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NANCY WHEELER & JONATHAN BYERS The movies don’t warn you about this: The woods will forget, but you won’t. In the hallways, you’ll both flinch at the sound of a locker door slamming like the howling November wind ( and teeth and teeth and teeth ). Your eyes will meet over your camera and Steve Harrington’s letterman jacket, and you’ll both smile sheepishly as if you haven’t shared the same nightmare every night for the past two weeks, the scars on your palms like aching tattoos.

The movies don’t warn you about this: Neither of you know what to do with the love that came without a chance to grow. Will Byers is home, but the monsters still live under the bed, in her eyes. You make it a habit, meeting up at the library to talk about cryptids until midnight, drawing maps and almost touching in the worst kind of way. Every Saturday, you make a plan to get in your car, go and never look back with the bear traps in the backseat. Every Saturday, you make it to the second stop sign down Mayberry before you both exhale and turn back home.

The movies don’t warn you about this: You should have never spent that first night in her bed, for now your sleep can’t get acquainted to anything else. You and Steve are friends now, in the loosest sense of the word, but you’re not sure if he’d be too jazzed about you sleeping in his girlfriend’s bed every night. You say things like, we’re protecting each other and they can’t get us here when she wakes up screaming Barbara’s name and her skin feels like gunmetal.

One night, your hand slips from her knee, and she lets it, both of you breathing hard and staring even, asking for permission. Both of you already saying no. ( You learn how to sleep alone after that. )

The movies don’t warn you about this: Getting the girl and ending up with the girl are not necessarily the same thing after all.

Complete break down of Teen Wolf trailer

So over the last weeks I’ve been analysing scenes from the most recent trailer of season 6. The kiss, the wall, the jersey and so on. But I never fully gave my thoughts on it completely. And since I like love rambling, here it is: My full examination on the trailer of season 6;

Before we start the session, here is the video to fresh up your memory (see what I did there? Lol sorry.) 

Great. Watched it? Let’s continue.

In the first shot we see Stiles bursting through a door in slow motion:

I was, first of all, wondering where that was, when I realised it was the hospital.

AND if you look back at the teaser trailer, you have THIS clip: 

and this:

It is obvious this is one scene, and I think it will go like this: Everyone is forgetting him, and as a last resort he goes to his father. He bursts throught the doors looking for him and when the sheriff tries to reassure him, Stiles realises his dad forgot him too. The sheriff leaves the unknown boy behind and Stiles stares at him until he is out of sight. 

But what confuses me, is how everyone is forgetting Stiles, even though he still is there, he hasn’t disappeared yet. What I think is that The Wild Hunt will do something like The Dread Doctors (doing something to people and erasing the memory) and that will trigger it. So when he disappears, they will not feel like something is off. One by one, they forget, until the last one:


What I think this clip means is that Lydia was feeling Stiles’ disappearing in the very near future and they went to hide at school (for what reason idk). They get chased by the Hunt and get inside his car. 

Then we have this dialogue between them:

Stiles: There’s no time. 
[Stiles and Lydia hold hands]
Stiles: You’re going to forget me.
Lydia: I won’t.
Stiles: Find some way to remember me.
[Stiles gets taken]
Lydia: Remember…

What does he mean with “There’s no time?” Does he mean he’s about to get taken so there is no time for a certain situation to happen? Calling someone for help, perhaps? Then the two other sentences of Stiles’ are, I think, based on the fact that she was the last remaining one that recognised him because of their emotional tether. After he is taken, Lydia is immediately trying to remember Stiles, but I feel like her memories of him are slowly fading away, like waking up after a dream and trying to grasp what happened. 

The next clip, we have Scott looking at a picture on a corkboard and being confused on why there is an open space on the picture of Lydia, Malia and him. He knows something is off, but he can’t really say what. Next up, we have Malia, and this is where it gets interesting:

This seems to be shorty after the disappearance of Stiles, his car is still in the abandoned parking lot and it’s still at night. I think Lydia called the pack to explain the situation. But what’s weird is that Malia says/thinks: “Where are you, Stiles?” His father doesn’t remember him, but Malia and Lydia do?

BUT in the teaser trailer, you have this clip:

This is, I think, in a few later episodes, when everyone forgot Stiles, and I think that is in the same time span as Scott looking at the corkboard. I do have a hard time situating this:

I feel like this is the first schoolday after Stiles’ kidnapping. Lydia has forgotten him. She knows something is wrong, “I was sure”, but like Scott, she doesn’t know who is missing in their life.

(+ little bonus for Stydia shippers, they meet up every morning, hehe.)
What’s very interesting, is that Hayden, Liam, Mason and Corey are not affected. They are cheerful. I think because they didn’t know Stiles as well as Scott, Lydia and Malia, they just forgot in a snap of a finger. The less memories you have of someone, the more easily you can also forget that person.  

Then we have Scott saying: “What if we’re all missing the same person?” That just confirms they are talking about it, probably also linking it to the Wild Hunt that took Alex’ parents. (see: the first 8 minutes of season 6, available on Youtube)   
After that we have Peter (missed ya, you sociopath!) saying to Stiles: “Don’t you get it? We don’t exist.” This’ll probably be a scene where Stiles is indenial about his situation and then Peter confronting him. I also believe Peter knows an awful lot about their current problem + since we didn’t see him in season 5, I suppose the Wild Hunt was already busy capturing people.
Then Stiles is saying, “We are already forgotten.” and “They’ll come for me.” These lines are probably when Stiles is conflicted about what is happening to him. I also situate it when Lydia is leaning against the wall with Stiles on the other side, but we’re not there yet!

Then we have this very important line: “They’re coming back”
Idk who’s saying this, but we get a shot of the Hunt and then this: 

We see the Wild Hunt, a naked Malia (she probably mastered going into a full coyote form and back, like Theo did in season 5) and Scott as a werewolf. These are just some random fight scenes, I guess.

This fucks me up badly. First of all, Scott says that, being the leader he is, he’s going to get them back. But who is “them”? All the taken ones? And what is “all”? All the people who are a certain way? In season five the Dread Doctors made people with two sets of DNA into chimeras. So maybe the Hunt also have a category? Secondly, what the fuck?! Thirdly, It’s hard to see in the GIF but I think that’s Deaton! The male is bald and has the same looking body as Deaton. I can’t make out if the guy is white or black, but my guesses go to Deaton. Which will give the pack a harder time solving the case since Alan is basically the Druid Emissary of Scott. 
(+ Mason and Corey are canon???)

A few clips later, we have this:

I have a complete post on my speculations of this scene so that is linked above on the word “jersey”. This is just a very emotional fragment where I will die inside.

This is a super short clip, so it’s a picture now. It’s Malia, Scott and Lydia in the basement of Eichen House! It’s the same place where Stiles saved Lydia in season 5! This only confirms my theory even more that only certain people get taken, perhaps ones with psychological issues? 

Some more fighting, looking forward to the combat!

It’s hard to make out what Scott said, ut I think that is it. I wonder why they put that line with that clip. What I think is that it has something to do with frequency. (Something that is linked to the supernatural, every creature has its own frequency, think about that gadget that the Argents invented to trap a werewolf. See below) 

Anyway, I think a certain frequency, linked with a memory, will make him remember Stiles again. This could be confirmed with the following scene:  

I’ve talked about this before but I think it’s the same when Scott went to the bus in season one to figure out what happened that certain night. It’s obviously Stiles’ locker, seeing that it’s the only blue lock and it’s the second time they show the locker. I think this’ll happen just when school ends. It’s still daytime and Scott has his backpack with him. It is probably an unplanned decision, because he is for some unknown reason drawn to the locker.   

Next we have the wall Lydia is leaning at, on the opposite side is Stiles and the memory of the kiss (!!!) I will not go into full detail because I have very thorough posts about them that are linked in the beginning of this post. Basically I think that Stiles is in a kind of Bardo, between life and death and that he is also slowly forgetting himself, since the people there look dead.
The kiss is perhaps one of her last memories of him, since it was very memorable. (Perhaps… also… a few… realisations regarding her feelings towards Stiles… maybe?)

Next picture (the clip would be a photo really, it goes so fast) is quite weird and it’s the first time I actually see it:

That’s Scott and… what is he trying to do? It reminds me of when he tried to get through the barrier of mountain ash and became an alpha…
Maybe, he is trying to get through the barrier of his reality and Stiles’ reality, that I think is Bardo. Pushing through universes! 

And lastly…

Originally posted by anunknown-feeling

What’s quite weird is that we first see Lydia alone in the jeep and THEN Lydia and him. It’s like she’s still grasping at what he said before he was taken away.

My prediction for Stiles: I think he’s going to die.

Why? In 5x16 Stiles says to Lydia that she’s gonna make it, on which she responds, “But you’re not.” She is a banshee. Also, when they were still speculating on making a season 7, following Liam, they said they would make Tyler [Posey] and Holland a recurring character. But why not Dylan? Maybe he just wasn’t interested anymore og being part of the franshise after season 6 or… he will no longer exist. It also would make sense that his name would be revealed on his funural. I always thought it would be said on graduation or on his certificate, but a funural makes sense too. Jeff Davis also said that we will need to say goodbye to a (few) characters on the show. If he killed Allison, a main character, than he can kill Stiles too. It would also be too predictable if Stiles and Lydia got togheter. I’m very cynical about the Stydia-centered trailer, really, I feel like it’s a bait for us to believe it will become canon, but actually won’t come true. Albeit Jeff said other things at NYCC, I will remain cautious. 

