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Let's reduce the hate anons! :3

Okay firstly I want to apologize because I’m bringing back something that certainly not happy bubbly cheery on your dash because I just login back to my Tumblr. So, I just gone for about two days and it seems like this fandom suddenly so full of hate lately with those bombarding hate asks from some retarded anon. It just getting worst and worst and. The recent case I found that someone (or some people?) was “being super polite” by sending anon asks to @fureiaa (thanks @dreamsinparadise for tagging me on your rant).

To be honest, I don’t know who she is and never talk to her even once but seriously anon, you’re already overboard because you were wishing her to get raped and died. And the worst, you were using my homies @viridian99 @akanojikan @rose-of-yonezawa and @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great as excuses to send some hatred to her. THAT.IS.NOT.COOL :|

Yes, I’m triggered af and hella mad right now. This is the worst hate anon case I’ve ever seen after I joined SLBP fandom. You had no idea what had you done, anon (not only this current anon but for all of the hate anons). You’re making people to think that the entire people in Tumblr are social justice garbage, easily get offended and full of toxic friendships just because of some irresponsible retarded people like you who spreading hatred to this fandom by lurking in anonymous, even until this seconds and the seconds ahead. Hat tip to you for ruining our peaceful and loving fandom because of you’re lowest of the lowest of the lowest attitude, Anon-sama :)

I’ve seen some of people already tried to remind us about how wrong spreading the hatred using anon, just like what @sinfulinsecret wrote in this post and @thedaydreamingotaku wrote on this post. Also with some rants about hate anon that my homies stated Wini’s rant, Minami’s rant ( @minminami), Viri’s rant 1, Viri’s rant 2, Momma’s rant, Kan’s rant, Nikki’s rant ( @nikkihime), Soua’s rant, and another rants that I might be not seen yet. But well… It seems all of those posts didn’t work at all because those haters just simply retarded. Their brain didn’t do its function well as the normal brain would do. Or maybe when we all are line up to get brain before we born, they just simply not in the line and go straight to the world instead so THEY HAVE NO BRAIN AT ALL. And, haters gonna hate really fit to describe them, literally. No matter how we will warn or even rants and cursing them, they will just continue to hate us unconditionally. We will always get so wrong in their eyes.

I’m getting hate anons too on my blog and of course that annoying me as hell. And I got it just because I simply spamming trolls to Milord Nobubu’s blog when he’s online again after a while and made Nobu Month event with my lovelies lmao please get a life anon :|
I did some action to respond their hatred to me, and it’s kinda work (at least for me) because I didn’t get any hate anon lately. So I want to share you my experience. Here are the steps I’m taking to face hate anon.

1. Turn off anonymous
Yes, this is the most simple and practical step you could take to prevent hate anonymous. It’s 99,99% guaranteed that you wouldn’t receive any hate anon on your blog. I’m saying 99,99% because you could get hate anon through another blog that get hate anons. This is for the example, where my momma @rose-of-yonezawa get mentioned in another’s people hate anon in this post.

So, even if we turn off anonymous, we would still get hate anon after all (again, just because it’s simply haters gonna hate)

2. Do not always reply or answer their asks.
I know there must be some blogs that couldn’t turn off their anon because of they knew that some people were to shy to reveal their identity (in a good way, obviously not like those haters) to send them request or just simply saying that they love your blog. The blogs that didn’t turn off their anonymous clearly would be an easy target of hate anons.

I’m turning on my anonymous again after a while and… I got some hate anons back on my asks D: I never reply or answer those hate asks that sent for me and they just… Stop. At least the asks that had same writing type never sent me hate asks anymore.
So I have this conclusion that what the haters want from you is to respond their hatred toward you, or we would simply say, they want your attention by seeing how you react to their asks (and maybe the whole people on this fandom because yeah some people must be would reblog your answer and the anon could see their reaction too). You would satiate them once you reply or answer them. The haters were like “Oho~ so you got so worked up because of this? Let’s roast you moreeee”. They would keep sending you hate asks for more and more and more. Again, haters gonna hate so no matter how you explain your situation, you will always get wrong on their eyes. (Well, damn you haters =_=)

Of course this step would not work directly if the case was like what @fureiaa had because that retarded person using someone else to spread his/her hatred. We needed to confirm the truth about what those haters said first. It would be better if you ask directly to the person they mentioned. You would get the absolute truth because it’s the person him/herself who confirmed that what’s the haters said not true. You could explain and clear all the misunderstanding that the haters made. After that you could imply ignore the upcoming hate asks that pops out on your inbox because you already know that was all lie.

3. Block the hate anon asks
I’ve done some experiment with this step with Wini and it would be very effective to get rid of them because it would permanently block the anon IP address. You would never receive any asks from the blog even if they were off of anonymous. If you still get hate anon, just block them again. It means you have more than one haters that sent you hate anons. At least you would reduce one of the source of toxic people in this fandom because they would never be able to spread hatred through your blog by blocking those asks. Reduce 1 hate anon = reduce 1 hate in this fandom. You can see the steps How to Block Hate Anon post made by @andallwaswell-ish (This is very useful, you all need to check it! ^^)

Well, this is just simply my own experience when I’m facing hate anons and it’s kinda work for me. I hope it would work to you too and help you to prevent and reduce toxic posts in this fandom. I really wish we could bring back the peace and the love we had before those retarded anons attacking this fandom and spread toxic post through their hate posts. And for @fureiaa I might not know you and we never even talked before but nobody deserve any hate anons, not even you. I wish you all the best.

