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To anyone in Japan right now:

Please stay safe. I’m so sorry that you guys have to go through this; North Korea threatening you with missiles is absolutely terrifying, there’s no denial about that. If you’re really worried and need someone to confide your fears in, my DMs/ask box are always open for you. Hope you guys do better soon, and best wishes for your safety <3 :(

Following President Trump’s decision to remove national guidelines for schools to protect Trans students, an order put into place by President Obama, Philadelphia’s school district has announced there will be no changes to our city’s protections for Trans youth. We will continue to stand firm to assure that all students have access to to a safe learning environment. Philly resists!


In Serbia’s capital Belgrade, thousands took to the streets on Wednesday for the third day in a row, to protest against the overwhelming victory of Conservative Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in last weekend’s presidential election. 

The demonstrators, mainly students, gathered in front of the parliament, blowing whistles and chanting “Vucic, you stole the election” and “End the dictatorship”.


Some important political tweets on Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th, 2017).

If I missed any important ones, let me know.

The only Premiers in Canada to post about Transgender Day of Remembrance were John Horgan (BC NDP) and Rachel Notley (Alberta NDP).

Justin Trudeau & The Liberal Party each posted messages. The NDP posted a message (which Jagmeet Singh shared). 

Neither The Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, The Green Party of Canada or Elizabeth May made a statement (though she did share a statement by BC Greens MLA Sonia Furstenau)


“People of the world: HELP US! Venezuela is fighting for its freedom”

I know you guys don’t care for my country, but this is important! Share the word please!

For 18 years Venezuela has been living under a dictatorial regime that covers itself has democracy. People is starving, dying because there’s no food nor medicines, there’s no money and everyday more people leave this country in hopes of finding a better life some place else. 

This corrupt government is blind to the people’s issues and has tried to cover like we’re totally fine in front of other countries. We’re tired, we can’t take this anymore! 

Protests started a couple weeks ago and so far a lot of people have died or been imprisoned for fighting for our freedom. GNB is shooting and teargassing the protestants.

It’s clear to us we need support of other countries! Please! Help us get rid of this government that’s killing and tearing this country apart. Please, help Venezuela in the fight for its freedom!! 

All the pictures are from April 19th, 2017.

For more info on this subject you can check the ig accounts I link bellow!

Pictures taken from Instagram accounts:  @VenezuelaLucha@elpanavenezolano @esdevenezolanoss

my favorite fucking thing about this newsfeed is that whenever something important politically is happening that makes trump look bad fox news always posts some bullshit celebrity story


Image above: Barcelona 1917, demonstration demanding the freedom for political prisoners.

Image below: Barcelona 2017, demonstration demanding the freedom for political prisoners. (x)


Watch Jason Chaffetz React As He’s Accused Of ‘Beating Up On A Woman’ Over Her Pay

WASHINGTON – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) laid into Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Tuesday for grilling Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards over her salary – something she suggested he wouldn’t have done had Richards been a man.

Don’t mess with Carolyn Maloney.

debunking the bullshit about France

Ok. I’m SO tired of this. Recently, I saw this kind of things a lot of times on Twitter : 

I think most of you are aware, but I must say it : this is a lie.


Please, don’t just believe things like that. Please, don’t fall for fake scary news about what is happening everywhere in the world, without check it seriously.

First of all, THERE ISN’T NO-GO ZONES IN FRANCE. In 2015 when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened, Fox news said there were zones non-muslim people couldn’t even enter, and where this is a civil war. Of course this is a lie, and the map of this guy is like, totally random

I mean, really, absolutely random. 


I’m so mad that this thing is still on the internet. Apparently, there are still people who believe this. I don’t even know how to say it : please don’t believe the bullshit only said to make you afraid…

What is actually currently happening in France : there are protest marchs in Paris against racism, and to support Théo, a young black man who has been raped by cops. (yep. disgusting. and people are angry, they march to protest. I mean, I don’t see anything wring with this. Pamela Geller talks about this in her article, but this has nothing in common with the “no-go zones” that don’t even exist.)

Plus, after checking quicly Pamela Geller’s page, I think she just tell lies after lies for the sake of islamophobia. But apparently, according to the comments, people actually believe her ?????