Are you ready for the last season? I know I don’t. 

One Month

I’ve wanted to write a mini-series for the longest time, and now just seemed the right time to do it. I have an idea in my head of how I want this to go, so let me know how you guys feel about me continuing this story! 

This is a continuation of Superhero Big Brother, which can be found right here.

I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

Do you ever get the feeling when you want something so badly, that it physically hurts when you don’t get it? The dull ache in your heart, and the sinking feeling in your stomach that makes you feel so sick. It makes you wonder if it is ever even worth the hard work.

After talking to each other about Amelia’s worries, she and Owen both decided to keep things more casual about trying for a baby. They didn’t want their child to be made in a stressful environment, much less a constantly disheartened one, so they threw the unused ovulation kits in the trash, put a halt on the monthly tests, and just enjoyed being in the moment with each other. They both wanted a baby more than anything, but they also knew that these things didn’t always happen in an instant.

The only issue with this was, although they had both agreed that they wouldn’t put pressure on themselves, they were still both secretly doing exactly that. Owen would spend his free time at work googling ways to get pregnant faster, and secretly keeping track of Amelia’s cycles, whilst Amelia would still take the tests every month – sometimes even biweekly if she couldn’t wait. Every month that passed, Amelia would still feel so down looking at that lonely, single line, being without Owen during those times just made it even harder for her.

So here she was, yet again, in the ladies bathroom with a stick that was just ready to torment her. She took the test, feeling guilty for the amount of times she had done this without Owen with her, and stayed locked in the toilet until the result was ready. She was starting to think that there may be a problem with her – that she damaged her body so much in the previous years and when delivering unicorn baby, that she wasn’t able to have kids again. After all, it had been 10 months now and no baby.

What if she was infertile?

Had the drugs in her past life ruined her future with Owen?

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rockymtn-rockinrollredneck said: 

They are a big problem where I live! I’ve seen them kill elk and not eat them, I know ranchers that lose livestock to wolves. The woman that cuts my hair her and her husband have a small acreage with a few cattle, last winter they lost 8 of their cattle to wolves game and fish went out to their property and killed 9 wolves on their and their neighbors property.

Yeah. Wolves eat other animals, be it wild or domesticated. If you leave cattle unatended then you really can’t expect to get them all back alive. To be honest the “wolves kill for sport” argument is getting really old in this debate. They don’t. I must also say you have seen some pretty uncommon things if you have on multiple occasions witnessed wolves kill elk and leave the carcass. Did you stay around to watch how that carcass finally perished as well? 

Wolves do surplus killings. It’s not rare and it’s not any worse than single kills. Also, surplus killings is not something that wolves practice most of the time, but rather when prey is weak, or with domestic animals that lack the ability to defend themselves like wild prey making them easy kills. 

The reason wolves do surplus killings is, again - not for sport, but because the situation allows them to get a large amount of food while useing relatively little energy. It’s kind of like when you buy food on sale and store it. Allthough the wolves might not eat the animals right after the kill, it is proven that they will come back to the carcasses as long as there is food left. 

Wolves do not kill for sport. 

Aveva il mondo che girava intorno al suo sorriso,
sembra banale ma è la cosa più bella che ho visto.
—  Rocco Hunt - Tutto Resta

Earlier today I enjoyed an impromptu early birthday present when a buddy of mine invited me to on a hike to hunt mushrooms.

The hike was to the top of a butte on some public land about half a mile from my home. I was amazed I had never hiked that trail before.

The last photo shows a Golden Chanterelle, the elusive mushroom we were hunting today. (We found some good ones.)


So I got an ask that said ‘What if the test turned out to be positive? Can you write something about this?’ and I haaaaaad to go write it straight away because ohmygosh, what if? So here it is :) Thankyou to the anon that send that in!

Amelia bit down on her lip so hard it almost drew blood. They were going to know the results any minute. Any minute now they were going to know if they were having a kid, and Amelia couldn’t have felt more scared.

She had started off the day happy, exhilarated in fact. She was practically bouncing off of the walls when she was first looking for that test. Then the day continued, and it was like every person that found out and every hug she was given, installed a bit more fear into her. Owen holding Harriet in the hallway when he had to take her to day care and she wouldn’t stop crying. Her son didn’t cry, he couldn’t. She was freaking terrified.

She closed her eyes for a second, taking a deep breath knowing that when she opened her eyes again the test on the table in front of them would have decided whether she was pregnant or not. There would either be one line, or two lines. One line, she wasn’t pregnant. Two lines, she was pregnant.

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