And lastly, let’s make this fandom back to its peaceful and lovable state! :3

  • my brain: *stressing out about something really random and stupid*
  • me: you do realise there is 0 reason in panicking over this thing right
  • my brain: .......
  • my brain: *carries on stressing about thing*

so, i’m receiving an abundance of anon hate these past two days, and i have absolutely no comprehension as to why? i’m barely on anymore because i’m working eleven hours a day and just….. what? are people that interested i bugging me? *sighs*. nonnies, i delete all hate you send me. you can tell me numerous times that people don’t want to rp with me for various reasons you’ve included. trust me, i know this. go bug someone else, please.

Ancient Egypt <3's Wood

AE didn’t have much wood, yo. So they imported a lot of that shit from other places. Locally, they had a lot of date palm wood, but they only used that for lame building projects because local wood is lame.

They brought in a number of various type of wood from other places, though. The list of commonly imported woods would be:

  • cypress
  • ebony
  • elm
  • fir
  • oak
  • pine
  • yew

You know, a lot of that shit we take for granted now.

Sycamore (nehet) was tied to Nut, Isis and Hathor, though sometimes it could represent Ra-Horakhty. Two turquoise sycamore trees are said to stand at the eastern gate of heaven where Re emerges daily. Sycamore had heavy funerary ties and seemed to give sustenance to the dead (so did Hathor). Sycamores were buried near tombs, and their leaves could be funerary amulets.

Persea (ished) also had funerary ties as well as solar connotations. Persea also seems to be tied to the horizon, which is another solar place. They grew these bitches in Heliopolis from the OK onwards, and then Memphis and Edfu caught on to the coolness and grew their own Persea trees, too. There seems to be little to no mention of Persea before the NK.

Willow (tcheret) is sacred to Osiris, and there is a noted holiday called the “raising of the willow” for Osiris, which assured that the fields and trees of the land would flourish. Considered a symbol of life, fecundity, and rebirth. Any tomb that was said to house a part of Osiris seemed to have willow groves outside.

Multiple deities are said to have come forth from trees. Some other deity-tree associations:

  • Horus and Acacia
  • Wpwt and Tamarisk (iser)
  • Herybakef and Moringa

Often times the type of wood used in the creation of a statue or other item was taken into consideration for its magical/heka properties. Egyptians sometimes would also inlay stones or metals for additional symbolism.

Cuz AE loves the wood.

All information taken from Wilkinson’s Symbol and Magic in Egyptian Art, pgs 90-91


Some people (like me) have this thing called asthma and things like spray deodorants can really set it off so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not spray ridiculous amounts of deodorant in public rest rooms because someone asthmatic can be in there and if they inhale too much of it their airways can seize up and they won’t be able to breath and then when the start coughing they just inhale more!! Which can kill them especially if they’re locked in a stall so PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY DEODORANT IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS SO ASTHMATICS LIKE ME DONT SUFFOCATE OKAY this has been psa

n e r o ' s  h o u s e 

For nearly two years now, he has been squatting in the same abandoned house; situated in the woods of Palo Alto, California. It seems to have been forgotten about, and if an unlucky soul happens to wander upon the pile of rubble, Nero is quick to deal with them. 

The house is double storey and is consisting of; an attic, three bedrooms upstairs, a study and a bathroom, two bedrooms downstairs and two living rooms. Most of the paint is peeled from the walls, but the colour scheme at one point or another seemed to be maroon and a dark purple. In one room, sits a grand piano that Nero is quite adept at playing – not in front of people, however. 

The water works, connected up to a rain tank out the back; it is rather dirty as their is no filter system in the plumbing. The electricity does not work, but he does have a generator for small things like his fridge and a television (for Emma, he has no idea how the thing works). There are blood stains in most of the bedroom walls, and all the upstairs bedrooms have locks on the doors, bars on the windows and have housed many a captive over his time there. 

Everything about the house screams 80’s slasher film, basically. And Nero wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Okay, so am I the only one currently losing my shit over this from the CA:CW trailer??

Like…Bucky is using the shield. BUCKY. IS. USING. THE. SHIELD. 

The fact that this is a thing makes me want to bawl my eyes out, because it shows the incredible bond between Steve and Bucky. That shield is the only one in the WORLD of it’s kind, being made out of vibranium. It’s Captain fuckin’ America’s shield, and his best friend from childhood (who Steve thought was dead but was actually alive and a brainwashed assassin for HYDRA and is now slowly regaining his memories) is using it. You don’t let just anybody touch that shit. Bucky is hella important to Steve yo and this shows how much he trusts him even after the events of CA:TWS.