the same hoodie and cap for over a year now. Sehun dyes his own hair in hotel rooms. Minseok has the same belt and ripped jeans that he shares with Baekhyun for almost 3 years.Jongin gives the members coupons discounts as birthday gifts. Jongdae rarely buys clothes and he is always seen wearing gifts from fans. And Yixing’s favorite snack are fries on stick, one of the cheapest street foods in Korea. 

They might be rich now but their personalities are the same as predebut 


my thoughts are clouded with ‘almost’s and ‘what if’s


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer