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consider an accidental marriage/marriage of convenience pikelan au where scanlan gets in major trouble and pike essentially bails him out by getting fake!married (or real!married) and then they’ve got to negotiate what that means

feat. lots of scanlan respecting pike and pike being fond of him and ending with the realization of the importance of family and respect and love in whatever guises they take

If you refer to medically transitioned bodies as “mutilated” or talk about “hacking” off body parts I will very swiftly and unceremoniously unfollow you.

Honestly I do not think I should have to remind y’all that some of us need to continue living in these bodies, and living with the consequences of our actions. We hurt enough, feel responsible enough, struggle enough all on our own. We do not need repeated insults hurled our way under the guise of being “gender criticial,” and it is important that Feminists remember that when you are speaking of transition surgeries you are also speaking of the bodies of your Sisters who have dealt with the patriarchal blows to our psyche in the only way that we knew how to at the time. Our bodies are roadmaps of this experience, and it is sometimes hard enough to embrace these beautiful, strong, scared bodies on our own without being so viscerally reminded by our Feminist Sisters of the rough path we took along the way.

I realize that these words are thrown around and co-signed by other detransitioned women, and I certainly realize that I do not speak for all detransitioned women.
However, this detransitioned woman, in this clearly Female-sexed body that is socially read ambiguously at best, is extremely done with this insulting terminology and I will not suffer to have it across my dash any longer.

The UK EU referendum: Vote Remain

The Leave Campaign has been motivated by nothing other than racism, xenophobia and bigotry. It wants to pull up borders and remove important human rights laws for UK citizens- under the guise of helping “the real Brits”. It will have terrible ramifications for the British economy, as well as fostering a climate of xenophobia, racism and bigotry. Without the EU, the UK will regress.

Immigration helps strengthen a country. Don’t be convinced otherwise by UKIP and the BNP.

Vote Remain.