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what's your top ten supernatural fanfic? I want to start reading fanfics, but don't know whee to start from they're too damn many. I've read some of yours, they're spectaculacular

Aww, thank you!

I started making this list and realized that I wasn;t gonna be able to keep it to ten! These a roughly ranked in terms of introductory level fic to masters level awesomeness that you may need to work up to.

10. Easy Now, With my Heart. Like a good hot cocoa - sweet, HAWT, and comforting. A great cute AU with kindergarten teacher Dean and coffeeshop Cas.

9.Named. A Fandom classic for good reason. It’s one of the best canon divergence fics out there and the twists are amazing

8. The Client ’verse or Real Slick Dean - Both very managable introductions to the wonderful world of ABO! 

7. The Curse of A Hundred Loves - the absolute gold standard in PWP/fuck-or-die that actually manages to be so sweet and emotional.

6. The last Great Race and What I Need - Both of these fics do one of my favorite things with AUs, the teach something about a really pecific thing while being funny and hot and cute. Iditarod or Surg tech, take your pick!

5. Your Heart Makes - Another thing AUs do is showcase something that’s importnt to the author. i Did this with Shakespeare in These Violent Delights and here schmerzerling​ does it with Disneyland and the results are fantastic.

4. The Breath of All Things. The first fic to leave me a sobbing mess. Dean is a paraplegic in a care home and yet this is one of the most like affirming things you’ll ever read.

3. Appoggiatura For when you start looking for something kinky but end up with a beautiful, subtle, poetic story about music, trust, tradtion and, yes, bondage. Simply amazing.

2. A Beginners Gide to Communing with the Dead. This fic counts as one of my favorite novels of all time, fic or regular. It’s an urban fantasy AU and it’s completely awesome.

And finally…

1. Down to Agincourt - yes, it’s full f OCs, Yes, it’s endverse, yes it’s the slowest burn in the history of slow burnsand it’s a WIP but…this things in pretty dang amazing. It’s a fic that is intricate, inspiring and satisfying. It’s a masterclass in “show don’t tell” writing and foreshadowing. It’s one of the most emotional and mythical fics I’ve ever read and IT’S NOT OVER. These are novels and, though not perfect, they’re fucking fantastic.

That’s just the tip of the glrious fic iceberg!


Scandal 503 “Paris is Burning” → Abby and Olivia (4ever)

“This is new for me…but you should know, the view from here…I think you are very good at your job.”


i wanted to do a lil pinup series where it accentuated features of them that i like.

a few cool aus you should think about

  • dragon rider au
  • sky pirates au
  • feuding social sciences teachers au
  • skateboarders au
  •  street artists au
  • automaton au
  • latin dancers au
  • sailing trip gone wrong au
  • forget hunger games au, try a battle royale au
  • songwriters au
  • middle school scooter gang au
11x19 “The Chitters”: Instinct vs. Reason

There has been something that has been bothering me about the episode since I first watched it yesterday morning (still half asleep) and I maybe I am just extremely slow due to sleep deprivation, but I finally now think I understand why the Chitters as creatures disturbed me so much.

The problem for me was right from the beginning with these creatures that their story didn’t make “much sense” to me. And I now realize my problems with them stems from a rather philosophical idea, because the ~mistake I made when thinking about the Chitters was that I looked at them with the premise of them possessing a mind, possessing consciousness, possessing reason. Characteristics human being possess.

And I think that in some way this may be the crux of my problem, because you cannot apply these characteristic to them. These creatures were essentially mind- and heartless. They acted purely out of self denfense and a thought of survival. They were purely driven by animalistic instinct with no reason involved whatsoever.

And my problem was that I thought the entire time: But what is there purpose if they just come up all 27 years to mate and then die right afterwards, so where’s the perspective, the plan?

And that’s the important bit I think. The Chitters were animal-like. They just carried out simple evolution, making sure their species wouldn’t go extinct. There was no love involved, no desire, no nothing. It was just pure action, no emotion. It was pure instinct lacking any reason. It just was…

So in that regard there is a big philosophical debate in ethics about consciousness and especially in relation to animals. And commonly the debate centers around animals being unfitting to compare to humans in so far as most animals live in the here and now, they have a desire to remain pain free, but most (though there are exceptions of course but just really boardly speaking and oversimplifying a longstanding philosophical debate) they lack the tools to  think ahead, make plans.

