this is hunting


Bald Eagles can throw a lot of variables your way as a wildlife filmmaker. The combination of the birds agility mixed with distance and speed can make aerial predation one of the most challenging behaviors to capture. But the payoff is totally worth it. You can almost feel the power of the predator as it collides with its prey. But this behavior was one we never witnessed until filming in Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico. Adult Bald Eagles playing with their food. Juveniles are likely to do this as they are still maturing, but what an experience it was to film an adult behaving in this way. After speaking with local biologist @goyettemegan we learned that adults do sometimes in fact play with their food. For an animal that commands so much respect in the avian world, who would of known they get their kicks this way. Check out the entire sequence in my series #WildUntamed on or click the link in my personal bio.

have you ever thought about human wlw discovering a millennium worth of asari media

never mind the alien gender concepts, but just the way asari are in the games, which is technicolor space babes

not only are there libraries full of books and poetry that are written pretty much exclusively by and for queer women, but also the movie culture, rom-coms and action flicks alike, all starring queer women

ngl that is the most wholesome, pure thought I’ve had today and on and off I spent the whole day thinking about it


I applied for a manager job at my archdiocese’s digital media department that I’m mega unqualified for but heck why not try!
And I told my old youth minister (who now has a fancy job at the archdiocese) and she said they may also be hiring team members, not just the manager!
Working for the archdiocese would be an absolute dream come true. It would be the most ideal situation and an incredible opportunity. Please keep me in your prayers!

My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 9

Hey everyone, here is the promised update. Thank you @jia911 for proofreading it so fast!

The other chapters can be found HERE.

My Boys: Beneath the Surface – Chapter 9

“I also know that I’m still crazy about you.

Amelia barely had any time to react when William tightened his grasp on her shoulder and leaned forward, taking her by surprise the moment he crushed her lips with his own, failing to part them with the tip of his tongue. She immediately pulled away, pushing his chest with her splayed hands.

“Will, what the hell are you doing?”

Amelia saw the embarrassment and confusion on William’s face as she roughly pushed him aside but the intensity of another stare caught her attention. Turning her head sideways, her eyes grew wide with shock when she noticed Owen by the door, staring at the scene in front of him with an expression she couldn’t quite identify.

“Owen,” Amelia quickly got up, eager to explain what had just happened, but he silenced her with a hand gesture.

Her husband looked at her with a mix of disbelief, pain and shock and Amelia suddenly felt the worse she’d felt all day. As if the fight with her family wasn’t enough, being stared at like that made her feel at her lowest. But Amelia had no idea it could get even worse.

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the dreamy town of delalie by @delaleaf

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guys someone called me about a job and i’ve been on hold for like four minutes (because they couldn’t just, like, call me when they had the info they need but whatever) and the hold music is this edm thing that goes all screechy and has a half-decent drop and i am kinda liking it but i don’t want my first question when i’m off hold to be “so what’s that fucking banger you got for the hold music” because i think that’s rude