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Delirious: Look at me, look at me.

*Realizes they’re both standing under a mistletoe in the tree house.*

Terroriser: I am not going to- I am not kissing you.

Delirious: Come on! *Laughs*

Ohmwrecker: *Laughing* What the hell?

Delirious: Aww! *Laughing while running away.*

Vanoss: Ooh, man…


Ohmwrecker / MaskedGamer - A Prop Hunt Christmas! | Prop Hunt #152 Funny Moments Ft. Vanoss, Delirious, Mini + More!



EXCLUSIVE: Backstage at The Victoria’s Secret show 2016

Sudden realization:

Because I’ve seen gifsets comparing the story of the Eros routine to Drunk!Yuuri at the banquet, it was bugging me how those gifsets left out the end. Remember, after the beautiful maiden falls for the playboy, the playboy casts her aside and moves on to the next town. Now, I know you’re thinking that Yuuri never did that, and that he could never do that, but…. He did, in fact, complete the story. At the airport.

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A Music Affair: Family Days (Chapter 6)

Here it is, guys! The last chapter of this mini multi chapter! Thank you all soooo much for all of your amazing feedback, knowing that you like the fic is what made me keep on writing it, so it means a lot to me :) And hey this universe is not over yet! I don’t know if I’m writing another multi chapter, but I intend to write a lot of one shots about it, so please send me what you’d like to see in this Omelia universe I created. Family, fluff, smut, even a little angst, whatever you like. Also, once again a huge thanks to @jordan202 and @jia911 for helping me so much with this fic, love you lots.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think <3

That day, Owen woke up with a shower of soft kisses all over his face and neck while fingers slowly ran through his arms, chest and stomach with a light touch.

Opening his eyes to look into Amelia’s deep blue ones, he slightly raised his head to catch her lips in his, the only place she hadn’t kissed yet. Once their lips separated, Owen put a strand of Amelia’s hair behind her ear, laying back on the pillow and admiring her beautiful face as he caressed her cheek with his thumb.

“Good morning.” He murmured, his voice still hoarse since he had just woken up, which Amelia always found really sexy. She put one leg at each side of his torso and laid on top of his stomach, hands on his chest supporting her chin as she admired him.

“Happy first anniversary, babe.” Amelia grinned, happiness written all over her face.

“Happy first anniversary, Amelia.” He smiled as well, sighing at the realization they had been married for a year already. It had been an amazing year where they had won Grammy awards, bought a house and started a family with Melody’s arrival, an unplanned but wonderful event in their lives, making them have some of the best days so far.

“Didn’t you notice anything different?” She asked, raising her eyebrows at him.

“You woke up earlier than me.” Owen answered, chuckling at how proud she was about that.

“Yep. I woke up earlier than you.” Amelia smiled, a smug look on her face. “But don’t get too excited, though, I didn’t make breakfast. I just woke up a few minutes ago.”

“Oh, dammit, I was hoping for an entire feast.” Owen pretended to be disappointed.

“We can cook something together, what do you think? It’ll be a mess, but it’ll be fun, right?” She suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.” He kissed her forehead before both of them got up.

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