And that is where mankind is set apart from the entire rest of beings in a way. Humans have a consciousness, use reason (more or less), have a heart and a mind. Life is more than reproduction. More than eating and sleeping and being free of pain. It’s those qualities, those things making us human. It’s those qualities that are the crux of God’s creation of mankind and they get abundantly clear when comparing them to the people infected with the Darkness’ virus. They too became mindless - “went psycho, then boom” as the one told Sam in 11x02 “Form and Void”. Given that the virus returns in the next episode I find this week’s episode to have laid some really great groundwork to the further exploration of this topic.

Like I said, maybe I’m just slow, but it was kind of importnt to me to entangle why the Chitters to me felt so creepy. They took the agency from their victims, made them mindless, heartless, instinct driven, puppets, stole everything from them that made these people who they are, made them unique and not just one of a pack. They kind of turned them into zombies. And this is basically the entire premise why zombie shows are this popular at the moment and also why they are so disturbing (to me). They pose questions about human nature and what makes us human. You have the outside looking human, but on the inside it’s a whole different beast (and inside vs. outside has been a major theme for a while on SPN).

so i have this tiny little headcanon that Claire is a wonderful singer - i mean we already know Rosario has a killer voice (see: Rent) - but very shy about it. and sometimes when Matt’s passed out in her apartment or sleeping off his injuries, she’ll sing to herself, thinking that he can’t hear her, but the minute he wakes up she stops.

Matt will never say so, but sometimes he pretends to be asleep so that he can hear her singing softly, switching from Spanish to English effortlessly, and privately he thinks her voice is more beautiful than any of the hundreds of records in his collection

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AGNES i need a huge favor. Im trying to convince my non 1d friend of M!M force closeting habits and of larry realness. So i need both receipts links to videos picturess a giffs. Pleaseeeeee. Its really important thx babe

I can’t believe I just did this, but yeah. 

I present to you the Larry Is Real Masterpost of masterposts/ the ultimate guide to Larry. It is really long, but I tried for it to be as organized as possible. Contains parts such as “tattoos”, “TXF”, “Management” etc. each part includes links to videos, links to masterposts, gifs, photos, tweets, timelines etc.

You are welcome to use this either as Larry resource, or when having doubts or when trying to convince someone. I’m sure this will work just perfectly, though I have to warn you that it is painful.

Thanks to everyone in this fandom making these masterposts and gifs, you are amazing.

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PLL 6X06 - my brief thoughts...
  • SMART & DUMB = Spencer (the smart one) is jumping to conclusions again. Hanna (the dumb one) is actually really intuitive. Making Spencer eternally frustrating & suspicious and Hanna my fave.
  • RELATIONSHIPS = It feels like they are trying to jamb in some love stories but they don’t really have time for it. Like Dean all of a sudden being attracted to Spencer is probably just away to write him back out of the show again, cause he is no longer needed cause Spencer’s little drug fling is over already. AND Emily & Sara ARGGHHH Come on how lame… Wouldn’t it be better if she is bad and Emily is falling for a trap. It would be heartbreaking but it would be a better twist. I also feel like it will be the same story between Ezra and Nicole. All these quick flings are just distractions that waste time which would be better spent giving clues about -A The only romance worth while this episode was Haleb - shucks, I’m not a shipper but they are so enjoyable to watch, they represent what a teenage relationship whould be IMO.
  • SARA = What was that bull crap about being hit by a car, which conveniently looked like Leslies? GOSH AGAIN - I really hope she is a baddie!
  • MONA = Did Mona follow the girls to the lab or did she know where they were because she was tracking their chips? I love how mysterious her character is, but it is messing with my head cause I can’t figure her out. I really hope she ends up being the hero for the girls and not -A team.
  • CHARLES = So apparently he escaped Radley that night too, I guess this is what that phone call Mrs D had was about! It is importnt to note that Leslie only heard his name and didn’t actually meet him. Meanwhile Kenneth was trying everyone that worked there for clues and none of them would talk. Charles must have some serious dirt on all of them.
  • ENDING SCENE = If Charles want’s to kill Kenneth then why didn’t he do it there and then. Also if Charles is going to kill kenneth in revenge then why is he tormenting the girls and not just killing them. Something about this seems mismatched.