^ This one is made up out of nothing. lies again.

Please don’t fall for this.

Please, PLEASE, don’t fall for this shit.

(a last example and I stop. Sorry I only speak about France because it’s what I know best, since I live here…)


- An guy did try to attack soldiers with a machete. He was shot and apprehended.

- Tourists were “locked down” by the soldiers for security reasons, not because they were ostages or something.

- France isn’t on edge. People barely talked about this.


I hate reading comments in English on social media who believe all of this. I hate reading comments that either hate us, pity us, saying : “these countries host refugees and see how they are rewarded !!!”. Because it’s nothing like you think.

Yes, true, some refugees are taken care of, in a way ? And most of them are still living a nightmare here. I mean. In Paris, for example, authorities have forbidden people to give them anything to eat near the humanitarian center. They put rocks on the ground where they used to sleep. They confiscated their blankets.

Please, I’m begging here. I’m talking to all American people : stop falling for the bullshit they say about us to make you afraid. Please don’t believe we’re a generous contry for refugees (no). Please don’t make an example of us (or an excuse) to be cruel towards refugees. Please don’t use attacks that happened here to hate innocent muslim people.

And please. Stay informed. This is important.

Good luck in these tough time, America. 

10th of December, 2017.

Activists Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart have been in jail for 55 days. Their “crime”? Organising peaceful protests in favor of Catalonia’s independence referendum.

Politicians Oriol Junqueras and Joaquim Forn have been in jail 38 days. Their “crime”? They’re condemned for rebellion and sedition, for actually having followed their promise of organising a referendum where the people of Catalonia can vote their own future and, following its result (90% of votes said yes to independence), declared independence.

And it seems like all of them will remain in jail for a long time.

Meanwhile, M. Rajoy (president of Spain), almost all the Spanish government and royal family are implicated in deep corruption cases, and other acts such as ordering the military police to charge against peaceful unarmed civilians, cutting funds for hospitals and schools, and others which should be considered crimes. Where are they? Safe at home, probably laughing at the population for being so stupid of not rebelling against them.

But in Catalonia, we are doing it.

The Most Serious Thing About The Loss Of Net Neutrality

The American government can choose to only let people see propaganda. They can hide news sites that talk negatively about the American government, and push the ones that don’t. They can hide sites run by other countries that may talk negatively about America. They can hide so much from the public and push propaganda so easily. Don’t let our children be brainwashed. Save Net Neutrality.
You Can Still Save the Internet

don’t give up hope! us attorney generals + many others are taking legal action against the fcc against the repeal. there’s even a bill to save net neutrality! so don’t think it’s the end of the world, bc it’s not - don’t stop calling ur reps, emailing ur dtate senate, faxing congress, etc. just don’t stop trying!

So some of you were upset that I sent my sympathies to John McCain and his family following his brain cancer diagnosis, especially after his recent vote in favour of allowing debate on the future of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), but last night, he cast the deciding vote against his own party’s last ditch plan to destroy the ACA. So are y'all going to take your death wishes back and give him a little credit, or…


Today, 200 Catalan mayors travelled to Brussels to protest in front of the European Commission demanding the release of the democratically elected Catalan government from jail.

Tomorrow there is going to be a general strike in all Catalonia to demand Spain to release all Catalan political prisoners and to stop Spain’s repression of the Catalan people’s democratic will.



A man throws Russian flags at President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as they walk past Tuesday.

Do not let Trump distract you - he must be removed from office. Impeach45!
Honduras On The Brink: Curfew Enforced By Military, Opposition Calls For New Election
After a week since Honduran elections took place, the Central American country remains in limbo. The disputed elections led to mass protests against the current president.

The Honduran government suspended constitutional rights and called for the military to enforce a curfew and disperse protesters over the weekend after a contested election plunged the Central American country into a political crisis.Honduras is in a state of hostile uncertainty, where ambiguity regarding the outcome of elections has led to deadly confrontations with state forces.On Saturday, The Associated Press reported that the main opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla called for the presidential elections to be held again.

Source: NPR

I’m very proud of all my friends in Honduras who are standing up for what they believe is fair and just. Please be safe out there!! My thoughts are with you all…